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A new metal statue to First Lady Melania Trump has been unveiled near her hometown in Slovenia.

The bronze statue replaces a wooden sculpture erected in 2019, which was set alight shortly afterwards by unknown arsonists.

Some described the original as a “disgrace” or a “Smurfette”, saying it did not look like Melania Trump.

The new one features a plaque dedicating the sculpture to “the eternal memory of a monument to Melania which stood at this location”.

The First Lady was born in Novo Mesto in 1970, but grew up in the town of Sevnica, when Slovenia was part of the Communist nation of Yugoslavia.

American artist Brad Downey commissioned the original piece and placed it outside Sevnica in 2019.

The sculpture carved out of a tree trunk by local chainsaw artisan Ales Zupevc and depicted Melania Trump in a blue coat like the one she wore to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, but bore only a loose resemblance to the First Lady.

Melania Trump Statue Set on Fire in Slovenia

Melania Trump Rejects Claims She Violated Immigration Laws

Did Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention Speech?

The wooden sculpture was set alight on 4th of July this year, but Brad Downey has since exhibited the burnt statue in Slovenia, saying it “represents a visual representation of political tensions that are erupting in my country”.

The new statue, made of bronze and revealed to the public on September 15, is a replica of the original.

Slovenian artist Marko Vivoda told AP: “We are here today because we put up again a statue of Melania to the place where it was burnt and to commemorate the statue that was set on fire.”

Since the election of President Trump in 2016, tourists have come to Sevnica to learn more about the First Lady’s origins.

Residents have brought out ranges of Melania-branded merchandise, including slippers, cakes, and Trump-like burgers with fly-away cheese “hair”.

A wooden statue of Donald Trump also appeared in Sevnica last year.

The nearly 26ft tall statue depicted him with a square head and jaw and was similarly controversial before also being burnt down by unknown culprits in January 2020.

Image source: pxfuel.com

Whatever your personality is, silver bangles are one of the best ways to express who you are. With several styles to choose from, every woman is sure to find a piece that suits them. Bangles, unlike bracelets, are solid pieces with no flexibility that can be easily stacked on the arm to achieve a chic yet classy look. Most women will shy away from wearing silver bangles for fear that they will not pull it off, but with these simple tips, any woman can look stylish in silver bangles:-


Before any other tip, every woman should have a variety of bangles in their jewelry boxes. Given that bangles are cheaper compared to other jewelry, money should not be an excuse for not owning several pieces in different styles. Pick up different designs, colors, sizes, and materials which will allow you to play around and change your style over time.

The Bigger the Better

Silver bangles for women come in different sizes and designs. While you may want to play it safe by picking tiny minimal pieces, larger and chunkier sizes show a chic and bold woman. The piece may look larger than your wrist which makes it look delicate and sleek especially when worn on short or sleeveless tops. If you choose to go bold and pick the chunky silver bangle, consider how big it is before pairing it up with more pieces which could end up making it look messy and overdone.

Stack Up

Show off your charming spirit by stacking up several silver bangle pieces. You do not have to reach for other types of bangles or jewelry if you have a variety of silver bangles for women to play around with. Simply stack several identical pieces as you would with bracelets or mix up several sizes and styles with balance as you see fit for your look.

Mix and Match

Once again, investing in variety turns out to be a great idea. In this case, mix up your silver bangles with other metal designs such as gold and bronze or pick up pieces that have other colors or gems in them. If you are looking to appear mysteriously interesting, this should be on top of your styling hacks. Keep in mind the rules of color and temperature when playing mix and match with your silver bangles to pull off a perfect look. For example, while gold may look appealing when matched with red, silver bangles will look better if matched with pieces that are cooler such as pale pastel.

Consider the Occasion

Like other fashion choices, wearing silver bangles for women is highly influenced by the occasion. While your beautiful clanking stack of silver bangles may look very stylish at a party, the noise from your pieces will only draw scowls from your colleagues at work or in a meeting. On the other hand, one chunky piece will keep your feminine bold style intact at a formal event. To keep true to your love for silver bangles for women, invest in a variety to suit every occasion with ease and decorum.

Less is more

This might be confusing given the earlier tip to go big or even choose stacks. But you might need to keep this in mind if you are going to be a flawlessly stylish silver bangle queen. With unique designs, stacking too many silver bangles will definitely look too busy and overdone, taking away the essence from your pieces and do little in communicating what your style is. So, as much as you love all your pieces, keep it moderately chic.

What Next?

You now have all the top tips on how to style silver bangles for women to help you showing off your elegance. All that is left to do is build your collection with a variety, keep it moderate, bold and stylish regardless of the occasion.


Spain’s ex-King Juan Carlos has reportedly arrived in the United Arab Emirates after leaving his home country amid a corruption investigation.

A photograph published by Spanish media group NIUS appears to show Juan Carlos arriving in Abu Dhabi.

The former king made the shock announcement on August 3 that he was leaving Spain.

He denies any wrongdoing and has said he would be available if prosecutors needed to interview him.

Juan Carlos’ departure has sparked a huge debate in Spain about the monarchy and intense speculation about where the former king has gone.

Local reports said the former king had traveled to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean or to Spain’s neighbor, Portugal.

However, there are now reports Juan Carlos is occupying an entire floor at Abu Dhabi’s five-star Emirates Palace hotel. He was reportedly close with Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

As yet however his location remains unconfirmed. Spain’s royal family and government have so far declined to comment on his whereabouts.

Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 after close to 40 years in power and handed power to his son Felipe.

Photo AFP

King Juan Carlos of Spain signs abdication bill

King Juan Carlos of Spain comes under fire for hunting elephants in Botswana as his country drowns in debt

The king’s decision to give up the throne came after a corruption investigation involving his daughter’s husband and a controversial elephant hunting trip the monarch took during Spain’s financial crisis.

The controversies however did not stop there. In June this year, Spain’s Supreme Court launched an investigation into Juan Carlos’s alleged involvement in a high-speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia, after the ex-king lost his immunity from prosecution following his abdication.

On August 3, Juan Carlos announced he was now leaving his home country in a letter to his son.

He wrote: “Guided by the conviction to best serve the people of Spain, its institutions, and you as king, I inform you of my decision at this time to leave Spain.”

Juan Carlos said he made the decision “in the face of the public repercussions that certain past events in my private life are generating” and in the hope of allowing his son to carry out his functions as king with “tranquility”.

A statement said King Felipe VI had conveyed “his heartfelt respect and gratitude” to his father for this decision.

