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Investors and business owners alike follow commercial real estate trends. They wish to know what the future holds and how it may affect their business or their investment portfolio. What are the four most important trends they should be watching in 2019? Furthermore, why are these trends of importance?

Industrial and Multifamily Properties Remain in High Demand

ULI’s 2019 Emerging Trends report announces industrial and multifamily assets will remain popular in 2019. Investors are grabbing up entire portfolios to strengthen their position in the industry. A good example of this is the Blackstone Group. This group recently obtained logistics assets from Harvard University, investing nearly $1 billion when doing so.

Retail locations are becoming hot again, especially those primed for upgrades or redevelopment. Investors snatch up these properties thanks to their low cost and ability to be used for alternative purposes. Anyone looking for commercial real estate needs to act quickly before they miss out on a great opportunity.

Office Space Demand May Slow

Office net absorption remains positive. If the country continues to see job growth in those sectors making use of this type of commercial real estate, investors may once again look to this area to build their portfolio. Experts are noticing office real estate expansion is greatest in those areas in close proximity to entertainment venues and additional amenities.

However, these buildings now consist of smaller workspaces that are more flexible, and co-working is becoming more common. Nevertheless, if fewer jobs are created, office demand will decrease thanks to the supply levels. When this occurs, vacancy rates will rise and rent will grow at a slower pace thanks to increased competition.

Real Estate Tech Will Flourish

Real estate brokers, as with any business person, look for ways to simplify their daily operations. With the help of new technology, doing so will be less of a challenge. New products can be of help with everything from research to property management. Every company needs to look into investing in this area or risk falling behind competitors. In a competitive market, lagging in this area can be very dangerous and lead to customers looking elsewhere. For this reason, many in real estate will make boosting their technology a top priority.

New Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Will Emerge

Thanks to many retailers closing their physical locations, storefronts will sit vacant or so many believe. However, certain online retailers are opting to make use of this space and are opening physical locations to complement their current online presence. Amazon is one company making this move, and it is joined by Athleta and Casper. These retailers have very little to lose because the rents are incredibly low as landlords try to fill the vacant spots that are overtaking their properties.

Although nobody can accurately predict the future, as there are too many variables at play, experts can provide information on what they expect to happen based on their insider knowledge. While these four trends need to be monitored, this does not mean other aspects of commercial real estate are to be ignored.

The more a person knows, the easier it becomes to make informed decisions that are right for their business. For this reason, every person interested in this sector should follow the news to see what develops and what may be coming. Knowledge always remains the most important thing.


Document automation software can help you save hours on designing and formatting documents. Find out other reasons to use document automation here.

Did you know that 99.9% of all establishments in the United States are small businesses? That equates to about 30.2 million businesses, with 8 million of them owned by minority groups. 

Yes, it’s a competitive world and a majority of businesses don’t survive.

If you want your business to become more competitive, you need document automation software. It doesn’t matter whether it’s thank you letters, quotes, contracts, or other documents. You’ll save time, money, and cut document efforts.

Are you ready to learn the benefits of document automation? Read on and find out more.

Why You Should Use Documentation Automation Software

Aside from its direct benefits, document automation has its own set of indirect advantages that go beyond its function. For some organizations, these can make more impact on their success. Here are some reasons your business should use document automation software:

1. Increase Data Compliance

Your business will see a large improvement in your data compliance as a byproduct of your document process automation. After all, your employees can only access documents using the app. 

Your data integrity improves. It happens since you can complete documents based on the data you employees put into the document automation app.

2. Decrease Resources Used to Documents

A lot of organizations dedicate a lot of resources to help audit and manage documents. That meant you had to hire employees and get more software. With document automation, your company can reallocate these resources to other productive projects.

3. Minimize Training Time

The most challenging part of a new job is to learn the business’s internal processes. If you automate document creation, it’s now replicable and easier to internalize. Your new employees can focus better on the work you hired them for.

That means you don’t need to train them on how to make and deliver documents needed in the sales process.

4. Protect Sensitive Data

A lot of documents you distribute can contain sensitive data. Whether it’s internal or external documents, information like these are private:

  • Pricing
  • Financial figures
  • Sales results
  • Customer consumption data

If you automate your data creation process, it will limit the data exposed on an employee’s desktop. It decreases the chances of information finding its way to the wrong hands.

