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The world is a very big place made up of many countries and cultures. Trying to see as much of the world as possible is important in life, and part of that is planning things so that you can have those experiences and not rely on vacations to get you there. You could be very comfortable where you are with your current city and current employer, but that doesn’t mean the idea of relocation won’t cross your mind. If the opportunity to move to another country and explore a new culture falls into your lap, you have a lot of things to consider.

Moving for a job is exciting, but it doesn’t mean you won’t meet a certain number of challenges head on. You have to identify the pros and cons of what would happen when you relocate and whether you could cope with being more than a tourist. Being a visitor in another country is very different to applying for temporary visas and doing an Aadhar card download ready for working. Relocation has to be about more than the job you could move for. It has to be about the place you are going to and whether you can cope with the changes that come with embracing a new culture. So, what things should you ask yourself before you can decide whether you can make the step to relocate somewhere entirely new?


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What are the benefits? When you get offered a job abroad, you have to decide whether it would be worth more in salary, benefits and experiences before you make the leap. Are you going to be living somewhere with a better climate, making those days off more fun? These are important things you should look into before you say yes.

Will this move better your career prospects? A lot of people relocate for the cultural experiences and the chance for a different view out of the office window, but if it’s not going to give your resume a rich lift, is it really worth it? Weigh up what kind of future this role could offer you, and whether this role could help you climb the ladder better than where you are now.

Can this move make your life more enriched? Immersion into a new culture and living like a local can give you a different perspective on the area you have agreed to take a job in. If this new place can give your life more meaning and give you enriched experiences that you will never be able to get again, then it can feel like a no-brainer!

Will this change your life? We all go into different experiences with the goal that we can do something better in our lives, and if this role is going to elevate the life you already have then surely this experience is going to be worth the change?

Life is all about embracing new places, new people and new cultures and if you can get the chance to move and work abroad, you should grab it with both hands. If it doesn’t work out, you can always come home!


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The global food shortage the world faces is as terrifying and real as Donald Trump being President of the United States of America. Just look at Venezuela right now. But, unlike this administration, the horrors of such food shortage won’t come to an abrupt halt in *eight years time (*we mean four), instead it will have drastically worsened unless we come collectively fight for sustainability.

Luckily, among all this doom and gloom, there is the silver lining of a solution, which requires us to simultaneously close the food gap, promote economic development and reduce the current impact the agricultural industry has on the environment. And here is how we can do that:

Reduce Food Waste

40% of all the food produced is wasted. On top of that, 25% of all the food created on the fields is lost before it makes it to the fork. Just reducing these figures by half could close the food gap by 20% before 2050.

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Promote Aquaculture

Nearly half of all the fish consumed is produced through aquaculture, which proves a huge shift in paradigms has taken place and continues to take place. To continue this momentum, we need to take what the Global Salmon Initiative is doing and encourage the world’s fishing enterprises to get certified. That way we can continue to reduce the reliance we have on wild-fishing being used as feed.

Not Beef Or Lamb

Beef and lamb create around six times the amount of CO2 emissions as other protein sources, including pork, chicken, fish and eggs, making them the biggest culprits in terms of greenhouse gases. As such, we need to continue urging people to shift away from beef because even just a 20% shift will protect millions and millions or forests from harm. Feeding grounds, water consumption, CO2 emissions; beef affects all of these.

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Conservation Agriculture

For those who aren’t aware, the term conservation agriculture includes processes like crop rotation, mulching and reduced tillage all improve yields, which is especially important in African countries. Not only that, but agroforestry improves yields too. This works by improving land fertility and better managing water usage, which is why these techniques need to be encouraged across all sub-Saharan countries.

Locally Sourced

There is no point being a vegan if your fruit and veg have endured truck rides, boat trips and long-haul flights before making it to your plate. Instead, eating locally sourced foods is the best way forward. This could mean using FarmDrop – who source all foods from within 150 miles of the buyer – to supply your groceries, or it could be you grow your own produce in your garden. Either way, a shift towards locally sourced foods needs to happen.

It is imperative to understand that there isn’t a single solution that is going to reduce the food gap that we currently face. Instead, a cocktail of strategies must be put in place, which is what seems to be happening. However, it is not just enough for governments and businesses to be pushing this, we need to be pushing it as a society too. That is the only way of making this movement a success.

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As the crisis in Venezuela continues, talk of the issues escalating into civil war is becoming less far fetched by the day. And certainly, there are plenty of international oars being stuck into the pot – Donald Trump’s in particular. The reality for most of us, however, is that no matter what the news is saying, it’s impossible to get a grip on what is happening on the ground, whichever side you think is in the right.

There is another reality, though – rebel forces are growing, and the kindling for war needs only the slightest spark for things to ignite. Plus, now that President Maduro has won an election, even if you agree with the likes of Smartmatic who claim the ballot was tampered with, the simple fact is that once that constitution is rewritten, it will be challenging to defeat the current leader next time around.

With all this in mind, it’s hardly surprising the election itself was boycotted by the opposition. Given they see it as a phoney election – and with the likes of the United States starting to make less diplomatic noises from the north – it seems sensible that they are doing all they can to avoid legitimizing Maduro and his party. Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Canada are all throwing their two cents-worth, too, so a waiting game is probably the most useful option.

But for anyone that thinks a rebellion and civil war will see a return to a thriving Venezuela, there are a few troubling questions to answer. First of all, why is President Trump taking so much interest in Venezuela right now? And why are we seeing so much about it on the news? Yes, the reports appear to be damaging for the Maduro government, but we are most definitely seeing a one-sided picture. Many other dictators around the world are going about their business in a much more violent manner, to citizens and political opponents alike, with little to no rebuke in the mainstream news. In fact, some of them have been getting arms deals while the likes of Venezuela get sanctions.

Also, there is little talk of who these rebels really are, who they are being backed by, and what their intentions are. And the reality is that when democracies – however shambolic those democracies are – fall, they are generally replaced with something far worse.

President Maduro doesn’t deserve much sympathy, of course, given the huge mistakes the government have made which have resulted in appalling economic performance. And there is no excuse for the kind of bloodshed and violence allegedly carried out by the government. But for the Venezuelan people who will, no doubt, be severely hurt by a civil war, may not be any better off after one, even if Maduro is overthrown. And there are plenty of others with blood on their hands, too, not just government forces and supporters. Should these rebels find themselves in power one day in the not-too-distant future, one wonders what that power might look like.


All over the world, football fans are preparing themselves for the season’s drama with fevered anticipation. For those of us who don’t follow the beautiful game, however, it can be a gruelling chore especially if we have spouses, kids and friends for whom it’s absolutely everything. For men and women all over the planet who’d rather watch paint dry than invest ninety minutes (let alone a season’s viewing) in watching sports then it can create friction and even full blown arguments with football obsessed family members. Thus, we’ve created a guide to familial bliss throughout the football season that will prevent any of your family members from having to be shown the red card.

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Build personal investment

Most people love football because they’ve built a tribalistic connection to their favourite team. Sure, as they get older they may develop a technical appreciation for the skill, technical proficiency and strategy of the game but it all boils down to a primal “us vs them” mentality. This psychology is often forged at an early age and it can be virtually impossible to develop that kind of investment as an adult. Football likely has psychological associations with family, togetherness and a shared experience much like a pop concert or a live theatrical performance. While you may not be able to recreate this kind of investment for yourself there may be some ways to create investment. Place a bet at the start of the season to give yourself a vested interest (just be sure to bet responsibly). Even picking a team arbitrarily because you like the sound of their name or the colour of their kit can be a fun entry point.

Make football time YOU time

Many men and women take their football seriously as watching it allows them an opportunity to leave their troubles behind for an hour and a half and invest their attention completely in the game. So, why not afford yourself the same opportunity? Take some time to visit a friend, read a book, watch a film or play video games. Whichever way you prefer to unwind, you’ll feel much better when the match is over..

Create a trade off

For many of our partners, and especially children, it’s not enough to enjoy the football, they want to feel that we’re enjoying it too. Even if watching the game is boring or tortuous for you, then grin and bear it under the proviso that tomorrow the family can spend the same amount of time doing an activity of your choosing, whatever that may be.

And if you can’t beat them, join them

Most football fans are not made in front of the TV, they’re made in the stands. Even if you’re not a football fan, there’s a certain atmosphere around live football that should really be experienced by everyone, even those with no personal investment in the sport. Football fans are very often misrepresented as being aggressive, rude and violent. However the vast majority are friendly, approachable and passionate, creating a welcoming atmosphere that you may just appreciate.


Summer is a busy time; especially the weekends. If you’re finding it hard to find the time to squeeze everything in, your wardrobe could give you a helping hand. You may start your Saturday morning off with a quick gym visit, followed by shopping and lunch, and more shopping. By the time you’ve finished you’ve barely got enough time to get home and change your outfit ready for a night on the town. But, what if you didn’t have to? What if you could change a few simple details about the outfit you’ve been wearing all day and completely transform it? Here are some ideas.