Juan Carlos’ departure has sparked a fresh debate about the role of the Spanish monarchy and the corruption allegations against the former king.

Catalonia’s parliament – which is controlled by separatist parties who seek independence from Spain – voted in a non-binding motion on August 7 to condemn the monarchy after the ex-king’s departure.

Regional president Quim Torra told lawmakers: “Neither Spaniards nor Catalans deserve such a loud and ridiculous scandal on an international scale.”

There have also been demonstrations calling for Spain to become a republic again.

Spain last removed its monarchy in 1931 before a devastating civil war which ended with the victory of dictator Francisco Franco in 1939.


Press release

Lawyers for Ed Bosarge want a mysterious group they call the “friends of Marie” and “Marie’s minions” to stop helping her in her search for justice in a Harris County courtroom.

Billionaire Bosarge has been accused of fraudulently moving up to $2.3 billion into secretive South Dakota trusts to hide from his wife of thirty years, Marie, and leaving her in financial ruin.

Court documents show Ed Bosarge has paid more than a million to his team of high-priced and that he has spent more than a million dollars to his much younger Russian girlfriend and her family, paying for expensive clothing, jewelry and cosmetics.

Court documents show that Marie is asking 312th District Court Judge Chip Wells to prohibit Ed Bosarge from spending any more community property money on his girlfriend and other third parties.

Image source: edbosarge.com

Ed Bosarge: Pay It Back

Bosarge Divorce: Texas Divorce Case Now an Issue in South Dakota Senate Race

Bosarge Divorce: Money Over Morality?

Marie Bosarge is unable to afford the legal fight at all after their 30-year marriage. She owes nearly half a million dollars to lawyers and hundreds of thousands more on property taxes she can’t pay on the house she isn’t allowed to sell. She has asked Judge Chip Wells to allow her to sell the house and use some of the money to finance her case.

“I want what’s fair. It’s my money too, you know. That’s what’s so frustrating. We earned that money together while we’ve been married,” Marie Bosarge said.

Ed Bosarge’s use of the South Dakota trusts has exposed a curious tax haven right here in the United States.

Marie’s fight hit a roadblock in South Dakota after lower courts denied her right to get into the secretive trusts. But did she stand a chance with who her attorney was?

Patrick Goetzinger is a lawyer who sits on the Governor’s Trust Task Force and is the registered agent of the South Dakota Trust Association. He is credited with setting up the rules that Marie is having to fight. Why would a guy like Goetzinger help undo the work he spent the last 20 plus years creating?

The planned jury trial is delayed by the COVID pandemic but is sure to be one of the largest divorces to ever play out in Houston courts. Lawyers for Ed Bosarge want the “minions” to stop interfering in the divorce case because they say the negative publicity will mess with the prospective jury pool.

A hearing to discuss the behavior of the minions is set for Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 1:30 PM in the 312th District Court.


Trends come and go like the wind. To stay on top of what’s trendy in today’s world, you’ll need to be in the loop of the changes taking place in the fashion industry. The contemporary, fresh look lasts a few weeks before the next fashion statement becomes mainstream.

If you’re looking to never run out of style inspiration for your wardrobe, you’ll need reliable sources of world fashion.

Best places to get your next fashion inspiration

Here are ten places to go to if you’re seeking inspiration for your next look.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest offers a great way to browse through pictures of the newest fashion trends from around the world. You can pin your favorites to your board to review later on, or you could follow boards of popular fashion blogs that may contain something to inspire your outfits.

2. Vogue

The infamous fashion magazine is one of the front runners of world fashion. Their magazines provide you with instant insight into what the modern look is for any and every occasion.

You don’t need to subscribe to their magazine. Their website provides the most informative content related to all things fashion. You’ll find the newest trends as well as tips and tricks to set up your style.

3. Fashion Industry Events

Every year, the fashion industry organizes fashion weeks for every type of season, at iconic locations. These fashion weeks are where the world’s leading fashion designers and brands showcase their innovations and stylistic creations to the world media and buyers.

The new styles of clothing are exhibited on runways, where famous models showcase the new products. These runway events are streamed on the mainstream media too.

4. Lookbook.nu

Lookbook is a youth culture website that tailors to the needs of all things fashion. This is where content from models, designers, and photographers combine to let users curate their own outfit ideas.

5. Movies and TV Shows

While current showbiz content does inform you about what wardrobe directors for movie making companies think is currently trendy, movies from the older generations can also refresh your looks with a classic, throwback touch.

Instagram – Sources of style inspiration on Instagram

People seek most of their fashion inspiration from Instagram since it’s so accessible and convenient. Fashion blogs and influencers offer a multitude of perspectives to modern-day style. It is also a good idea to create and run your own fashion blog to share your style ideas with the world. You can garner a huge following using organic Instagram promotion services, such as https://www.simplygram.com/ to get you started.

Let’s take a look at the Instagram accounts you can get your style inspirations.

6. OOTD Magazine – @ootdmagazine

OOTD stands for ‘outfit of the day,’ which explains why this is one account you should be following. The page features many types of streetwear combinations that you could use to tune up your wardrobe.

7. American Style – @americanstyle

Think glamourous, think American! This account is perfect for viewing photos of elite streetwear ideas. It has a huge following too.

8. body_fitness_fashion – @body_fitness_fashion

For the people that workout and mostly dress in activewear, this page can give you some pretty innovative ideas to suit your lifestyle.

9. Lucy Williams – @lucywilliams02

A fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who puts the thrill and adventure in her aesthetic.

10. Eleanor Calder – @eleanorj92

If you’re seeking a more bougie aesthetic for your look, let Eleanor guide you with her drip montage.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Golden Age star Olivia de Havilland has died at the age of 104.

Her career spanned more than 50 years and almost 50 feature movies, and she was the last surviving star from Gone with the Wind (1939).

Gone with the Wind earned her one of her five Oscar nominations.

Olivia de Havilland, who had lived in Paris since 1960, was central in taking down Hollywood’s studio system, giving actors better contracts.

The actress also had a tempestuous relationship with her sister, fellow Oscar-winning actress Joan Fontaine.

At the time of her death, Olivia de Havilland was the oldest living performer to have won an Oscar. She died on July 25 of natural causes at her home in the French capital, her publicist said.

Olivia Mary de Havilland was born in Tokyo in 1916 and soon moved to California with her family.

She made her breakthrough in Captain Blood, opposite Errol Flynn, and the pair developed an immediate chemistry.

Olivia de Havilland was then cast in the role of Melanie in David O Selznick’s epic adaptation of the Margaret Mitchell novel, Gone with the Wind.

