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Perhaps there was a time when people could agree to disagree about differences in political viewpoints, but it seems that, on at least one site, those days are in the past. According to data from the website OkCupid, people who use that site increasingly use politics as a signal to decide whether to pursue potential partners.For example, they may make choices about whether to go on dates based on who a person voted for in the last election. Many users also get offended if individuals on the dating site did not vote at all. This trend is particularly popular with the millennial generation.As it turns out, people may be more concerned with a partner’s political choices than sexual compatibility. That may come as a surprise to many people, but it’s something that emphasizes how numerous individuals believe that political leanings could have far-reaching consequences for an entire country instead of just a relationship. They may feel that political differences are simply too hard to overcome. 

People Also Want to Know About Candidates’ Dating Preferences

Something else that has become apparent in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election in the United States is that people want to know about the candidates’ romantic lives. One buzzworthy, recent topic is whether Cory Booker, who intends to run in the Democratic race, is romantically involved. The combination of speculation and public events indicate he may be dating actress Rosario Dawson.Of course, people have shown curiosity about the private lives of famous people before. However, one aspect that changed over the past several years, though, is the increase in social media usage. Now, tech-savvy individuals can log onto their favorite sites and contribute to gossip about girlfriends, boyfriends, alleged affairs, breakups, and more, all in a matter of minutes.And, news outlets know that stories related to the romantic relationships of famous people get high levels of traffic. Until that changes, people will likely to see these topics continue to dominate the headlines.

What If Your Political Preferences Don’t Match a Partner’s?

With these things in mind, should people automatically assume it’s not worth pursuing people who don’t agree with their political views? Not necessarily. If you’re engaged in online dating or meeting someone who may have views that are different than yours, you may decide not to bring up any political topics until the relationship deepens a bit.The internet makes it simple and straightforward to get relationship advice at any time of the day or night. Going to those sites could give you confidence and help you learn how to succeed during a date. But, it’s still best to test the waters and use common sense. For example, if the person you’re dating voted for Donald Trump and you don’t agree with the president’s actions at all, let the individual get to know you beyond politics.Also, while flirting with the person, you may do or say things that indicate you’re willing to give some leeway regarding political differences. That could be accomplished if you joke or otherwise talk about politics in a lighthearted way.In most cases, you shouldn’t wait until the relationship gets serious before disclosing political-related information about yourself. Doing that could trigger an unnecessary fight. However, you may conclude that the most appropriate thing to do is not go out of your way to promote political beliefs on an online dating site or while going on an in-person date.That doesn’t mean you have to conceal who you are as a person, such as if politics is one of your passions. But, you may decide there’s no use in going out of your way to promote political beliefs that could be a turn-off before the individual sees you as a complex, whole, and valuable person.Dating is tricky, and politics could exacerbate that fact. However, the information here should help you take dating and politics in stride.


When you’ve got a knack for entrepreneurship, it’s hard to keep your hands out of a new project. Well if you’re looking for just one more small business concept to spark your interest— we’ve got an idea that will be hard for any business wizard to resist. Remember offering up window washing services as a kid to fund your summer activities? Or perhaps your little ones have adopted the same practice on their own— whether it’s walking dogs or mowing lawns.

Well it turns out that window washing can be a pretty lucrative business model if done right! Window washing professionals can make around $60,000 per year at rates from $40 to $70 an hour. If you’ve got the entrepreneurial know-how and the tools to execute, you’re practically on the fast-track to success in the window cleaning business. We’re going over our 5 step process to setting up your own window washing company to help you get started!

Step 1: Educate Yourself on the Industry

Before you jumpstart any project, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the industry. This can help you identify what works for other service professionals, give you the appropriate lingo to “talk the talk,” and show you how to refine your processes before you even get started. Need some resources to start with? Housecall Pro window cleaning software creates a community with other industry pros where you can collaborate, ask questions, and get new ideas to grow your new business.

Once you’re confident in “talking the talk” and have started the legal process to form your small business, you’re just about ready to get to work. But first— step two!

Step 2: Find Your Market

Whether you’re already familiar with your potential market from the school carpool or PTA, or you’re just starting to play with ideas, this is a super important piece of the puzzle. Afterall, without customers, you really won’t have much work to do. So how do you find your market? First, use your personal network!

As a business-minded mom you probably already have a pretty amazing base of potential customers and window washing is a pretty universal service. Reach out to your online network on social media, chat it up in the carpool line, or hand out flyers to the parents at the soccer field. Once you find your loyal customer network, word will travel fast. Referrals are a great place to start as your business is just taking off. This gradual generation of leads tends to be more manageable than launching with hundreds of leads. And as a busy mom, you probably need all of the time you can get before debuting yet another project.

Step 3: Set Your Operations Up for Success

Even before you get to work hiring and starting service, use your organizational skills to set your business up for success. From business operations to finding the right window washing tools, setting yourself up for efficiency should be one of your top priorities. Try using an HR management software system like Zenefits to make the hiring and onboarding process easier when you bring on new employees. Use a task management system like Todoist to keep tabs on internal office duties and your personal to-do list.

When it comes to marketing and business growth operations, having a tool like CallRail can help you keep track of where your leads are coming from to help you figure out what strategies are working, and what’s not. Sign up for a free online survey tool to give you insight on customer satisfaction when you start service.

Step 4: Hire Expert Technicians

Hiring an excellent staff is crucial if you want to be successful in the service industry. Your staff has a big impact on how your customers relate to your business and hiring the wrong employees could mean painful headaches for you. Find qualified technicians by using Ziprecruiter to post your open job opportunities.

Step 5: Start Servicing

After you’ve got the right tools, permits, a great staff ready to work— you can make a serious splash in your community!

In Conclusion

Once you get going in the day-to-day grind of starting your own business, you’ll find that there are typically more than five easy steps to starting a new business concept. But with this helpful guide you can get the process going and make your startup truly your own experience. With many tech tools and helpful resources out there (and your legendary super-mom powers), we know amazing opportunities are in your future!


Are you spending too much on your electricity bill? With the average household spending £1,249 a year on gas and electricity, energy costs form a large part of our annual outgoings.

The amount of electronic appliances we are using everyday is increasing. According to a 2017 report by Energy Consumption in the UK, in 1990 the average household of four people used just four appliances. Today, the average household uses 13.

However, electricity usage in the UK is actually decreasing as our appliances become more efficient. And there are ways we can cut our electricity usage even more, to benefit both the environment and your pockets. By following a few steps, you can save hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bill.

Photo Source: indoorenvironment.org
  1. Turn off appliances

The most obvious way of cutting your electricity bill is to stop using so much electricity. A lot of the power we use in our homes is wasted, by leaving appliances on standby or not turning off the lights. If you get into the habit of turning off all your devices at the plug when not using them, you can save on average £30 a year. These savings could rise to £80 a year if your household uses more gadgets than the average home. Devices such as televisions and laptops still use lots of energy when on standby so remember to always turn them off. And of course don’t forget the lights!

  • Use your appliances more efficiently

You can also save money by being more efficient with how you use your appliances. For example, when using your washing machine or dishwasher, always try and fill them up as much as you can. One full load will use much less electricity than two half loads. Also, washing dishes by hand is more energy efficient than constantly filling and using your dishwasher.

When it comes to washing your clothes, you should use the lowest temperature possible. You can save up to £52 a year if you wash your clothes at 30 instead of 40 degrees. And instead of using a tumble dryer, you can save a lot of electricity by using a washing line or rack.

  • Use more efficient appliances

Throwing out old electrical appliances and replacing them with more energy-efficient alternatives could save you a lot of money on your bills in the long run. By using an electric oven with an A+ efficiency rating instead of a B-rated model you will use as much as 40% less energy.

You can also save money by using energy saving light bulbs. They don’t cost a lot more than normal light bulbs, but last up to 10 times longer and can save you up to £55 in electricity costs during it’s lifetime.

You should also consider changing your fridge. You can save up to £20 a year in energy bills by using an A+++ fridge freezer over an A+ model. Also, a packed fridge will use less energy than a half empty one, as the contents act as insulation so the fridge has to use less electricity to stay cool. Always try to fill your fridge if you can.

  • Monitor how much energy you are using

You should consider installing a smart meter. This will track how much energy you are using and send the data to your supplier who will set your bill accordingly. This way you will be billed for your electricity more accurately. You will also get real time information on how much electricity you are using, allowing you to investigate and work out which appliances in your home are using the most power.

