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Minneapolis police have clashed with protesters following the death of an unarmed black man in police custody.

Police fired tear gas and protesters threw rocks and sprayed graffiti on police cars.

Video of the death shows 46 –year-old George Floyd groaning “I can’t breathe” as a policeman kneels on his neck.

Four police officers have been fired, with Mayor Jacob Frey saying that being black “should not be a death sentence”.

The incident echoes the case of Eric Garner, who was placed in a police chokehold in New York in 2014. Eric Garner’s death became a rallying call against police brutality and was a driving force in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Violent clashes began in the afternoon on May 26, when hundreds of people came to the intersection where the incident had taken place on May 25.

Organizers tried to keep the protest peaceful and maintain coronavirus social distancing, with demonstrators chanting “I can’t breathe,” and “It could’ve been me”.

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Eric Garner’s Death: Black Lives Matter Activist Erica Garner Dies Aged 27

Eric Garner’s death: Grand Jury testimony will remain secret in chokehold case

Eric Garner death: Thousands protest in Staten Island over police chockhold death

A crowd of hundreds later marched to the 3rd Precinct, where the officers involved in the death are thought to have worked.

Squad cars were sprayed with graffiti and protesters threw stones at the police building. Police fired tear gas, flash grenades and foam projectiles.

Police said one person had suffered non-life-threatening injuries after being shot away from the protest area but gave no further details.

Officers responding to reports of the use of counterfeit money had approached George Floyd in his vehicle.

According to police the man was told to step away from the vehicle and physically resisted officers.

A police statement said: “Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress.”

The video taken at the scene does not show how the confrontation started.

It shows a white officer using his knee to pin George Floyd to the ground by the neck.

George Floyd groans “please, I can’t breathe” and “don’t kill me” as bystanders urge officers to let him go.

He ceases to move and an ambulance arrives to take him to hospital where he later died.

Mayor Jacob Frey said it was the “right call” to fire the officers.

He said: “Being black in America should not be a death sentence. For five minutes we watched as a white police officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man. For five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you are supposed to help.”

The FBI is investigating the incident and will present its findings to the Minnesota state’s attorney for possible federal charges.

Allegations of police brutality have been constantly highlighted since the start of the Black Lives Matter movement. It began after the acquittal of neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in the shooting death of African-American Trayvon Martin in February 2012.


Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica, who became a civil rights activist against police brutality after the death of her father in 2014, has died aged 27.

Three years ago, a video of Eric Garner, in a police chokehold complaining he could not breathe, sparked national protests.

Erica Garner became a prominent member of the Black Lives Matter movement following her father’s death.

She had been in a coma since December 23 after suffering a heart attack triggered by an asthma attack.

Erica Garner’s official Twitter account, being run by her family, said she had suffered major brain damage from a lack of oxygen.

A tweet posted to her account said: “When you report this you remember she was human: mother, daughter, sister, aunt. Her heart was bigger than the world. It really really was.”

“She cared when most people wouldn’t have. She was good. She only pursued right, no matter what. No one gave her justice.”

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Eric Garner’s death: Grand Jury testimony will remain secret in chokehold case

Eric Garner death: Thousands protest in Staten Island over police chockhold death

Forty-three-year-old father-of-six Eric Garner was detained by police for allegedly selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island in July 2014.

Eric Garner also had asthma, and was filmed telling officers multiple times: “I can’t breathe.”

His words became a rallying cry for Black Lives Matter protesters, and the video of the arrest made headlines around the world.

Eric Garner’s death was ruled a homicide by medical examiners, but a grand jury did not charge any arresting officers in the case.

In a 2015 civil lawsuit, New York City agreed to pay $5.9 million to Eric Garner’s family.

Erica Garner was a mother-of-two, and had a son in August whom she named after her father.

Pepsi has decided to withdraw the ad featuring Kendall Jenner after it sparked an outcry and accusations that the drinks maker was trivializing recent street protests across the US.

The ad shows Kendall Jenner leaving a photo shoot to join a heavily policed demonstration.

Kendall Jenner defuses the tension by walking to the police line and handing an officer a can of Pepsi, prompting cheers.

In a statement posted on its website, Pepsi said they did not intend to make light of serious issues.

The much-ridiculed ad was posted to YouTube on April 4 but was no longer accessible there less than 24 hours later.

Image source Pepsi

For nearly two years, there have been protests about the use of force by police against African Americans.

Since last year’s election, there have also been demonstrations against President Donald Trump.

The ad did not specify what the crowds of mainly young, and very good looking, people were marching for. Even their signs only had generic slogans like “conversation” and “voice”.

