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Tapping into the zeitgeist as usual, cult cartoon Family Guy decided to take a swipe at pop sensation of the moment, Justin Bieber.

As Justin Bieber took to the stage in Toronto on Sunday night, to a chorus of boos, fans tuned in to see him being pummeled by character Peter Griffin on the hit Fox show.

In the episode, which also saw Johnny Depp make a cameo, reprising his role as Edward Scissorhands, Justin Bieber had to take a brutal beating from the father-of-three.

Entitled Lois Comes Out of Her Shell, the episode sees the sitcom’s matriarch start acting half her age, worrying the rest of the family.

She suffers a mid-life crisis during the episode and consequently dresses as a teenager to go and watch Justin Bieber perform live on stage.

After managing to sneak backstage and into his dressing room, Lois is confronted by an angry Peter Griffin , who accuses her of having an affair with the singer.

Justin Bieber pummeled by Peter Griffin in a new episode of Family Guy

Justin Bieber pummeled by Peter Griffin in a new episode of Family Guy

Dealing with the situation in the only way he knows how, Peter Griffin starts punching Justin Bieber until he lays bruised and beaten on the floor.

Later, in one of the cartoon’s trademark cutaway gags, Johnny pops up as a wet nurse, to take care of a naive couple’s young child.

“Okay, I’m an excellent wet nurse, so you two get some much deserved sleep. Don’t worry about a thing. I’m going to take such loving care of this child. And when you two wake up your precious little baby will be smiling as bright as the sun,” he said.

While he was getting the beating of his life on screen, the real Justin Bieber wasn’t having a much better time during his performance at the half-time show at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

According to reports, Justin Bieber faced a barrage of boos during his set, despite growing up just a few kilometers down the road from the stadium.