  • Switch energy supplier

Last but not least, one of the most cost efficient and easiest ways of saving money on your electricity bill is to change supplier. According to Ofgem, the average household can save up to £300 a year by switching their gas and electricity supplier.

Prices and plans are always changing, so it’s always worth looking around for a better deal rather than being content with what you have. By shopping around and comparing the market, you can find the cheapest energy deals that suits you, and potentially save hundreds.


The word “anime” is short for animation and is generally used for popular Japanese animated cartoons featuring hand-drawn or computer animated characters. Anime started gaining popularity through Dragon Ball, Naruto, Death Note, and other series. While this trend of anime initially emerged in Japan as a way of storytelling and narration of historical tales, it has quickly become an entertainment enterprise.

With the increasing popularity of anime series in the global market, anime DVD shops have become extremely popular as well. We can consider these shops as exclusive stores resembling movie shops that offer new DVD releases. While at an anime store, you may only buy anime DVDs, an online DVD store not only offers movies, TV series and world cinema releases, but also the exclusive anime series. The commercialization of anime series including television shows, movies, video games, internet releases, and other visual mediums has made it easier for fans to buy their favorite DVDs from the comfort of their homes.

7 Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Anime Series:


Anime series usually have a lot of depth in their plots, unlike most cartoons. They deal with themes of good and bad, life, loss, hope, justice etc. Most people like these things, especially young adults can relate to them. These offer important life lessons and are more intriguing and addictive in comparison to regular cartoon series.

Character Visuals

Anime features beautifully drawn characters and locations that are very enticing on their own. The characters are colorful, attractive, gorgeous and inhuman. All these things add an air of mystery to anime shows captivating the audience


Perhaps, the most addictive thing about anime series is the way its story unfolds. The developers create the characters to go with the storyline. One show features many different plots at once. Anime movies never become monotonous and the storyline remains dynamic. The continuity of the story over the episodes keeps the viewer hooked to the show.

An Appropriate Ending

Unlike most dramas and series, animes usually do not have a second and third season. They usually end when the time is right. This is what I like best about the anime shows; they do not drag.

Comic Relief

No matter how intense or serious an anime series is, it always has a touch of comedy. Whether it is a certain character or certain moments that provide this comic relief, it is always there. These random moments of laughter ensure that you have an enjoyable time watching anime.

Action Scenes

Anime movies tend to have well choreographed and synchronized action sequences. The ability to draw gives a lot of flexibility as to how to portray action scenes. Thus, anime videos usually tend to have amazing action moments.


The characters are so well developed and complex that many people can relate to several of them. Some literally fall in love with them. The amazing portrayal of emotions, captivating voice-overs, and charming personalities render the viewers as huge fans of the characters.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, the wide variety of available anime genres has led to a rise in anime viewership. 

The ever-changing technology scene has us constantly scouring the market for the latest in smartphones and AI technology. Though we’d like to imagine ourselves as satisfied with our couple-year old gadgets, the truth is that human’s just love having the next best thing. Even though our iPhone 8s functioned without a single hitch, we still jumped at the opportunity to get our hands on the iPhone X for the sake of innovation—and that’s just how tech fans. We are excited by change and welcome it even if our wallets would rather we didn’t. 2019 is bound to be another year of innovation and excellence in technology, so we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for how to pick your tech upgrades and set yourself up for success in the coming year.


Smartwatches have been the tech upgrade watch wearers needed for quite some time now. Not only do these devices tell time, but they are capable of tracking sleeping habits, taking calls, calculating heart rates, and connecting to Wi-Fi. Wearable tech might have been a dicey idea when first proposed, but the market spoke, and consumers purchased. When you’re looking to smarten up your wrist candy, ask yourself what you want your smartwatch to do for you. The most important piece of your selection will be if your watch is compatible with your smartphone. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing an Apple watch to pair with a Samsung phone. Whether you’re a work from home mom or a busy-bee CEO, your smartwatch must be perfectly suited for your lifestyle. Do your research on individual features such as app compatibility and battery life to ensure the best purchase.

Virtual assistant

Though it seems that many people are still on the fence about voice-activated virtual assistant tech, we are all aboard. From the Amazon Echo to the Google Home Hub, these smart speakers are the hands-free solution to building a smart home. Just say the word, and your AI assistant has an answer in seconds. While ideal for telecommuters and work from home freelancers, smart speakers differ greatly when it comes to features and functionality. Look for the following when making your decision:

  • Streaming support

Major audio streaming providers like Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube are supported by most virtual assistants, but some offer more or less than others. Base your decision on your most frequently used apps, and how those apps connect with your VA.

  • Competency

It’s tough to compete with Google’s search engine sophistication, so it only makes sense that the Home is superior when it comes to pulling up accurate information from the internet.

  • Speaker quality

Since you’re able to play music from your virtual assistant speaker, it’s worth exploring which offers the best speaker quality. The Amazon Echo features an omnidirectional speaker that allows louder playback, while the Google Home Hub delivers richer bass that fills your room with a concert hall feel.


Regardless of whether you are more of a laptop lady or a desktop dame, no proper techie is fully equipped for success without the handy portability of a smart tablet. Tablets have come a long way since being mere internet browsing devices. These mini-computers are capable of complex image manipulation and high-powered coding all in one 13-inch screen. When hunting for the perfect tablet, ask yourself these questions; what operating system is most compatible with my other devices for quick syncing? How much RAM do I need? What features will I add on and what integrated ports will I need? What operating system is most compatible with my other devices for quick syncing? Keep in mind that tablets also come in the form of transformable laptops—so if you’re in need of an additional PC or just need an entirely new one, 2-in-1 PCs could be the solution you never knew you needed.


Money is perhaps the most sensitive subject matter in our society. Indeed, with the possible exceptions of sex, religion, and politics, nothing makes people more uncomfortable than talking about finances. To wit, more marriages end as a result of money concerns than any other single factor. Given all that, it’s understandable why so many people are reticent to ask their boss for a raise –– even if they deserve one. The good news is, asking for a raise doesn’t have to be an excruciating process. Rather, just follow these four best practices and you’ll be sure to land the raise you’re looking for with minimal strain:

Pay Your Dues

Sometimes, professionals are so eager to get a job –– any job –– that they don’t concern themselves with base salary. However, you shouldn’t accept a job with an income well below what you need to survive. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the unenviable position of asking for a raise after a short period of time. This is a bad look for a number of reasons, and you’re unlikely to sway your boss to boost your pay after only a few months on the job.

Do Your Homework

One big mistake many professionals make when asking their manager for a raise is that they fail to do their homework. The last thing an employee can afford to do is submit an unrealistic request at the beginning of a negotiation. It’s important to determine how much professionals in similar positions in your field typically make and to understand the current state of your company or industry. Asking for a raise right after your business suffered a major setback isn’t likely to end well.

Go the Extra Mile

At the end of the day, a raise is something an employee has to earn through years of loyalty and hard graft. If you’re going to convince your boss to elevate your financial status, you should first look for a way to improve work performance on a consistent basis. By making yourself indispensable to the company, you’ll strengthen your bargaining position.

Be Willing to Negotiate

Contrary to popular belief, a negotiation is not an argument; just because you disagree with your boss, it doesn’t mean you can’t get along and still enjoy a solid professional relationship. It’s important for employees to keep an open mind when entering negotiations and be willing to compromise to a certain degree. (You may want to consider trading a hard salary increase for stock options or expanded benefits, for instance.) Few professionals get exactly what they want from an extended negotiation, so make sure to establish a “back-up plan” should management reject your initial proposal. Lastly, remember that showing your boss respect and courtesy will go a long way toward winning their favor. Even if you don’t see eye to eye at first, good manners and patience could help you reach a mutually acceptable arrangement.


2019 is a great year. There’s so much to look forward to. For many people across the world, the 53rd Super Bowl is one of the biggest deals happening this year. If the recorded number of active followers of Super Bowl LII is anything to go by, then expectations for 2019 are higher! The fact that the number of options through which interested viewers can enjoy the live happenings has increased leaves one more elated.

Super Bowl LIII

This is the 53rd modern era football championship game which will determine the 2018 National Football League champion for the season.

The Super Bowl 2019 Dates and Location

Mark the date; it’s all going down on February 3, 2019. Yes, in less than a month, we will be streaming this big event. If you are in Georgia, you will be pleased to know that the championship will be happening at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The Mercedes-Benz stadium is all new noting that it only became operational after recent official commissioning around mid-2017.