However, within minutes of the commercial’s launch, observers said it trivialized protests in cities like Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, that followed the police killing of black men.

Leading activist in the Black Lives Matter movement DeRay McKesson said: “If I had carried Pepsi, I guess I never would have gotten arrested. Who knew?”

“Pepsi, this ad is trash.”

Pepsi said it was “trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding”.

The company’s statement went on: “Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize.

“We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout.”


Kendall Jenner has been criticized for her new Pepsi ad.

She is accused of undermining the Black Lives Matter movement in the advert.

In the ad, Kendall Jenner leaves a photoshoot to join protesters calling for love and peace, before handing a can to police as a peace offering.

The officer cracks a smile and the crowd cheers.

Image source YouTube

Critics think the ad is based on recent protests over police brutality against black people in America.

The ad has been criticized for painting a “privileged, white” supermodel as a peacemaker between civil rights activists and police.

Pepsi posted the ad on its YouTube channel.

Some have suggested the ad looks similar to a picture of Ieshia Evans who was charged by riot police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2016.

In a statement, Pepsi said: “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony.

“We think that’s an important message to convey.”

Kendall Jenner did not comment yet.

In 1971, Coca-Cola made a similar ad based on the Vietnam War.


Kanye West has told an audience in San Jose he would have opted for Donald Trump if he had voted.

“I told you I didn’t vote,” the rapper said.

“But I didn’t tell you… if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted on Trump.”

Angry fans responded by booing Kim Kardashian’s husband and throwing items on stage.

Photo Getty Images

Photo Getty Images

Kanye West said he had “loved the debates” between Donald Trump and rival Hillary Clinton and that his “approach was absolutely genius because it… worked”.

He also asked for people to “stop focusing on racism”, saying: “This world is racist, okay. Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. We are in a racist country – period.”

However, Kanye West said his preference did not mean he was any less supportive of women’s rights and the Black Lives Matter movement.

In footage uploaded on social media, Kanye West can be heard saying: “That don’t mean I don’t believe in these things because that is the guy I would’ve voted for.”

Kanye West, 39, was performing in San Jose, California, on November 17 as part of his Saint Pablo tour. His next concert will be held in Sacramento, California, on November 19.

At 2015 MTV Music Video Awards, Kanye West announced that he planned to run for president in 2020.


Shots have been fired at several locations during new protests in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police say, as demonstrators took to the streets for a second night.

Protests erupted on August 13 after 23-year-old African-American Sylville Smith was shot dead in a police chase.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Sylville Smith did not drop a gun he was holding when told to do so.

Police violence against the black community in the past two years has prompted huge protests.

The Milwaukee Police Department tweeted that shots had been fired at several locations before and after midnight on August 14, local time.Sylville Smith death Milwaukee protests

Rocks were also thrown at police as they attempted to disperse crowds in the Burleigh area. Officers were making “multiple arrests” in the Sherman and Burleigh districts, police said.

One civilian had earlier been taken to hospital after he suffered a gunshot wound.

Local news footage also showed a car on fire.

On August 13, cars and buildings, including a petrol station, had been set ablaze.

According to Milwaukee police, Sylville Smith had fled from a car after being stopped by officers in traffic on Saturday afternoon; he died from his injuries at the scene.

Sylville Smith had a “lengthy arrest record”, police said on August 14.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported the man had been charged over a shooting and witness intimidation, charges that were eventually dropped.

Milwaukee police chief Edward Flynn did not say what prompted officers to stop Sylville Smith’s car, saying only that he was “behaving suspiciously”.

Footage of the shooting was captured by a body camera worn by the officer who fired the shots, who was African-American.

On August 14, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made the National Guard available to Milwaukee police should more violence occur later in the day.

Khalif Rainey, who represents the area where the violence hit on Milwaukee’s city council, said people were “tired of living under this oppression” in a city that is 40% black.

In 2014, police shot dead an unarmed black man, Dontre Hamilton, in Milwaukee, leading to protests in the city. Prosecutors chose not to charge the officer responsible.

In December, the DoJ said it would carry a full review of Milwaukee’s police department, at its request, to look into areas for improvement.


The police and city of Baton Rouge have been sued by Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson over mass arrests during protests against police killings.

DeRay Mckesson said police acted in a “militarized and aggressive manner” in detaining him and nearly 200 other people last month.DeRay Mckesson sues Baton Rouge

The protests were against the killing of Alton Sterling, a black man, in the Louisiana city.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has previously said the police’s response was appropriate.

DeRay McKesson was held on July 9 on a charge of obstructing a highway.

In the lawsuit, the Black Lives Matter activist and two other fellow protesters claimed that police were unnecessarily aggressive during the arrests.

