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Former New York Governor George Pataki has pulled out of the race for the Republican nomination.

Correspondents say George Pataki has failed to make any impact in the polls.

In a tweet on December 29, George Pataki said he was suspending his campaign but was “confident we can elect the right person”.George Pataki suspends presidential campaign

George Pataki launched his campaign in May, positioning himself as a moderate in a heavily conservative field.

However, he has barely registered in state or national polls and was not eligible to take part in televised debates involving the high-profile candidates.

Bruce Breton, a member of George Pataki’s New Hampshire steering committee, said the former governor had told him on Tuesday that he would be leaving the race.

He said George Pataki’s campaign had struggled to win media attention or to raise funds.

“He said he couldn’t get any traction. He worked hard, it’s just a different type of year,” Bruce Breton said.