Shirt Dress

On a hot Summer’s day, a shirt dress is an easy option that keeps you cool, comfortable and stylish. It’s easy to move around in and all you need to do is throw on a pair of trainers and a nice watch before you can head out the door. When it comes to nighttime, this dress doesn’t exactly scream sexy…until you add a few things. Swap the trainers for some fabulous heels, add some statement jewellery and let your hair down. Voila!


You can do anything in a sundress! Go to the beach, do your food shopping, have a picnic in the park. It’s one of the most versatile dresses for daytime activities, but it isn’t often thought of as an occasion dress. There are so many cute sundresses out there, but when you want a sundress that can turn into a fun-dress, you need to look out for certain things. Go for dresses with cut-outs and ones that accentuate your figure. Then all you need to do is swap the sun hat and glasses for beach waves in your hair, statement earrings and a pair wedges before you’re ready for the cocktails.


Maxi Dress

There’s no way you can turn a maxi dress into an evening look, right? Wrong! A maxi dress is an easy-breezy look for Summer and they’re so easy to wear. If you’re going to brunch with friends on a glorious day, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. When it comes to going out in the night, look for a maxi dress with a side split and it will change the game completely. You won’t even have to wear heels to make the dress sexy. You can change up your look by adding some jewellery and changing your make-up. Glittering eyeshadow is always a winner with maxi dresses.

Off the Shoulder Dress

An off the shoulder dress is ideal for keeping you cool on a hot day and you can keep the accessories to a minimum during the day, creating a chic look. To down-dress your outfit in the day, wear with a pair of flats and keep your hair up. To transform the look during the evening, wear your hair up and put on a sparkling choker and heels. You could even make the most of your exposed skin and wear layered necklaces if you want your evening look to stand out.

Pencil Skirt Suit

If you have to go to an event straight from work, it doesn’t mean you can’t transform your outfit. A pencil skirt suit is an ideal way to show your styling skills. When it comes to the evening, get rid of your jacket and add a statement necklace to your blouse. Match your heels to the colour of your statement necklace and you’ve got an easy pop of colour added to a black or grey suit. If you want to make a killer impression, go for a red necklace, red heels and pair them with red lipstick. You’re sure to turn heads when you walk in the room.


Wrap Dress

If you’re spending the day at the beach in your bikini and you want something easy to throw on when you’re ready for some night-time fun, a wrap dress could be the perfect solution. There’s no hassle; you can even throw it on top of your bikini when you’ve finished sunbathing. All you’ll need is some sandals and sunglasses for the beach. When it’s time to hit the bar, swap your sandals for heels and add some gold or silver bangles to your wrists. Keep your hair down and natural.

When enough thought is put into it, there aren’t many outfits that can’t be turned into something suitable for a special occasion. So, take a good look through your accessories and get creative. You never know what you could come up with until you try!

What makes us monitor actions and behavior of our relatives, significant ones, and children? Most people track someone’s location to protect this person and not to worry about him or her. However, there are cases when we just can’t trust a person for some reasons and need a way to learn the concealed truth. There are many situations that induce people to spy on someone, and the majority of parents and spouses monitor their children or significant ones without any remorse. To track phone location is a habitual thing today, as we have a great number of different applications and programs for mobiles and laptops allowing to monitor whereabouts of a gadget’s owner.


In the epoch when “Big Brother is watching you,” we turned into followers and spies. Sometimes we can infringe someone’s rights and invade privacy without even noticing it. In this case, some problems with the law will be inevitable. Speaking about this danger, we would like to explain when monitoring a person is normal and when we may turn into criminals without even knowing it.

How to Track Phone Location Legally

As for the legitimacy of monitoring actions, we can say that it is generally illegal. However, if you have access to a phone or laptop or possess one of them, tracking won’t break any rules. During investigations, the police may hack your devices if it is necessary, but they usually have an official permission of the court or a warrant to do this. So, if you don’t own a cell phone that you want to track and do not work in the police, you may have problems with the law. Installation of a special spy app or tracking services on a gadget may lead to serious problems, so make sure you do everything right.

Let’s imagine that you have access to a targeted mobile. Then, you may use three ways to monitor every movement of its owner. They are as follows:

  • Major phone carriers
  • Specific options on the targeted phone
  • Tracking software

So, if you have a gadget that you want to monitor, you should consider these methods more closely. Learn how to spy on your relatives and friends legally and choose the way you like the most to do this.

    Tracking with Phone Carriers

Many US carriers can provide you with necessary information about the whereabouts of your children, spouses, and friends. If their phones and numbers are connected to one account, it is great. Thus, you have full rights to monitor the location of these devices. When using special applications provided by phone carriers, you may easily find out where your child plays at the moment, or where your wife is. For example, Verizon Family Locator enables you to be aware of your relatives’ location. Besides, this app is automatically upgraded and has the function of “hotspots”, which sends notifications in case a person visits or leaves a certain place.

Cell Phone Special Functions

Android and iPhone operating systems have some specific options to monitor the location of a targeted device from another gadget like a smartphone, tablet, and so on.

  1. Android has an option to locate a device remotely. When you turn it on and log in to the Google Account, you will see the location of this mobile on the map.
  2. Select the option iCloud and make sure your Find My iPhone setting is on. After entering the Apple ID, you will track a targeted phone immediately.

Monitoring Software

It is the most effective method to track someone’s location, as there is a great number of spy apps both at the App Store and Google Play Store. All you need to do is to choose a reliable and good one to start spying on your kids or employees. You can buy one of such programs at https://www.mspy.com/current-gps-location.html and find out how useful and easy these applications may be. However, don’t forget about access permission to a targeted phone if you don’t want to break the law.

Some Extra Features of Tracking Apps

We can say that applying any spy software is much more useful than it may seem at first sight, as you can find more than just the location of a phone. In fact, using tracking apps is one of the most widespread and popular methods allowing to set up an efficient parental control over children and teenagers who went out of control. Such apps may provide access to chats and call history of your kids, for instance.

Some concerned parents can even restore deleted messages to know the truth or prevent troubles. Besides, we can learn what sites our relatives and kids visited lately and what interest they have. Moreover, there is also a very useful function of recording conversations. A little bit creepy, isn’t it? However, people rarely use these features every day, as they are designed for some extraordinary or very serious cases when no other legal means of learning the truth can be applied. If you are simply curious, try speaking to a person first before invading his or her privacy.  




We are all at risk of falling, but the possibility is heightened for the elderly. Thousands of older people fall every year, and statistics say 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will fall.

Older adults fear falling, even if they haven’t yet done so. They will avoid activities, such as walking, shopping, and visiting friends. Should this be you, try and overcome the fear. Staying active is one way you can ensure your body remains at optimum health, reducing the chances of falling. In this article, we will help you get some perspective, and consider the causes and preventions of falling.

Causes of falling

The following are some of the causes of falling.

  1. The effects of aging. Your eyesight and hearing will begin to diminish, and your reflexes won’t be as sharp as they used to be.

    2. Certain medical problems can affect your balance. These include thyroid problems, heart disease, and diabetes.

    3. Certain medications have side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, and tiredness, all of which can affect your balance.

    4. Safety hazards in the home, including loose floorboards, items on the floor, and slippery surfaces.

    5. Drop in blood pressure when you stand after sitting for awhile or getting out of a hot bath.

    6. Muscle weakness in the legs and feet.

Preventative measures

In most cases, falls can be prevented by understanding the causes above. These are some of the steps you need to follow to avoid the risk of falling.

1. Exercise as much as you are able. Regular exercise can strengthen your muscles and make you more stable on your feet.

2. Eat a healthy diet to improve your energy levels and your build your bone mass.

3. Get your eyes and ears tested. Slight changes in your sight and hearing can cause you to fall, so go for regular check-ups.

4. Read the side effects on medication packages and speak to your pharmacist or doctor if they make you dizzy and unwell.

5. Purchase mobility equipment from a specialist source, such as the Select Aged Care Store. Especially when you are walking on uneven ground, a cane or a walking frame can help.

6. Get plenty of sleep. The more tired you are, the more likely you are to have an accident.

7. Take it easy. As you get older your mobility will suffer, so pace yourself when you are on your feet and try not to rush around as if you were 20 years younger.

After a fall

Should you fall, you need to stay as calm as possible. The use of a response system can help if you are unable to get to your feet and you need emergency assistance. Alternatively, have a mobile phone on you at all times to enable you to call for help. Then seek the advice of a doctor. There may have been underlying reasons for the fall, and an X-ray will determine any damage to your bones.

Final word

We hope our advice helped, but we aren’t medical professionals. Always get a qualified opinion from a doctor. Take care.