The document said that “defendants used excessive force in attacking, battering, beating and assaulting plaintiffs and class members without provocation or the need for defense”.

The three arrested protesters said they wanted the lawsuit to have class action status.

Alton Sterling’s death was one of a string of police killings of black people by white police officers in recent years that triggered mass protests and rekindled debates about race relations in the United States.


George Zimmerman’s auction for the gun he used to kill unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 has closed.

The handgun has been sold in a private auction, according to the website that hosted the sale.

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of Trayvon’s murder, auctioned the gun, calling it an “American icon”.

Auction host, UnitedGunGroup.com, did not disclose the sale price.

The auction has drawn criticism from those claiming George Zimmerman was seeking to profit from Trayvon Martin’s death.

George Zimmerman has been arrested on charges he pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend

George Zimmerman has been arrested on charges he pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend

Gun rights advocates have applauded George Zimmerman for exercising his legal rights under current US law.

There were two separate auctions being hosted on UnitedGunGroup.com – one for prequalified bidders and one for the general public.

UnitedGunGroup.com said that the highest public bid of $138,900 by “John Smith” was not authentic.

“He was on the fake auction page, we had two auctions going at the same time,” they said in a tweet.

Another gun auction website and two other prominent gun auctioneers had previously refused to sell the weapon.

Earlier attempts to sell the gun online were hacked and fake bids were placed, causing that auction to be cancelled without a sale.

Last week’s highest bid of $65 million was posted by one “Racist McShootFace”.

Trayvon Martin’s death helped launch the national Black Lives Matter social movement.


Jamar Clark, the 24-year-old black man shot by police in an incident that sparked large protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has died.

He had been on life support in hospital since the shooting on November 15.

Police say that Jamar Clark was the suspect in an assault case and was interfering with medics who were working on the victim when he was he was shot.

Protesters have camped outside the police station for two days, and blocked a major highway on November 16.

That demonstration led to the arrest of 51 protesters on that night.Jamar Clark dead at 24

Police have released few details about the shooting of Jamar Clark – who some say was handcuffed when he was shot. Police have denied that claim.

The demonstrations came after the mayor’s decision to ask the federal government to launch a civil rights investigation.

Mayor Betsy Hodges said she was asking for the investigation in the “interest of transparency and community confidence”.

While a state agency has already launched a criminal investigation, the mayor said that Minneapolis needs “all the tools we have available to us”.

Two officers involved in the shooting are on paid leave – which is standard procedure after incidents such as this.

The police chief has said that the officers were not wearing body cameras, but would not say whether the squad car or other surveillance video captured the incident.

Protesters have welcomed the federal investigation, but have vowed to continue demonstrating until any video of the situation is released and the officers involved are identified.

The protests began on November 15 and included an overnight encampment at a Minneapolis police station near the scene of the shooting.

At least eight tents were seen at the campsite on the next day, and a few protesters were sitting inside the glass doors of the station – including one who was knitting.

“We’re still not moving until we get that footage,” said Michael McDowell, a demonstrator with the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to police, the incident began on November 15 when police were called to north Minneapolis following the report of an assault.

At the scene, police found Jamar Clark interfering with paramedics who were attempting to help the victim. They attempted to calm him, which resulted in a struggle and a shot being fired, police said.

Jamar Clark’s father told the Associated Press news agency that his son suffered a single gunshot wound over his left eye.

His brother told the AP that family members assembled at the hospital on November 16 to take Jamar Clark off of life support.

A number of high-profile police shootings of black people have sparked protests nationwide about the police use of excessive force against African Americans.


Black Lives Matter protesters have been demonstrating in Minneapolis over the police shooting of Jamar Clark who witnesses say was unarmed and handcuffed at the time.

A state agency is investigating the incident, which happened on November 15. Relatives of the man concerned say he is on life support.

On November 16, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges called for a federal civil rights investigation into the case.

Black Lives Matter gained prominence after the police shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

That sparked protests nationwide about the police use of excessive force against African Americans.

Jamar Clark, a 24-year-old black man, was shot after police were called to a reported assault, and police say he “interfered” with the paramedics assisting the assault victim.

Police officers have said “misinformation” is spreading about Jamar Clark case, and some have told reporters he was not handcuffed.

On November 15, about 150 people gathered to demonstrate at the scene of the shooting and some camped out outside the police station.

The officer involved in the shooting has not been identified yet but two officers have been placed on paid leave.Black Lives Matter protest Minneapolis

Black Lives Matter organizers are demanding the release of any video footage that may exist of the altercation.

“We have been saying for a significant amount of time that Minneapolis is one bullet away from Ferguson,” Jason Sole, chair of the Minneapolis chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), told Minnesota Public Radio.

