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Enrique Iglesias has been receiving treatment after two of his fingers were injured by a drone camera during a concert in Mexico on May 30.

The Spanish singer had been attempting to grab the drone, used to get crowd shots during his concerts.

A representative for Enrique Iglesias revealed on Instagram: “Something went wrong and he had an accident.”Enrique Iglesias injured by drone in Mexico

Enrique Iglesias, 40, continued to perform after the accident before flying to Los Angeles to see a specialist.

Photos posted on social media after Saturday’s concert at the Plaza de Toros de Playas in Tijuana appeared to show the singer with a bandaged right hand and a bloodied white T-shirt.

According to his press agent Joe Bonilla, Enrique Iglesias – son of veteran singer Julio Iglesias – “decided to go on and continued playing for 30 minutes while the bleeding continued throughout the show”.

Enrique Iglesias was then “rushed to the airport where an ambulance met him [and he] was then put on a plane to LA to see a specialist.”

The next date in Enrique Iglesias’ world tour is scheduled for July 3 in Mexico City.


Enrique Iglesias, who sent out a teaser for the music video to accompany his new single Finally Found You two weeks ago, has now provided the music video in its entirety.

Enrique Iglesias, 37, said no to an American Idol hosting job because he wanted to concentrate on his music career.

Fans will be happy to see that the singer’s 3 minute and 58 second video doesn’t disappoint.

In one sexy scene, Enrique Iglesias is standing shirtless over a bed where he’s just made love to the woman of his dreams. Then he pulls on his T-shirt as he watches her sleeping.

Other parts of the video has Enrique Iglesias showing his stuff in a tight grey T-shirt and flashing back to when he was an adolescent boy.

The clip also features him jetting down a nighttime freeway in a sports car and then standing in a crowded disco while staring at a mysterious blonde dressed all in black. She’s watching him over her shoulder watching her and next thing you know they’re making out against a wall.

Enrique Iglesias Finally Found You videoclip gets 5 million hits on YouTube after one week

Enrique Iglesias Finally Found You videoclip gets 5 million hits on YouTube after one week

Flash forward to the bedroom where Enrique Iglesias and the blonde heat up some more. The blonde gets up and all you see are her bare legs kicking the sheets away.

All this while his body-shaking single, Finally Found You, is playing.

The new single from the upcoming album Reloaded – Enrique Iglesias’ 10th studio effort – is definitely a hit with his fans as it gets almost 5 million hits on YouTube after less than one week.

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