The world of digital is divided between businesses that offer a modern and engaging experience to their users and businesses that have stopped considering the well-being of their users. It’s the latter category that interests us today, namely all the businesses that anger digital customers with old-fashioned and ridiculous practices. In an age when you can order a pizza with a click and get a taxi with another, it’s high time for digital users to make their voice heard and get businesses to change their ways. Here’s a list of the top 7 digital sins that are making users’ life impossible and that some – strangely unaware – businesses continue to perpetuate.  


Smartphone user

#1. The ones that think people don’t use smartphones

Smartphones are not exactly new anymore. iPhone celebrated this year the 10th anniversary of the little rectangle without which we couldn’t survive. There is no word to illustrate the social importance of smartphones but to give you an idea, try to name at least five adults who don’t own a phone. In short, it’s no wonder that most business strategies focus on maximizing the impact of smartphones on their revenues. Search engines have even agreed to regard responsive designs and mobile accessibility as a ranking factor. Some companies continue to rely on their mobile-unfriendly website that requires users to zoom in to read and that are impossible to navigate. The reasoning behind it remains a mystery. But the result is always the same: Users switch to a mobile-friendly competitor instead.

#2. The ones that haven’t changed their website since the 90s

The 1990s were cool: They saw the rise of the Internet. Websites may not have been elegant, but they were functional enough, even though they needed several seconds – if not minutes – to load. Today, a website that requires more than a second to load is guaranteed to lose some impatient visitors. But nothing is as bad as websites that have not updated their design to the latest trends. Flash sequences in the titles, impossible color schemes, a layout that seems inspired by a page from a word processor program, you know the kind. You need to work with a professional web design company to give your digital presence a modern and aesthetic look nowadays. Users are web-savvy, they expect businesses to display elegant, engaging and responsive websites. Anything less is just judged to be unprofessional.

#3. The ones that think pop-ups are cool

If you are not familiar with Jakob Nielsen and Dom Norman, they are the user experience experts who founded the Nielsen Norman Group years before UX was a marketable term. In the late 90s, Jakob Nielsen was already sharing his views about user experience. Unfortunately, it’s taken several years for the rest of the digital industry to catch up and apply his suggestions. More recently, the group has published an article referring to the most hated online advertising techniques. Needless to say that their words sound almost painfully true for several users. They mention pop-ups or model ads – which is the name given to an ad that appears on top of the content and needs to be closed before you can interact with the site itself – as the number one enemy of digital users. “Don’t forget to download our free whitepaper”, “Register here for a discount”, “Latest offers”, and much more, these pop-ups have a negative impact on the user. They distract from the content, and they are intrusive.

#4. The ones that force users to sign up

The marketing team has to hit the numbers; we get that. But why they think that forcing people to sign up to access the rest of the content will help to increase leads is a question that nobody can answer. Do you like to be forced to give your email address to read an article online? Nobody does. But, unfortunately for the companies that employ such method, most users are digital-savvy. They give fake email addresses. Mr. Test at test@test.com is a regular on the lead lists. Thankfully, Mr. Test doesn’t mind the intrusive newsletters and other emailing, which is a good thing because the rest of us can continue to enjoy the web in peace.

#5. The ones that play music or videos automatically

Most users nowadays open several tabs at the same time as they surf the web, to quote an old saying. And the one thing that they hate with a great passion is when without warning one of their many tabs starts playing a loud video or a piece of music. Autoplay is not only irritating, but it is also commonly accepted by the digital community as a bad idea. For a start, autoplay items interrupt the browsing experience of the user. Believe it or not, dear website, we didn’t give you the permission to play sounds at us. In an office environment, that can generate constant interruptions. In any location, users tend to shut down the tab and never come back as a revengeful act.

#6. The ones that use only stock photos

Ah, stock photos. Aren’t they lovely, all the same since the 90s? Websites that rely heavily on stock photos should consider the impact it has on their brand. Users cannot take a business seriously, especially if they have come across the same stock photos in another context. It looks cheap, unprofessional and slightly laughable too – particularly if you’re using the photos to illustrate the most individual element of your web content, the about-us page. Users can only wonder if services are also stock items.

#7. The ones that don’t proofread

Spelign mistaks ar no funn. Visitors have an unforgiven eye for spelling mistakes, missing links – 404 doesn’t go down very well with users – and other content issues. They expect the company to care about its web content as part of maintaining a professional image. Presenting a website that shows incorrect words, that is unable to offer proper navigation and that doesn’t flow logically is an indication that the company doesn’t pay attention. As a result, users tend to assume that services or products will suffer from the same poor quality.

From a poor reading experience to an overzealous marketing strategy, some websites seem to play with the users’ nerves. Unfortunately for these websites, it never ends well when you annoy your users. They leave and buy elsewhere, in the best of cases. In the worst, they take it upon themselves to destroy your business reputation.   


We say that we are tired of awkward dates and yet we find ourselves once again sitting in a restaurant with the latest guy who is just not right for us. At some point, we have to realize that we’re not going to find our soulmate in our small towns or boring suburbs and we’ll need to turn to new opportunities, even when they seem frightening. When I realized that my personal life consisted of a series of lousy dates and boyfriends going nowhere in life, I decided to try online dating. Since I didn’t want to meet men who go online to cheat on their wives, or weirdos who just want to kill the time, I decided to go with the global platform VictoriaHearts.com. It’s a dating site with a paid subscription that focuses on a meaningful relationship. Read my VictoriaHearts review to learn about my story and may it inspire you to break the cycle of love failures and expand your horizons in landing your true love, once and for all.

Take the Time to Examine Your Dating Platform

I am one of those types who always reads the instructions. So I started my exploration of VictoriaHearts.com by reading all the materials that were available to me as a guest. First, I read the feedbacks of existing members.  They were rather positive and seemed to be real.

Then I visited the Refund policy tab. I was glad to read that Victoria Hearts promised to return all “credits” (the site’s currency) to my account if I had been scammed. To be honest, one of the main reasons I hadn’t registered on dating sites for years is because the prospect of being fooled intimidated me. Also, this policy allows me to get all my unspent money back if I decide to delete my account. Sounds like a fair deal, doesn’t it?

Then there’s its Privacy policy, which states that VictoriaHearts “take reasonable security measures to help safeguard personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure”. And that’s very important taking into account the threat of  photographs, videos or personal information being stolen.

On the Billing policy page, I found information about the advantages of having Premium status on VictoriaHearts.com. Members who haven’t upgraded their accounts can’t even send messages. They are only able to view the profiles of other members. So you can be sure that each man who texts you has already invested in a Premium account and is really interested in building a relationship.

Keep Calm and Join Victoria Hearts

I am an ambitious woman with a successful career so I know the importance of paying for high-quality service. I also know the importance of making a serious effort in all my endeavors, which is why I entered the all the necessary information in the Sign Up form when creating my account on VictoriaHearts.

Then I confirmed my e-mail address by clicking on the Sign In tab, which made my profile visible to other members. Within minutes, I started receiving messages, which was a pleasant surprise. I felt sought after and, like any other woman, I enjoyed this feeling.

When you sign in for the first time, Victoria Hearts asks you to fill in several questionnaires to set your romantic goals, share some personal information and describe your ideal partner.

The site’s algorithms use this information to help you find men who can be the right match for you.

The first questionnaire is about the kind of man you are looking for on VictoriaHearts.com. How old should he be? What height? Does he smoke? Does he have children? Does he want to have more children? These are examples of some of the questions that you will be asked, and what’s great is that you can either answer or skip them.

The second questionnaire is about you. I recommend that you don’t hold back and share some personal information, particularly since there’s a guarantee on your information being secure. That’s especially the case if you want men of your type to write you first.

As my experience would later tell me, your profile is the key to success. A good one can draw wide attention and boost your chances of finding Mr. Right. So be ready to share info like your country of residence, level of education, occupation, number of children, as well as describe your body type.

And if you still have something left to say, you can mention more details about who you are and what man you aspire to attract in the “Describe Yourself” form, which other members will see.

The final phase of your profile creation is uploading your photo. You can attach an old one or post a new one using your web camera. But be aware that Victoria Hearts women are serious when it comes to the competitiveness of online dating, with many of them posting pics done by professional photographers.

First Impression of VictoriaHearts.com

Attention skeptics! Just taking a quick glimpse of the profiles of the guys at VictoriaHearts should alleviate any worries about the quality of men the website attracts.

Its design makes flipping through profiles, saving them and taking the first step towards contact a stress-free, and even fun experience. I don’t like to text others from my mobile devices, but for those who do, the mobile version of VictoriaHearts is as good as the site itself.

I know precisely what kind of man I am looking for. That’s why the simple search option, which allows me to perform a search simply based on age, isn’t my favorite. I prefer using the extended search, which allows me to identify more characteristics of the man of my dreams, including his country and city of residence, marital status and number of children, smoking and drinking habits, level of education and religion.

