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Rich man will become beggar quickly when he is knocked down by a speeding bus or other transport vehicles. Hospital will charge exorbitant amount from the accident victim for various types of treatment and discharge him only when he pays full amount. These expenses will normally run to several hundred dollars and the victims will be left to lurch when these types of major accident takes place. But the good news for these types of road victims is that they can sue the negligent drivers in the court of law and get the medical reimbursement very quickly when they file the case through this affluent law firm which has experienced and tamed personal injury lawyers. Companies have to maintain the floors properly round the clock and if due to negligence of the owner the visitors slips and falls due to wet floor they can sure the culprit in the court of law through this law firm.

Personal injury lawyers working here have years of experience in slip and fall and other major car accident laws. They will bring the negligent owner to the court of law and punish him immediately. Slip and fall accident normally occurs in Hospitals, shopping centers and other such commercial establishments. Administration department has to maintain all the floors properly and if someone falls due to we floor the administration executive will have to face the trail in the court of law. Judge will decide the compensation after taking into various parameters such as disfigurement, emergency medical expenses, loss of income, emotional distress and so on and the petitioner will get wonderful compensation from the court of law.

People those who are seriously injured due to car accidents can enter this office

Poor office upkeep and maintenance is a very serious offense and accident arising out of these problems will be taken seriously by this law firm. People those who have accidentally slipped on the wet floor should raise a complaint with the administration department, report the matter to top personnel, create evidence and approach this law firm. It is worth to note that this legal entity is one of the best Law firms in California. Customers those who have received very low compensation from the insurance companies can engage one of the personal injury lawyers working here and fight for higher compensation.

When these lawyers take up the cases the insurance companies will increase the compensation amount and oblige. Some of the professional services that are offered by this world class law firm are eminent domain, personal injury cases and litigation. Visitors will be happy when they explore the blog and showcase interest to hire one of the experienced personal injury attorneys immediately. They will understand the capabilities and intellectual thinking of these lawyers when they watch the videos that are posted on this site. Negligent drivers should not roam around in the city and they should be punished through this law firm. This firm has dealt with bicycle, pedestrian and other types of road accidents in a professional manner.

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Back in 2012, Google managed to successfully lobby the state of Nevada to allow driverless cars to take to the roads.  Ever since, we’ve watched in wonder as the Google car successfully navigated more than a million miles, all by itself.


This image provided by Google shows a very early version of Google’s prototype self-driving car. The two-seater won’t be sold publicly, but Google on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 said it hopes by this time next year, 100 prototypes will be on public roads. (AP Photo/Google)

Credit: flickr.com

It’s all been made possible by recent advances in artificial intelligence. It was once thought that making a driverless car would be impossible because it is not possible to program a computer to deal with every possible eventuality on the road.

But now the science of artificial intelligence has moved on substantially. Robots now have the capacity to learn without having to be preprogrammed. Instead, they learn a bit like you and I. Just like us a computer can now receive information from the physical world and interpret in a useful way. In a way, it can really “see.”

Google call this technology deep learning. It’s what allowed IBM’s computer Watson to beat the best players in the world at Jeopardy! back in 2011. And it’s what’s allowing the Google car to navigate the roads of Nevada today.

Each time the car goes out, it builds up a bigger picture of how the road works. Being a computer, it’s then able to remember millions of specific patterns out there in the real world. Nobody programmed all those patterns into the car. It just learned, like we do, that patterns can be generalized.

For us, this is a piece of cake. For computers, this is a quantum leap. It means that they can predict when dangers might be about the arise on the road and take the necessary action to prevent them from happening.

It’s essential we use this technology given the sheer number of car accidents on our roads. In America alone some fifty thousand people die each year, and hundreds of thousands of others are injured.

Then, consider the knock-on effects of all that carnage. Millions of dollars of investment in people, wasted. Billions of dollars of insurance paid out just to replace car wrecks. Thousands of businesses disrupted by unforeseen rises in their insurance premiums.


Credit: flickr.com

The autonomous car has the potential to solve these problems, and it’s all based on one of the highest technologies out there. Companies like Tesla are already selling consumer cars with some elements of autonomy. Tesla’s model S, for example, will drive you down the highway without you having to lift a finger.

We’re not quite at the stage where the cars can do it all themselves, though. Manufacturers still have to figure out how to make the cars work when it’s dark and when roads don’t have sidelines. But the road testing that’s been done so far is promising, and the number of naysayers is dwindling.

It’s quite incredible that 10 years ago the idea that we might have the first fully autonomous car by 2020 was far-fetched. Now, though, it seems like a certainty. The technology is virtually proven. All that it needs is one final push and we can finally rid ourselves of the endless carnage on our roads.