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It is no longer a big secret that for a successful and less painful life you need to have a certain amount of insurance for all possible occasions. Of course, you can live without them, but you may agree, it will be very “painful” in case of any unforeseen situations. When it comes to auto insurance, this question is especially relevant. Every year the number of drivers is increasing and so the number of accidents on the road. So why not to think about how to protect yourself?

Here car insurance quotes come to rescue offering an immediate understanding of various car insurance companies. We a priori cannot foresee troubles and protect ourselves from accidents, natural disasters, bankruptcy, illnesses, and other unpleasant things, but we always can at least cover all the damages. Auto insurance is the right thing that allows you to minimize the possible consequences and feel confident as a driver. But for this, you need choosing a truly reliable company among the variety of choices on the market.


Car Insurance Quotes: Choosing the Best Company

Making auto insurance is not a guarantee of your safety, because everything depends on the company you select. Different insurance companies offer different conditions and therefore differ significantly from each other. Your task is to approach the question of choice with the utmost seriousness.

In addition, the price issue is really important. Here are just a few parameters that are necessary when estimating the price of the policy for you personally:

  • Age

Drivers over 25 always pay less, since the category of a young driver is the most endangered one (most of the accidents are made by people under 26 years old). Some insurance companies use the information on marital status and whether the drivers have children.

  • Local rights

As a rule, local rights are various in every state. It is always better to check what rights are suitable for your region cause it will result in the price you will pay.

  • Driving experience

One more element that affects the price of your car insurance is how much driving experience you possess. Even the one who was a driver in another country can add his or her driving experience.

  • The state where you live

Insurance is highly dependent on the place where you live. Insurance companies look at the number of accidents in the region in which you live. If this is a higher risk area, then you will have to pay more money.

As you can see there are many details that need to be considered before determining the choice of the insurance company. But the good news is you can always simplify these tasks through specialized services. In such a way you can estimate what agency is the most appropriate for your needs and so make a more superior choice.

Using a site aggregator is truly the most convenient and most reliable way. All you need to do is insert the data, SSN number and get car insurance quotes. Then you can confidently draw up a policy on the website of the insurance company. At any rate, you will know exactly what anticipates you.

Image source Pixabay

Having a steam shower in your bathroom will be one of the best investments you will make in your home. It offers many health benefits, and the long list of advantages that you get from it is enough to convince you to have one installed.

If you’re in the process of building your dream home or renovating your bathroom, below is a short fact checklist that you may want to review before purchasing a steam shower.

The basics you need to know

A home steam shower works the same way as a commercial one that you see in spas and gyms. It offers plenty of health benefits, which includes improved functioning of the pulmonary system, increased blood circulation, and improved immune system. Steam showers also lead to healthier and brighter skin and are an excellent way to de-stress and relieve tension.

They also come with timer functions and temperature controls, so you can have total control when using it. This way, you don’t burn yourself when enjoying your steam session.

There’s an endless list of good reasons why it’s good to buy a steam shower and of them is that you burn roughly 300 calories during a sauna session. Because of the increased blood circulation benefit that you get from it, you will find your metabolism working much faster than it used to. Basically, a faster way of losing weight. Plus, it’s a more enjoyable experience as well with aromatherapy, paired with soothing music.


With steam showers, you don’t have to assemble them to install them. Instead, they are manufactured as one complete unit so that you can put it in right away.

There are different types of steam showers that you can buy in the market. Remember though that even if they look alike, they aren’t necessarily the same. Installation requirements depend on many things such as the model you purchase, as well as the extras that come with it. As long as you have at least a water pressure of 1 bar, you will be able to install and set up a steam shower in your bathroom.

Health benefits that you get from it

There is a long list of health benefits that you can get from steam showers. With regular use, you’ll find it easier to breathe as the hot air and steam clear your nose and lungs. This is beneficial for people who have sinusitis or experience inflammation in the lungs.

Another good thing with steam showers is that the improved blood circulation will relax the muscles and if you’ll find relief if you have arthritis. It should also be pointed out that the steam will open up the pores of the skin, which encourages shedding and removal of deep-seated dirt.

There’s more you can get from a steam shower installation and if you have extra budget to spare, it will be a good investment with the health benefits it can offer you.

At least 23 people have been injured in an explosion at a shopping center in Plantation, Florida, on July 6, officials say.

Video shows windows blown out of an LA Fitness while a building next door appeared completely destroyed, with debris strewn in all directions.

No one was killed in the explosion, police said.

Thirteen people have gone to the Westside Regional Medical Center emergency room, ABC News reported. Broward Health Medical Center officials said they have two patients in fair condition: one in the trauma center and the other in the pediatric emergency room.

Joel Gordon, Battalion Chief for Plantation Fire, told reporters: “This could have been a lot worse.”

As of a 1:30 p.m. press conference, no deaths were reported.

“At this point, nobody was killed. Thank goodness for that. As bad as it is, it could have been a lot worse,” said Joel Gordon.

The vacant pizza restaurant where the explosion occurred was completely destroyed and an LA Fitness nearby sustained heavy damage caused by the blast, with debris and glass filling the nearby parking lot.

Crimea Explosion Kills at Least 18 at Kerch College

St Petersburg Store Explosion Injures at Least 10

Fire departments from Plantation, Davie, Lauderhill, Coral Springs, as well as Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue have all been called to the scene.

Footage from inside the fitness center showed crowds hurrying out of the building, some limping and in shock, while its front windows were nearly blown out front the massive blast.

Plantation Fire tweeted that the explosion occurred along the 800 block of South University Drive on Saturday and police have closed the road. Motorists are advised to avoid the area.

Plantation police tweeted: “All stores and businesses in the area of the Fountains Plaza and the Plantation Marketplace plaza near LA Fitness will be shut down until further notice until Fire Personnel can determine that it is safe to return. Please do not come into this area if possible.”

Firefighters with dogs were seen going through the rubble to determine if anyone was still underneath.

According to police, a family and business reunification center has been set up at Plantation Central Park, 9151 NW 2nd Street.

Southern California has been hit by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, the biggest tremor to strike in 20 years.

The quake struck at the shallow depth of 0.6 miles and its epicenter was near the city of Ridgecrest, about 150 miles north-east of Los Angeles.

On July 4, a 6.4-magnitude quake hit the same area at a depth of nearly 6.5 miles.

The earthquake was felt as far away as Las Vegas in the neighboring state of Nevada and over the border in Mexico.

California Governor Gavin Newsom offered his heartfelt support to all those affected, and has requested a Presidential Emergency Declaration and federal aid to help.

Fires have broken out and emergency services are responding to calls across the state after the quake.

Kern County Fire Department Chief David Witt said about 1,800 people had no power after the quake, but added there were “nothing but minor injuries… such as cuts and bruises, by the grace of god”.