Georgia residents know the location of this stadium but just in case you are new to this region, the state of the art stadium is located a few yards from Georgia Dome. Georgia Dome was the host for the year 2000 edition of Super Bowl.

How Can You Watch The Game?

If you got the access and the money, then you can watch the game in person from Mercedes-Benz stadium. But being a world-class event, you have to be prepared to part with a handsome amount of dollars to get a seat in the stadium. I don’t know about your financial position but are there any other options for people who do not want to spend heavily, living on the edge or simply looking for better alternatives?

Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives and they include;

Live Broadcasts

The super bowl 2019 edition will be live on CBS TV. So, yes, as long as you are in the United States and able to access cable TV, CBS got you sorted. They will be bringing the live event.

Live Streaming

Here is some good news, no access to CBS’ live streaming? Don’t stress, you will still have an opportunity to follow the championship through online streaming. For US residents, CBS has promised live streaming via CBSSports.com. They say that you will be able to access the live events of the day without a sign-in prompt. Great news, right? Online streaming is the best way to catch the Super Bowl live online.

CBS Live Streaming Partners

CBS has also promised that it will be guaranteeing access to their live streaming partners like Samsung TVs, Chrome cast, Fire TV, other satellites and telecoms. This only means that you will have enough options to choose from. All you need is your laptop or smartphone and a good internet connection, and then you can enjoy the live streaming from the comfort of your couch.

Can You Stream Live If You Are Not A United StatesResident?

The answer to this is yes and no. Well, it depends on how well you will be pre-positioned. See, the live streaming websites have geo-limitations. What does this mean? You will face blocks if you will be trying to access the content from a location that is not within the set limit. So if you try this, you will not be able to access the super bowl championship. That’s the ‘no’ explanation.

Luckily, there’s another hand, you can have your way through to a live experience of the events that will be going down in Georgia using a VPN.  Yes, a VPN is the only way out for non-US residents. All that will be required of you is that connect to a VPN with a server in Georgia. VPN is a network system that among other things masks your real geographical location. What does this mean? That wherever you will be, whether in a small country in Africa, Asia or anywhere in the world, you will be able to enjoy the 2019 Super Bowl. All you need to do is your android device, good internet connection and a connection to a VPN.


Data suggests that there are now some three million people who vape in the UK. However, despite such a high number of people who vape, regulations surrounding vaping are still unclear.

Laws surrounding vaping

No law states that people must vape outside. Establishments such as pubs can introduce should a policy if they wish. All the same, it should be remembered that, if a customer were to vape inside, they would not be breaking the law.


One popular franchise that has banned vaping indoors is JD Wetherspoon. The nationwide pub chain has stated that its reason for doing so was confusion amongst staff over whether customers were vaping or smoking actual cigarettes – but, with the introduction of separate smoking areas for vaping, any confusion would be prevented. MPs have called for pubs, employers and even train operators to rethink bans surrounding the use of e-cigarettes.

As e-cigarettes are designed specifically to help users stop smoking, they do not produce tar or carbon monoxide. As a result, e-cigarettes such as the Smok Alien 220w Box Mod are much safer than traditional cigarettes.

With this in mind, surely businesses should provide separate smoking areas for vaping? It’s a move that would make sense, as this would stop users from smoking in public and causing annoyance to people who don’t smoke or vape at all.


In addition to MPs calling for a reconsideration of the ban, a report from the Commons Science and Technology Committee further supported the use of e-cigarettes in public, or at least solid reasoning for separate smoking and vaping areas, by warning that smokers are dying due to misconceptions concerning the risks of e-cigarettes. This has led the Committee to call for an overhaul of the current regulation.

Views on vaping indoors

Eddie Gershon, a spokesperson for Wetherspoons, claimed that the company’s decision to ban vaping inside its premises is “fair to both smokers and vapers”. Another pubco that has followed in the footsteps of Wetherspoons is Fuller’s, claiming that it is “disconcerting” for non-smokers to see customers using an e-cigarette.

Again, the confusion surrounding e-cigarettes and actual cigarettes would help to justify businesses introducing separate areas for smokers and vapers. While non-smokers may find it disconcerting for customers to use an e-cigarette, those who do vape may find it equally as disconcerting to be amongst those smoking cigarettes.

Additionally, to further prevent confusion surrounding the differences between the vaping category and the smoking of traditional cigarettes, operators should consider educating their staff. This would be to ensure that they are knowledgeable on the subject and, therefore, able to competently handle challenges from customers with little hassle.

According to the NHS, there is no evidence that bystanders are harmed by exposure to e-cigarette vapour. Evidently, any risk of harm appears to be extremely low, especially in comparison to tobacco smoke. However, if such a statement still fails to convince operators to allow vaping indoors, allocating separate areas for traditional cigarette smokers and vapers is a move that makes sense, considering that those who vape would be put at risk from passive smoking.


There’s no question that searching for a job can be extremely overwhelming. This is especially true if you need a job right now. It may feel as though there is just too much that you need to do to make yourself employable.

The good news is, when searching for jobs, regardless of if you plan to take out a loan and open your own business, or be employed by a Fortune 500 company, there are steps and tips you can use to make the entire process easier.

Interested? If so, keep reading. With the tips here, you will have the job you have always wanted in no time.

Take Time to Learn About Yourself

You need to do an assessment of your personal values, the way you enjoy working, and what you wouldn’t mind doing even if you never received a paycheck. Once you are better acquainted with yourself, you can begin thinking about industries and specific careers that would match your interests and beliefs.

Go online, take courses on what you are interested in, and begin working toward your dream job. After all, anything worth having takes work.

Get Ready to Network

There’s no question that an important part of any job search is networking. This is done by reaching out to others in the industry, getting advice and guidance, and asking about any job opportunities they may know about.

There are several different networking strategies you can use. You can turn to LinkedIn, be more active on Twitter, or even go old-school with traditional business cards. The goal is to get your name out there and make contacts in the field where you want to work.

Any Level of Progress is Good – Don’t Give Up

There are even extremely confident people who remain in an unsatisfying job because they begin to feel safe. They may also stay because they are worried they are going to make the wrong decision.

However, the journey to discover meaningful work that you look forward to and are proud of is challenging. The goal is to take this journey one step at a time. Make a commitment to do something each day – such as emailing a contact or even attending an event. These small steps are going to keep getting you closer to the ultimate goal you have.


Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island. It’s a truly magical place, famous for its beaches, luxe resorts, cultural heritage, and friendly people. Millions of visitors travel to Thailand every year, and many of those head straight to Phuket. Whether you are after Full Moon beach parties and go-go bars or historic temples and deserted beaches, Phuket has a lot to offer.

First, you need to book flights and accommodation. Phuket may be an island, but it has an international airport, which is 32 kilometres from Phuket City. Flights are available from most major airports around the world, so shop around for the best deals. It’s also worth booking flights to Bangkok and spending a few days there first. You can catch a connection from Bangkok to Phuket on various local carriers, including Bangkok Airways and Thai Smile.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

With flights in hand, accommodation is easy enough to find. There are numerous beach resorts, backpacker hostels, and small hotels for tourists. If you have plans to travel with family and friends, look at luxury Phuket rentals. You’ll find beautiful duplexes and villas with fabulous views and amazing amenities. Make your vacation a trip to remember and book a luxury rental in Phuket!

Now you have flights and accommodation all sewn up, here is our guide to the top eight things to do when you arrive.

1. Become a Beach Bum

Phuket has some amazing beaches. There are more than 30 stretches of sand dotted around the island, so you will be spoiled for choice. Some are livelier than others, so decide what your priorities are – people watching or solitude – and make your pick. Kata Beach is a top choice with many tourists. There is plenty of space to pitch your towel, plus a few amenities. Other popular beaches include Freedom Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Paradise Beach, and Ya Nui Beach.

2. Take a Trip to Phi Phi Island

Have you seen the Leonardo di Caprio movie, The Beach? If so, you’ll want to visit Phi Phi. This is where the famous ‘beach’ is located. Towering limestone cliffs loom over the idyllic beach, flanked by dense jungle. It’s a beautiful place. There are, in fact, two Phi Phi islands – Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. Both are beautiful and both will capture your heart and soul. Take a ferry from Phuket Town or book a private speedboat charter if you have a larger budget.

