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Turmeric is one of the most effective natural supplements that you can find today. Various studies have shown that Turmeric and Curcumin indeed have many benefits to the body and mind.  The best turmeric curcumin offers us a natural, safe and effective anti-inflammatory agent to help ward off and treat diseases. Some of the amazing and proven health benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin include:

Naturally anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is the process that helps the body fight and remove foreign bodies such as infection as well as repairing the damage after. Inflammation prevents pathogens such as bacteria and fungus from taking over the body. Short-term inflammation is beneficial but long term or chronic inflammation can be a problem. Sometimes the inflammation may also be inappropriately deployed against the body tissue. A product that can fight chronic inflammation is important in preventing and treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease and other degenerative conditions. Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory that targets multiple steps in the inflammatory pathway making it as effective as some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Antioxidant capacity

Oxidative damages are believed to be part of the aging process and the damage caused by many diseases. Free radicals and highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons react with important organic substances. Antioxidants, protect the body against free radicals. Curcumin is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals because of its chemical structure. It also boosts the activities of your body’s antioxidant enzymes dramatically increasing your antioxidant capacity.

Prevention and treatment of Cancer

The commonalities among the different forms of cancer are the uncontrolled cell growth. Research as shown that Curcumin is a beneficial supplement in cancer treatment as it affects cancer growth and development. The supplement can reduce the growth of new blood vessels in tumors, the metastasis and the death of cancerous cells. High-done Curcumin with an absorption enhancer can help treat cancer in humans although this is yet to be tested properly. However, it can prevent cancer from occurring in the first place.

Delaying Aging and fighting chronic diseases

There is obvious benefit in longevity since Curcumin helps prevent cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and heart disease among others. Curcumin is a very important and popular anti-aging supplement. Curcumin does more than just prevent disease. It helps manage oxidation and inflammation, which all play a role in the aging process. Remember to get supplements that contain Bioperine, which enhances Curcumin absorption.





According to a report in the journal Stem Cell Research and Therapy, a spice commonly found in curries may boost the brain’s ability to heal itself.

The German study suggests a compound found in turmeric could encourage the growth of nerve cells thought to be part of the brain’s repair kit.

Scientists say this work, based in rats, may pave the way for future drugs for strokes and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, researchers say more trials are needed to see whether this applies to humans.

Researchers from the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Julich, Germany, studied the effects of aromatic-turmerone – a compound found naturally in turmeric.

Rats were injected with the compound and their brains were then scanned.

Particular parts of the brain, known to be involved in nerve cell growth, were seen to be more active after the aromatic-turmerone infusion.

Scientists say the compound may encourage a proliferation of brain cells.

Turmerone, a spice commonly found in curries, may boost the brain's ability to heal itself

Turmerone, a spice commonly found in curries, may boost the brain’s ability to heal itself

In a separate part of the trial, researchers bathed rodent neural stem cells (NSCs) in different concentrations of aromatic-tumerone extract.

NSCs have the ability to transform into any type of brain cell and scientists suggest they could have a role in repair after damage or disease.

Dr. Maria Adele Rueger, who was part of the research team, said: “In humans and higher developed animals their abilities do not seem to be sufficient to repair the brain but in fish and smaller animals they seem to work well.”

The research found the higher the concentration of aromatic-turmerone, the greater the growth of the NSCs.

And the cells bathed in the turmeric compound seemed to specialize into certain types of brain cells more rapidly too.

Dr. Maria Adele Rueger added: “It is interesting that it might be possible to boost the effectiveness of the stem cells with aromatic-turmerone.

“And it is possible this in turn can help boost repair in the brain.”

She is now considering whether human trials may be feasible.

Aromatic-turmerone is the lesser-studied of two major compounds in turmeric that may have an effect on the human body.

Previous studies suggest the other compound, curcumin, could reduce inflammation in the body and have anti-cancer benefits.