According to the San Bernardino County Fire Department, “damage is more significant than yesterday’s quake”, and said they were tackling blazes and gas leaks.

Image source Wikipedia

Peru Hit by 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake

Peru 7-magnitude earthquake strikes near Lima

6.3 earthquake hit the central coastline of Peru

Officials said it was still unclear how much damage had been caused and how many people had been injured in the state.

The LA Fire Department however said nobody had been killed or injured. A statement after the latest quake said the authorities had seen “no major infrastructure damage” after a survey of the city.

Crowds at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game were seen leaving their seats when the quake struck, although the players themselves continued playing.

A US Navy weapons testing station near Ridgecrest was also affected.

NAWS China Lake – the Navy’s single largest landholding, covering an area larger than the state of Rhode Island – announced on Facebook it is “not mission capable until further notice”, without providing details.

In Las Vegas, a basketball match between the New York Knicks and the New Orleans Pelicans was abandoned because of the tremors.

The quake hit at 20:19 local time on July 5, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

After July 4 event, seismologists had been warning that aftershocks could continue for a prolonged period of time.

California is prone to earthquakes as it lies on a number of faults – regions where tectonic plates come together.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered two shaking attacks in eight days, but she says she is “fine” after the two public episodes have sparked concerns about her health.

Speaking at the G20 summit in Osaka, Angela Merkel said she was convinced that “this reaction will disappear just as it has arisen”, German news agency DPA said.

Asked what lay behind it and whether she had seen a doctor, Angela Merkel said she had “nothing in particular to report”.

On June 27, the German chancellor was seen shaking for two minutes at a ceremony in Berlin.

Angela Merkel, who turns 65 next month, gripped her arms until she became steadier. She was offered a glass of water but did not drink it.

The previous incident – which she later blamed on dehydration – saw her shaking while standing next to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky in hot sunshine.

In 2017, Angela Merkel had an earlier bout of shaking in hot weather on a visit to Mexico as she was attending a military honors ceremony.

Reports said that subsequent medical checks had found nothing to be wrong.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert tweeted a video of the chancellor making a speech covering topics such as extremism, women’s empowerment and climate change. It showed her standing and speaking in a relaxed manner.

Angela Merkel is now in her fourth term as chancellor, a role she began in November 2005. She has said she will leave politics when her current term ends in 2021.

She has a reputation for remarkable stamina – during intensive late-night discussions at EU summits, for example.

Angela has been in good health while in office, and even worked from home after a knee operation in 2011. She suffered a fall while skiing in 2014. Her absences were only brief on those occasions. Her mother died earlier this year.


Sales is the cornerstone of almost every business, whether you’re selling a product or a service. But sometimes, even when sales drop, we tend to forget the simple day-to-day things we can do to bring them back up.

Some strategies may take longer than others to produce results, but there are several things you can do right now to make a difference.

Use promotional products

On your way out the door for lunch, grab that promotional pen sitting on the edge of your desk. After your meal, you can leave one on the table with your tip or even hand a few to the managers for their waitstaff.

No one will turn down a free product, especially one they can use every day. And promotional items are surprisingly effective. For one thing, most people don’t throw them away until they break or stop working.

In addition to pens, you can use mugs, shirts, notepads, bags, etc. The important thing to remember is that your products should line up with your company, or at least not deviate from it completely.

For example, a dentist wouldn’t hand out bags of candy with their logo on them. And a church might not want their name printed on flasks. Instead, you want an item that automatically makes the customer think of your brand, or at least be universal enough that it can be used by anyone.

Reach out to past customers

Depending on the product or service you offer, repeat business could be your bread and butter. This is especially true if you’ve managed to wow your prior customers with excellent service. But even if what you sell isn’t conducive to repeat business, there’s still value in those previous contacts.

Stay in touch with as many customers as you can, no matter what you sell. If you’ve neglected doing this in the past, it’s important to start now. You never know when someone who’s done business with you in the past will introduce you to a new sales lead.

And contacting them doesn’t have to feel like a sordid task. Sometimes, something as simple as a mass email can generate more interest. There are plenty of services that can take care of this type of email marketing for you, running entire campaigns if needed.

Get active on social media

Social media is one of the most effective means of advertising we have at our disposal today. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free unless you choose to purchase ads. What’s important for social media marketing is that you’re consistently active and using the right channel. This just means using the platform that works best for you and your business.

Yelp, for instance, is a public review site that a lot of people check out when traveling. It’s great for restaurants and other such businesses. And LinkedIn is more of a professional channel that attracts professionals in mostly white-collar industries. It’s a good place to connect with people in industries relating to job placement or personnel.

But Facebook is still pretty much the queen mother of social media. It’s used by almost everyone in the world and attracts almost every demographic. The key is to find one or two platforms you can effectively operate and interact with people every day.

Help someone out

According to almost any sales expert, trust is the number one key to closing sales. But don’t think this is something you can fake.

In order to do this effectively, you must be genuine in your relationships and willing to help people, even when no sales are involved. One example of a good trust-building technique is to chime in when people talk about their problems on social media. Of course, these would typically be problems your product business could solve, because that’s your expertise.

But don’t be salesy every time you comment. Offer genuine solutions that might not make you a dime. Then, when people do need your product or service, they’ll trust you enough to do business with you.


President Donald Trump has caused a splash on Twitter after saying he had met the “Prince of Whales”.

He made the mistake, intending to refer to Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, in response to articles following an ABC news interview.

The president said he would listen if a foreign government gave damaging information about a political rival without necessarily reporting it to the FBI.

Image source Twitter

In the tweet, Donald Trump accused media reporting the statement of “fake news”.

Referring to his recent UK state visit, President Trump initially tweeted: “I meet and talk to ‘foreign governments’ every day.

“I just met with the Queen of England (U.K.), the Prince of Whales, the P.M. of the United Kingdom, the P.M. of Ireland, the President of France and the President of Poland.

“We talked about “Everything!” Should I immediately call the FBI about these calls and meetings? How ridiculous! I would never be trusted again.

“With that being said, my full answer is rarely played by the Fake News Media. They purposely leave out the part that matters.”

President Trump subsequently deleted his tweet and corrected his error.


Scrum Master can be best described as the guardian of a Scrum team. They impart valuable Scrum knowledge that they have attained through a CSM course and make sure that the team follows Scrum practices and rules. They help the team in being productive and deliver successful products.

After a CSM training, what awaits the Scrum Master is a vast array of roles and responsibilities along with a handsome career. Let’s look at some of these responsibilities.

1. Coach on the Best Scrum Practices

The Scrum Master has to onboard the project team and provides a clear idea of the project integrating them to the organization. They act as a medium for communication and information exchange between the project team and external groups. They instill a culture of agility, learning and monitors the progress of the project with timely feedback. They help the team implement Scrum rules and deliver the best quality products.