3. Visit the Similan Islands

While we are on the topic of island hopping, it would be remiss not to mention the stunning Similan Islands north-west of Phuket. If you love scuba diving, this is an unmissable destination. The dive sites around the Similan Islands are among the best in the world. The landscape on the islands is also pretty spectacular. Giant boulders teeter precariously on piles of stones. Beneath the waves is where it’s at though. There are amazing underwater caverns to explore, populated with extraordinary marine life. The islands are not open all year, so if you want to plan a visit, make sure you come to Phuket between October and May.

4. Go Shopping in the Night Markets

Most people choose to go shopping at night when the sun has gone down and it’s a bit cooler. Phuket’s night markets are famous. There are lots to choose from, each offering a wonderful and eclectic selection of trinkets, souvenirs, clothing, local arts and crafts, and more. While shopping, you can soak up the atmosphere, listen to music and watch street performers. It’s also a good opportunity to sample some delicious street food. Some of the best night markets on Phuket include Chillva Market, Phuket Walking Street, Phuket Weekend Market, and Malin Plaza Patong in Patong Beach.

5. Visit the Temples

You can’t come to Phuket without spending at least one day exploring some of the island’s cultural highlights. Wat Chalong is Phuket’s best-known and most important temple; it’s also the spiritual center of Phuket. It’s beautifully decorated with glass and has many glittering pagodas. There are no admission charges when you visit these amazing shrines, but you must dress in a respectful manner. This means no revealing clothing or beachwear. Cover up and respect the holiness of the temples. Remember, you will be asked to remove your shoes before you enter.

6. Take a Trip to Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay enjoyed a starring role in the movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. The huge rocky pinnacle in the bay is still called James Bond Island for this reason. As is common around Phuket (and Thailand), huge limestone cliffs jut out of the water, providing a spectacular backdrop to the beach. You can’t get too close to James Bond Island, but you can rent a boat and sail around it. Have lunch at Kho Panyee and explore the caves inside Koh Ping Ghan. It’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer beauty of the place.

7. Check Out the Nightlife on Bangla Road in Patong Beach

During the day, Bangla Road is relatively quiet, but when the sun goes down, the area comes to life in a glorious, technicolor blaze of neon lights and loud music. Bangla Road is not the faint-hearted. Every sense will be assailed as you walk down the strip. There are beer bars rubbing shoulders with sleazy go-go bars and street performers show off their skills every night. Expect to be hassled by touts selling tickets to shows. Drink lots of beer, enjoy the delirious atmosphere, and end your night with a boogie at Seduction Night Club or the new Tiger Disco.

8. Drive to the Big Buddha

Hiring a car is easy on Phuket. Once you have transport, drive out to the Big Buddha on top of the Nakkerd Hills, at the southern end of the island. This iconic landmark is hard to miss and is visible for miles. Climb to the top and check out the amazing views. There are maps available, to help you identify some of the landmarks on the horizon.

Other attractions include the Phuket FantaSea Show and elephant Sanctuaries – if you visit one make, sure it’s an ethical sanctuary.


When people decide to do an employee background check, it’s because they want to be sure of a candidate – of its criminal records, driving records, or if they’re on a terror watch list or even sex offender registry. It’s important to do this when you choose people to work for you. Checkthem.com is the best site on the internet for this job.

How much does it cost?

Background checks generally cost between $30 and $80. The price depends on how much info you’re trying to find out, and how fast you need that info. Job history verification, license verification and credit checks usually cost extra.

How to do it?

Have a consistent policy on how to perform background checks

It’s best to have a flow chart, so that everyone will know which step to make and when to make it. Some of them can cause legal issues if not done properly.

Get legal advice on how to use background checks

Background checks can sometimes mean finding sensitive information, and in some states, legally, you cannot find certain information about a person. You need to talk to a lawyer to make sure you know that your background check does not mess with the law, causing legal issues for your company.

Give your candidates the benefit of the doubt

Sometimes, you may find incorrect info about a person. It’s best to give your candidates the benefit of the doubt and let them explain the incorrect info you got after the background check. The person standing in front of you might be a good person, so let him or her prove that before you exclude him or her from your list.

Use services that are FCRA compliant

FCRA stands for Fair Credit Reporting Act and it shows what the things you can or cannot do when performing a background check are. The document gives you info about how you should treat the info according to the perspective of the candidate. Almost all of the background checks are done by FCRA, but it’s good to keep in mind that there are many other laws that might affect them – it all depends on the region or state. Let’s take a clear example: in some states, it’s okay to use criminal background checks or credit for any employee, in other states, only certain employees can be checked.

When it comes to reference checks

A reference check usually happens when you contact a person, like a former employer, to make sure you got the facts right – employment dates and the position held. They’re pretty easy to do. When you reject a candidate because of the info you got in the investigative consumer report, you must give your candidate a copy of that report.


If you are like most people, you work extremely hard for your paycheck. While living on a strict budget is a great way to save money from your paycheck, you need to treat yourself on occasion.

For some people, buying a new watch is something they enjoy greatly. Putting together a collection of high-quality and appealing watches is a great investment. When properly cared for, watches will maintain their value over time.

Each year, Americans spend nearly $11 million on watches. If you are in the market for a new watch, make sure you take some time to research all of your options. Getting in a hurry during the watch buying process will generally lead to mistakes being made.

The following are some of the essential characteristics you need to look for in a potential watch purchase.

Consider the Materials Used to Construct the Watch

Before deciding whether or not to buy a particular watch, be sure to find out more about the materials used to construct it. If you are looking for a durable watch, choosing a timepiece that is made from either ceramics or titanium is preferable.

While titanium and ceramic watches are durable, they generally carry a large price tag as well. Opting for a stainless steel watch will provide you with a high level of resiliency and a lower purchase price.

If you are looking at a silver or gold watch, be sure to ask whether it has a PVD coating on it. Without this type of coating, your new watch will slowly become discolored over time. You can usually get a breakdown of the materials used in the construction of a watch by looking at its backing.

A Quality Watch Glass is Important

When trying to assess how well-made a particular watch is, you should pay attention to the type of glass it has. According to seasoned watch professionals at https://www.watchshopping.com/iwc, sapphire glass is one of the most appealing and resilient glasses used in the watchmaking process. This type of clear will stay clear for a long time and will not scratch even in the roughest of conditions.

If you are unable to afford a watch with this type of glass, you need to look for the next best thing which is crystal or mineral glass. Generally, watches with this type of glass will be much cheaper. However, mineral and crystal glass have a higher chance of getting scratched over time. If you are confused about which timepiece to purchase, be sure to consult with a knowledgeable supplier.

Choose a Watch with a Quartz or Mechanical Movement

Most of the battery powered watches on the market will feature a quartz movement. Most new collectors like quartz movement watches because they feature far fewer moving parts. Often times, this makes these watches more affordable and extremely accurate.

Buyers looking for quality over price will usually seek out watches with mechanical movements. Over the years, these types of watches have become hard to find. This is because most movements are machined by computers. Getting a mechanical movement in a handmade watch will be quite costly.

 Consider How Water Resistant the Watch Is

If you do a lot of swimming or diving, then choosing a watch that features a high level of water resistance. The last thing you want is for a new watch to get damaged when exposed to water, which is why spending good money on a water resistant watch is a good idea.

Generally, these watches will feature heavy-duty gaskets that are used to seal up and protect the internal parts of the timepiece. Many standard watches are water resistant for up to 50 meters. Divers generally look for watches that are water resistant for up to 100 meters or more. These watches do cost more, but it is worth it for diving enthusiasts.

Selecting a Watch Made By a Reputable Brand

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a new watch collector is investing in timepieces from unknown watchmakers. Often times, this mistake will lead to you getting a watch that does not function very well.

Before spending your hard-earned money on a new watch, you need to thoroughly vet the company that makes it. Tried and true watch brands like Rolex, Timex and Casio are able to command higher prices for their products because of their reputation. When buying a watch from one of these companies, you can rest assured it will work correctly on a consistent basis.

Newcomers to the watch buying world need to focus on finding the right watch supplier. An experienced supplier can offer you guidance that can make the watch buying process much easier. Attempting to make this important decision without professional help can lead to you wasting a lot of money on a watch that simply isn’t worth it.


How much of your daily life is made up of routine? When you stop to think about it, the answer is probably a lot of it – if not all of it. While this is great at ensuring that everything gets done on time and to a good standard, and you don’t miss out on anything, it can also become extremely boring.