What’s unique about VictoriaHearts.com – something I haven’t seen on any other dating platform – is its playful Faces search option. It presents you with photos of only the faces of its members. You can select and save those you like, or simply click to skip to see the next profile photo. Once you’ve come to the realization (as I had) that there are enough quality men to make Victoria Hearts a prime dating destination, upgrade your account by clicking the orange button on the right side to get to the fun part, which is the chance to chat and exchange messages with them. You’d be surprised at how many late nights you’ll end up spending laughing and sharing intimate moments in your life, without even noticing where the time went! I find it easy to get quality conversations out of the Victoria Hearts community, which is part of its strategy of paying for quality.

VictoriaHearts.com uses a secure 128-bit encryption to protect members from hackers. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your financial information, as well as photos and videos. With your Premium status, you can use instant messaging, view private photos and videos of other members and send them virtual gifts. Also, you will get access to all your stats.

In case of any question, you can contact the support team of the Victoria Hearts dating site by clicking on the Contact Us button on the right side of your screen. I tried this out, by the way, and they were courteous and helpful, no matter how mundane my questions seemed.

My Achievements

I’ve been a member of VictoriaHearts for two months now. During this time, I’ve met more potential soulmates than I ever had in my whole life of dating. Yes, most of them live in other countries, but it doesn’t bother me as I’m ready for a big change. Last week, I received a big bunch of roses from one special man, and we are planning for a face-to-face date.  So ladies, if you feel that you’ve run out of hope and the good men are all taken or gay (ha, ha), I sincerely hope that my Victoria Hearts review will give you new encouragement not to give up and take your search for love towards a new horizon in online dating. You won’t regret it.


In the competitive world of modern business, gaining trust from the customers is everything. Without it, you’ll never gain the sales revenue needed for sustained success. As such, letting those standards slide could bring irreparable damage.

Being aware of the most common mistakes should help you avoid them. In turn, this allows you to focus on the factors that will drive your business forward. Here’s all you need to know.


#1. Be Too Secretive

When potential customers find your business and its services, they will conduct some research before buying. Unfortunately, if the necessary information is difficult to find, it can get the alarm bells ringing.

Your website should show info including telephone numbers, email accounts, and office addresses. If the business is a home-based operation, you may want to hire a virtual office address. After all, some clients may look negatively on the fact that your company operates from a residential address.

It’s not all about addresses, though. Having clear returns policies should be considered equally essential. When customers know exactly where they stand, they’ll have far less reason to doubt the trustworthiness of the venture.

#2. Let Fraudsters Win

One of the harshest realities of modern business is that it only takes one negative episode for customers to lose their trust in the company. Consequently, it’s imperative that your operation is suitably protected on a 24/7 basis. Otherwise, those errors could haunt your company for years.

Investing in the right CCTV and alarm systems should help prevent burglaries and trespassing. In today’s climate, though, digital data breaches are an even bigger threat. Using secure identity verification protects the company’s assets. More importantly, it gives clients the confidence needed to enjoy long-term relations with your brand.

Those potential dangers also extend to intellectual property. If someone else tries to make money off of your name, it can hit your profits badly. Moreover, customers may start to question the authenticity and quality of your products due to seeing fakes on the market. Once that trust is lost, regaining it is very tough indeed.


#3. Go Back On Promises

Customers have very good memories, and they will not respect a company that lies. Therefore, you must ensure that anything you say in business is accurate. Because if you leave a consumer feeling conned, they will take their custom elsewhere. Furthermore, they’ll probably encourage friends and family to do the same.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business venture, and should be used to grab the attention and drum up interest. However, you’re going to promise rewards or discounts, you must provide them. Even if you’ve only suggested that you’ll be releasing a new blog post, it’s important that you do it. Because if people think you cannot be trusted to stick to your word on trivial matters, they’ll struggle to believe you with the important things.

This is especially true in today’s climate due to the instant nature of social media. Everything stated in the public domain should be carefully considered. Fail to do this, and you could be asking for major problems.

#4. Provide Poor Customer Care

Sustained success relies heavily on your ability to keep customers coming back for more. Without that loyalty, it becomes a lot harder to achieve your goals. Given that communication is at the heart of all modern business, you must perfect this area. Once again, one bad experience could cost you a customer forever.

Face-to-face interactions are the preference but may not always be possible. Using social media enables you to address many customers at once while having an FAQ on your site can help too. Most importantly, though, you should invest in a good telephone customer care game. In the absence of human interaction, this is the next best thing.

Most clients will forgive mistakes as long as you show a genuine desire to rectify those problems. Conversely, those companies that let themselves down here often find that retention levels fall.


#5. Work Without Consistency

Customers need to resonate with the company, but that’s very difficult when it sounds out mixed messages. Therefore, one of the worst things you can do is allow your staff to do what they want. Of course, it’s good for them to use their initiative. Still, following company procedures with consistency is key.

This is what ensures clients receive a fair, honest, and clear customer service at all times. First off, you must keep employees satisfied. Secondly, you should use staff training in an effective manner. When you do this, your employees will be sure to work in the right manner. In turn, that should enable you to maintain their trust for the long haul.

Trust alone won’t guarantee success, and you’ll still need to provide great products and services. Nonetheless, trust is one of the key fundamentals that will establish a stronger platform going forward. Underestimate it at your peril.


Are you feeling stressed? There are continuous warnings of money being in short supply, bills having to be paid, contracts that have to be maintained, and so on. Unfortunately, if you want to innovate, you will need more than good idea management software. You will also need a harmonious environment in which people don’t feel stressed. People who experience high levels of stress are not like to be very creative, simply because they have too many other things on their mind.

The Science Behind Stress and Creativity

A study has been completed at the University of London, where scientists looked that the impact of improving well-being and lowering stress had on their ability to come up with innovative ideas. Participants in the trial were asked to take part in a three-part course in which they learned about overall well-being and stress. It was found that this reasonably simple course encouraged people to put better solutions in place to manage their own stress levels. Interestingly, doing so also made them more creative, ensuring they could come up with innovative ideas in the workplace.

This isn’t the first time that this type of research has been conducted and that these results have been shown. Instead, numerous pieces of research and studies have shown that calm and relaxed people are much more likely to come up with new and innovative ideas. People who were stressed out, by contrast, seemed to stop thinking creatively. This makes sense, as these people are likely to simply have too much on their mind to think outside of the box as well.

How to Stress Less

There are numerous ways in which people can figure out how to stress less and become creative one again. Lots of this information is available online. Additionally, there are now numerous companies that have developed programs in which employees can learn how to reduce their stress levels, many of which are based on the three-part course used by the University of London in their research.

One way to help people stress less, interestingly, is to make sure that they learn something new and interesting every day, something that is not necessarily related to their actual work. Doing so gives them the opportunity to just turn their mind away from their stress, even if it is just for a short period of time. It is easy enough to send a company-wide message out at the end of each day with a titbit of interesting information.

Here’s one to get you started: did you know people often work for companies of which the initials match those of their name? The chance of your first initial matching that of the company you work for is actually one in nine, more than 10%, in other words. That is significant! Psychologically speaking, it is believed that this is because people find it easier to identify with something that starts with the same initials, and when people can identify with something, they are more likely to trust it as well.


The field of music production is one of the most successful in the world. If you believe that you have a revolutionary idea and love working with new technologies, and if you are truly passionate about music, then you should consider obtaining a music business degree education and really make your dreams come true. You don’t need to be a professional to be talented. In fact, talent is perhaps more important than anything else.

However, as the fact that programs like X Factor, Sing, The Voice, and American Idol have been running for many seasons and each season produces new participants proves, there are plenty of people with talent out there. This is why you also have to become professional, and that is precisely what a degree can do for you.

When studying music business, you will learn a number of key things of important. You will study important theories and gain business that is applicable across the industry. At the same time, it is a creative degree as it focuses on music, meaning that you can really let your creativity shine. Below are some of the benefits of enrolling in such a degree.


Photo Source: hellostage.com

Professional Benefits of Completing a Music Business Degree

  1. You will be a more successful songwriter. As part of your degree, you will learn about a variety of different musical “rules”, which could be translated as the grammar of music, if music is a language. You will know what works and what doesn’t work, and what sounds good with each style.
  2. You will learn how to quickly record your own music or that of others, particularly if you take elective courses in audio engineering, for instance. Even if you don’t learn the technical side of music recording, you will learn about the hows and whys, and that is important in and of itself.
  3. You will learn how to manage artists, which is perhaps the biggest dream role for those with a music business degree. This is where you will learn how to deal with the divas, those with the real hearts, the greatest rising stars, and those who have fallen from grace. You will be responsible for essentially managing their lives, ensuring they get gigs, that they show up, that they behave themselves in public, that they sound good, that they live a healthy lifestyle, and so on.