2. Facilitates Collaboration

The Scrum Master gets hands-on updates on the product from the development team through daily stand-ups. He/She addresses potential impediments and implements the product owner’s wishlist by linking up team activities.

The project progress is also demonstrated to the stakeholders by holding demo sessions. These also help them gain valuable feedback for continual improvement. Retrospectives and reviews are held after each Sprint to see what went wrong, what went great and to what can be done in the next Sprint.

Scrum Master plans the releases including deliverables and release deadlines. He also estimates deliverables with the best possible value for the next iteration. They reflect on process issues, take appropriate actions and ensure the sustainability and success of the project.

3. Introduces the Best Engineering Practices

A Scrum Master improves the efficiency of the project by encouraging automated builds and continuous integration, therefore, reducing the risk, time and effort. These builds use simple design and incremental development which avoids poor project architecture. Compared to the traditional processes, these practices have shown to be more successful during integration of large modules.

Practices like pair programming are encouraged because two heads are better than one. Alterations in the project are supported and can be incorporated easily in the project because such practices reduce the testing time. Scrum Masters help the team enhance the product quality without extending the delivery deadlines.

4. Maintains Scrum Artifacts

 Scrum Masters facilitate planning, grooming, retrospectives, and reviews. They act as a buffer between external factors and the development team. They also make the team stay focused by removing distractions from outside.

They help the team maintain  Scrum tools like a storyboard, action board, charts, and backlogs. They help the product owner and the development team to find a suitable Definition of Done and Definition of Ready

5. Mirrors the Team

Scrum Master is not to be confused with a project manager as he/she is the servant leader of the development team. Scrum masters reflect Agile and Scrum values to the team and remind them of their assignments. They ask open questions and help the team to continuously improve their work standards.

They observe the team from outside and reflect on issues. Also, they check all the Scrum modules like Sprint backlog, metrics and product backlog and help them connect their model to the real world.

They develop and nurture group dynamics through system coaching. They mediate through conflicts including those of goals between the development team and the Product Owner and help the team make important decisions. The Scrum Master fosters the team’s self-organization and helps them enhance productivity.

6. Supports the Product Owner

The Scrum Master helps the PO to write and split user stories along with the team and coaches them on Impact Mapping or Story Mapping. They also help in prioritizing and re-prioritizing the product backlog.

Scrum Master guides the product owner to attain a clear product vision and helps with release planning and conveys the Product Owner’s wishlist to the development team through various Scrum events.

7. Stays Updated while also updating the Team

Scrum Masters are continuous learners of everything related to Agile and Scrum. They read books, attend conferences, visits user groups and write blogs to constantly keep in touch with the advancing methodologies.

They consult the foundation and team members of Agile and help their development teams to create information radiators. They impart knowledge to the team and encourage them to use Agile engineering practices. They challenge the team with the latest management innovations and exchange knowledge with other Scrum Masters in the organization.

Scrum Master – Crucial to the Team

A successful Scrum Master handles this diverse portfolio of roles and responsibilities with ease. He/she ensures timely and high-quality product deliveries by internalizing and applying the Scrum characteristics.

One person has died and six others injured after a construction crane fell onto an apartment complex in Dallas, Texas.

The crane was brought down during a powerful thunderstorm which hit Texas on June 9.

Damage and power outages are being reported throughout other areas of Texas, as severe storms blast through the state.

According to authorities, the crane broke apart and cut through five floors of the complex, which was opposite a building site.

The tower’s parking garage was also damaged, and search and rescue efforts are still ongoing.

Image source: CBS News

NYC Crane Collapse Kills at Least One Person in Lower Manhattan

Netherlands: Two Cranes Collapse in Alphen aan den Rijn Injuring 20 People

The person who died was a woman, local media reports. Of those in hospital, two are in critical condition, said fire and rescue services spokesperson Jason Evans.

He said: “We’re hoping that what we have at this point is where it ends [in terms of casualties].”

While the cause of the collapse was not immediately clear, Jason Evans said there was a “strong possibility” that high winds played a role.

Apple’s music service iTunes is being replaced by Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV, the tech giant has announced at the WWDC conference.

There had been speculation that Apple was planning to shutter the music service it launched in 2001.

Apple also revealed a number of new privacy measures at its annual developer conference in San Jose.

A new sign-in will be an alternative to logging into apps using social media accounts, hiding the user’s email address and data.

iTunes will remain unchanged on Windows platforms.

Image source Pexels

The announcements were made at the WWDC conference, where the tech giant outlines its software plans for the months ahead.

The tech giant announced several new privacy measures, building on last year’s event where it pledged to jam Facebook’s tracking tools.

Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi: “Privacy is a fundamental human right.”

The company is also launching a sign-in-with-Apple login, as an alternative to logging in to a service using a social media account.

Using this login, users can choose to hide their email address, with Apple creating a random alternative address which will forward to the real mailbox.

The next iteration of the iPhone’s operating system – iOS 13 – includes a range of changes to its interface, as well as new functions.

The new Dark Mode enables iPhone apps to be viewed with a black background, while the Apple Maps app will come with a virtual tour experience similar to Google’s Street View.

Other key features include the option to silence unknown callers and block senders within the Mail app, improved search in messages, and optimized battery charging.

Apple has also made improvements to its language keyboards, including the introduction of new bilingual keyboards and typing predictions for Arabic, Hindi, Thai, Cantonese, Vietnamese and the 22 official Indian languages.

Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist or you’re already a data scientist looking to expand your skill set, know that the knowledge of Python is an essential skill in the field of data science. Python has become the preferred language in data analysis over the last few years, and it’s mainly due to its ease of learning and the fact that it is hugely time saving during application, though those are not the only reasons. Listed below are five reasons Data Science with Python training is essential for every data scientist. But, before we get to the why of learning this programming language, let’s understand what Python is.

What is Python?

Python is a versatile programming language that supports functional programming, structured programming, and also object Oriented programming. The versatility of this language is what makes it a good choice for data scientists. Python enables developers to create codes in a modular style and the codes can be reused as well, since Python supports the use of modules and packages.

Image by Johnson Martin from Pixabay

Python is a simple and easy to learn programming language. It requires the use of a unique syntax which supports readability. It’s also a low-cost programming language. Python’s interpreter and standard library are available free of cost in binary and source form.

Python for Data Scientists

According to the Indeed Data Science skills report of April 2019, Python is among the top skills employers look for in data scientists, along with machine learning and SQL and Hadoop.Having these top skills not only boosts your resume but also gives you the chances of earning a higher salary. According to LinkedIn, data scientists with an updated skillset make an average of $107,000 a year.

Here are the top five reasons why you should take data science with Python training.


Python is more scalable than R, making it more and more popular across various industries. It is also faster than Matlab and Sata. YouTube is one platform that uses Python because of its flexibility in problem solving situations.