She lost the best supporting actress Oscar to Hattie McDaniel, who played Mammy in the movie.

However, she did win a Best Actress Oscar in 1946 for her role in To Each His Own, and then a second for The Heiress in 1949.

Joan Fontaine dies in California at 96

Olivia de Havilland also famously turned down the role of Blanche DuBois in the 1951 adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire. Vivien Leigh won an Oscar for the role.

The actress continued to act until the late 1980s, winning a Golden Globe in 1986 for Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.

Off screen, Olivia de Havilland took on the studios at a time when they had complete control over their stars.

Backed by the Screen Actors Guild, she took Warner Brothers to court in 1943 when it added time to her original contract as a penalty for turning down roles.

The California Supreme Court ruled in her favor in what became known as the De Havilland Law, which loosened the grip studios had on their actors.

Much has been made of Olivia de Havilland’s feud with her sister. The pair reportedly had a difficult relationship from childhood. It was exacerbated by them both being nominated for Best Actress in 1942, with Joan Fontaine winning out.

Olivia de Havilland was also reportedly angered by Joan Fontaine’s comments about her new husband, Marcus Goodrich, whom de Havilland married in 1946. And there was also disagreement over medical treatment for their mother in 1975. Joan Fontaine died in 2013.


If you’re a mom, you know just how busy life can get. Between caring for your younger children and ferrying older children to and from school all the way to paying for college, motherhood can cause quite a bit of stress. Luckily, there are some things that mothers can do, even if they are on a budget, to pamper themselves and refresh themselves after the stresses of motherhood get to them. If you are a mom trying to watch her wallet and need a little break from the kids just to focus on yourself, here are five easy ways to pamper yourself on a budget.

1. Find community, advice, and friendship online.

Even if you don’t think of it, having a community online is a great way to feel supported and pampered. Consider joining the community of mothers online at Truly Mama, an online source for news, advice, and parenting tips for moms. Engaging with others who are going through what you’re going through is a great way to rejuvenate your heart and your energy levels. Being a new mom is hard, so make sure you head online to connect with other new moms and compare notes on motherhood, parenting, and childcare.

2. Get all dressed up even if you have nowhere to go.

One easy—and free!—way you can really pamper yourself is to dress yourself up in your cutest or fanciest clothes, don some makeup, and take photos to document the occasion. Even if you have no plans and nowhere to go, our clothes affect our mood, so dressing up can make a difference that can positively impact your whole day. If you have a spouse or partner, make sure to show off your cute look for some extra words of affirmation that will boost your mood as well. Looking good will make you feel good, as cliche as that may sound.

3. Go for a drink with friends, or alone!

If you’re tight on time and cash, skip the dinner plans and go for a drink, either with friends or alone. If you go with friends, you can feel comfortable to vent about whatever you’ve been going through recently in motherhood and know that your words will not fall on deaf ears. If you go alone, it can give you some much-needed time to yourself just to think, reflect, and recharge.

4. Purchase something shiny for yourself.

Buying something shiny and new just for yourself is a great pick me up no matter who you are, but as a mom, these little luxuries can make a huge impact. If you’re on a budget, opt for lab created diamond rings that emulate the looks of natural diamonds but are created in a lab. The naked eye cannot detect the difference between the physical properties of a mined diamond or a synthetic diamond, and synthetic diamonds have a clean origin. That means that there are very few ethical standards you have to worry about when you buy gemstones that are lab-created.

5. Take a darn nap.

One thing that many mothers lack, whether they are new moms or not, is sleep. The cheapest and healthiest treat you can give yourself as a mom on a budget is to take a darn nap. Set an alarm, clear out a day’s schedule, do whatever you need to do, but carve out some time for you to rest and recharge. Having a proper amount of rest will make you a better and more patient mom. Additionally, it will improve your overall health outside of any parenting responsibilities.

Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her daughter Aaradhya have been taken to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 earlier this week.

Aishwarya Rai, a former Miss World and one of Bollywood’s most famous faces, is being treated at Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital, ANI agency reports.

Aishwarya’s husband Abhishek and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan, both also famous actors, have been in hospital since July 18 with the virus.

On July 12, 77-year-old Amitabh Bachchan – a Bollywood superstar who has achieved global fame during his long and illustrious career so far – tweeted that he had tested positive for the virus.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on her first screen kiss with Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan critics claim she is photoshopped in Kalyan jewellers ad

Another series of tweets from Abhishek Bachchan, also a famous actor, confirmed that he, his 46-year-old wife Aishwarya and 8-year-old daughter Aaradhya had also tested positive.

Jaya Bachchan, also a famous actress and Amitabh Bachchan’s wife, tested negative.

Until now Aishwarya Rai and Aaradhya have been isolating at home.

News that the family, often described as Bollywood royalty, had been affected by the coronavirus sent shockwaves across India. This week, thousands of fans have held prayers for the family’s recovery.

On July 17, India recorded a record 35,000 new cases of coronavirus cases in 24 hours, surpassing the one million mark.

India now has the third-highest number of cases in the world, after the US and Brazil. The current death toll is 25,602.

The western state of Maharashtra, where Mumbai is located, is still the biggest hotspot with the highest case count – more than 280,000 – of all the states.


Police searching for missing Glee star Naya Rivera say a body has been found in Lake Piru, southern California.

Naya Rivera, 33, went missing on July 8 after going boating with her 4-year-old son at Lake Piru. He was found alone and asleep in the boat.

Divers and teams using sonar equipment resumed the search on July 13. Police have not given details, and a news conference will be held later.

Naya Rivera is best known for playing the cheerleader Santana Lopez in Glee.

Her son told police they had gone swimming but the actress never returned. After a massive search and rescue operation found no trace of Naya Rivera, police moved to a “search and recovery operation”.

They said the actress is believed to have drowned in a “tragic accident”.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Naya Rivera Missing after Boating on Lake Piru

Big Sean denies stealing Naya Rivera’s Rolex watch

Big Sean and Naya Rivera split

Naya Rivera began her career as a child actress and model, appearing in TV commercials in the US.

As a four-year-old, Naya Rivera starred in the Royal Family sitcom on CBS and had a number of other TV appearances.

In 2014, Naya Rivera starred in the horror film At the Devil’s Door.

The same year Naya Rivera married fellow actor Ryan Dorsey – who is the father of her son. When the couple divorced in 2018, they were granted joint custody.


Actress Naya Rivera is reportedly missing after her four-year-old son was found alone in a boat on a lake in Southern California.

