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There’s something about the long, hot days of summer that have us hankering for a sense of lightness and peace in our homes. When it’s 95 degrees outside and the sun hasn’t set by 8 p.m., we don’t want to see heavy plaid comforters on our beds or dark colors on our walls, nor do we want to sit on formal-feeling furniture.

While you understandably don’t have the money in your budget to remodel each room of your home from top to bottom for each new season, there are plenty of affordable ways to bring summertime décor trends into your home. 

For example, check out these three easy ideas:

1. Become a Minimalist — At Least for Now

During the summer months, store away as many unneeded and unused items as possible. According to Better Homes and Gardens, think of your casa as a summer vacation home and thereby go about storing away the wintry throws, dozens of knickknacks and other items that are cluttering up the room. 

Then, pull the curtains open to bring in plenty of natural light and, if it’s not too hot outside, open some windows or doors to let in some cool morning air. You can bring all the warm and heavy items back out once fall comes, but for now, pare down each room to the essentials.

2. Add Splashes of Bright and Cheerful Colors

While you might associate fall and winter with deep tones like burgundy, rich reds, evergreen and browns, summer is all about light and cheery colors. To celebrate this trend, you could paint an accent wall a vivid blue, yellow or lime green; after all, a gallon of paint is pretty easy on the wallet. Similarly, if you’re in need of a new sofa, skip the neutral tan or grey model for one that has a cheerier color. 

For instance, the Dahlia sofa from Jerome’s Furniture is covered with a turquoise fabric, along with a couple of accent pillows that complement the color of the sofa. The turquoise color is perfect for the summer months and can be “warmed up” a bit in the fall and winter with the addition of cream-colored fleece blankets and maybe a few extra pillows with autumn leaf or snowflake motifs.

3. Channel Your Inner Museum Curator

If you’ve had the same pieces of art hanging on your walls for years, summer is the ideal time to brighten up your space with some new choices. Indeed, you could switch out framed prints every season for a super-fast and easy way to change the look and feel of your home. Simply store the unused prints in the back of a closet.

Now, if you still love your posters, sculptures and framed artwork, you certainly don’t have to trash them; just consider temporarily replacing a few of the old pieces with cheerful floral prints or an abstract painting with lots of bright colors. Then, when the weather turns cool again, put the summer pieces away and bring out the more formal paintings.

Make Your Home Sing “Summer”

Before you know it, the days will get shorter and the mercury in the thermometer will begin to drop. Until then, celebrate summer in and around your home by embracing the minimalist lifestyle, adding in lots of color and bringing in some new artwork. Your home ⁠— and your mood ⁠— will feel lighter and brighter.


Australia’s seasonal climate is one that can leave residents wondering as to how to best warm and cool their home. Finding a way to comfortably cool and heat a home, regardless of the season, takes a multi-pronged approach to both decorating your home and managing energy costs. In fact, homeowners might find the perfect way to stay warm in the winter while enjoying the cool air in the summer is by investing in some clever additions to their home.

Installing roof ventilation units and skylights are just two great ways that homeowners can make their home feel comfortable as the seasons change. While not all homeowners have the budget to invest in large home improvement projects, it is possible to keep your home comfortable in another much more affordable way. Considering your window dressings, not only allows you to beautify the space but these improvements can also help you through the most extreme months, especially the Australian summers.

Let’s take a closer look at how changing your window dressings can help with controlling indoor heat and cooling as the seasons change.

Made In The Shade

If you are looking for ways to provide your home with some much-needed shade in the warmer months, consider awnings that can provide coverage for your patio, lawn and pool. Today’s awnings come in a variety of styles and colours with an option to suit every taste and budget. For an extra level of sophistication, homeowners can install awnings that provide adequate coverage and are also versatile enough to retract if you want to let the sun into your space. These folding arm awnings are great for families who love to spend time outdoors and want to be able to move in and out of the sunshine as they choose. These awnings can also help with controlling how much direct sunlight gets into the home, which can help to reduce your cooling costs.

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are another way in which homeowners can avoid the heat during the summer. These screens are great for sliding glass doors because they allow homeowners to enjoy the fresh air while not having to worry about the problems that come with standard screens, such as bugs and other pests. Finally, many of these screens can be operated by remote control, making them easy to control. Plus, they can really add a sense of style to your place, giving it a chicness that is not often seen with standard screens.


Blinds are a fantastic way to change up your home’s appearance while taking the changing seasons into account. The benefit of blinds is that they are easy to clean, and they allow homeowners to better regulate the amount of light that gets into the home. If you think blinds would be a good choice for your home, there is a huge range of choices available. They come in remote control options, solar options, and battery-powered versions. Vertical and horizontal blinds come in wood-coloured, wooden, and plastic and there are also fabric blinds, such as Roman and roller blinds, to choose from.  

Soft Window Treatments

Soft window treatments include drapes and curtains. While drapes and curtains require more work, they can give your room an elegant and sophisticated look, that for many homeowners is difficult to beat. Their major benefit is that they serve as insulation in the winter months when it is cooler while keeping the light out in the warmer months. For a more effective solution to keeping sunlight out of your home, consider blackout curtains that are specifically designed to stop the light from getting into your space.

A Dressing For Each Season

With so many options available to homeowners, finding the right window dressing to keep your home comfortable throughout the year should not be difficult. Modern window dressings have come a long way in providing functionality while also adding to the overall aesthetics of your home. Whether choosing awnings, blinds, or soft window treatments, there is something available to match every style, theme and look. Whatever your needs are, be sure to take some time to understand your requirements first. Knowing exactly what you expect from your new window dressings will allow you to make the right decision for your home both in terms of how they function and how they look in your home.