After a while, you’ll be yearning to do something else, and when this happens your productivity levels will fall, and you simply won’t be as happy as you could and should be. That’s why breaking up your routine and trying new things can be such a good idea – here are some more reasons why this is important for a happy life.

Fear Won’t Be A Factor

Life is full of things that make us afraid, whether we realise it or not. It is this fear that most often holds us back from trying new things, but if we can get over that fear – and the fear of failure that so often comes with it – then we will be more willing to try new things in the future, whether that’s finally getting around to booking fantastic holidays or taking up a new hobby.

Taking a trip and being out of your comfort zone is a great way to broaden your horizons. If you have had your sights set on a trip away but never had the chance, find the time and put yourself first. Discover the best destinations in Europe and explore Mediterranean hotspots, with holidays in Cyprus or Greece, for example, and mentally reset. You will instantly notice the difference upon your return.

Although it will take some effort to get over the fear, to begin with, once you have started you will be able to try any new thing that comes your way, and your life will be richer and more exciting for it. That initial step is all it takes, and the benefits that come from it are huge.

You Get To Know Yourself

You might that think that you know yourself extremely well, perhaps only by virtue of actually being yourself. However, do you really know yourself as much as you think you do? When you really delve down into it, that question can be a scary one, perhaps even an unanswerable one – many people never really get to know themselves and what they are truly capable of.

Yet there is something you can do to at least start answering that question and getting to know yourself better; you can try something new. Trying something doesn’t guarantee that you will enjoy it, but equally it doesn’t mean that you will dislike it. What it does guarantee is that you will discover a lot more about yourself, particularly in terms of what you like and dislike, and this can help you choose a direction in life at a later date.

You’ll Gain More Skills

You can never have enough skills in life, and adding more to your repertoire is only ever going to benefit you. When you try new things you are sure to pick up new skills in the process, giving you a much more well-rounded way of living. You can use those skills in all kinds of ways, some which may surprise you, and you may even be able to get closer to your true goals in life because you have picked up so many skills from trying new things along the way.


When it comes to contractors, there are specialist contractors and general contractors. Specialist contractors work on one or more aspects of the work. Therefore, on a home renovation or construction project, they might work on the electrical and plumbing side of things only. This compares to a general contractor who is responsible for the complete project. They oversee it and act as project manager leading the contractors to ensure everything gets completed on time.

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Here are a few of the benefits of hiring general contractors and how they work for you.

Leading from the Front

A general contractor takes control of the project. Instead of the home developer or homeowner having to deal with each individual contractor one by one and juggle different responsibilities, that’s the general contractor’s job. What they say goes and other contractors report directly to the general contractor who in turn reports to the owner of the project. The buck stops with them. They’re also legally responsible and may also bear the responsibility and risk connected to what contractors below them have done or not done on the project.

Head in the Details, Not in the Clouds

The larger the building or renovation project, the more difficult it is to manage all the aspects simultaneously. Rather than the owner of the land or the property needing to get up to speed on what every contractor does, the general contracts already knows.

They look at what supplies are needed and source the right quality for a good price to keep on budget. They’ll usually have some good contacts with preferential deals on supplies compared to what the homeowner can access alone.

Good Communicators

As a general contractor, they’re required to speak the customer’s language and not only that of the contractors. They’re the point person to the developer or homeowner. While it’s difficult to talk with many contractors, the general contractor is the public face that pulls all the relevant information together to speak informatively and accurately about how the project is going and what difficulties are being experienced.

Responsible for Recruiting Other Contractors

Hiring specialist contractors is difficult because you have the experience to know what you’re looking for exactly. This makes it hard to find the right people. A general contractor understands the different specializations and how certain contractors can help complete projects better or sooner than expected. They also know the pitfalls of making a bad hiring call. They plan and make the hires and take care of the firings too.

Less Stress

When you have a general contractor on your building project, it’s far less stressful. Taking on the project and making it their responsibility is a huge burden off your shoulders. This allows you to relax about how things are progressing and place your focus elsewhere. You’ll still receive regular updates on progress, setbacks and delivery timelines, but your mind will be clearer.

Hiring a general contractor means that you no longer must micromanage each specialist contractor that you hire. They’re the team player with construction and home renovation knowledge, plus project management skills to keep everything on-track. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.


Understanding your credit rating is one of the most essential things when it comes to your financial horizons, but unfortunately, there is so much misleading information and confusion out there that getting the right image about it can be quite challenging. To shed some light on the matter, we’ll share some valuable tips about it in the paragraphs below:

Eighteen people have been charged with stealing at least $200 million in a credit card fraud ring, possibly one of the largest in US history

1. There are 5 factors that influence it

While the exact percentages of how each of these affects your credit rating are rather much a mystery, it’s a fact the following factors all play a role in it:

– Payment history

– Average credit age

– The frequency of inquiries

– Credit utilization

– Account mix

2. There are many credit ratings

Quite surprisingly, your credit rating depends on where you check. Most notably, FICO is usually referred to as the golden standard and the so-called ‘true rating’ you’re probably looking for.

3. Negative hits against your score don’t last forever

You’ve probably had your fair share of dents in your credit score, but these won’t affect it for your entire life. As a matter of fact, after 7 years have passed, they will no longer play a role in determining it or show up in your credit reports.

4. Checking your own credit score won’t lower it

You might have heard that your credit score takes a hit when a lender checks it, for instance. This is true; however, if you just want to know where you stand, checking your own won’t have any negative consequences on it.

5. Don’t max out your credit card

The best practice is to avoid pushing the limits. Even if you get one of the best credit cards for fair credit, don’t go beyond 30%, or it may have a negative effect on your credit score.

6. Having a low credit score may cost you thousands of dollars in the long run

Even if you manage to get approved for a loan, for example, the interest rates may be higher due to having a lower credit score. There are many examples like this, and over the course of time, this can amount to thousands upon thousands of dollars.

7. Joint accounts will affect your credit score

Although there is no such thing as joint scores, what your partner does on your joint loan or credit account will affect your credit score as well.

8. Being responsible with your finances is the best way to keep your credit score in good standing

In other words, making your payments on time, not spending more than you can afford, and not being a financial risk when dealing with companies will get you far.


Although the topic of credit rating goes far beyond what the scope of this article can cover, these are the bare essentials of what you need to know about it and how to handle your finances responsibly. In the end, it’s important to understand that managing your finances the smart way will not only affect how companies and potential business partners view you, but also define the quality of your life.


How long have you been a smoker? While having that cigarette can be immensely satisfying at the moment, we know that a temporary nicotine fix is the only benefit. Cigarettes are detrimental to our health, the health of those around us, and are quite expensive.

Are you ready to clean up your act and save money? Here are four ways you can become a non-smoker today, no matter how long you’ve been smoking.

1. Cold Turkey.

“Just stop smoking.” It sounds outrageous, but this has been the method that has worked for thousands of people for the past century. Certain motivational programs have you set a date to quit and stick to it. You remain aware of when it is you’re most likely to want to smoke and distract yourself during these times.

The most difficult part is making it through withdrawal. The symptoms can be more intense, considering you’ve stopped all nicotine consumption at once. The effects one may feel include irritability, anxiety, depression, dizziness, headaches, and weight gain, to name a few.

2. E-Cigarettes.

Cigarettes are much more than just nicotine. In the average tobacco cigarette, you’ll also find carbon monoxide, ammonia, acetone, toluene, and more. These, along with the literal burning tobacco entering your lungs, are arguably more damaging than nicotine alone. Therefore, many simply use vaporized nicotine in a device like the Smok Stick V8.

E-liquid is placed inside of a chamber – usually a tank – and heated by a Li-Ion battery. This produces the nicotine vapor you inhale. The biggest advantage is that you can control the amount of nicotine you get, choosing liquids with specific concentrations which allow you to reduce dependency. You can even vape for the hand-mouth satisfaction after you’ve eliminated nicotine if that helps keep you “clean”.

3. Medications and Other Nicotine Replacements.

For some, the hand-mouth action provided by e-cigs is too tempting. They’ll remain very attached to the action, which means they’ll think nothing of resorting to a tobacco cigarette when their electronic device falters or is otherwise unavailable.

That’s why a nicotine patch or gum may be a better option for them. These provide specific amounts of nicotine to satiate the smoker, with patches typically being part of a step-down program to reduce dependency. Medications, which inhibit nicotine receptors in the brain, can also eliminate dependency, but come with many side effects.

