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Hair loss is a problem that a lot of people experience. For some people, the hair fall doesn’t affect the overall look of their hair. Unfortunately for some, their hair loss leads to a visible scalp or receding hairlines. The good news is that a hairline transplant procedure that can treat this problem. However, not everyone is a good candidate for such treatment.

Here are a few factors that a doctor will check to determine whether you can get the procedure done or not.

Your Hair Type

Everyone has different hair types. Wavy and curly hair are generally thick, and if you have this hair type, you’re a good candidate for a hairline transplant. Thick hair can hide bald spots very well. Light – which is reflected by your scalp – won’t pass through thick hair, which will make your bald spots less noticeable.

People with straight hair are not necessarily bad candidates. If your hair is straight but thick, then you have a high chance of a successful transplant because of the coverage that thick hair provides. However, if your hair is straight and thin, it’s hard to cover up the thinning areas and bald spots, reducing your rate of success.

Your Age

It’s usually older people – those who are 30 years old and above – who are the best candidates for a hairline transplant procedure. Doctors are generally careful in considering people who are 30 years old or younger.

Teens and young adults can experience hair loss, too. However, their hair loss still has the potential to be treated in a nonsurgical way. For instance, there are conditioners, special creams, and products that can reverse the damage. Additionally, the progress of their hair loss could still change, so undergoing a hairline transplant procedure at a young age may be unnecessary or too soon.

Your Hair Loss Type

Certain hair loss conditions and their severity can also affect your eligibility for the treatment. People with male or female pattern baldness are great candidates because they only lose hair on some parts of their scalp, which means they have a good amount of hair donors.

If you have alopecia, then you’re not a good candidate for a hairline transplant procedure because you have poor hair donors, leading to unfavorable results. Undergoing a hair transplant will only waste your time and money.

Your Health Condition

If you’re undergoing any kind of surgical procedure, including a hairline transplant, it’s necessary that you’re in good general health. Surgeries can take a toll on your body, so you need to be physically fit. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help you stay in shape.

You should discuss any illnesses you have and the treatment you’re undergoing with your doctor. Certain diseases can worsen your hair loss problem. The medications you currently take may also adversely affect your body, including your hair. Transparency in your medical conditions and the medications you’re taking will help your doctor create the best treatment plan for you.

Your Dedication to Post-Procedure Recovery

You may have gone through the hard part, which is the surgery, but it’s not over yet. After the surgery, you need ample time to recover. You’ll receive instructions on how to care for yourself after the procedure.

You need to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the success of the treatment and your fast recovery. If you’re the kind of person who can follow post-procedure care, you can push through with the treatment. If you can’t, perhaps hiring someone to remind you to take your medicines or care for you, is necessary.

Your Budget

Most healthcare plans don’t cover hairline transplant procedures, which are not cheap. The surgery cost usually ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. Additional costs include the medicines and supplements you need to take after the procedure.

Hairline transplants are also not a one-time thing. You may need several visits to the doctor to ensure you get your desired results. You shouldn’t miss appointments just because you don’t have the money for it as it may affect the success of your treatment.

The recovery period may also take some time. If you can’t show up to work, then you won’t receive any salary.

So, unless you have a source of passive income, it’s best to save up for the whole process first.


If you qualify according to the factors above, then your thinning hair and bald spots may still be resolved through a hairline transplant procedure. Talk to your doctor and make sure you thoroughly understand all the possible outcomes before undergoing the procedure.


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Hair loss can happen at any age, and it’s something you should still be watching out for in your twenties. Although it’s more likely to occur in men, you will be surprised to know a high proportion of women can also suffer from hair loss. In fact, 40% of people who are suffering from hair loss are ladies. Here are some reasons for hair loss in women while they are young.

Alopecia areata

The top reason for hair loss in women is down to alopecia areata. It’s a condition which can cause bald patches on your head. The condition stops your hair from growing and can often be passed down via generations. If you are worrying you may have this, the doctors can send you off for a biopsy to confirm whether it is this condition. Often, it can grow back on its own, or they may need to give you a steroid injection or some cream to help treat it. It mostly occurs in young people, and it can happen in people who are healthy otherwise.  


As your body is going through many changes during pregnancy, your hair can be affected too. You may start to notice you are losing your hair. And surprisingly, it tends to occur after having the baby as your body has been through a lot of stress! As this article reveals, you should go to the doctor if you keep noticing hair loss, but don’t worry too much, it will grow back after a while.


One of the reasons why women lose their hair in their younger years is down to stress. When we get stressed out with work, we can notice that our hair begins to thin out. As your body is under pressure, it can mean your hair is under stress too. Find ways to keep calm such as exercise and removing yourself from stressful situations to combat the hair loss.


Polycystic ovary syndrome (aka PCOS) is a condition which can affect your ovaries and hormone level. You may experience irregular periods, acne and hair loss. It affects many young women in their late teens and twenties. As this article explains, your hair can thin out, and this can be one of the first signs that you have the syndrome. Talk to your doctor if you notice hair loss and they will send you to tests to confirm if you have PCOS. Unfortunately, you may experience extra hair on your face and arms while your hair on your head thins out!

Washing hair too much

Another reason for hair loss in young women is because they are washing their hair too much. By washing it too much, you are putting extra pressure on your scalp, meaning your hair might begin falling out. Try and stick to washing your hair every other day rather than doing it every single day. Make sure you are using a decent shampoo which is right for your hair.

A lot of the above is reversible, so if you do notice any hair loss, it’s best to speak to your doctor about your concerns.

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On Good Friday, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the Royal Easter Show at Sydney Olympic Park in Australia.

The Royal Easter Show is one of Australia’s largest events, attracting around 900,000 people over the course of two weeks.

Prince William and Kate Middleton watched a shearing demonstration, and the Duchess of Cambridge seized the opportunity to poke fun at her husband's bald spot

Prince William and Kate Middleton watched a shearing demonstration, and the Duchess of Cambridge seized the opportunity to poke fun at her husband’s bald spot (photo Getty Images)

Kate Middleton, 32, opted to wear a local designer, Zimmerman. The Roamer Day dress, from the Summer/Swim 2014 collection, retails for $495 and arrives in stores this June; it’s previously been worn by Naomi Watts. She completed her look with $395 Stuart Weitzman Minx espadrille wedges.

Prince William and Kate Middleton watched a shearing demonstration, and the Duchess of Cambridge seized the opportunity to poke fun at her husband’s bald spot. Lyn Crejan, a farmer from Glenn Innes in New South Wales, showed them a tuft of alpaca wool that just so happened to be a similar shade to Prince William’s hair.

“The Prince was interested in the alpaca and as I showed it to them the Princess said he should put it on his head,” Lyn Crejan told reporters.

“She said, <<You need it more than me>>, and pointed to his head and he laughed.”

[youtube I2zfZUlbHS4 650]