Compatible with Hadoop

Python is compatible with Hadoop, the most popular open-source big data platform. The PyDoop package offers access to HDFS API for Hadoop, allowing programmers to write Hadoop MapReduce programs and applications. HDFS API allows you to connect to HDFS installation, which makes it easy to read, write, and get information on global file system properties, directories, and files.

Easy to Learn

Python is easy to learn for non-programmers too, compared to other programming languages. Due to its readable code, large online community, and varied learning resources, Python is a good choice to start learning programming language.

Extensive data science libraries

Python has over 72,000 libraries in the Python Package Index, making it popular among aspiring candidates. These libraries are upgraded regularly. Most of the libraries in Python are available for data analysis. Here are some of them.

  • NumPy: The library has a number of high-level mathematical functions that operate on multidimensional arrays and matrices.
  • SciPy:  It works in association with NumPy arrays and has routines for numerical integration and upgradation.
  • Matplotlib: This is a 2D plotting library which contains data visualizations in the form of histograms, bar charts, and scatterplots with minimal coding lines.

Online Python Community

Python has increased its reach in the world of data science and a large number of volunteers are developing Python libraries. Due to this, it’s possible to develop advanced tools and processes in Python.

Which Skills Will You Learn?

Python is simple to learn, making it an ideal learning language for beginners. Read on to know which other skills you will learn with the data science with Python course.

  1. You will get an in-depth understanding of data science processes, like data wrangling, data exploration, data visualization, and hypotheses building & testing.
  2. You will be enabled to perform high-level mathematical calculations using the NumPy package.
  3. You will gain expertise in machine learning using the Scikit-Learn package.
  4. You will Understand how to use supervised and unsupervised learning models, such as linear regression, logistic regression, clustering, K-NN, and pipeline.
  5. You will gain the knowledge to extract useful data from the websites with the help of web scraping using Python.
  6. You will gain the ability to perform scientific and technical computing with SciPy package and its sub packages, like Integrate, Optimize, IO and Wave.

Data Science Is an Ever Expanding Field

Expanding consumerism has caused a surge in the demand for data scientists. Knowing the coding and programming tools and when to utilize their strengths to get the most out of your analysis is essential for a data scientist. Python is a popular programming language in data science, and a working knowledge of this language will give you a stepping stone to start your career as a data scientist.


With the sudden downturn in the economy and a slowdown in economic growth along with rising unemployment levels, a ‘churn’ has been observed in most of the jobs in the market. This is applicable even at the “C” level positions, which include managerial (chief) staff, such as CEO or CFO, etc. People are voluntarily shifting from one job to another for small wage-gains and to seek a job before getting sacked from their own jobs. However, if you are being sacked for any past criminal offense, you should immediately consult the Houston criminal defense lawyer.  

Signs of Termination                              

If you are still working with a company despite the economic downturn, and have been delivering above-average performance for quite a few years now, a sudden change of events could leave you nowhere if you are not prepared. Remaining alert and keeping an eye on some of the signs that might point toward the possible termination of your contract in the near future is the first step toward getting yourself ready for any such situation. These signs could be anything that has not been a trend in the past. For example, if you are not called to a staff meeting to discuss an important project, or not invited to a company-sponsored event unlike your colleagues, or if you are not given as much workload as you were given in the past, – and if it forms a pattern – then you should consider it an alarming signal for a possible redundancy that might occur in the near future.

How to Prepare Yourself?

You should always be prepared beforehand lest something happen which is not in your favor. According to HR professionals, there are two significant dates, which you should regard as a ‘turning point’ in your career in a situation where the worst could happen. These are January 1st and July 4th. These two are the holidays between which you should take time out to review and update your résumé, pay close attention to what is going on in the labor market and the industry that you are affiliated with by scanning the newspapers and watching the news. Asking around and getting in touch with a former colleague who is working in your target company, and keeping yourself updated on the performance of all the companies you are aiming for certainly helps during such a time.

Update Your Resume and Plan Ahead of Time

An important aspect that I mentioned previously is to have an up-to-date résumé at all times. You never know when you might need it. Instead of wondering why things are going the way they are and waiting for the moment you are forced to leave your job in search of a better opportunity, you should be ready to tackle anything beforehand by having a definite plan of action and a revised résumé to present before a prospective employer. Always have a plan about what you are going to do in the worst situations. What jobs to search for if you are terminated, the CV that you are going to present, etc. Moreover, revise and make changes in that plan as necessitated by the prevailing circumstances.

Many people got downsized as a result of the economic downturn. However, they made a mistake of not being prepared for the situation and often waited for months before landing a new job or even beginning to search for it. This made the situation worse than it already had been. In such a scenario, there is another useful tip. Along with having an updated résumé, have your references ready, and make sure that they recommend you positively for your targeted position.                


According to data recently released by national senior living referral service, A Place for Mom, the rates for independent living and assisted living have remained relatively steady compared to general real estate value and inflation.

“Construction of new facilities has also led to lower occupancy rates and stable pricing for senior care home operators,” Sue Johansen, vice president of partner services with A Place for Mom, told USA Today. “As competition increases between facilities, facilities have pushed to attract residents with deals and options.”

According to A Place for Moms, the fasted growing areas for assisted living communities include Minneapolis, Portland, and Los Angeles.

This comes during an important time when, according to another report from Health Affairs, middle income seniors are having serious trouble affording private living. On the other hand, they don’t qualify for subsidized nursing home care without being forced to spend down their assets. This group of “forgotten middle” includes retired teachers, government workers, and first responders.

“This is a cohort that hasn’t been paid much attention to,” Beth Burnham Mace, coauthor of the report, told the Boston Globe. “These are people who provided amazing services to society, and it’s important that there’s housing and care they can afford.”

Unaffordable houses, combined with an increase in spend among seniors who retire, only further complicates the easy. Studies have found that many seniors are taking advantage of new activities that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, and filling their new non-workdays by spending more than normal. In fact, one study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that 45.9% of households spent more than what they had spent before retirement.

Better government response and private sector attention will help steer results in a positive direction. Today, developers can find an architecture company that specializes in assisted living development. Design strategies should increase the comfort and safety for senior citizens, help to enhance the quality of life for the senior population, and incorporate creative solutions that take their physical capabilities into consideration. And most importantly, they should be more accessible to seniors of all income classes.

“It’s still a very good real estate market for most of the country and many seniors who move into senior living are liquidating real estate to do that,” Johansen said. “So you’re selling at a high time but getting in at a time when rates are pretty stable and promotional activity is aggressive. All of those factors combine to create the perfect storm in terms of timing for families to make that decision.”


If you’re new to Orange County, even if you’ve lived in California for years, you have to be aware that driving in the Los Angeles metropolitan area is unlike anywhere else. It’s not just gridlock. Some traffic laws are unique to LA. Due to the size of LA, it can be difficult to navigate. To feel more confident on the road, be aware of these things to avoid needing a Santa Ana traffic ticket lawyer.