“That bullet was fired last night. We want justice immediately.”

Jamar Clark has convictions for making terroristic threats, aggravated robbery and possessing a small amount of marijuana.

In 2013, Minneapolis police shot and killed 22-year-old black man Terrance Franklin, who was suspected of burglary.

Minneapolis is participating in a federal Justice Department program for increasing trust between police and their communities.

A Hillary Clinton campaing rally at Clark Atlanta University has been interrupted by Black Lives Matter activists as she began a speech about reforming the criminal justice system.

The Democratic presidential contender spoke over the shouting, saying if elected she would carry on the work on President Barack Obama.

The group of 10 Black Lives Matter protesters were quickly escorted away.

They have interrupted campaign events to highlight police brutality, racism and mass incarceration.

The activists have mostly targeted Democrats – including Hillary Clinton and her chief rival Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have responded to the protests with policy proposals, meeting activists and talking about racial issues on the campaign trail.

The Black Lives Matter movement was originally formed after George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man in Florida, was acquitted of the shooting death of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Photo EPA

Photo EPA

It grew to greater prominence after a white police officer killed Michael Brown – an unarmed black teenager – in Ferguson, Missouri, last year.

The protest movement has continued to gain strength over the past year after several controversial police-involved deaths of black people including those of Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland.

Friday’s rally was entitled “African Americans for Hillary”. Guests included pop singer Usher and civil rights activist and Congressman John Lewis.

The crowd of about 2,000 chanted “Let her talk!” and John Lewis asked them to stop.

“I’m sorry they didn’t listen, because some of what they demanded I am offering and intend to fight for as president,” Hillary Clinton said.

“We have to come together as a nation.”

In 1994, Hillary Clinton lobbied for one of the largest crime bills in US history, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which provided billions for prisons. The law also introduced the “three strikes” policy, which called for mandatory life imprisonment without parole for federal offenders with three or more felony or drug trafficking convictions.

Hillary Clinton has changed her position since she has been on the campaign trail, calling for the end of mass incarceration and expressing her concern over police violence and black people.

On October 30, Hillary Clinton also proposed a legal ban on racial profiling by police.

The policy would forbid federal, state and local officers from “relying on a person’s race when conducting routine or spontaneous investigatory activities,” unless they have information linking a suspect to a crime.

Hillary Clinton also supported the “ban the box” movement, an effort to prevent job applicants from being disqualified because of their criminal history.


The City of North Charleston in South Carolina has reached a $6.5 million settlement with the family of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man shot dead by a white police officer in April 2015.

North Charleston City Council approved the deal in a unanimous vote.

Walter Scott, 50, was shot in April by Officer Michael Slager while running from a routine traffic stop.

It was one of several cases across the US in which unarmed black men died during encounters with police officers.

Officer Michael Slager was charged with murder and dismissed from the police force.Walter Scott shooting Michael Slager

A police dashboard camera caught the moment Walter Scott ran from his car, while footage from a bystander’s mobile phone showed the officer firing eight shots at him as he fled.

“This is a very difficult period for the Scott family. I know they are glad to have this part behind them so their healing process can continue,” said North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey in a statement quoted by the Washington Post.

“As a result of this tragedy, important issues have been discussed, not only in North Charleston, but around the country. Citizens have become engaged in this process and government officials are listening.”

In July, New York City agreed to pay $5.9 million to the family of Eric Garner, who died after allegedly being put in a chokehold by a police officer.

In September, the City of Baltimore agreed to pay $6.4 million to the family of Freddie Gray, who died of a critical spine injury while in the back of a prisoner transport van in April.

Michael Slager has been detained in solitary confinement pending his trial. If convicted, the former officer faces from 30 years to life in prison without parole.


Tyrone Harris, who was shot by Ferguson police during events marking the first anniversary of the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, has been charged with assaulting officers, prosecutors say.

Tyrone Harris, 18, was critically wounded in a gun battle with police on August 9.

The authorities have declared a state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri.

Michael Brown’s death triggered a wave of demonstrations over the use of excessive police force by officers.

The 18-year-old was shot in August 2014 by white police officer Darren Wilson, who was later cleared of any wrongdoing by a grand jury and the DoJ.

On August 10, some 50 people were shown on local news networks being arrested after blocking the main courthouse in St Louis, including civil rights activist Cornel West.Tyrone Harris Michael Brown protest in Ferguson

Rallies were due to take place in parts of St Louis and other major US cities as part of a day of civil disobedience called by activists.

Hundreds of people stood silent on August 9 for four-and-a-half minutes at the spot where Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, representing the number of hours that his body lay in the street unattended.