The Issue of Competition

There are two realities in the world of music and that is that luck goes a long way and that who you know is perhaps more important than what you know. You have to be ready, therefore, to try and try and try again, and still be rejected every step of the way. At the same time, however, there will come a time when it is between you and one other person, and what will stand out at that time is that you have a music business degree. Add to that the fact that you will get lots of transferable skills, and it quickly becomes clear why this is such a fantastic degree.


The job market at the moment is unpredictable, we can all agree with that. Graduates are coming out with student debt only to find themselves unable to land a position where they want. People of all levels of experience and training are struggling to find the place for them and choosing to settle. Many want to change careers only to find their options seem limited. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. Let’s look at how savvy job seekers are broadening their horizons so that they don’t stay as job seekers for long.

Pic sourced by Pixabay

Don’t stick to traditional job-seeking methods

We’re all aware of the most obvious of job-seeking methods: looking at listings and applying for whatever jobs appeal to you. However, if you relegate your job search to only those methods, you might be missing more opportunities than you find. There’s no reliable number as to how many jobs aren’t advertised, but it’s enough that taking a different approach can make a real difference. Networking, whether in your own personal group of past colleagues, family members, and alumni can open a lot of doors. Recruitment agencies can often help people with very specialized skills better find a position that suits those skills. If there’s an industry you want to work in, don’t be shy about simply asking to be considered for a place and leaving your resume with them, tailored to the skills relevant to what they do.

Look across the sea

If you have training in a specific industry or method of work, then you aren’t just limited to the market at home. It’s a good idea to look at the industries and skill sets that other countries are looking to build. You can find more job opportunities in a different locale and many are even willing to speed up the visa application and approval process to get you over there. Even the English language is proving a highly marketable skill, with an online ESL masters giving you the qualifications and opportunity to teach abroad. This could fulfill the dreams of many looking to teach in places like Japan, Korea, Italy, or Thailand. You could land safely in a career and experience a whole new culture at the same time.


Pic sourced by Tranmautritam

Take charge of your own career

If you have marketable skills, then you can go about selling them yourself. The internet has allowed more people than ever before to become their own boss and start a career in freelancing. In particular, freelance writers, marketers, graphic designers, web designers, and coders play an important part of the online economy. But your freelance career can involve you doing just about anything, even if it’s working in an administrative role as a virtual assistant for different companies and individuals.  Not everyone is suited to the challenges of a freelancer’s career, but the freedom of working for yourself and the fact you can build your wealth solely off your own success makes it an increasingly attractive prospect.

Put the odds in your favor

There are, of course, careers that are always going to be more likely to land you a job. If you’re considering a career switch, then look at the jobs most in demand nowadays. For instance, many fear that we’re seeing a decrease of trained tradesmen, which could mean that plumbing, electrician work, and construction jobs could end up being more lucrative than in the past. As mentioned, marketing is also becoming a growing force thanks to the online world, but you don’t have to work for yourself if you don’t have the drive. There are plenty of marketing agencies, big and small, looking for creative people.


Pic sourced by Startup Stock Photos

Skills: keep learning and keep evaluating

You might already have skills that make you a fit for more careers than you imagine. For instance, people who have enjoyed some success in engineering roles also tend to make for effective project managers in any other field. Teachers often go on to have a lot of success in corporate training. Managers in organizations can go on to become consultants. Besides evaluating your skills, you should look for opportunities to keep gathering new ones. If you’re unemployed and on the job search, consider looking for internships and apprenticeships. Many of them pay, but even if they don’t, they make sure you keep working on your employability with practical skills instead of just waiting to find a job.

With all the options, looking online can be your best friend. You can find remote working opportunities, networking groups, online learning services and much more. Stay connected and stay hungry. Take the initiative and your chances are a lot better of finding the career you want.



Over the past few months, criticism has been increasing through the UK job market over the so-called “gig economy”. With the UK focused on Brexit, many financial minds in the country have been obsessing over how robust the floundering economy as a whole can be, as they prepare to enter an incredibly turbulent period.

On the surface, everything looks fairly decent. Spending is down and growth is slowing for the UK, but it’s far from the immediate and catastrophic recession that many predicted a year ago in the wake of the Brexit vote. While it’s largely expected that things will get worse before they get better, there is still one great bastion for those who insist Brexit has been nothing but a good thing: the unemployment number.

UK Unemployment

The level of unemployment is usually a big signifier of how well an economy is performing. For the UK government, the current unemployment is an outrider, the one positive speck of financial hope in the midst of an otherwise unclear picture. The percentage of people who are unemployed has been primarily falling since 2012, with 4.5% the most recent figure, the same as the USA.

So what’s the problem? The more people employed, the higher the tax take, people spend more because they are earning, thus the better the economy will perform – right?

Not quite.

The Gig Economy

The problem comes with how people are technically defined as in employment. There has been a huge leap in insecure work in the UK, i.e. people who are defined as “self employed” who actually work for a company on a gig-by-gig basis.

Uber drivers, for example, are part of the gig economy. Deliveroo is another; motorcycle riders deliver food from restaurants direct to people’s doors. There’s no hourly rate; workers are only paid on each job.

From that payment, they have to be responsible for their own sick and holiday pay. They have to pay for their own insurance in case of a car or motorcycle accident while at work. They have to manage their own accounts and pay their own tax. For all this, they can also be fired with little to no notice due to the terms of employment.

Why Is This A Problem?

Capitalist economies – such as the one the UK has – depend heavily on people feeling that they have the freedom to spend money. If they don’t, the economy grinds to a halt – and there’s a sign that the UK consumer confidence is falling. This is due in no small part to the insecure nature of the work that millions of people find themselves in.

Then there is also the fact that while these people may be technically employed, they’re not necessarily earning much money. The UK’s personal income tax threshold is £11,500, so while many people may be employed, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be paying income tax.

This is why the gig economy is under fire, with the UK – and other countries – examining the employment laws that gig businesses rely on to function. It seems that a low unemployment figure is far from a sign that a country’s economy is healthy, despite the fact it has always been portrayed as such.

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The thriving economies of countries in the Asia Pacific region remain threatened by political tensions that surface every time a sticky issue comes up. Japan and South Korea ties are less than friendly, despite both being US allies. China is at loggerheads with many of its smaller neighbors over territorial disputes and its aggressive militarization of the contested islands.

With President Trump scrapping the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal done by the previous administration, it would be wise for these Asian nations to band together, not to fight a superpower, but to find alternative solutions that would be favorable for them in light of the uncertainty of US policies that affect them.

Japan and China are two of the richest countries in the world, with the former generally viewed as “old money” and the latter as “nouveau riche.” Flattering or derogatory implications aside, it cannot be denied that both are the chief entities that make this once destitute eastern region now a powerful force in the international economic landscape.

It is therefore incumbent upon these countries’ leaders to rethink their differences and find ways to improve their relations. Achieving respectful politeness will pave the way for productive dialogues that will protect their solid global standing and safeguard the fiscal and defense forces’ stability not only for themselves but also for the other emerging Asian economies. Other than China’s military belligerence, the delusional leader of rogue nation North Korea is proceeding with his nuclearization goals, causing global agitation. Tokyo’s Abe Shinzo wields more influence in fixing the strained ties with China, his country being a long-time major US ally and a seemingly unsinkable force. But it won’t be an easy job for Abe, with the sitting US president flip-flopping on his views of Beijing’s Xi Jinping and giving the Japanese Prime Minister a politically induced headache.

Historical accounts allege that the fight for regional supremacy between the two countries already existed 1,500 years ago. China had the upper hand in geographical dimensions but Japan’s innovative progress in the 19th century and its victories in the Japan-Qing War in 1895 and over Russia in 1905 solidified its superiority over its Goliath-size neighbor. The Sino-Japanese bond was on friendlier footing in the mid-1970s to the ‘80s but events in the following decade cropped up that led to tensions that have not abated since then. 

In the 1990s, nationalistic Japanese historians revised school textbooks to cast the nation in a better light and instill patriotism in the minds of the young children. Among the revisions were the downplaying of the crimes committed by the Japanese Imperial Army against its enemies in World War ll, including China, and the purported sanitization of the events that occurred in the Rape of Nanking in 1937. The number of people killed in that massacre has never been factually established and various counts put them between 40,000 and 300,000.

A thorny issue that has hounded the two countries is China’s insistence that Japan apologize for its WWll atrocities through financial compensation. But a book by author June Dreyer mentions an incontestable fact – 70 percent of Japanese aid in the 1980s went to China. The never-ending demand for apologies now does not solicit sympathy from the Japanese but has the opposite effect of annoying them.

