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Getting into a car accident can be a disorienting and traumatizing experience. During all the chaos that follows an accident, you might end up jeopardizing your chances in court without even realizing it. 

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have representation after being involved in a car accident. But not all lawyers are created equated. Continue reading and we’ll help show you how to find the best car accident lawyer in your neighborhood.


Car accidents can be costly. Both to your body and your property. A lawyer with experience in the field will be more likely to help guide you since they’ve seen the kind of problems that their clients have to face. 

They’ve most likely handled cases similar to yours in the past. They will know what works best in court and what won’t. This can help give you some peace of mind during this very hectic time.

Contingency Fees

After a car accident, you should look for a law firm that works on a contingency fee basis, like this law firm. When a lawyer works for a contingency fee, this means that they only get paid if you win your case. If you win, your lawyer will receive a percentage of the money you get.

When lawyers work for contingency fees, they have more skin in the game and thus have more of a reason to help you win. This also shows that your law firm is confident. Accepting contingency payments for car accident cases is fairly standard, so any firm that doesn’t operate this way should be avoided.

An average of 6 million car accidents happens every year. With a number that high, there are bound to be people who want to exploit these situations.


You want a lawyer who is going to be there for you when you need them. They shouldn’t view you simply as a paycheck. Because of the intricacies involved with car accident cases, your attorney should be orderly, organized, and timely.

If they take an excessively long time to receive your calls, that’s a bad sign. Also, if they lose documents or get important information wrong, that’s also a bad sign. 

Check Reviews

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to see the reviews of all of your local businesses. General review sites like Yelp are great but you can also find sites specifically meant for reviewing lawyers. 

Also, check out the website of law firms you are considering working with. See if there are any testimonials on their site and pay attention to what they are praised for. 

Just remember that when you read online reviews, people can often exaggerate and be extreme. A lot of people tend to just write reviews when they are either feeling excessively happy or disappointed. 

Choosing the Best Car Accident Lawyer for You

When choosing the best car accident lawyer for you, it’s important that you act quickly but also efficiently. Don’t just pick the first name that shows up online. Otherwise, you might end up worse off.

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Very few people know what to do after surviving a car accident. Doing the right thing after an accident can mean the difference between having a straightforward claim or having one that will drag on for months. You need to know what the insurance provider expects from you if you want to do the right thing. One thing you should NOT do, according to Andy Ellis, an experienced car accident attorney in Los Angeles, is accept money from the insurance company before you’ve spoken to a lawyer.

Here are some of the things that you should do after being involved in a car accident:

Assess the Damage

You need to perform a quick assessment of the accident scene to see the damage your car has sustained. Even if the impact happened at low speed, you should not assume that the damage is minimal. Make sure that you look for dents, leaks, and cracks that were not there before the accident.

If there is little damage and you see no need to involve lawyers, you should come to an agreement with the other party and settle the issue. However, if you have sustained some injuries that need medical attention, you might have to involve attorneys such as Buffalo personal injury lawyers. Make sure that you seek treatment immediately even if you think that the injury is minor.


Call the Police

If you cannot resolve the issue, you should call the police. The officer will help you to assess the damage and tell you who is at fault. However, for the police officer to give an accurate account of what happened, you should not move the vehicles. Moreover, you need to contact your insurance agent for advice on what to do.

If you have a camera or a good camera phone, you should take pictures of the scene and make sure that you capture the damage. Before deciding to leave the cars alone, you should scan the area to ensure that it is safe to wait there. If you are hindering traffic, you might have to move the cars to the side of the road – make sure that you take plenty of pictures before moving them.

Report the Accident to Your Insurer

Once you have all the necessary information from the scene, you should formally alert your car insurance provider. Depending on their assessment, you will be told whether you can drive to the nearest authorized garage or call a tow truck to remove your car from the scene of the accident. Your insurance provider will send an insurance claim adjuster to evaluate the value of damage to your vehicle.

Keep Track of Your Treatment

You should write down the names of any doctor who treats your injuries after the accident. You also have to keep track of the medication that you take and the treatments you receive. Moreover, you also need to request copies of medical bills and reports because they will come in handy when proving your expenses later.

Although documenting treatments is easy, it will be much harder to prove your pain and suffering. You need to record how the injuries have affected your daily life: family life and missed workdays.

Filing a Claim

You need to file a motor insurance claim if you want to get compensation for damages. Once you fill in the form, you should attach the necessary documents before sending it back: copy of your driver’s license and the police report. Hiring an attorney is necessary because you might not know what to do at this point, but an attorney does.

An accident attorney can help you get the maximum settlement. If you do not have money to hire a lawyer, do not worry because most accident lawyers work on contingency – you pay them if you win the case.