4. Hypnosis.

It won’t work for everyone, naturally, but people who are highly suggestible have some success through hypnosis. This method may be best for smokers who already despise cigarettes, but need that message to sink into their minds a little deeper.

The goal of anti-smoking hypnosis is to access the subconscious. It helps to identify the underlying cause or trigger that leads one to smoke. From there, we can change the way we view cigarettes, absorbing the subconscious message that tobacco is poisonous and undesirable.

Stop spending your money on harmful chemicals, and say goodbye to hacking coughs, yellow fingernails, and bad breath forever. Reduce your risk of deadly disease and clean up the air around you with one of these four methods. If you find that one method isn’t effective in breaking your addiction, try another. With persistence, you can join the one-million-plus people who kick the habit every year.



Lawyers use legal fees to keep their companies going. These fees keep the lights on in the office and the staff paid. There are many different options for attorneys in how they do their fees. The choice in fee structure usually depends on the type of case the attorney handles. Without these fees, the attorney could not actually support their practice throughout the year.

What are the Options for Attorney Fees?

One of the most common types of attorney fees is the hourly rate. An experienced attorney can estimate how many hours a case will need so the client knows ahead of time what to expect. The fees vary significantly by attorney and area though, so clients may shop around a bit.
Flat fees are another common choice. These are typically used for procedural items, such as setting up a will. Each procedure takes the same amount of time and effort. Therefore, the attorney does not need time to reinvent the wheel to win.
Contingency fees are common in personal injury cases. Instead of an upfront charge, the attorney does not collect a fee until a certain outcome is reached. This possibility works well when the client does not have the money to pay upfront. However, the attorney is taking on the risk.
Retainer fees work well for individuals who plan for certain events. The client pays a fee into a special retainer account. As the attorney works for that client, the fees are deducted out of the account rather than billed to the client. When the attorney-client relationship ends, any remaining fees not covered by the retainer are billed to the client.
The last option is what’s known as a statutory fee. These fees are set by the courts rather than the attorney. The attorney then accepts that fee rather than what they would charge otherwise.
Each possibility for paying an attorney has its merits. However, each is also most useful in specific situations. There are also significant variables on how the client will handle paying the fee for the attorney.


How do Structured Attorney Fees Work?

Like many financial decisions, it is important to understand the benefits of one choice over another. Structuring attorney fees is no different. Structured attorney fees are like setting up a payment plan, which helps both parties. Structured fees can be used in many scenarios, even if originally the fee structure was different.
On the attorney side, the office sets up an arrangement with the client to pay a certain amount every month for a certain amount of time. This mitigates the client’s chances of financial hardship. The office then administers this payment plan, spending hours following up and doing paperwork.

The Benefits of Structured Payments

Structured attorney fees act as attorney payment plans over the long term. In many cases, they offer more benefits to the attorney’s practice than they do to the client, though what they offer the client is impressive.
Structures fees turn into structured payments. Structured payments then come in regularly, even in the case of vacation or a slow month. This means there’s no danger of running out of money. It also allows legal offices to plan out their finances in advance, rather than hoping there are enough clients who can pay every month.
There are also potential tax benefits for an attorney’s office. Ideally, the structured payments mean the individuals are not bumped up to the next tax bracket. There is a very real risk associated with lump sums that taxes will take a significant chunk of the profit. Structured payments are smaller and can be planned for by the bookkeeper.
Structures payments are also a way to protect the money. Since the money is coming in over time, it’s more difficult for it to be included in judgments against a firm. It’s also more protected from creditors and divorce decrees, should those become a concern.

The Best Outcome

Structured attorney fees work well for both the client and the attorney. In many cases, they’re the right option, though there are some potential exceptions like criminal cases. Each situation is unique, and the attorney’s office must decide what level of risk they would like to take in the case.
Structured attorney fees offer attorneys an increased chance of collecting the full amount from the client. In many cases, clients cannot necessarily afford to pay attorney fees upfront without putting themselves in a precarious financial situation. By offering a payment plan option, attorneys can attract more clients.
Structured fees allow an attorney’s office to run without worry month to month. In an ideal world, the clients pay on time without prompting and there are no issues. There’s a certain amount of uncertainty involved in trusting people to pay. It’s worth noting that attorneys do not have to administer their own payment plans.
In the age of software and outsourcing, attorneys do not have to keep their own accounting department. Instead, they can outsource to a service or software to save themselves expenses. Then the outsourced company does the payment chasing instead. That has the potential to save tens of hours of manpower every month.
Outsourcing may not be a possibility for every office. A particularly large office may find it beneficial to keep their own billing department. However, options exist now that haven’t existed in the past, and using them can put a legal office at an advantage.


There are many options for gathering attorney fees. Some favor the clients, while others favor the attorney in the written terms. Everyone has the options, depending on the situation and circumstances. However, there is one option that offers more stability on both sides.
Structured attorney fees smooth out the process of payment for services rendered on both sides of the equation. The client has more opportunities to pay without risking their own wellbeing. The attorney receives a steadier stream of income and potential tax benefits. Structured attorney fees work well for both sides of the relationship in the long term.


Did you realize that firefighters respond to nearly 359,000 home fires each year? The majority of these fires are caused by things like faulty cooking equipment or electrical wiring issues.

If you are one of the brave men or women who put their life on the line to put out these fires, having the right equipment is vital. The right tools can mean the difference between a home totally burning down or being saved just in the nick of time.

The following are some of the most important pieces of equipment you need to make sure are on your fire truck before rolling out.

1. An Easy To Use Electrical Tester

One of the first things most firefighters are taught is that electricity can kill. Unless you see electrical lines arcing, it can be difficult to detect whether or not they are live. Rather than risking electrocution, you need to put an easy to use electrical tester on your fire truck.

With this tool, you will be able to assess the threat posed by electrical lines and keep others in the area safe. You need to remember that any electrical wire should always be approached like it is live. Once you have tested the line in question, you can rule it out as a possible source of danger.

Imagini pentru Fire Truck Equipment

2. Every Fire Truck Should Have a Window Punch

When fires are raging and lives are at stake, having a trusty window punch can be extremely. Putting these devices behind your fire truck doors will both keep them safe and make them accessible to other firefighters.

In most cases, these punches are used to break out the window of a car that is on fire. Instead of using a tire iron and making a mess, you can control the amount of force used to break the glass with this punch. This is especially helpful if there are still people trapped inside of the vehicle. With a window punch, you can reduce the chance that the broken glass will get on the individual in the car.

3. Keep Plenty of Door Wedges on Hand

In some situations, keeping a door open can mean the difference between life or death. Often times, firefighters will leave home doors open to ventilate following a fire. The best way to ensure these doors stay open is by using wooden or rubber wedges.

If the building in question is extremely hot, then using a wooden wedge is probably a good idea. Generally, the molded rubber wedges will melt in these extreme temperatures.

4. Rechargeable Flash Lights are a Must

In most cases, firefighters will have to do most of their work in the dark. If a home has just burned down, all of the lights and electrical wiring will be destroyed. Instead of going into a home blindly, having a bright rechargeable flashlight is a must.

When trying to find a flashlight to put on your truck, be sure to consider how durable it is. Skimping on the quality of this flashlight to save money will generally lead to big problems. Investing in a durable and well-made flashlight will make searching homes and commercial structures much easier.

By putting high-quality tools on your fire truck, you can do your job with ease. Constantly inspecting and changing out damaged tools will help you avoid problems when it comes to dealing with fires.


Nowadays, businesses are so diverse, and even the smallest local businesses can have a huge range of jobs and tasks to complete on a daily basis that leaves not a lot of hours left in the day for anything else.

However, with the rise of this mountain of jobs comes to the latest technological developments, most importantly automation. There are so many areas of your business you can automate using software, allowing you to streamline your operations in terms of production and quality.

Not sure where to start? Check out these six areas of your business you can start automating today!


#1 – Streamline Communication

Think about how many different channels you communicate through with different people within your business. From instant messaging and social media to emails and phone calls, staying in touch has never been easier.

However, by dedicating a channel to a different topic, such as instant messaging for urgent communications only, and email for information, you can streamline how you stay in touch and augment the way you communicate.

#2 – Emails

No automation list would be complete without a mention of automating your emails. There are so many platforms and software packages out there that you’re seriously missing out if you’re not already using one to manage your customer emails.