Adding to the tensions is the continuing dispute between Tokyo and Beijing of ownership of the Senkaku Islands, or Diaoyu Islands as China calls them. The United States had given back control of the islands to Japan under the Okinawa Reversion Agreement. China, however, does not honor the agreement, insisting that the islands belongs to them. The long-held animosity escalated in 2012 when Japan purchased the set if islands from a private individual for more than 2 billion yen.

An accord that is mutually acceptable can put to rest these contentious issues if leaders Abe and Xi are open to rebuilding the damaged lines of communication. Further, Japan’s prime minister should nurture its relations with the new US administration and maintain the cordial ties it had with the previous resident of the White House. Pres. Trump’s vacillating moods now has him favoring Pres. Xi, and Abe must be careful not to offend him. Japan needs Washington and Beijing for economic and security soundness.

Image source Flickr

For its part, China should keep in mind that its current economic strength cannot continue if it repeatedly provokes other nations with its combative and hostile behavior. It should learn to respect the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration denying its rights to the Spratly Islands in favor of the Philippines. Despite the court’s ruling in July 2016, China continued building artificial reefs and a military airfield on the contested land. and ignored several countries’ requests to abide by the legal decision.

Earlier this year, three China Coast Guard ships entered the waters around Senkaku Islands, which is the subject of a Japan-China territorial dispute. The move came days after US Secretary of State James Mattis paid a visit to Japan and reaffirmed its government’s support for Japan’s claim.

Notwithstanding the recent chill in relations, Abe and Xi have vowed to resume communication and restore healthy ties when the two met on the sidelines at the G20 summit in Hamburg earlier this month.


Staying healthy used to just mean eating well and getting a good amount of exercise. These days, the market is saturated with thousands of dietary supplements and protein shakes that can help us burn fat, build muscles and get all of the nutrition that we need. These products don’t come cheap and there are so many people out there making good money from them, so, why aren’t you one of them? The market is huge and your chances of making a successful business are pretty good. Here’s how to do it.


What’s Your Niche?

Although there’s a huge market out there, that doesn’t mean you can make good money doing the same thing as everybody else. Knowing your competition is important in any business but it is especially important in the dietary supplement world. The truth is, a lot of these products are exactly the same. The pre-workouts that people love taking are often just caffeine powder and a mix of proteins. What you need to be looking at is the way that they are marketing it. Everybody is selling the same stuff, the thing that makes them a success is how they spin it, so as long as you can come up with a good angle, you should be able to make some sales.

Deal With The Right Manufacturer

When you’re selling anything that people put into their bodies, safety needs to be a priority. If anybody has an adverse reaction, that bad publicity could kill your business immediately and it’s unlikely that you’ll recover. When you’re speaking to manufacturing companies, ask them if they have patient access. That way they will be able to identify any health problems that their products cause and alter their formula accordingly. That means you can avoid any bad press and be sure that your customers are getting the best product available.

Create A Brochure

A brochure is a pretty old fashioned marketing form that doesn’t work for a lot of businesses. However, when it comes to selling supplements, it can be very effective. There are loads of great places that you can put them where you’ll hit your target audience. Sports equipment stores and gyms are the best places to put them, and you should see a spike in web traffic soon after distributing them.

Once you’ve established yourself and you have a healthy customer base, you can start using your brochures to keep them coming back. As soon as they get comfortable dealing with a certain company, they won’t be likely to go elsewhere. You can establish that loyalty by sending out brochures with special offers and deals for long term customers.

Make Sure That You Sell In Bulk

Selling smaller quantities is not bad, but most of the people that are serious about their workout regime tend to get through a lot of this stuff. Selling bigger quantities at a slightly reduced rate will help increase sales. If the customers are happy then you’ll be more likely to establish brand loyalty and keep them coming back. This won’t happen if they can’t get the larger amounts from you that your competitors are offering.


Summer is here, and for many of us, this is a perfect time for a makeover. Not only can you change up your personal style, but you can experiment with new makeup ideas and hairstyles which can transform your image.

The warmer weather is also the perfect opportunity to get out in the sun, do more exercise, and work on improving your body. So, without further ado, here are some great ideas to help you make the most of the summer months before winter gets you scurrying indoors again.

Transform your wardrobesummer-look

(image: pexels)

Now is the time to clear out wardrobe to make your room for your summer outfits. Remember, your style is your own, so you don’t need to be a dedicated follower of fashion. You don’t even need to buy anything new, as you could mix and match the items you currently own into an entirely different outfit.

However, if you are stuck for an idea, take a look online and see what others are wearing. While bright colours are usually a must for summer clothes, you may want to take a hint from royalty, and check out Kate Middleton’s new summer outfit at Popsugar.com. Alternatively, take a walk down your local high street and (discreetly) check out what people are wearing in your town. Not only will you get an idea of what you should add to your wardrobe, but you will probably also learn the kind of outfits you should definitely avoid!

Don’t overlook your feet. Havaianas are a summer staple, so head over to http://www.theiconic.com.au/ to see what they have to offer. You will want to give your toes room to breath, and catch a little piece of the sun, so find the right footwear to complement the rest of your summer outfit. We also looked at the summer styles in shades here at Bellenews.com, so from your head to your toes you can build up a great new look.

Whatever outfit you choose this summer, be true to yourself and find something you will feel comfortable and confident in wearing. It doesn’t matter what your body size is; there will always be an outfit you can fit into. Don’t be envious of the models on the catwalk, or those you see in magazines. Be proud of who you are, and wear something that suits the style you are looking to create. Not only are you trying to convey a fabulous new image to others, but you should also enjoy your latest ensemble.

Begin your summer workout

(image: pixabay)

When it’s cold and wet outside, you have a reasonably good excuse to delay your workout plan. However, with the sun shining, you should make the most of the good weather and start to work on your body.

For starters, think about what you are trying to achieve. You may be trying to lose weight, or want to work on your cardio. There is a range of great ideas at Bodyandsoul.com.au that should give you plenty of ideas on where to start your workout. As you plan, make sure you pace yourself as you don’t want to burn yourself out before you have barely begun. Particularly if your body has been ‘resting’ for the last few months, you are going to need to be gentle on your arms and legs to avoid an injury and cramping.

For many people, exercise is a chore, but you don’t have to limit yourself to anything you will endure. Summer is a time to have fun, and there are many ways to keep fit while having a good time. You might also enlist your family and friends in the activities you take part in, ensuring you all have the opportunity to stay fit over the summer. Therefore, think outside of the box a little. Check out the ideas on Fitfulfocus.com, and you are sure to find something you will enjoy doing.

Whatever you do, try and spend some time each day in a keep fit activity. Use a fitness tracker to help you monitor how many pounds and calories you are losing, and set yourself targets. Of course, you will be battling against the rays of the sun, so look after yourself. Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated, and layer yourself in sunscreen to protect your skin. Remember to eat healthily too, so cut back on those summer barbecues, and focus on delicious fruit smoothies to ensure your body looks good in the outfits you have chosen to wear.



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In 2015 alone, Americans drove an accumulative 3.15 trillion miles. That’s the equivalent of driving between Earth and Pluto over 600 times. Needless to say, we are driving more than ever. But with so many drivers on the road, there are unfortunately higher chances of more accidents. This can be due to various circumstances: problems with the roads, problems with drivers or unfavorable weather conditions are just a few potential issues for road users. So if you find yourself in a car accident or have recently experienced a car accident, bear this following information in mind.


Always stop at the scene. If you believe that you have hurt another person or pet, significantly damaged another vehicle, or damaged some sort of roadside feature (lamp post, sign, barrier, etc) then this is especially important. There are few things worse than a hit and run incident. So avoid escalating the situation to a crime.

Call Emergency Services

If another person is significantly hurt, it is essential that you ring the emergency services immediately. Calling an ambulance quickly could make all of the difference to their condition and their potential for a full recovery. If you have been in an accident where someone has left without leaving their details, or the road is blocked or damaged, you will have to ask for the police. They will be able to ensure that the scene is managed properly, redirecting traffic until the road is safe to use again and thus preventing further subsequent accidents from occurring at the location.

Exchange Details

You will need to exchange insurance details with any cars that you have had a bump or minor accident with. Ensure that you all have each other’s’ full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, vehicle registration numbers, insurance details and policy numbers. This will be essential for any insurance claims in the follow up to the accident. The situation is tense, but attempt to remain calm and civil with one another. Also exchange any details with witnesses, so that you can contact them later for statements or reports.

Take Photos

Take photographic evidence of any damage caused by the incident. This can be damage to your car or physical damage to your bodies, such as bruising, cuts or scratches. These can also be used as evidence later if needs be. Ensure that they are high quality and as clear as possible.


Photo Source

Visit your GP

If you don’t have any major injuries that need to be seen by paramedics or emergency services, book an appointment with your GP who will be able to conduct a full check of your overall health and well-being. Many injuries that people sustain in car accidents are not immediately visible and only become apparent later down the line. Think of problems such as whiplash. These are best treated sooner rather than later, as this will minimize the detrimental effects of the incident. Traumatic situations can also have negative effects on individuals mental well-being, which you may want to seek counseling or treatment for.

