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Dutch meat wholesaler Willy Selten BV’s owner has gone on trial for allegedly selling 300 tonnes of horse meat as beef, during one of Europe’s largest food scandals.

Willy Selten denies intentionally tampering with beef consignments from his factory in the city of Oss.

He appeared in court on March 24 in Den Bosch accused of falsifying documents.Willy Selten horse meat scandal

About 50,000 tonnes of meat was recalled across Europe during the horsemeat scare in 2013.

Willy Selten BV was raided by the Dutch food safety authority and the owner was subsequently arrested.

Prosecutors allege the firm’s accounts show horse meat was processed as beef.

Willy Selten admitted horse meat was processed at the plant, and said some mistakes may have been made due to poor storage controls.

However, he told Dutch news agency ANP that he did not knowingly sell horsemeat as beef and said he believed he would be acquitted.

Willy Selten BV was declared bankrupt in April 2014.

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