The Glee star rented the boat on July 8 at Lake Piru, north-west of Los Angeles, the Ventura County Sheriff’s office said.

It said a search and rescue operation was suspended overnight and “will continue at first light”.

Naya Rivera, 33, is best known for playing cheerleader Santana Lopez in Glee.

The musical comedy TV series ran on the Fox network from 2009 to 2015.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Big Sean denies stealing Naya Rivera’s Rolex watch

Big Sean and Naya Rivera split

Glee returns on Fox with Whitney Houston tribute episode

Naya Rivera’s child was spotted by another boater three hours after the actress had taken the boat, CBS Los Angeles reports, quoting the sheriff’s office.

It says the boy told investigators that he and his mother were swimming – but she never got back into the boat.

The missing person was later formally identified as Naya Rivera, a Los Angeles resident.

The sheriff’s department said the lake would be closed to the public as the search resumed on July 9, with dive teams from across the region taking part.

On July 7, Naya Rivera posted on tweeted a picture of herself and her son with a caption “just the two of us”.

Naya Rivera began her career as a child actress and model, appearing in TV commercials in the US.

As a four-year-old she starred in the Royal Family sitcom, and had a number of other TV appearances.

It was playing cold-hearted Santana Lopez in Glee that made Naya Rivera a star in America.

In 2014, Naya Rivera starred in the horror film At the Devil’s Door.

The same year she married fellow actor Ryan Dorsey – who is the father of her son.

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey divorced in 2018 and have joint custody of the boy.


Press release

Texas billionaire Ed Bosarge is accused of hiding up to twelve billion dollars from the grasp of the Internal Revenue Service, but now we know one of Houston’s richest men just took taxpayer money from the government’s small business bailout.

Three businesses owned by controversial Houston billionaire Ed Bosarge were given up to 1.7 million dollars according to documents released by the Small Business Administration.

Houston Health Span, a life sciences company, received up to 350,000 dollars for five jobs. Sola, a sugar substitute venture, also received up to 350,000 dollars. The biggest chunk of the money went to Capitol Technologies, doing business as The Bosarge Family Office. That is the administrative arm of family investments and business.  Capital Technologies received up to 1 million dollars.

Ed Bosarge is locked in a nasty divorce case playing out in courts in Houston and South Dakota. He is also facing fraud allegations in at least two other lawsuits. 

Image source: edbosarge.com

4th of July: Fireworks in The Bosarge Divorce Case

Bosarge Divorce: Texas Divorce Case Now an Issue in South Dakota Senate Race

Bosarge Divorce: Money Over Morality?

In the divorce case, his longtime wife, Marie Bosarge, claims the Houston billionaire is trying to hide up to 12 billion dollars in assets in trusts spread around the world to evade taxes. 

Court documents allege up to 2. 3 billion is being hid in South Dakota trusts. Publicity around the case is putting a spotlight on South Dakota’s reputation as a “little Switzerland” where as much as 3.2 trillion dollars are evading the tax man.

“Ed Bosarge has mansions and yachts spread around the world and he hides his riches from the IRS, yet he’s more than willing to ask taxpayers for help instead of selling one of his toys,” says  Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Houston based investigative media consulting firm probing the growing fraud allegations around Bosarge.

“He ought to pay every penny back.”


The Freedom Over Texas fireworks show will still take place on July 4th but there are fireworks today in the highly publicized divorce fight between Houston billionaire Ed Bosarge and his wife of more than 30 years, Marie.

Dolcefino Consulting has learned Marie Bosarge alerted the Internal Revenue Service to where they can look for Ed’s secret money stashes in a rather unique way.

We have now obtained a part of Marie’s solo tax return from 2017 — the year that Ed Bosarge filed for divorce. The numbers are not so important but at the end of her tax return Marie added “Exhibit A” — a document from financial services powerhouse BDO. The document lists all of the trusts and entities that BDO had discovered that were connected to Ed Bosarge.

Image source: edbosarge.com

Bosarge Divorce: Texas Divorce Case Now an Issue in South Dakota Senate Race

Bosarge Divorce: Money Over Morality?

Bosarge Divorce: Covid-19 Infects High Stakes Billion Dollar Houston Divorce Case

Bosarge Divorce: Billions at Stake in High Stakes Houston Divorce Ruling

Some of the trusts and entities have some pretty unique names. Spotted Leopard. New Ostrich. Big Bird Partners. Black Rhino. Mountain Song. Last Samurai. Dangerous Beauty. More than 150 trusts and entities listed over five pages.

Marie claims that after thirty years of marriage, Ed left her dead broke and that he is hiding billions of dollars in secretive trusts in South Dakota and around the world. The jury trial in the Bosarge divorce is delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

In recent documents filed in the divorce case, Marie’s lawyers claim that Ed is refusing to turn over necessary financial records that can help her prove the fraud and other key elements of her case.

The highly publicized Bosarge case may pit Texas courts against South Dakota courts. If a Texas jury finds that Ed committed fraud, will South Dakota allow Marie to get what is hers out of the South Dakota trusts or will South Dakota simply ignore the rulings and the will of courts in Texas? Stay tuned.


Most people picture models or fashion designers when they think of the fashion industry. While these are two of the most prominent career options in the fashion world, they are not the only ones. Just like any creative field, the word of fashion is highly competitive, with lots of different career paths fashion lovers can follow. Luckily for fashion lovers, getting into this industry does not have to be hard if you position yourself well. That said, getting to the very top will depend on your efforts. Below, we will look at some options you could consider if you love fashion and would like to work in the fashion industry.

Image source Pexels

Design Assistant

The fashion industry more or less runs on design assistants’ efforts. Design assistants work with fashion designers, and even though fashion designers come up with the creative vision of a show or brand, it is the design assistants who bring it all together. Design assistants are responsible for checking garments before fitting models. They also attend trade shows, coordinate schedules, track clothing samples, and manage studios.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are the creative engine of the fashion world. They come up with the designs for new clothing styles or brands. Depending on the companies that hire them, these designers can work in any specialization, including childrenswear, adult fashion, or sportswear. If this is a career option you long for, you can start by being a freelance fashion designer. Here, you can come up with designs and tailor them so that fashion houses and retailers can see them. A pro tip here is to always check any designs using a dress form. These are available for personal or business use. These dress forms let you see the garments on a body and allow you to make the necessary alterations before showcasing your creations in front of other people.

Image source Pixabay


Buyers are the people responsible for bringing the greatest and latest designs to retail shelves and racks. Their job is to ensure the stores are always stocked with products that people want to buy. In some cases, they might have to dig deep to get clothes that people would love but do not know they want yet.