From breaking your mailing lists down into demographics, A/B testing your emails and manage thousands of emails, there’s no denying the power that email automation can bring to your business.

#3 – Social Media

It’s far more difficult and time-consuming if you’re thinking of things to post of your social media channels and then taking the time every day to post. Instead, why not dedicate a few hours into bulk creating posts and then scheduling the posts automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.

This will save you so much time in the long-term, meaning you’re able to stay on top of and optimize your social media campaigns while spending minimal time doing it.

#4 – Automate Your Lead Tracking

Depending on how long you are currently spending watching, monitoring, organizing and managing your leads, why not get a super-fast and effective lead tracking application to do it for you? Of course, when you’re competing for every lead possible, this efficiency is essential.

#5 – Look Out of Opportunities

Every business is different, and there’s no be-all-and-end-all solution to what you can automate or not automate. Your business could be very different from another. However, the best way to look for automation opportunities is simply to look out for areas of work which are repeated over and over again.

This could be anything from generating newsletters, sorting emails, counting stock, checking till balances or anything in between. All you need to do is lump these tasks together to make things far easier for yourself and your employees.

#6 – Implementing AI and Deep Learning

There’s no denying the rise and boom of AI technologies is going to change the world and everything in it completely. When it comes to your business, this technology is readily available right now, whether that’s through a sales automation CRM or a third party, that can help.

Take the data points and analytics from your business and website, feed them into your platform and get automated control over your prices, your business processes, and operational functions; easily one of the best ways to optimize your business.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enhance your business using automation. Simply look for the areas in your business that are repeated regularly and see what solutions that are out there can help.



Buying a car is a major investment and is often the first large purchase people make as young adults. However, there are several pitfalls involved hidden the process that can lead to buyer’s remorse and an overall sense of unhappiness with the experience, and one of the most common is accepting myths as facts when it comes to researching and financing a vehicle. If you are ready to buy a car, busting these misconceptions before you shop can help you avoid disappointment and make you feel confident about the car you choose.

1. Car Color Can Affect Price

It is a common myth that red, yellow, and neon-blue vehicles are more expensive than other choices and cost most to insure because they are distracting and therefore more likely to cause accidents. This rumor likely got started because sports cars commonly come in these colors and some insurance companies charge more to cover high-performance vehicles.

If you are browsing a car lot and notice that a red model of a certain vehicle is slightly more expensive than a white one, this may be due to buyer appeal. Red cars are eye-catching, shiny, and the color is equated with speed and style. If color is important to you, take the time to browse several different local car lots and look online to compare availability, as some dealers with an overstock of one color may offer discounts on several different makes and models.

Mature business man discussing project with his colleagues and pointing at computer screen

2. Price Is Priority

While the cost of a vehicle is certainly important, making the sticker price your main focus can get you in over your head before you even take the car home. Instead, it is wise to think of this price as a jumping-off point for negotiating a better deal. This can be especially important if you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, as the price for these cars is usually not as firm as those for new cars.

One way to use a sticker price effectively is to research that make, model, and year once you find a vehicle that interests you. Know the Kelley Blue Book value, the average cost at other lots, and, if possible, the history of the vehicle itself. The more you know about a car, the better the chance you can negotiate a better deal rather than simply agreeing on the sticker price.

3. Year-End Deals Yield the Best Savings

You have likely heard many car ads about how dealers have to move their existing stock to make way for the upcoming new models and that there is no better time to buy than at the end of the year. However, while sales like these can yield some good deals, it may not be the best time for you to make a purchase. Before you purchase a pre-owned vehicle during this type of promotion, you may want to consider a few factors first.

For example, before you visit the lot, check out the stock online if possible so you can browse without feeling pressured or hurried to make a choice. If the car you want is available but is missing a few accessories that it had when it was new, what kind of price reduction can you score? Are there upgrades available? What kind of warranty does the dealership offer on their used vehicles? These are all questions you might want to ask yourself before you buy at the end of the year.

4. Pay Cash, Not Credit

Paying cash for certain items can help you avoid debt, but when it comes to buying a car, it is not always the best choice. In fact, you may score a better deal by financing. You can gauge how much you qualify for by filling out an easy online auto loan application and visiting a dealer that has financing incentives to find a monthly payment that suits your budget.

Car-buying myths can make the process confusing. However, when you know the facts, you can make important choices with confidence and drive away knowing you made the best deal.


If you find yourself in a vehicle accident, you may feel scared, which is perfectly normal. Whether you feel you are at fault or not, what you do in that moment can have a significant impact on your life. Ignore the feeling to flee the scene of the accident if tempted. The ramifications of a hit and run could prove costly for you. Let’s look at some of the potential consequences of driving away from the scene of an accident.

Criminal Penalties

Different states have different criminal penalties for a hit and run, whether you crashed on a motorcycle or is involved in some other vehicular accident. Some states classify the criminal penalties for a hit and run as felonies or misdemeanors. The circumstances surrounding the incident will factor into what type of criminal penalty will be levied. A felony hit and run is generally characterized as leaving the scene of an accident, where a person, pedestrian, or vehicle occupant, suffer some kind of injury. States tend to impose steep fines ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. It is also possible to face incarceration of up to 15 years in prison for a felony hit and run. In the instance of a misdemeanor charge, a criminal fine of up to $5,000 and up to a year in jail could be the consequence.


Source: https://pixabay.com/en/calculator-calculation-insurance-385506/

Administrative Penalties

The majority of states impose administrative penalties associated with driver’s license through the particular state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Regardless of the penalty classification, felony or misdemeanor, any conviction for a hit and run, usually results in an automatic suspension or revocation of your driver’s license for the duration of six months, or in some states, revocation could last up to three years. Some states factor in the nature and circumstances of the hit and run accident and may even render a penalty of a lifetime revocation of your driver’s license.

Civil Penalties

If you caused the accident, another individual involved in the crash could file a suit against you for damages. If the victim suffers an injury, that person could seek monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. This is one penalty that is possible whether or not the accident was a hit and run. A court would likely order you to pay significantly more in damages if you are found to be liable not only for the hit and run, but for also causing the accident. This is called “treble damages” in many states.

Cancelled Insurance

While criminal penalties are generally considered more important or impactful, your insurance

company could also punish you for a hit and run accident. It is the practice of many insurance companies to cancel the automobile insurance policy if found guilty of a hit and run. You might be lucky enough to simply have your rates raised, though by a significant amount. Failure to report the hit and run to your insurance company could end in either a rate hike or cancellation

It is unwise to leave the scene of an accident. Doing so may lead to potentially dire consequences. You could face stiff penalties or jail time, have your driver’s license revoked and see your insurance coverage dropped by your insurer. The right instinct is to stay at the scene of the accident until the authorities arrive.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to create a secure connection while using public networks. However, today’s network environment is filled with issues like Firesheep and Wi-Fi spoofing, making the security of your online activity even more important. In addition, as virtual offices and telecommuting become more prevalent, relying unsecured public networks is a hazard.


You or your employees have probably taken advantage of free Wi-Fi at the airport or local coffee shop to upload business files via an unsecured connection. Working from a café is common in today’s world, but at a huge cost.

A VPN works like a firewall by protecting your computer data whenever you are online. Technically, a VPN is like a Wide Area Network (WAN) that features the same functionality, look, and security as expected on a private network. VPNs are now a popular choice for businesses and even private individuals concerned about their online security.

A VPN taps into various dedicated connections via encryption protocols that create virtual P2P connections. In the event a cybercriminal tries to access data transmission, the encryption ensures that they cannot read it. If you are still not sure whether a VPN service is for your business, consider the following benefits.

Reduced Cyber Attacks and Security Breaches

Being targeted by hackers may sound like something that happens to certain businesses and people. Unfortunately, the only headlines you see are those of the biggest breaches that have happened.

Case in point is the increase of zero-day vulnerability by a massive 125 percent from 2014 to 2015. When you use a VPN and keep your employees off public networks, you are taking a proactive step towards reducing the likelihood your business will be targeted.

Increased Productivity

When your employees are aware of Internet vulnerabilities, they are less likely to log into your business resources on public networks. If they travel a lot, they are less likely to work while on the road for long stretches. One sure way of boosting productivity is peace of mind, which employees get when they know when and where they can connect to your network.

