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It seems Rihanna and Chris Brown are doing everything possible to announce to the world they’re back together as she posts new photos of themselves online appearing to share the same bed.

“Good morning! Still haven’t slept lol #hello2013,” Rihanna tweeted on Tuesday, with a photo of herself peering out from a spotted duvet.

The comforter is distinctly similar to the one posted – and deleted – by Chris Brown as he lounged in the early hours of January 1st.

“Mornings,” Chris Brown wrote from his bed, with only his legs in view.

A lump under the sheets seemed to suggest someone was lying beside him.

Rihanna tweeted with this photo on Tuesday

Rihanna tweeted with this photo on Tuesday

The snaps come after a very public display of affection between the pair, who spent Christmas Day front row at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

Rihanna, 24, left Barbados to spend Christmas Day with Chris Brown, 23, in Los Angeles.

The pair were spotted cuddling and flirting at the Staples Centre while watching the Lakers took on the New York Knicks.

Chris Brown posted a photo of himself in bed, but later deleted the image

Chris Brown posted a photo of himself in bed, but later deleted the image

The volatile couple reconciled earlier this year even though Chris is still on probation for assaulting her in 2009.

But the status of their relationship has recently been the topic of speculation following a series of cryptic tweets from both parties.

Rihanna took to her Instagram account on December 18 to post a message which appeared to confirm reports the couple had split.

She wrote: “Being single sucks. The only thing I get to do anymore is whatever the f*** I want to do.”

It followed claims Chris Brown partied with scantily-clad female models and lunched with ex Karrauche Tran while Dubai.

But both Rihanna and Chris Brown later posted old pictures of themselves together, hinting that they were missing each other.

A source told HollywoodLife.com Chris Brown surprised Rihanna with a romantic painting to celebrate a new start in their relationship.

“He painted this picture of him and her together and it’s [amazing]… It’s him and her together – she’s looking forward and he’s kissing her on the cheek. Chris painted the gold necklace around her neck that he got her and at the bottom he wrote <<you’re my girl for life>>,” the insider said.