Seek Compensation

Besides physical and mental damage, car accidents can cause serious problems with your lifestyle. The time taken to recover can leave you out of work and this is particularly detrimental to those who are self-employed and are not in receipt of sick pay. This is especially awful when the incident happened through no fault of your own. In this kind of situation, it may be a good idea to get into contact with a compassionate and caring car accident lawyer. These professionals will be able to guide you through the process of reclaiming lost funds. This will reduce the stress involved in trying to tide yourself over without a steady income and also allow you the necessary time that you need to make a full recovery. You may also want to seek compensation for hospital costs, as treatment and therapy don’t come cheap.

Take Your Time

You may want to rush back to work as soon as possible, leaving the incident in the past. Who can blame you? Car accidents are traumatic and not something that you want to spend your time focusing on. But it is important that you allow yourself the necessary time to recover fully. Otherwise, you may see other health problems crop up down the line or a worsening of your current symptoms. Stick to your hospital or therapy appointments to ensure that you are in receipt of the best treatment possible and are entirely recovered before easing yourself back into your usual routine.


In an age where we have more access to healthcare and scientific literature than ever before, there is a curious desire from certain sections of society to buck the trend. Rather than immersing themselves in the relentless quest for further medical developments, people are turning instead to the old remedies that would once have been dismissed as old wives tales.

It’s an intriguing phenomenon, and one made all the more common thanks to the spread of information on the internet. So what’s powering this huge change in attitudes, and is it something we should be concerned about?

#1 – Alternative Remedies Can Be Beneficial



First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge this simple truth: alternative remedies can be beneficial. What’s more, most people know them to use them in conjunction with medical advice rather than as a replacement for it.

If you’ve got a skin lesion, then applying honey to it is genuinely beneficial. If you’re wanting to lose weight, then switching to a paleo diet could actually help you. If you want to assist chemotherapy treatment, then you might find baking soda for cancer treatment to be an additional benefit. Provided people stay in touch with qualified medical professionals throughout, there’s little inherent harm to experimenting with what might work.

After all, humanity got to this point in its existence using these old, often dismissed, remedies. Aspirin is the product of tree bark, after all – so dismissing natural, alternative solutions can be damaging. When people try these things and see results, then of course they’re going to be inclined to continue using them – that’s the very basis of empirical thought.

#2 – Healthcare Is Expensive

Even in countries with healthcare provided by the government, it’s still not cheap to keep the human body going. The cost of seeing a doctor is prohibitive in times when economic growth is so sluggish and wages are stagnating the world over. So what do you do when you don’t have the option of conventional medical care? You see what you can come up with on your own.

#3 – Antibiotic Resistance Is A Real Danger

For many proponents of alternative remedies, there is a genuine concern for the growing issue of antibiotic resistance. The problem is just going to continue to get worse unless humankind addresses its over-reliance on these wonder drugs.

For conditions like throat infections and easing the symptoms of the common cold, turning to antibiotics is the common way of coping for most people. If this tendency were to be replaced by a focus on alternative strategies to deal with minor health concerns, then there could be a genuine worldwide benefit to be reaped from this. While people should always see their doctor if symptoms persist, there’s no doubt that a reduction in the number of prescribed antibiotics is something the world could genuinely benefit from.

#4 – Distrust Of Doctors



It would be infantile to discuss this issue without talking of the high level of distrust that some sections of society have in the medical profession. The case of Charlie Gard in the UK is a perfect example of this. Gard – who is terminally ill with a rare mitochondrial illness – is being kept alive by life support. The hospital treating him, Great Ormond Street (one of the foremost children’s hospitals in the world) sought court action to withdraw his life support, which was granted and continued to be so at every appeal.

The fightback against withdrawing life support has been hugely based on a distrust of what the doctors of Great Ormond Street are saying. It permeates from all of the online discussion. Some people genuinely do seem to believe that doctors are constantly going against their oaths and seek to actively harm their patients.

Countering this distrust is a matter for the medical community and the media, but it shows no sign of abating at the present time.

#5 – Desperation

Finally, some undoubtedly turn to alternative therapies out of a sense of desperation as much as anything else. They may have been let down by conventional medicine, undiagnosed with conditions they actually have, and seek to take matters into their own hands. They might have been told there is no hope or nothing that standard medical practice could do for their plights, leading to a desire to seek help wherever they can. If alternative medicine offers them a solution and something to fight for, then it is hard for any bystander to tell them they shouldn’t do it. Ideally, things will never reach this point, but there is no doubt desperation laces many of the choices people make regarding their healthcare.

Though the iPad Air 2 was launched way back in 2014, it is still one of the hottest and most versatile tablets in the market. With 9.7 inches of screen and price tag that flickers in range of 440 EUR, Apple iPad Air 2 still manages to hold its own against latest entrants like Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and iPad Pro series. Obviously, it blistered through the competition when it was released and claimed the top spot in the mid-sized tab segment. Yes, tabs reaching up to 10 inches are now mid-sized considering the array of 10 and 12 inchers released both by Apple and Samsung that mimic laptops and netbooks with their magnetic keyboard.

For most folks, the iPad Air series is the perfect balance of portability and functionality; one of the versatile gadgets that looks fashionable and delivers a punchy performance. The range of genuine leather iPad Air 2 cases can match your classic brown and black office wear.

But with a whole bunch of Pro series claiming to be new kingpins of tablets, should you upgrade your iPad Air 2? To answer that let’s look at what the Pro Series iPads have to offer that iPad Air 2 lacks.

iPad Air 2

Photo: www.cnet.com

Sharper Screen

That’s one area that will be most obvious when you see your friend’s iPad Pro 9.7 or 10.5 or even 12. The screen has got much, much sharper in two years, but ironically ppi density has remained the same, in case of iPad Pro 9.7. The difference-maker is Apple’s True Tone Display.

Faster Next-gen Processor and Increased Storage

Though Apple decided to go with 2 GB RAM for 9.7-inch variant of Pro and opted for a 2 GB bump (4 GB RAM) in iPad Pro 10.5, both the 9.7 and 10.5 variants got latest and greatest A9X and A10X Fusion chips respectively. Also, the minimum storage capacity for iPad Pro 9.7 is 32 GBs, while for 10.5 it is 64 GBs, unlike the measly 16 GBs found in iPad Air 2.

Improved Camera and Speakers

Apple improved the camera on Pro series massively. Not only they upped the mega pixels from 8 MP to 12 MP, on both iPad Pro 9.7 and 10.5, but also increased the size of pixels, thus improving color reproduction and low light performance. Not to mention, the newer cameras come with 4K video recording capabilities and simultaneous image capture.

Same story goes for the front facing cameras, which are improved from 1.2 MP to 5 MP for iPad Pro 9.7 and 7 MP for 10.5. Both new iterations come with capability of recording 1080p videos at 30 fps, that’s not too shabby for a tablet.

Additionally, for multimedia lovers, Apple ditched stereo speakers of iPad Air 2 in favor of four speaker system in both iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 10.5.

USB Connector

Apple went for the relatively new USB 3.0 reversible connector with newer Pro series to improve data transfer speeds. But as far as convenience goes, the old one wasn’t that bad, because it was also reversible.

That’s about it, on paper it looks like Apple improved multimedia capabilities of Pro series immensely, but when you compare them head to head, the difference is not that shocking.


You might think that as a law abiding citizen that you will never end up in court arguing your legal case. But you might want to think again because there are lots of reasons why you could be in this situation. In some cases, it might be a situation where you haven’t even broken the law. In other cases, it could be a minor run in with the law that most likely won’t lead to prison time or even a fine. But you could still be asked to argue your case in front of a judge. So, what are some of the reasons why you might end up in court?


Credit Pic

Traffic Disputes

You may at some point in your life decide that you have been falsely accused of a traffic offense. Perhaps you feel that you were going the correct speed limit and despite this, you received a ticket. Or, maybe you believe that you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. In either case, you will need to go to traffic court. Traffic court is a little more relaxed than your typical legal proceedings. But, you could still be asked to present evidence and argue your case. It is worth pointing out that if you do attend traffic court, you should make sure that you do have a case. Otherwise, you might find the punishment is more severe for wasting the court’s time.

Marriage Issues

Whether you want an annulment or you are seeking a divorce, you will need to use the services of the law. It’s true to say that most marital issues can be handled outside a lawsuit. But some can get very messy indeed. A court reporter is needed to keep evidence in check and present different pieces to the judge holding the proceeding. This usually occurs when there is a question of financial gain or perhaps child custody. In cases like this, it is important to make sure that each party gets what they deserve. It can be a long and arduous process, and divorce legal proceedings have been known to go on for months.