However, the day of peaceful and somber commemorations turned violent late at night when, according to police, a gunfight erupted between two rival groups on West Florissant Avenue.

Police say Tyrone Harris was armed and opened fired, but his father has described their account of events as “a bunch of lies”.

Prosecutors filed 10 counts of charges against him, including assaulting an officer.

Police said Tyrone Harris was among six people who fired at an unmarked SUV with plainclothes detectives inside, who then fired back.

Tyrone Harris’ father told the AP news agency that his son, a close friend of Michael Brown, was shot between eight and 12 times as he was running away.

The gunmen “were criminals; they weren’t protesters,” he said, adding that the officers were not wearing body cameras – a major concern cited by protest groups.

Four police officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Photos from the scene showed a young black man lying bloodied on the ground. He was face down and handcuffed.

Announcing a state of emergency on August 10, the authorities in St Louis county placed police chief Jon Belmar in charge of Ferguson and the surrounding areas.

US attorney Loretta Lynch denounced the incident on Sunday, saying “not only does violence obscure any message of peaceful protest, it places the community, as well as the officers who seek to protect it, in harm’s way”.

It also drew criticism from protest groups, including the Ferguson Action Council and Organization for Black Struggle which described the police response as “excessive”.

John Gaskin III, a member of US rights group NAACP, told AP he did not expect unrest to escalate in Ferguson in the same way it has over the past year.

However, he warned, not many people would believe the police officers’ account of Sunday night’s events as “there’s still a tremendous level of distrust between law enforcement and the community”.

There have been a number of high-profile shootings of unarmed black men in US cities in recent months.

The most recent case involved 19-year-old Christian Taylor who was shot dead by a white police officer after he was spotted on surveillance footage vandalizing cars in Arlington, Texas, on August 7.


People in Ferguson, Missouri, are commemorating the first anniversary of the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

On the eve of Sunday’s anniversary, several hundred marched through Ferguson in his honor, led by his father.

The shooting of Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson sparked demonstrations across America.

Along with killings of unarmed black men elsewhere in the US, it also fuelled a national protest movement against racial bias by the police.

Activists and religious figures from across the country are among those who have gathered this weekend in Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis, Missouri.

Saturday’s rally was peaceful and heavily policed.

Michael Brown’s father, also called Michael, said: “Some families got justice through Michael Brown’s legacy, and that helped them. But I’m still trying to get through.”Michael Brown Ferguson shooting anniversary

On Sunday, a march is planned from the site of the shooting to a local church.

Participants are expected to observe a four and a half minute silence to reflect the approximately four-and-a-half hours that Michael Brown’s body lay in the street.

The protests, which sometimes involved violent clashes between demonstrators and police, continued in Ferguson for weeks after the killing.

The protest movement gained fresh impetus in November, when a grand jury decided not to charge Darren Wilson.

Officer Darren Wilson, who argued that he was acting in self-defense, resigned from the police force in November.

In March, a justice department investigation found evidence of widespread racial bias in the Ferguson police department.

The report led to several high profile resignations, including the chief of police.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement that emerged in the wake of 18-year-old Michael Brown’s death has focused attention on the troubled relationship between black communities and police forces in a number of US states.


Sandra Bland’s family is suing the arresting officer and other Texas authorities.

Sandra Bland, who was black, died in police custody three days after a physical confrontation with a white police officer during a traffic stop.

Police say that Sandra Bland hanged herself while being held in the Waller county jail. The family has denied that she was suicidal.

In the last 12 months, the death of black Americans in police custody has caused debate and protests.

An official post-mortem examination report found that Sandra Bland had hanged herself while in her cell.Sandra Bland death 2015

The wrongful death lawsuit was announced in Houston by the family of the 28-year-old Chicago native.

In it, they name State Trooper Brian Encinia, the Texas Department of Public Safety in Waller County, the county’s sheriff’s department and two jailers as defendants.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive damages “for egregious acts and omissions” and alleges Brian Encinia, 30, falsified an assault allegation to take Sandra Bland into custody.

The jail is accused of being “reckless” in disregarding her safety and failing to keep her free from harm.

Dash cam video shows Sandra Bland’s car being pulled over on 10 July for failing to signal during a lane change.

An argument began after Sandra Bland was asked to put out her cigarette and demanding she get out of her car.

Brian Encinia then points his stun gun at Sandra Bland, telling her “I will light you up” after she refuses his orders.

Sandra Bland was arrested for assaulting an officer. On July 13 she was found dead in her jail cell.

The Texas Department of Public Safety had previously said that Trooper Brian Encinia had acted improperly during the stop.