Road Etiquette

LA residents know and understand that traffic might move slowly. Honking is reserved for imminent danger, but a light tap on the horn can let someone know that the light is green. When you’re on the freeway, give yourself lots of time to get across multiple lanes to exit. Don’t drive in the far-right lane unless you’re going slower than traffic or need to exit.

Rules to Follow

Avoid getting a ticket by following some rules that are specific to LA:

  • Carpool/HOV lanes
    High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes and carpool lanes have limited access and require a minimum number of occupants.
  • Cell phones

California prohibits using your handheld cell phone when driving. Use a hands-free device or wait until you can pull over.

  • Don’t smoke in your car if you have a child with you

It’s illegal to smoke in a vehicle that is carrying a minor child.

  • Don’t drink and drive
    The legal limit is 0.08 percent, but law enforcement will give you a ticket if you are impaired at lower levels. Don’t have open alcohol in the car. Transport it in the trunk.
  • Red light cameras
    Many major intersections have cameras that will record your license plate if you run the red light.

When You Get a Traffic Ticket, Take It Seriously 

Don’t just pay your ticket, but don’t toss it in the trash either. Get help from a traffic ticket attorney Orange County, when you contact The Ticket Clinic at 1-800-248-2846.


If you’re facing criminal charges, you are in serious trouble which can easily be quite stressful, scary and depressing. No one should go through such ordeal no matter what has happened to them. Hiring a domestic battery attorney to protect your rights, support you legally, and create a strong defense against the charges is a smart thing to do in such unfortunate occasions.

If you’re not sure how a criminal defense attorney can help you, here are some reasons why you should hire one immediately.

Lawyer’s Know the Law

Criminal law in the United States is complex and vast. In many cases, it is impossible to understand the law if you have no educational background. And there is always a chance that the criminal charges against you are not easy to deal with. An experienced attorney, on the other hand, is very familiar with the law and they are good at collecting evidence, evaluating your plea bargain options and providing you with the best available defense. They know exactly what to expect when such cases go to trial.

They Have Strong Strategies

Every case is different from others and this is the real challenge attorneys have to deal with. A criminal defense attorney spends a lot of time investigating the nature of every case to find out the best results and figure out specific strategies to protect you.

They Are Good At Finding Witnesses

Since attorneys fight legal battles on a daily basis, they are already related to expert witnesses in some way from the previous cases they have fought. Even if they do not have a relation with a witness from a previous case, they are able to get in touch and contact with such witnesses on a given notice within their industry.

They Can Save You Money And Time

In today’s world, time is money. The more time you lose, the more money you lose. This is true for any legal battle as well. The more time you spend on arguing your case, the less time you are working and the less money you are making. A talented lawyer knows exactly how the legal process works and they can figure out about the case on their own while you concentrate spending time on your work. In the long run, you actually save a lot of money this way.

They Work For Your Best Interests

Unfortunately, in the world of law and legal battles, not every prosecutor is honest or follows the law. In fact, you may be surprised that some coach witnesses even hide evidence. With an experienced attorney to back you, it could mean a huge difference between being guilty and non-guilty.

As with any legal suit, it is very important to pick a lawyer carefully for your case. You must be aware of your rights and know the circumstances in which you’ll be needing a lawyer. Having good knowledge of this will help you dodge even the worst charges against you.


You cannot force yourself to think of a business idea right now and hope that something will pop out of your mind that will appeal to a lot of people. It takes time to come up with novel ideas and refine them to make people desire to patronise what you offer. If you are still trying to search for a business plan, you need to avoid putting limits on what you want to do. If possible, you need to go big and work your way to having a perfect business plan from there.

Do not strike down your ideas early on 

Do not feel afraid to come up with huge and crazy ideas. They are not the final plans that you are going to implement anyway. Instead, start with big plans before refining them, which is better than having something too small and irrelevant that you have nothing new to offer by the time that you launch the business.

Nothing is impossible

If successful business owners today who revolutionised the world thought that their plans were impossible, we would not be enjoying their innovations. For instance, if Zuckerberg had not thought about connecting college students online, Facebook might not even exist today. If the pioneers of computing had thought that automated devices were impossible, we would still do a lot of things manually today. Always think that even seemingly impossible ideas are worth a try.

Self-imposed limits are a slippery slope

The problem when you decide to limit your ideas from the start is that you begin to think small. You dismiss your ideas immediately because you think they are not worthy of doing. Before you know it, you start feeling discouraged. It is about how you view the process that affects its success. If you keep telling yourself that nothing works and all your plans are impossible, you will settle for mediocrity.

The final plan becomes lousy and does not spark excitement 

The reason why many big businesses succeeded is that they had solutions to huge problems. People feel excited about learning what a company intends to solve. Even investors begin to consider partnership because they know their money could go a long way. However, if you keep limiting your ideas from the start, your final plan could be lousy, irrelevant and not worth pursuing. You might even be trying to do something that another company has already done. At that point, you will not feel interested in starting the business anymore.

Who cares if you fail? 

Throw all your ideas out there and find out which of them might work. No one expects you to see all these plans come to life anyway. Even if you fail, it is okay. You tried something new, and you can learn from it. Eventually, you might decide to start a business, and you can use your previous mistakes to do better. You will also not be afraid to fail anymore since you know how it feels.

You are the only one limiting your capabilities. Make sure that you do not limit yourself with small thoughts when there is something big out there waiting for you to discover it. 

Regardless of the plan you come up with, you need to believe in it. Focus on advertising once you are ready to launch the business. Use a pop up stand and roller banners when you are trying to reach your target market so that they will know about your products and appreciate them.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/7e2pe9wjL9M


Mastering social media for marketing purposes is a daunting task—it’s even arguable that you cannot master it at all; only learn the tricks that work best and do what you can. Entrepreneurs, brand owners, and marketers have a lot to deal with between liking and commenting on other users’ posts, re-sharing material, following people, and not to mention the most important part: producing compelling content.

Fortunately, you do not have to travel the social media landscape alone. There are a variety of digital tools that can make your life significantly easier. Here are some of the best resources that can make your job less tedious and give you a boost towards achieving your online marketing goals: S


Creating content that provides your followers (and potential followers) with information and entertainment is time-consuming. Social media does not work like casting a reel and hoping the fish come, though; you need to let people know that you exist and give a little (or rather, a lot) in return. Unfortunately, once you have spent so much effort in creating content, you may not feel like you have the energy to reach out to and engage with other users.

Hashtagsforlikes can handle the tedious aspects of social media, specifically Instagram, for you. You still have creative control over your content, but SocialSteeze growth experts can handle targeting potential audience members by liking their posts, commenting on them, following and unfollowing strategic profiles, and more on your behalf. You’ll have much more time to focus on other aspects of your business when someone else is increasing your number of Instagram followers.