Petty Crime

Most of us do not have anything on our criminal records. However, it’s easier than you think to be dragged into court for a petty offense. You might have been on a night out and become a little too drunk to know exactly what you were doing. Perhaps you were shouting abuse at someone that you didn’t know. Or, maybe you annoyed a police officer. Either could earn you a night in lockup and a court proceeding at some point. These errors in judgment are one of the main reasons typical people end up in court arguing their case. At this point, it’s a smart move to get yourself a lawyer and make sure that you are represented.

You see, no matter how law abiding you are you could still end up in court at some point. That’s why it’s worth understanding the situation and how to handle it.

Being fashionista requires hard work, dedication and commitment toward your boutique. The fashion designers usually don’t get time for anything else besides their work. They even cannot play their favorite fashion related games on their computer. Gladly, in the present age, you do not need computer for playing and working all the time. Check out our list of top 7 fashion games, which can be easily played on your smartphone device.

Fashion Story

Fashion story is one of the most popular games for fashionistas around the world. The good news is its availability on both Android and iOS. The goal of ‘Fashion Story’ is simple; you are the owner of a fashion boutique and your job is to satisfy customers by keeping the store chic and updating the inventory efficiently. You can also connect to your Facebook and interact with your friends by visiting their boutique or giving them a gift.

Professor Purse

Professor Purse is the ideal game for those who have a thing or two for handbags and love designing them. It gives you a number of customizing options to help design the perfect handbag to attract a customer. Check other fashion related online flash games at Friv.cm.

Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon is based in Paris where the player’s character is a true shopaholic and also a fashion lover. You can shop at some of the most expensive boutiques in Paris and purchase different items including clothes, shoes and handbags. Also, the character can be modified with a new haircut and makeup to beautify the overall appearance. You can also connect with your friends online and check out their characters. Fashion Icon is available on both Android and iOS.

Image result for Style Studio: Fashion Designer

Style Studio: Fashion Designer

Ever dreamed of working as a Victoria Secret designer or you just casually love dressing up models? Style Studio: Fashion Designer is game you should download on your Apple device today. Keep up with the latest fashion trends, create and customize your latest clothing line, and dress up your model to make him/her stand out from the crowd. You can also upload and share the picture of your creation with thousands of other players around the world.

Modern Girl by Crowdstar

Modern Girl by Crowdstar combines both fashion as well as the corporate world in one game. Crowdstar is a popular developer of some interesting fashion games such as Sorority Life, Top Girl and It Girl. Modern Girl puts the player in shoes of a fashion enthusiast who has to work her way to the top of the fashion world, and of course, you can also shop the latest designer brands. It is available for download on iOS.

Stardoll Fashion Spin

Besides fashion and clothing designs, a lot of people in the industry also opt for a career as a makeup artist, and for them, Stardoll Fashion Spin is the right game. Fashion Spin allows you to customize your Medoll and make her appear different from the rest of the crowd. You can select dazzling outfits, fix the model’s hair, apply makeup and earn points for moving forward in the game. Furthermore, you can unlock new outfits and additional items as you progress. It is available for download on iOS.

Fashion Designer New York

Fashion Designer New York is an online flash game based in New York. It allows players to design new outfits for a fashion show in New York and also provides a makeover to the models. It is a simple drag and drop game, but very interesting for those interested in fashion shows and glamour world. Try out more flash based online games at JuegosFrivGratis.mx.


Every parent wants to ensure that their child gets the best education possible. A good education is a fundamental right that every child has, and yet, not all children get an education that puts them in good stead for a bright future.

Sometimes children fall behind at school, and it’s not picked up on. There are kids that aren’t given the opportunity to learn due to the size of their classes. There are students who don’t get the extra help that they need. Every child might have the right to attend school, but that doesn’t mean that every child gets a good education, because that is not the case.

As a parent, it’s natural to want to ensure that your child gets an education to be proud of. The problem is, this isn’t always easy to do – sometimes it can seem downright impossible to get a child a good education.

The good news is that by taking note of the hacks below, you can ensure that your children get the very best education possible.


Photo source

Pick a good school

This might seem like a simple thing, and something that every parent should be doing anyway, but it’s not always as easy as it would seem. Thanks to catchment areas, lots of different schools, high fees, and competitive application processes, it can be difficult to get children into your first choice school. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up, it’s just a case of taking a different approach, that’s all. If there is an outstanding school within your catchment area but the fees are too high, consider looking into scholarships. Find out whether your child could get in on a scholarship. Research other local schools that use the same teaching methods, and consider sending your children to one of those.

Move house

If the area that you are living in doesn’t offer any schools that meet your expectations in terms of your children’s education, then you need to move. Or at least, think about it. Research all the country’s best schools and choose an area to move to that offers a range of educational facilities that have excellent ratings. If the problem isn’t the area that you live in, it’s the educational system of the country, then perhaps you could consider moving abroad to give your children a better education. This might seem extreme, but there is nothing more vital than a good education. Obviously, if you are thinking of moving abroad, there will be costs to consider, such as finding a new home, using an attorney that specialized in immigration, and shipping your belongings abroad. Moving abroad won’t come cheap, but if it will allow your children to get a good education, it’s worth it, isn’t it?

Consider homeschooling

Not keen on the schools in the area and can’t afford to move to somewhere new? How about homeschooling your children? You may not be keen on the idea of taking your kids out of school and teaching them yourself, but if that is what it takes for them to get a good education, surely it is worth it? Plus, with all the online resources, such as virtual lessons, that are available, homeschooling is easier than ever before.

A good education is the key to a successful life, which is why it’s so important to take your children’s education seriously.


No matter where you live, what your life status is, or how careful you are, bad things can happen.  However, unfortunate events in your life can be made much easier when you know how to handle them properly.  For example, if a fire were to start on your stove while cooking with grease, you would certainly know not to throw water on the fire.  It is these details that are the most important in our lives, as how we handle situations determines the direction we must take in the aftermath.

What happens if I am injured in an accident?

Personal injury situations can be frightening and confusing.  However, this does not have to be the case.  Keeping a cool head in the situation is important.  If you are involved in an accident and become injured, you will first need to seek assessment and treatment for your injuries.  Be sure to get copies of the medical records, especially if another person was involved in the accident.  These records will be vital to your case if it must go to court to determine responsibility.

Related image

One of the biggest concerns that you may have is finding someone to represent your personal injury case.  This can be a frustrating or relief-filled experience depending on how you handle it.  There are some great personal injury specialists out there to help you through this difficult time, so it is best to stay calm, make sure you have all of your records in order, and think reasonably and logically.

Why do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Although you could, in theory, represent yourself in a case, you will not know all of the state regulations regarding personal injury litigation and thus, could harm your own case unintentionally.  It is far better to select a solid personal injury lawyer to handle the case, as they can guide you through the process and make sure no important steps are missed.  By selecting someone to represent your case, you are taking the necessary step to ensure that your case is not dismissed due to missing records, inconsistent admissions, or any other factor that could affect your case negatively.

Another important thing you will want to keep in order are your follow-up visits for any injuries.  If you miss a follow-up visit, it will appear as if your injuries were not as serious, creating a hole in your credibility that you simply cannot afford.  A personal injury lawyer will help to keep you on track with your requirements which is vital to your case as well.

Knowing how to handle the situation will determine the outcome of your case

While there is some weight to be accredited to the legal process itself, knowing how to handle these types of situations and taking the time to select a representative for your case will factor in heavily in the outcome of your case.  Be sure to gain representation, keep clear records, and be upfront about your injuries, treatments, follow-ups, and any additional and pertinent information about how the injuries occurred and you are sure to have a low-stress case that results in an acceptable outcome.


Are you thinking about joining the medical profession during the next few years? Would you like to make sure you have what it takes? Then you’ve come to the right place today. In this article, we’re going to highlight some essential skills that all professionals require. If you don’t have these traits at the moment, you’ll just have to work on them. Thankfully, it can take up to five years to get qualified. So, you have more than enough time.

Leadership Skills

There might come a time during your career where you have to take the lead and manage a situation. For that reason, you need to work hard to ensure you have excellent leadership skills. You also need to learn to make logical decisions under pressure.

Communication Skills

The way in which you talk to your patients and staff is critical. If you don’t have excellent communication skills, you might create misunderstandings. That is not acceptable in the medical world where mistakes can cost lives.

Analytical Skills

New laws and regulations appear in the health care field every single day. New devices and technology also appear on the market often. For that reason, all medical professionals require advanced analytical skills. That will also assist you when it comes to making diagnoses, etc.

Now you know about some of the most valuable skills, you can work hard to ensure you refine your approach. At the end of the day, working in a medical job is a noble decision. It means you want to help people and give something back. However, you still need to take the job seriously.

Credit Healthcare Administration Career Infographic