To become a fashion buyer, you need to have a solid understanding of how retail works. You also need to be able to take pressure and stress well because the success of a store will often be up to you. This career path is for people who can predict what customers will want in the future, which makes it very challenging.

Fashion Journalist or Writer

Fashion journalists and writers are responsible for covering the fashion industry. For you to be successful here, you must love fashion and have a hunger to learn everything you can about fashion. You must also have great writing and oratory skills if you want to be hired by a fashion powerhouse. Lastly, you should have a likable personality because you will meet a lot of people, and if you do not have this type of personality, they might never want to work with you again.

Fashion Publicist

Fashion publicists are responsible for maintaining a positive image of a brand or business. Their primary job is to build relationships with people who can help them help their clients stay in people’s minds and be viewed positively. Because of that last point, fashion publicists can sometimes take on public relations or crisis management roles.

Publicists are also responsible for ensuring their clients, companies or businesses get a lot of publicity for as little as possible. For this, they might have to convince a celebrity to wear a certain dress or carry a certain handbag.

If you are a fashion lover and want to get into the fashion industry, there are lots of career options available to you. You have an added advantage if you have an eye for design, a likable personality, and can work with different types of people.


Bodycon dresses are all about highlighting a woman’s figure as they cling to the curves revealing the shape. It’s for this reason that a lot of plus size women shy away from these body-hugging dresses.

Can plus size women jump on the bodycon bandwagon too? Absolutely yes! The bodycon is here to stay and nobody should miss out on it. Today’s women are embracing their bodies more and this explains why you’re seeing more housewives, single ladies, slender ladies, and thick ladies wearing the plus size black jacket.

There’s this misconception that bodycon dresses should only be worn by ladies with perfect body shapes and that plus-size women should avoid them like a plague.

Image source: svgsilh.com

Here are some tips to help you wear a bodycon dress and rock it like the queen you are:

  1. The most important thing is being confident enough
  2. Always choose the right undergarment that evens out and flattens any plump on your body
  3. Wear seamless bras and panties with bodycon dresses
  4. Buy a dress that’s in your size. Getting smaller sizes will be disastrous

What are the best ways to wear a casual bodycon dress?

We have put together a number of ways in which plus-size women can wear bodycon dresses:

  1. Find printed patterns and geometrical prints

The easiest way to camouflage the extra weight is by working with a printed fabric. You shouldn’t go for larger prints as these only make you look heavier.

With a plus-size body, you should also try to incorporate geometrical lines – both horizontal and vertical stripes into your bodycon dress pattern.

2. Pick a good fabric

Considering the extra weight, go for thick fabrics that are strong and firm enough to hold on the extra plump areas of the body without showing any bulging. Choosing light or sheer fabrics would make all the details on your body more visible. Nobody wants to see your panty line.

3. Camouflage the abdominal area

Keeping in view with the extra fat around your abdominal area, you’ll be more comfortable if you cover it up. The best way to do this is by using a belt around your waistline to give this focal region a slimming effect.

If you can find bodycon dresses with a peplum style around the waist, they should work just as good.

4. Black bodycon dresses are the best

Black bodycon dresses are a great option for plus size women as they tend to give the women an elongated and vertical look with a stylish illusion of a much slimmer frame.

Image source: svgsilh.com

5. Try a bodycon with a crop top

If you would like to break the monotony of wearing a full bodycon dress, why not try the same look is a different yet classy way? Try pairing a crop top with a knee-length pencil skirt. This look creates the same bodycon effect while showing a little skin.

6. Go for a minimal look

Bodycon dresses are already a killer by themselves so there’s no need to over-accessorize. For the best look, choose simple jewelry. As they say, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

7. Choose the right style depending on your shape

Focus on your body shape when you’re choosing a dress. If you have a heavier bottom, choose a dress with an embellished top as it’ll divert attention to the top area. For women with heavy-looking bosoms, they should get a design that covers it.

You should also keep in mind that the neckline plays an important role in creating a balanced look.

8. The shoes

Plus size women tend to look shorter even when they aren’t very short. To overcome this, go for a pair of high heels that are comfortable to walk in.


It’s about time that society stopped judging women based on how they look and no one has the right to tell another person how they should dress. Women can wear whatever they want and look gorgeous irrespective of their size. All they need is a positive attitude.

If you’re plus size and wearing a bodycon has been one of your biggest fear, it shouldn’t be anymore. It’s now time to start rocking this sizzling trend – you’ll be surprised at how much there is to experiment with. We hope that our tips and hacks inspire you to get started.

Stay confident!


Press release

Dan Ahlers, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in South Dakota, thinks the state has created a monster when it comes to South Dakota’s secretive $3 trillion trust industry.

“I don’t want South Dakota to be the equivalent of offshore accounts in other countries where people hide their money,” said Dan Ahlers.

“I don’t want South Dakota to be known for that and I don’t think that’s the reputation that the people of South Dakota want.”

Dan Ahlers was commenting on the growing national publicity surrounding the divorce of Ed and Marie Bosarge.  Marie’s lawyers claim Ed Bosarge fraudulently hid more than $2 billion in South Dakota trusts in an attempt to cheat her out of community property.

“It’s getting so much traction, so much publicity that we are now going to get a flood of people going ‘Hey, I can shirk my obligations by just moving everything to South Dakota and putting it into a trust,’” Dan Ahlers said.

 “I would prefer that we do the right thing, that we respect decisions that are made in other states and that we are not a haven.”

Image source: edbosarge.com

Bosarge Divorce: Money Over Morality?

Bosarge Divorce: Covid-19 Infects High Stakes Billion Dollar Houston Divorce Case

Bosarge Divorce: Billions at Stake in High Stakes Houston Divorce Ruling

Once the Houston courts reopen, a jury will decide if the Houston billionaire defrauded his wife. A South Dakota court has already rejected Marie Bosarge’s claims. If 312th Family District Court Judge Chip Wells and a Harris County jury find that Ed Bosarge committed fraud and transferred money illegally into the South Dakota trusts, will South Dakota ensure that Marie Bosarge is made whole?

“I don’t think the laws of South Dakota, the State of Texas or anything we might imagine somehow frees him of an obligation that he has undertaken at the time he married Mrs. Bosarge,” said Judge Chips Wells in a February 2020 hearing in Texas.

“Most of the legislators had no intent to allow people to skirt the law in other states. That would never have been our intent,” Dan Ahlers said.

Many of the trust laws were amended while Senator Mike Rounds was South Dakota’s Governor. It is the secrecy of the South Dakota trusts that is worrying Dan Ahlers.

