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The prospect of moving across the country is not an easy choice; you have to take into consideration several moving pieces – quite literally – and so many details that need to be dealt with. However, if you know that moving cross country is the best course of action for you – due to a new job or better opportunities – here are moving steps that can help make the process that much smoother and stress free. Like any other major project you undertake, the secret to pulling off moving across the country is breaking the process up into smaller pieces or steps.

Step 1: Get Rid of Extra Stuff

Anything that is not sentimental or necessary has to go – no matter how painful the process will be. If your couch has stains or broken springs, it’s time you consider getting a new one, and the time to do so is after you have moved. Get rid of linens, old clothes, even artwork that you have not hung on your walls in a long time, and the board games you haven’t dusted off in years.

You don’t need to carry everything you own, so the more you can cut down, the easier it will be when you move. If you’re having trouble parting with some of your possessions, consider moving as a great excuse for starting a new chapter in life. For example, if you start out with new furnishings, it’s a great way to turn the page.

Step 2: Make Sure Everything is Clean

Before you pack anything in a box, ensure that you wipe it. This process may take a long time, but you will love having everything clean and nice as you unpack in your new home.

Step 3: Make Use of Strong Packing Material

When your stuff is put in a moving truck, you have no idea how many bumps the truck will hit or even the number of sharp turns on the route. It will get rough in there, so protecting your items by packing them in sturdy material with lots of padding is always a good idea. You could also use plastic bins in place of cardboard boxes; they are generally more durable and waterproof, and you can reuse them later once you get to your new home, making the move a little greener in the process.


Step 4: Label Everything

When you make your move more complicated, your items will likely to get lost in the maze. The best solution is to start early by keeping a detailed inventory list of boxes you have and the items in each box. This might sound like more work, but you’ll appreciate the value of documentation in case something is missing.

Additionally, once you arrive to a new city, life will be overwhelming at first. Therefore, having a list of your items once you arrive there will be a good tactic for reducing stress.

Step 5: Consider Your Mode of Transportation

If you have a car and intend to bring it along with you, you have the option of driving it to your new destination along with the moving truck or hiring the services of a company like Executiveautoshippers.com. You can also hire movers to load up and drive the moving truck for you, and they will even pack and unpack your stuff at an extra fee.


Step 6: Plan Your Route

It’s never fun getting lost in the middle of a move. Even though you can rely on GPS, make sure that you map out your route early, before the move. It doesn’t hurt to print out a detailed map, door-to-door, from your current location to your destination.


Glendale is a blessed city, so it is not surprising that new house owners and tenants often come to this place to realize their American dream. Though, relocation is usually a hard thing to do. Even a thought about moving frustrates people. At the same time, changing the place of living or location of your company will turn into a pleasant adventure, if you remember 4 crucially important things.

1 – Trust Experts Only

Since you want to move easy and without any rush, find credible registered movers. In the north suburb of Los Angeles Glendale moving company can help you do a residential or commercial move.

Choosing a moving agency, pay attention to working experience of the team, customers’ feedback, working hours and insurance possibilities. The latter criterion is the most eloquent one because only trusted movers with many years of experience guarantee that they cover a potential loss of things when moving.


2 – Do a Reserve List

Good moving companies offer not only loaders and trucks but also advise on some organizational issues. They do a list of all things they are going to transfer and follow clients’ instructions carefully.

Nevertheless, it is better to have a reserve copy of the list of items to be delivered to your new place. Such approach is helpful, if a dispute with a moving company occurs.


3 – Draw a Plan of Unloading

Do not hesitate to ask about some additional or special services. If you hire professionals from moving companies, draw them a sketch of unloading. Think about the end result you expect. Do you want to order only the delivery of things or come to a new house or office with carefully arranged furniture and packaged items according to your plan?

Specialists can help you arrange boxes in the specified rooms and organize a new space in a certain order. Thus you will avoid one of the most unpleasant moments when moving – the sensation of chaos.


4 – Have Your Very Important Bag on You

Collect all important things like documents, keys, credit cards and cash, office stamps, etc. into one bag or box and carry it by yourself. There are cases when people come to a new place but cannot find their passports, documents for real estate, children’s certificates of birth, medical policies and so on.

Also put the essentials in a separate package, if you do not want to run behind the napkins to the nearest shop. Do not rely on chance. Think in advance about important little things, so as not to get into trouble.

These four simple recommendations are very helpful in practice. Just follow them to make your move successful! Good luck and see you in Glendale!