Increased Client Trust

If your business involves collecting data from clients, patients or customers, you can increase their trust by using a VPN. You can also make use of tools, such as a network monitoring solution, to ensure that your network is up at all times.

While many of your clients may not understand what a VPN does, a little education will go a long way in making them feel secure. Wouldn’t you rely on a service provider that goes the extra mile to ensure your personal data is secure?

Stay Local, Even when Abroad

If your business processes require that you or your employees travel a lot, a U.S. based VPN may be necessary for replacing the real IP address you are at. Travel to some countries may see you come across restrictions that prevent you from communicating with your office. For example, the Great Firewall of China is used to reroute queries and even erase content.

Therefore, to stay in constant communication with your office and complete your work, you will need a VPN. Furthermore, some of your customers and clients may be wary of trusting emails sent from overseas. A VPN ensures that your business posts, emails and others represent your home base.


Implementing a VPN for your offsite employees is an easy, fast, and effective online security solution. However, it only works when everyone is on board, which you can do by informing everyone that you are starting the VPN protocol, its benefits, and how he or she can gain access to it.

Chances are the most you know about Orlando, Florida, is that Mickey Mouse lives there. The Orlando branch of Disneyland is one of the ubiquitous friendly rodent’s most popular theme parks, and covers almost as many square miles as San Francisco.

This is a behemoth of popular culture – but Orlando can offer tourists a lot more than mouse-eared hats and pedal-to-the-metal rollercoasters.

Around every corner of this sun-filled paradise, you’ll find top-notch restaurants, classy art galleries, major events and much more.

Despite the Disney Castle lumbering overhead, we’re here to show you what other attractions you can enjoy.

So strap yourself in, ditch your Goofy mask and set your sights on the non-Disneyworld of Orlando.

Orlando International Airport

First things first – let’s chat about the airport.

Orlando International Airport is located in Downtown Orlando, and handled a stonking 44,611,265 passengers in 2017 alone.

This giant international airport is teeming with recognizable brands. If you’re a local, you’ll be able to securely leave your car with Looking4.com while you travel, or find a spot yourself in the teeming mass of multi-story car parks that sprawl for miles.

When you enter the airport you’ll enjoy a modern setting, with fine dining and excellent shopping locations in plentiful supply. This is a capitalist’s wet dream, so enjoy it while you’re there.

Imagini pentru Orlando International Airport


It’ll arguably always live in the shadow of Disneyland, but Universal Studios’ theme park in Orlando is a wonder to behold.

Containing a huge number of rides based on famous film franchises, this is a cinephile’s paradise – it’s an ideal location for families searching for a day in the sun.

International Drive

There’s arguably a version of Orlando’s International Drive in every major city. This is a long street containing upmarket eateries, boutiques, gift shops and theme parks.

For some, the experience will leave your bank balance looking as healthy as a terminal patient. But the rest of us will be happy to stare into the windows of these luxury boutiques and dream.

Discovery Cove

For lovers of nature, Discovery Cove is the ideal location. Here you’ll get to swim with dolphins, pet stingrays, feed tropical birds and lounge next to the lazy river.

Think of Discovery Cove as your haven away from the more commercial aspects of Orlando – its serenity will be appreciated by anyone who loves peace and quiet.

Imagini pentru Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center

Waddup, nerds – head to the Orlando Science Center to drool over DNA samples, dinosaur fossils and mind-bending facts about our wondrous solar system.

This is the ideal location for parents and children, offering hands-on exhibits and 3D films to keep your little terrors occupied.

We all need a little brain food every once in a while –so visit here for some cranial stimulation.

Those are our hot tips! Want to recommend a few of your own? Then let us know in the comments below!

Oh sure, it’s always great to check in with the local thrift store to find some forgotten treasures or see if you can add to your collection inherited by your grandmother. Sometimes it’s a fun outing to grab a friend and a high-end coffee and then go score a great buy on a like-new pair of jeans or winter boots. But have you ever considered that the storefront that has the second-hand items in the window is actually a front for something else, something much bigger? These days thrift stores seem to be moving away from merely a way to make a buck off of someone else’s cast-offs into a solid and important part of local communities. Take a peek inside and see what’s being used, who’s being helped, and how the shop is quietly making a difference in your world.

Using What’s Inside

When you walk into the store, take a moment to really see what’s going on. You may find that there’s a family in there that just lost everything in a fire and the store owner is helping them to find what they need to make it through this terrible time. Watch and see how everything is going home with them as a gift, not a purchase! What about that woman who looks like she’s been living on the streets for a while? She has a pile of clothing in her arms and the man at the counter is filling out a form instead of ringing up the cash register. Often, you may find that the local thrift store is connected to a local community outreach. That partnership creates a way for the outreach to use vouchers for the less fortunate to take to these stores to get necessary items like coats and shoes. However, more times than not the employees themselves are adding to the voucher and ensuring the individual gets everything he needs.

Imagine similară

Using Local Resources

These are not the resources you are thinking of. No, the thrift store isn’t using the resources; it is putting the resources to work. A great way for a retail industry like a second-hand store to have a lot of manpower at a low cost is to tap into local resources that need the hours or the experience in trade for labor. They provide training and service fulfillment for all walks of including

  •          Local Volunteers
  •          Lonely People Who Want to Be a Part of Something Greater
  •          People With Barriers Seeking Experience For Future Jobs
  •          Required Community Service Hour Workers
  •          Senior Talent
  •          Voluntary Community Service Workers for School Credits

This amazing use of local talent helps the staff and provides help in the store. Additionally, word of mouth brings in more customers and more staff. It’s a perpetual cycle of continuous help in every direction.

Using the Space

Additionally, these thrift stores are beginning to act like community centers where locals can find resources for food banks, other clothing providers, housing, and even employment within the community. They provide space for outreach services for children, adults, and recovery efforts. These stores work closely with other community centers like the Sullivan Community Space to make a difference in every sector of the community that needs provisions, guidance, and training.

So the next time you go into a thrift store, take a few moments and look around. See how the items inside are saving lives and providing for families. Look at the people who are helping the customers, cleaning the store, and restocking the shelves and notice much they really love their jobs. Finally, find out what the store offers the community beyond a good price. You may be surprised to find a lot more treasure than you bargained for.


When a couple is heading toward divorce, it doesn’t only affect them, but it has an impact on family members on both sides. If they have children, then a divorce will affect them more than others, and they may seem angry or sad.

If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, telling your kids can be difficult but it must be done. Use these tips to decide how you will approach the topic of divorce with them.


Be Age Appropriate

When sitting down with children to tell them about divorce, use age appropriate language and don’t burden them with the reasons behind it. Younger children are not going to understand the reasons behind the decision and their primary concern will be who is going to take care of them.

As children get older, they will understand more, so it’s important to avoid blame. According to research, three things will help children adjust well to the situation:

  • A stable relationship with both parents, if the circumstances make it possible.
  • The reliable presence of both parents in their lives.
  • Minimizing their exposure to conflicts.

Don’t Assign Blame

Even though it could be difficult to do, try not to assign blame for the divorce on the other parent. The goal shouldn’t be to make children decide who is the better parent but to reassure them that both parents will still be in their lives.

Also, emphasize that the divorce isn’t their fault. Some kids will assume it was something they did wrong to cause the split, so they may feel guilty. However, both parents should make sure their kids know they are not to blame for the marriage splitting up.

Plan the Conversation

It is ideal for both parents to be present for telling children about divorce and for both to reassure them of their safety and security. Plan what to tell them, how to tell them, and don’t make them choose between you.

Even though divorces can be very emotional, and spouses can be angry with each other, their goal should be to try to do what’s best for their children. When a spouse is moving out of the home, speak to family law firms, like CLW lawyers, about temporary custody arrangements before the talk.

Part of providing a stable foundation is letting children know where they are going to live and that both parents will still be in their lives.

Expect Strong Reactions

A child’s reaction to a divorce may take you by surprise, but if you prepare for them, then they can be better handled. A child’s reaction will depend on their age. Very young children may seem sad but almost unaware of what is happening because they don’t understand the situation.

Some young children will be insecure, they may blame themselves, and kids who are older may be angry. By preparing for the conversation, you can address their concerns thoughtfully, and reassure them that everything will be okay.

The most important aspect of a divorce may be reassuring your children that they will be taken care of, both parents still love them, and to ensure their safety. The best way to address the situation is by being as honest as possible with your kids.

Work together and plan the conservation, so both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can prepare your children for the changes in their lives.