Most social media platforms are highly visual places. Instagram and Pinterest rely heavily on images and videos, and exciting pictures are excellent for capturing peoples’ attention on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. You see it all the time yourself—but what if you are not a photographer, videographer, or have no Photoshop experience?

It doesn’t matter. Tools like Canva enable you to create stunning images that can communicate your message in enticing ways. Canva is free to use, so even if you do not consider yourself a graphic designer, you can still generate high-quality social media content that resonates with your audience while distinguishing your brand from competitors.


While you do not need to be on every social media platform (only those that make the most sense for your business), you are probably still on more than one. Do you find separately managing Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts overwhelming and frustrating? You don’t need to stress, because resources like Buffer enable you to manage your various social media accounts from one place.

With Buffer, you can schedule social media posts ahead of time and add external content to your queue. There are numerous other post-scheduling tools out there, so what sets Buffer apart is its unique analytics capabilities. Buffer can provide you with insight into your audience demographics, how your posts perform, what kind of content is most successful, what times of day are best to publish at, and more. When you have a comprehensive look at which efforts are working and which are not, you can adjust them accordingly.

Buffer Reply

Buffer also offers a feature called Buffer Reply. Keeping in contact with your followers is an essential part of building an engaged audience: you do not want followers that sit idly, but people who comment on your posts and ask questions. However, you might find it challenging to keep track of dozens of conversations across different platforms at once, so Buffer Reply puts them all into one convenient location, so interacting with your followers one-on-one becomes a streamlined process.


Creating a constant amount of intriguing content is challenging, so it’s understandable if you feel creatively drained after a while. Fortunately, not everything you post needs to be original—it’s even practical to share articles, images, and videos from other creators, as long as you give them credit. Collecting external material to share is known as “content curation,” but it can still be a time-consuming process in itself.

While other content curation tools exist (the internet is vast, after all; you do not have time to skim it for whatever you think your followers will enjoy), Quuu automates content curation with your audience in mind—and hand-reviews each piece in-house, so that you are only sharing high-quality pieces that keep your accounts active while building your brand’s authority.

Using social media for marketing requires a significant amount of effort and energy. There are numerous factors to consider when establishing your brand and growing your audience—but you do not have to do everything the long way. What are your favorite tools that make managing social media accounts easier?

Former Vice-President Joe Biden is being accused of inappropriate touching for second time in just three days, as the leading Democrat mulls a White House bid.

The second woman, Amy Lappos, said Joe Biden had touched her face with both hands and rubbed noses with her a decade ago.

The allegation comes after another woman, Lucy Flores, said on March 29 that Joe Biden kissed her on the back of her head at a campaign event.

Joe Biden has said he did not believe he has ever acted inappropriately.

The former Delaware senator, who served as President Barack Obama’s vice-president between 2009 and 2017, is seen as a possible front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Amy Lappos, a 43-year-old former aide to a Democratic congressman, said Joe Biden touched her inappropriately at a fundraiser in a private home in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2009.

The woman told Hartford Courant the then vice-president entered the kitchen to thank a group of aides, before wrapping both hands around her face and pulling her in to rub noses with her.

White House 2020: Joe Biden Appears to Announce His Candidacy

VP Joe Biden Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction

Amy Lappos called on Joe Biden not to run for the White House, saying: “Uninvited affection is not okay. Objectifying women is not okay.”

Lucy Flores was running as the Democratic candidate for Nevada’s lieutenant governor in 2014 when Joe Biden flew in to support her bid.

As she prepared to go on stage, Joe Biden placed two hands on her shoulders from behind, smelled her hair then planted “a big slow kiss on the back of my head”.

Asked about the new allegation, a spokesman for Joe Biden referred reporters to a statement he issued on March 31.

The statement read: “In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. And not once – never – did I believe I acted inappropriately.”

“But we have arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences, and men should pay attention. And I will,” it added.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama were known for their close friendship, often seen playing golf and attending sports events together. Joe Biden even said that Barack Obama offered him financial help when his son was ill.

For his vice president’s birthday in 2017, Barack Obama posted a photo of the two of them on Twitter, writing that Joe Biden was his “brother and the best vice president anybody could have”.

On April, a spokesman for Joe Biden also accused “right wing trolls” of presenting harmless images of the former vice president interacting with women over the years as evidence of inappropriate touching.

A number of candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination have backed Lucy Flores.

Senator Elizabeth Warren said Joe Biden “needs to give an answer”, and Senator Amy Klobuchar said that in politics “people raise issues and they have to address them”.

Some supporters though have defended him. Cynthia Hogan, a former aide to the vice-president, told the New York Times that Joe Biden “treated us with respect and insisted that others do the same”. An ally of Joe Biden told CNN he was not reconsidering a run for the White House following the allegations but stressed he was yet to make a decision.


Landlords trying to eke out a place in the rental investment market face an uphill battle. Staying on top of housing regulations, market data, property improvements, and vacancy rates can easily consume all 24 hours of your day if you let it.

Since the workload will only grow along with your success, you need to protect your bottom line by working smarter, rather than harder. Here are several tips to help you maintain a work/life balance while growing your business.

Market yourself

For every job duty you can imagine, larger companies have at least one employee dedicated to solely that job function. From marketing to social media management, raising awareness about your brand can legitimately be a full-time job.

Schedule set times every week to complete social media posts and limit the time you spend doing this. Use printing services to create handouts, flyers, car magnets, branded polo shirts, and more so that your rental business can be seen by the widest possible audience.

Plenty of companies offer drip campaign services such as newsletters, move-in or referral specials, or public notices. Think of the most common forms of communication with your current and potential tenants and find ways to automate routine messages. Be proactive in routinely sending out information that minimizes calls to your office for common activities like renewals, move-outs, and maintenance requests.

Outsource administrative functions

You need someone at your business who’s available to meet with current and potential tenants. But you don’t necessarily need a warm body in an office seat to take care of a wide range of administrative functions like accounting, payroll management, and contract management.

Are you still handwriting checks or struggling with the manual tray on your printer? Consider using a check mailing service for your payables; these types of services have the added benefit of consolidating important information at tax time for your accountant.

Whenever possible, take advantage of software offers which are specific to landlords. This can save you time and money rather than trying to shuffle papers into the wee hours of the morning. Tracking leads, obtaining rental forms, and completing your tenant screening using these cloud-based systems can increase your organizational efficiency while reducing time spent filing, searching for lost notes, or dealing with a coffee stain on a lease agreement.

Virtual assistants can also handle a wide range of business functions for you, including setting appointments, dispatching contractors, and even managing rental agreements and renewal paperwork. You can use a phone answering service so that your callers have access to a live operator if you’re out. Some companies use voice recognition and AI technology to handle basic requests for you via the automated system.

Though you might still be able to complete your own repairs and turnovers, there will come a day when your business grows beyond your capability or you need a licensed contractor to complete various jobs. You’ll need to consider whether you should hire a dedicated repair person or simply use independent contractors.