“Open records are not important to him and haven’t been. He had to be taken to court just to get the names of the people who were invited to the pheasant hunt. Those were records that have always been open until he was Governor. These bills came from his Department of Revenue,” Dan Ahlers said.

Dan Ahlers also talked about the tax money being hidden in these South Dakota trusts.

“What’s the economic benefit to South Dakota other than allowing people to hide their money and in some cases potentially break the law in another state. I think that is the question that has to be asked locally,” Ahlers said.

The Rounds campaign did not respond to our request for comment. The members of the Governor’s trust task force have all refused comment.


Billionaire Ed Bosarge has made headlines in CNBC, The Wall Street Journal and international publications for trying to cheat his wife of 30 years out of her fair share. This is the latest release in the Ed and Marie Bosarge divorce unfolding in South Dakota and Houston.

Press release

A veteran South Dakota lawmaker worries the state is choosing money over morality with the growing secrecy and tax evasion of the powerful trust industry.

“Having any publicity, as far as they’re concerned that doesn’t come from them, they don’t want it,” Rep. Susan Wismer said in an interview with Dolcefino Consulting.

Rep. Susan Wismer spoke out on the growing controversy involving a Texas divorce case and how South Dakota law may cheat a wife of 30 years.

Texas billionaire Ed Bosarge moved upwards of $2.3 billion into secretive South Dakota trusts without Marie Bosarge knowing, everything from mansions they own to sponges in the kitchen of their huge Texas mansion.

Now she’s fighting in courts in Houston and Sioux Falls to get her rightful share of the money they made in their 30-year marriage.

“It’s community property. It’s fifty-fifty. I want what’s fair. It’s my money too, you know. That’s what’s so frustrating,” said Marie Bosarge.

CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, even international publications have raised questions about the high-stakes divorce case and the way the rich, like Houston billionaire Ed Bosarge, are using South Dakota tax laws to hide their fortunes.

Last year, the Chief Justice of the South Dakota Supreme Court said $3.2 trillion is now being hidden in South Dakota from taxation, and sometimes even from family members.

“I’m offended that South Dakota’s trust laws are being used by anyone, but rich people to avoid their familial responsibilities that they wouldn’t be able to evade if South Dakota hadn’t created this little trust empire here,” Wismer said.

The Texas judge in the Bosarge case has warned Ed Bosarge’s lawyers that he won’t let South Dakota law deprive a wife of her legal share.

“I don’t think the laws of South Dakota, the State of Texas or anything that we might imagine somehow frees him of an obligation that he has undertaken at the time he married Mrs. Bosarge,” said Judge Clinton Wells in a court hearing before the Coronavirus pandemic shut down the Harris County courthouse. 

Image source: edbosarge.com

Bosarge Divorce: Covid-19 Infects High Stakes Billion Dollar Houston Divorce Case

Bosarge Divorce: Billions at Stake in High Stakes Houston Divorce Ruling

Ed Bosarge showed up in a wheelchair for his deposition and his lawyers claimed last month he had the Coronavirus, but pictures in a culture magazine showed him at dinner a few nights ago with the young Russian girlfriend he apparently left his wife for.

“I think that if the majority of South Dakota legislators were aware of this some of these more egregious cases it might help us but the brakes on this industry a little bit,” Wismer said.

The shutdown of Houston courts has delayed the trial until later this year, but Wismer hopes the publicity surrounding the case will wake up her colleagues at the State Capitol.

“I think it’s important that the South Dakota legislature become aware of this issue and consider the real time, real life consequences to people around the country of, of their actions,” Wismer said.

“I do not think South Dakotans want their state to be used by every person who wants to cheat his partner out of money, but if Marie loses her fight that is exactly what could happen,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “No woman would be safe.”

The Wismer interview is part of an investigative report by Dolcefino Consulting called “South Dakota’s Little Secret”.

The video can be seen on Dolcefino Consulting’s Facebook page or www.dolcefino.com.


Rock and roll legend Little Richard has died at the age of 87, his family has confirmed.

The musician’s hit Good Golly Miss Molly made the charts in 1958. Other well-known songs include Tutti Frutti and Long Tall Sally.

Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Elton John all cited Little Richard an influence. The musician was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

The pioneering rock ‘n’ roll singer died of bone cancer in Tullahoma, Tennessee, his family said.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

James Brown biopic to be directed by Tate Taylor

James Brown joins Grammy Hall of Fame with I Got You

Little Richard was born as Richard Wayne Penniman in Macon, Georgia, on December 5, 1932. Growing up in the southern US state, he absorbed the rhythms of gospel music and the influences of New Orleans, blending them into his own piano-laden extravaganzas.

His father was a preacher who also ran a nightclub, and his mother was a devout Baptist.

“I was born in the slums. My daddy sold whiskey, bootleg whiskey,” Little Richard told Rolling Stone magazine in 1970.

The singer left home in his teens after disagreements with his father who initially didn’t support his music.

“My daddy wanted seven boys, and I had spoiled it, because I was gay,” he later said.

Little Richard was one of 12 children, and said he had started singing because he wanted to stand out from his siblings.

His music was embraced by both black and white fans at a time when parts of the US were still segregated, and concerts had a rope up the centre of the auditorium to divide people by color.

Little Richard had his biggest hits in the 1950s and was known for his exuberant performances, shrieks, raspy voice and flamboyant outfits. He sold more than 30 million records worldwide.


UK’s PM Boris Johnson and his partner Carrie Symonds have named their baby boy Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson.

The names are a tribute to their grandfathers and two doctors who treated Boris Johnson while he was in hospital with coronavirus, Carrie Symonds wrote in an Instagram post.

Image source: Carrie Symonds/Instagram

Carrie Symonds also thanked staff at University College London Hospital, saying: “I couldn’t be happier. My heart is full.”

She posted a picture of herself with the baby, who was born on April 29.

The birth came just weeks after Boris Johnson was discharged from intensive care at another London hospital following treatment for coronavirus.

Coronavirus: UK’s PM Boris Johnson Admitted to ICU

Coronavirus: UK’s PM Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Virus

Carrie Symonds wrote on May 2 that their son shares his first name with Boris Johnson’s grandfather, and the first of his middle names, Lawrie, with her own.

Dr. Nick Price and Prof. Nick Hart offered their “warm congratulations” to the prime minister and Carrie Symonds.

They said in a statement: “We are honored and humbled to have been recognized in this way, and we give our thanks to the incredible team of professionals who we work with at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and who ensure every patient receives the best care.

“We wish the new family every health and happiness.”

Boris Johnson’s newborn is only the third baby born to a serving UK prime minister in living memory.


Getting engaged is a big deal. Making the decision to get married is a major commitment and one of the most special times in your life. You can celebrate your engagement properly by planning ahead and taking the time to enjoy every moment.

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Find the Perfect Ring

First of all, to make the engagement special for your significant other, find the perfect engagement ring. Pay attention to your partner’s style of jewelry to get a good idea of what they like so you can match the ring to their personality.

Make sure that you get a band in a color and metal that they prefer, whether that is yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. You should also choose the cut and carat of the diamond to reflect your partner’s tastes.

An alternative to a traditional diamond that you may want to consider, is called a CVD, or chemical vapor deposition diamond. These gems are man made. They are grown in a lab over the course of about a month, and so they cost less than traditional diamonds.

CVD diamonds are of high quality and identical to traditionally mined diamonds. These diamonds will still have certain imperfections and different grades that are evaluated by a jeweler and affect the cost. Another advantage of a CVD diamond is that there are no negative impacts on the environment that can occur from mining practices.

Image source: Wikipedia

Plan the Proposal

Once you have the perfect ring, you should plan your proposal. The day that you propose should be a special day that is fitting for you and your partner. Decide if you should propose in a public setting, or if the moment should be private between the two of you. Some people prefer a private engagement, while others enjoy being surrounded by their family and friends. This is a personal choice, and you may be able to get some insights into your partner’s preferences through casual conversation or by asking advice from those closest to her.

Choose the place that you will propose carefully. It should happen in a special place that has significance to you both. Make the proposal meaningful and from the heart. The words that you use don’t have to be fancy, they just need to be thoughtful and convey your deep feelings. Most people prefer that a proposal is a surprise, so try not to give away what you plan to do.

You may also want to ask your partner’s parents for their blessing before you propose.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange secretly fathered two sons while living inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, his partner, lawyer Stella Morris, has revealed.

Stella Morris, 37, says she has been in a relationship with Julian Assange since 2015 and has been raising their two young sons on her own.

The South African-born lawyer spoke out amid fears over the spread of Covid-19 in Belmarsh Prison.

Julian Assange, 48, has been held there since being dragged from the Ecuadorian embassy a year ago.

The Australian is now seeking bail amid concerns over his health.

Stella Morris told The Mail on Sunday she was revealing their union for the first time because his “life is on the brink” and she does not believe the WikiLeaks founder would “survive infection with coronavirus”.

In a video posted on Wikileaks’ YouTube account, Stella Morris says she met Julian Assange in 2011 when she joined his legal team.

Julian Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over an assault case that has since been dropped.

The Australian is also fighting extradition to the US on espionage charges.

Julian Assange Arrested In London Following Ecuador’s Withdrawal of Asylum

Russian Hacking: Donald Trump Backs Julian Assange

Julian Assange Questioned by Sweden’s Chief Prosecutor

Why is Ecuador protecting Julian Assange?

Stella Morris says she visited Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy almost every day and “got to know Julian very well”. The couple fell in love in 2015 and got engaged two years later.

The lawyer told The Mail on Sunday that Julian Assange had watched both boys being born via video link and they had visited their father at the embassy.

She said that 3-year-old Gabriel and one-year-old Max speak to their father via video calls.

In the WikiLeaks YouTube video, Stella Morris says: “Forming a family was a deliberate decision to break down those walls around him and imagine a life beyond that prison.

“While for many people it would seem insane to start a family in that context, for us it was the sane thing to do, to keep things real.

“It grounds me and when Julian sees the children it gives him a lot of peace and nurture and support. They are very happy children.”

Julian Assange was arrested on April 11, 2019 at the Ecuadorian embassy and detained for “failing to surrender to the court”.

He was sentenced to 50 weeks in jail for breaching his bail conditions.

Julian Assange was due to be released from HMP Belmarsh in September 2019 after serving the custody period of his jail term.

However, a judge ruled that the WikiLeaks founder should remain in jail until his extradition hearing because of his “history of absconding”.

Details about the children with Stella Morris were seen by the Mail in court documents as part of his US extradition case.

Julian Assange is believed to have other children, although little is known about them. He has an adult son, Daniel Assange, who is reportedly a software designer in Australia.


Press release

The coronavirus pandemic has already delayed the planned jury trial this month for Ed Bosarge, the Houston billionaire accused of trying to cheat his wife of 30 years out of their shared fortune.

Now the 80-year-old Houston medical center pioneer says he has COVID-19. The medical breaking news came just as the Wall Street Journal highlighted the contentious legal battle that exposes the way the uber rich try to hide their money.

The headline: “A Houston billionaire is accused of using a complex web of trusts and limited liability companies to prevent his wife from accessing cash and the 13 homes they acquired together.”

Ed and Marie Bosarge bought mansions, yachts and even a Bahamian island during their 30-year marriage. Marie Bosarge says she never knew Ed Bosarge was secretly moving everything, even down to kitchen sponges, into secretive South Dakota trusts to cut her out, all while he was spending lavishly on his young Russian girlfriend.

Image source: edbosarge.com

Judge Chip Wells had set the high-stakes divorce case for trial in April, but the case is being delayed. The health of Ed Bosarge is now a front and center issue.

Wells has blasted lawyers for Mr. Bosarge in recent court hearings.

“I don’t think the laws of South Dakota, the State of Texas or anything that we might imagine somehow frees him of an obligation that he has undertaken at the time he married Mrs. Bosarge,” Judge Wells angrily told Ed Bosarge’s lawyers. “Scheme may be the key word… We can play this game… with regard to fraud on the community estate… I promise you it’s not going to go well… I don’t have to tolerate your disrespect.”

Attorney Bucky Allshouse says if Ed Bosarge gets away with his plan then no wife would be safe.

“I want him to be fair. You know, we made our money in Houston. It’s community property. It’s fifty-fifty. I want what’s fair,” said Marie Bosarge.


Summer Worden was served on April 6 with a sealed criminal indictment issued by a federal grand jury in Houston, charging her with making false statements about her former spouse NASA astronaut Anne McClain.

“This is what happens when you try and fight the mob,” Worden says.

“The NASA Inspector General has no interest in justice and is there solely to cover up for misbehaving astronauts. They never even talked to me in person. They refused to send me a copy of their completed investigation.”