In any case, consider how much your time is worth per hour when determining if it’s time to hand over the reins of property maintenance to a qualified contractor.

Reduce your workload

One of the most basic ways to reduce your workload is to anticipate common questions and answer them ahead of time, either with an informative brochure/flyer or a website that has a comprehensive FAQ page.

Designing your workflow to address common issues or events proactively will keep your business running more smoothly, reducing unnecessary calls and emails as well as misunderstandings. Create templates and checklists whenever possible for common tasks so that your work is consistent and important details are less likely to be forgotten.

Growing your business doesn’t have to mean hiring a large team of employees right away. By being efficient, proactive, and wise about what you do yourself and what you delegate, you can be successful and still have free time to unwind afterward.


Every single homeowner wants to create a truly safe home environment, one where the entire family can thrive without worrying about safety. Unfortunately, there are so many safety hazards that are overlooked or that people simply do not know about. Fortunately, in most cases it is really easy to create a safer home environment. According to Fix It Right, plumbers in Carrum Downs, the most important thing for most homeowners is being aware of safety hazards. When you are aware, you can do what is needed to avoid problems. This is why you absolutely need to be aware of the following safety hazards.


One of the most common hazards in a household is the injury caused by a fall. Statistics show that 1 out of 5 older adults actually ends up with a head injury or a broken bone after a fall. Commonly mentioned causes for falls include slippery stairs, scattered toys and wet floors.

In order to minimize the risk of a fall:

  • Stabilize your staircases
  • Secure your bathrooms
  • Clear the outdoor steps
  • Remove toys after children play with them
  • Add supports whenever needed


Every single homeowner knows how dangerous a fire can be but even so, statistics show that there are over 400,000 fires happening in US homes every single year. The severity ranges from complete devastation to mild smoke damage.

Remember the fact that even an unattended iron or a candle can lead to accidental home fire. The best thing that you can do to minimize fire risk is to install fire alarms and monitor every single flame source when used. Also, be sure to unplug your appliances whenever they are not used. Having a fire extinguisher in your home can also help.

CO (Carbon Monoxide) Poisoning

Even low CO exposure can easily cause dizziness and headaches. When there are high CO levels present, symptoms like impaired vision and vomiting can appear. Unfortunately, even death can happen. The big problem is that it is impossible to identify carbon monoxide presence by sight, sound or smell. This is why it is a really good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector. Also, be sure you never skip home maintenance tasks on HVAC systems or any other appliance that uses coal, oil or gas.


This is a safety hazard everyone knows but there are still way too many accidents happening than they should be. There are numerous household items that have sharp edges. You Can get a cut from anything from a garden hose to a can.

In order to remove the possibility of having to deal with cuts:

  • Always close the trash
  • Properly store all kitchen supplies
  • Put away all yard tools after use
  • Point forks and knives down
  • Lock your bathroom cabinets when needed


Last but not least, in the past 10 years the bathtub drowning deaths actually increased by around 70%. Some really simple accidents can lead to death. This is why it is really important to always attend children when they are bathing and you need to put away all the buckets when they are not used.

Since the development of computers or machines, their competence to enforce various tasks went on growing epidemically. Humans have advanced the power of computer systems in terms of their disparate working domains, their proliferating speed, and decreasing size with respect to time.

An arm of Computer Science named Artificial Intelligence goes after creating computers or machines as brilliant as human beings.

As we go ahead with the entire career prospective of Artificial Intelligence, let’s understand briefly about what Artificial Intelligence is.

A Brief Overview of Artificial Intelligence

The father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy said, “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering that makes intelligent machines, exceptionally intelligent computer programs”.

AI makes a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, the same way an intelligent human would think.

While capitalizing the competence of the computer systems, the eagerness of human, lead him to doubt, “Whether a machine thinks and behave as humans do?”

Hence, the advancement of AI started with the objective to create similar intelligence in machines that we humans could. Artificial Intelligence aims to create expert systems. These systems present intelligent behavior, learn, display, explain, and advice their users. It implements human intelligence in machines by creating systems that understand, think, learn, and act like humans.

Image source Pixabay

Career Prospects of Artificial Intelligence

A big core of AI is in the advancement of computer functions associated with human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, and problem-solving.

AI has been assertive in various fields such as −

  • Gaming − It plays an important role in critical games such as chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, etc., where a machine can think of a large number of possible positions based on probing knowledge.
  • Natural Language Processing − It helps in interacting with the computer that understands the natural language which humans speak.
  • Speech Recognition − Some intelligent systems are able to hear and comprehend the language in terms of sentences and their meanings while a human talks to it. They can handle different accents, slangs, background noises, change in human’s tone due to cough, etc.
  • Intelligent Robots − Robots perform tasks which are assigned by humans. They can sense physical data from the real- world such as light, heat, temperature, movement, sound, bump, and pressure. They have enough processors, various sensors and vast memory, to display intelligence. Also, they are able to learn from their mistakes and they can adapt to the new environment.

Domains which target Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

  • Medicine: includes identification of medical images, diagnosis, expert systems to aid GPs, monitors, and controls in ICU,  designing of prosthetics, and drug designing.
  • Robotics: includes vision, motor control, learning, planning, linguistic communication, cooperative behavior.
  • Engineering: identification of fault diagnosis, intelligent control systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent design aids, integrated systems for sales, design, production, maintenance, expert configuration tools (e.g. ensuring sales staff don’t sell a system that won’t work.
  • Space: It controls space vehicles and autonomous robots too far from earth to be directly manipulated by humans on earth, because of transmission delays.
  • Marketing: AI is being used to develop more targeted, relevant, and timely marketing programmes to enhance customer attrition rates. Examples of typical jobs held by AI professionals include:

1.Software analysts and developers.

2.Computer Scientists and computer engineers.

3.Algorithm specialists.

4.Research scientists and engineering consultants.

5.Surgical technicians working with robotic tools.

6.Medical health professionals working with artificial limbs, prosthetics, hearing aids, and vision restoration devices.

7.Military and aviation electricians working with flight simulators, drones, and armaments.

Salary Scale: The average salary of an Artificial Intelligence Engineer is approximately $93,625 per year depending upon the domain you choose.

Advance information technologies and the onset of machines enhanced by Artificial I

Intelligence (AI) have already influenced the world of work in the 21st century. Computers, algorithms, and software cut down everyday tasks, and it is absurd to imagine how most of our life could be managed without them. Nonetheless, is it also futile to imagine how most process steps could be managed without human effort. If they are then Artificial Intelligence will be an assured short movement in IT industry?

To learn and master in Artificial Intelligence, you can go through various AI Certification Courses available online.