Summer Worden was in the heat of a nasty divorce and custody fight with Anne McClain when the astronaut logged into Worden’s personal bank account from the International Space Station. Worden filed a complaint with the NASA Inspector General after learning about McClain’s actions. The indictment claims Worden lied when she said she had changed the login information to keep McClain from seeing the information and lied about the dates the bank account was even created.

“The bizarre notion that it was okay for the woman trying to steal my son to look into my personal bank account that was set up after the divorce started is absurd. What person going through a divorce wants their spouse spying on them?” says Worden.

“This is pay back because NASA doesn’t like to be embarrassed.”

NASA Hides Astronaut Investigations

NASA Investigates First Allegation of Crime in Space

The notorious secrecy of the U.S. space agency reemerged as an issue after the international news coverage of Anne McClain and the possibility of the first crime committed in space.

The NASA Office of the Inspector General denied a request by Dolcefino Consulting to look at any completed investigations of astronauts to protect privacy interests of third parties. The agency also refused to provide us with a completed copy of their investigation in this case.

“This agency is given tens of billions of dollars from taxpayers every year and that makes them accountable to the public, period,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

“The OIG’s job is not to protect NASA from scandal. It is to protect the public.”

Summer Worden will likely have to seek court appointed counsel after spending nearly $150,000 in legal fees during the fight over her son Briggs. Worden had the boy before she met and married Anne McClain but the NASA astronaut waged a war to get custody of Worden’s child. McClain dropped the custody fight but 309th District Court Judge Linda Dunson has never signed the final requests to drop the case.

Image source Wikimedia

Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus while in prison, according to Michael Powers, president of the New York State Correctional Officers and Police Benevolent Association.

The former Hollywood producer is now in isolation.

Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and assault last month and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

His lawyers have vowed to appeal against his conviction.

Harvey Weinstein is being held at Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo in upstate New York. Two prisoners at the facility tested positive for the virus on March 22, an officer who did not wish to give his name told Reuters.

Coronavirus: Two US Congressmen Test Positive for Covid-19

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years in Jail in New York Rape Trial

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Rape

Michael Powers told Reuters that several members of staff had been quarantined. He expressed concern for corrections officers who he claims lack proper protective equipment.

A lawyer for Harvey Weinstein said his legal team had not been informed of the coronavirus diagnosis.

Imran Ansari said: “Given Mr. Weinstein’s state of health, we are of course concerned, if this is the case, and we are vigilantly monitoring the situation.”

Before arriving at Wende, Harvey Weinstein had spent time at Rikers Island, a prison in New York City and a hospital where he was treated for heart problems and chest pains.

The former Hollywood mogul was found guilty of committing a first-degree criminal sexual act against production assistant Miriam Haley in 2006 and of the third-degree rape of aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.

New York jurors acquitted him of the most serious charges, of predatory sexual assault, which could have seen him given an even longer jail term.

Dozens of women have come forward with allegations of misconduct, including rape, against Harvey Weinstein since October 2017.


Business casual can be a confusing term, as it will tend to vary from one workplace to another. Ultimately though, as the savvy and style-conscious employee you are, erring on the side of business over casual is the way to go. Following are four items and accessories that highlight your professionalism while also leaving you looking cool and feeling comfortable for the day’s work ahead.

1. Pants – Wool, Khakis, and Denim

Image via Flickr by make65

For men, pants are essential for the business casual wardrobe. It may sound obvious, but yours truly showed up to my first ever job interview wearing a pair of shorts. I ended up getting the job, but the hiring manager informed me “don’t ever wear shorts to a job interview again.” Lesson learned.

When it comes to pants, wool and khaki are generally a good choice for business casual workplaces. Wool pants come in a variety of colors and styles, and they can really button down the professional end of the business casual look. Khakis are more on the casual side but are still generally considered a go-to in business casual workplace environments. Jeans, on the other hand, lie on the cusp between business casual and plain old casual. If you are going to wear jeans, go with dark wash and save the “distressed look” (store-bought or naturally acquired) for the weekends.

2. Button-Down Shirts

A button-down shirt will get you by in just about any workplace, but not all button-down shirts are created equal. Stay away from patterns that are too loud or designs that are overly trendy. Instead, stick with classic colors such as white or light blue, in either solid or subtle patterns. You can get away with other colors, but don’t go too big. Think light green or lavender. Keep in mind that your goal is to look professional, not necessarily to make a bold fashion statement.

3. To Tie or Not to Tie

One of the perceived benefits of the business casual wardrobe is the fact that you aren’t required to wear a tie. This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the tie into your more casual outfits to lend them a more professional look. For example, if your workplace allows jeans as part of your business casual wardrobe, combining a neat pair of dark-washed jeans with a sharp button-down shirt and tie, and adding a pullover sweater, can create a sophisticated, professional looking style.

4. Getting the Right Fit and Style

All the style elements in the world won’t create a sophisticated look if your clothing doesn’t fit properly. Working with a stylist can save you a ton of time putting together your wardrobe, and there are a number of websites that feature articles on seasonal and regional styles. Once a stylist understands your fashion sense and knows your measurements, they can put together new outfits for you with ease, and they can field questions you might have about the best way to rock a given look.

Putting together the right wardrobe might seem like a hassle, but once you’ve got it dialed in, understanding how to dress business casual for work will help you feel more professional, comfortable, and ready to dive in to the day’s work ahead.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Tom Hanks has revealed that he and wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the new coronavirus in Australia.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, both 63, sought medical advice after experiencing the symptoms of a cold in Queensland, the actor wrote on Instagram.

The Hollywood star and his wife are now isolated in stable condition at an Australian hospital, officials said.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were on the Gold Coast as the actor made a film about Elvis Presley.

Their diagnosis came shortly after the WHO officially declared the coronavirus outbreak to be a pandemic.

Tom Hanks wrote on Instagram: “We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too.

“To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the coronavirus, and were found to be positive.”

Coronavirus: India Suspends All Existing Tourist Visas

Coronavirus: WHO Labels Outbreak as A Pandemic

Coronavirus: Italy in Full Lockdown to Curb COVID-19 Spread

Tom Hanks, whose films include Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, said he and his wife would keep the world “posted and updated”.

“We Hanks’ will be tested, observed, and isolated for as long as public health and safety requires. Not much more to it than a one-day-at-a-time approach, no?”

In 2013, Tom Hanks revealed he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the more common form.

Work on Tom Hanks’ latest, untitled movie has been temporarily suspended.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said: “All the people who were on set have gone home and self-quarantined.”

The studio behind the film, Warner Bros, said it was “working closely with the appropriate Australian health agencies to identify and contact anyone” who may have come into direct contact with Tom Hanks.