Nowadays, professional help of academic writing services is on the rise. Students are busy with lots of assignments. They face multiple challenges and this brings a lot of stress. For example, many students need help with a personal statement for science scholarship. This academic paper is written by students who want to get into a certain college or university. It explains the reasons why a student should be accepted to the educational institution. Undoubtedly, it’s a complex task. Many folks fail miserably.

In order to cope with this assignment properly, they hire professional writers. The choice of personal statement writing services is rich. Nonetheless, some ask “Are all services equally good? Can they be trusted?” These questions are reasonable. Not all writing services can be trusted. Remember it for good.

Many websites compose papers of poor quality, violate deadlines, make many mistakes, charge too much and so on. You ought to be cautious when you choose a service to pay professional personal statement writers for getting assistance online. We can help you and mention the main aspects of the correct choice of a dependable website.

Consider the next aspects:

  • Official proofs.
  • Informative websites.
  • Customers’ reviews.
  • Samples.

The mentioned above methods provide the evidence necessary to define a trustworthy personal statement writing company. We’ll clarify these methods here below.

Method #1

Every professional academic writing platform is officially registered. You should surf the Internet and find proofs. Find the main web page of a platform you wish to collaborate with. Read information stated there. It surely has official confirmation if the website is registered. You may also find contact information to get in touch with the authorities. You may ask them directly to receive the evidence that it’s a trustworthy website.

Method #2

There are lots of special informative resources, which provide facts about different personal writing services. They gather data available on the Internet. It is based on customers’ rating and conditions offered by concrete websites. This data is analyzed. Afterward, such resources compose their objective rating and offer the list of the most respectful and effective platforms.

Method #3

It’s utterly important to read customers’ feedback. People who dealt with this or that website can tell you how good it is. This provides with an opportunity to define the ratio of quality and price, the speed of execution, protection of private data, customers’ support, accessibility, a number and types of services and other benefits.

Undoubtedly, personal statement writing websites place only positive reviews. Accordingly, you should try to find out whether those reviews aren’t fakes. Try to find users who left their comments. Perhaps, you should visit special forums that highlight the top academic websites to find proofs.

Method #4

Use the option of ordering samples. You can learn a lot reading academic papers written by a concrete service and its writers. It’s a nice chance to check the credibility and effectuality of any service. Don’t forget that such samples should be delivered for free. This is your full right.

Main Criteria of a Personal Statement Writing Service

Use the methods clarified above. They provide you with many facts and proofs that a concrete service is worth a try or shouldn’t be used. Once you identify some promising variants, check their major possibilities and benefits.

After you conduct your research, you should be sure that your personal statement service can provide you with the best conditions. Pay attention to the following conditions and benefits:

  • Quality. You should obligatorily check the quality and professionalism of your academic platform. Check educational certificates of the working staff, ask for free samples, some guarantees, and confirmed recommendations. Make sure that writers are able to help you with different tasks, such as writing citing, outlining, rewriting, proofreading, etc. They should be familiar with all academic papers and be experts in various disciplines.
  • Originality. All the assignments you receive must be 100% authentic. This is a compulsory requirement of any educational institution. Accordingly, your writing service is supposed to compose original papers. Make sure it produces plagiarism free papers.
  • Speed. Time means a lot. It will be limited when you are assigned an assignment. You must submit it before the deadline is over. Accordingly, you should define how quick your helping website is. Read testimonials of other people who dealt with the website. Ask for some guarantees.
  • ●        Confidentiality. You have the full rights to keep your collaboration in secret. Demand from your website guarantees that your private data won’t be shared with other people. Every trustworthy platform uses some effective safeguards to protect their clients.
  • Refunding. In case, you are dissatisfied with the quality of your order and it’s the fault of the hired writer you have the right to demand your money back. Poorly written theses, delayed deliveries, too many mistakes, unconvincing examples, and other drawbacks are only a few to name. If your writer makes any mistakes, the website must compensate your investments.
  • Accessibility. Your helping website is supposed to function 24/7. A need may come when you don’t expect it. You may be assigned an urgent task or realize that you cannot beat the deadline. At times, it’s needed to make some unexpected adjustments for your project. Therefore, your writing website must be within a reach of a mouse click.

Make sure your professional personal statement writing service provides these benefits and they are of the needed quality. Afterward, you may freely place orders to compose a perfect piece and get into a college or university you wish.

A teenager earning their driver’s license is one of the most exciting times of their life. It is a rite of passage into adulthood. On the other hand, parents tend to worry a bit more when their child is behind the wheel. With the high usage of cell phones combined with negligent drivers, parents have every right to worry. “Starting your teen out with some safe driving tips is essential to helping them stay safe on the road,” says Hank Stout, personal injury attorney from Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm. With the advancement of technology, driving apps have become resourceful in monitoring your teens driving behaviors. These recommended apps will minimize the likelihood that your teen will text and drive, speed, and can help in emergency situations.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving: Available for Android and iOS

With TrueMotion Family is a family-oriented driving app that tracks and scores each driver’s behavior. The app will provide a member’s route, location, speed limit, and phone usage.

AT&T Drive Mode: Available for Android and iOS

AT&T’s free DriveMode app automatically turns on whenever your teen is driving and the car is moving at least 15 MPH. While driving, it silences incoming text messages and phone calls. It will send an auto response to users. If the teen driver decides to turn off the app or disable other safety features, parents will receive a notification. This app is open to all users, even if you’re not an AT&T subscriber.

RoadReady: Available for iOS

The RoadReady app is part of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program that offers parents and teens an easy, educational and convenient way to log the state required supervised driving time. The app tracks your teen’s driving time and weather conditions. The website also provides a printed and digital driving curriculum.

Hum by Verizon: Available for Android and iOS

Hum provides vehicle diagnostic, location sharing, speed alerts, and 24/7 roadside assistance. If Hum detects a crash, it can automatically notify emergency services and send help your way.

Hum is only for Verizon Wireless customers. Similar products with mobile carriers include SyncUp Drive with T-Mobile and Sprint Drive.

Autobrain: Available for Android and iOS

Autobrain is a device developed by a first responder with safety in mind. In the event of a crash, Autobrain alerts 911 immediately and sends them to your exact location. Other standout roadside assistance features include free lockout services, dead battery boost, emergency fuel delivery, tire change, and four 15-mile tows per year.

 Autobrain comes with a 30 day free trial, then $9.97 a month per device.

Life360: Available for Android and iOS

Life 360 allows you to connect with family and friends when you are on the go. The app provides a weekly driving analysis that includes phone usage, rapid acceleration, hard braking and excessive speed. In addition, it has roadside assistance along with crash and emergency response system. 

Mama Bear: Available for Android and iOSIma

MamaBear provides parents with a robust all-in-one safety and awareness tool. The app allows you to set a speed limit and it will notify you when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit whether your child is the driver or the passenger. MamaBear gives you the ability to set locations and receive arrival and departure notifications. The app features social media and text message monitoring that allows you to keep track of followers, pictures, and mentions.