 Both your data and documents will sit together in a single repository. The best part is that you have control over permissions. This will help in limiting the people that can access your documents and sensitive data.

5. Reduce the Number of Documents Managed

With document generators, you’ll have control on the versions and content of the documents. That will limit the number of documents made by your employees. There are companies out there that automated 98% of the data they have in their contract process.

As a result of automation, these companies decreased the number of documents used to make new contracts from more than a thousand to a hundred.

6. Use Consistent Branding

Regardless of whether you’re a small business with 20 employees or a giant corporation, you need consistent branding. It will apply whether it’s your company’s voice or the visuals that accompany it.

If you automate your document creation, you control the document’s content. You also have control over the template. This will ensure that all your employees represent your company with consistent color schemes, logos, and graphics.

7. Make a Repeatable Business Service

Making documents in a manual fashion can often become a tedious task. Once you automate its process, it becomes a repeatable process for your entire business. Your employees increase in productivity since they won’t feel worn out by starting from the ground up every time.

Your employees can also access the same data regardless of their employment duration. They can merge these with your document to generate a document package. 

8. Easier Storage and Retrieval

Storing your electronic documents on a centralized location will reduce the necessity of physical filing cabinets. That will save your office a lot of space, making employees feel less claustrophobic. Besides, that will also give you more space to put some amenities to boost employee morale.

Document automation applications store your documents in a secure manner, regardless of the total number of people working within your system. With this, your employees won’t accidentally stumble on documents they aren’t supposed to read. It also eases up their search process when trying to access related documents.

Also, it’s important to remember that hard copy document retrieval can become a time-consuming task. Depending on your company size, it will take anywhere between minutes and days. If you’re in a fast-paced business environment, this is an inefficient way of dealing with documents.

Automating your documents will allow you to get all these documents in one secure system. The retrieval is also instantaneous.

9. Allows Collaboration

Do you have different locations for your company? If so, you know the difficulty of teams working in different areas of the office. It’s even harder when you’re trying to make two different departments collaborate.

But if you automate your document creation, you cut the manual collaboration of documents. You can also drop the need for physical collaboration of these teams if you want. This will improve your efficiency since teams can now talk online and work together.

These electronic documents can have updates in real time. It means any collaborator for the documents won’t need to wait for long before they can start editing the same document. That decreases downtime and improves the overall productivity of your company.

Use Document Automation Software Today!

There are a lot of other benefits when using document automation software in your workplace. But the most important advantage is that you save both money and manpower. This helps you allocate these extra resources to more productive tasks.

If you want to look for more benefits, don’t hesitate to do some more research. But the benefits listed here are great enough as a starting point.

Did you enjoy this guide? If so, read more of our posts and discover more tips today.


In the business world growth is often the name of the game. If growing your business was as simple as wanting it to happen, however, every business would be doing it. The key to taking the company you have today and growing it into the business you want it to be is developing a product or service that people want but also developing the right marketing campaigns to let customers know that your business is out there. If you’re ready for a step up for your business, here are some key practices to implement.

Imagine similară

Do Your Research

Sometimes the simplest tasks are also the easiest to overlook. When you’ve been doing the same thing in your marketing for a long time it can be easy to think that you fully understand your clientele and know exactly the type of customer icon you should be gearing your campaigns around. If you have not assessed your data recently, however, that may not be the case.Not only should you be performing regular research into the types of customers who are purchasing your products, but you should also keep an eye on your competition’s marketing. What are they doing that is effective and what are they doing which seems to be failing to draw in viewers. Take what’s working and adjust it to fit your brand and you’ll be on the path to a bigger business.

Utilize Sales Funnels

If sales funnels are not a part of your digital marketing campaigns then you are likely missing out on potential customers with every ad that you run. On a well-executed sales funnel, browsers are directed from your ad onto a landing page which entices them to provide you with value. Whether that means producing a sale of a product immediately, or simply using a promotion in order to get contact information of interested consumers, the funnel guides them from where they were initially browsing online to where you need them to be.

Reward Loyal Customers

When you’re trying to grow your company it may seem like a tangent to discuss ways to reward current customers but you should approach customer retention as a part of your greater marketing strategy. It’s more cost effective to maintain a current customer than it is to find a new one, so keeping the customers you already earned makes it significantly easier to invest enough in marketing to grow into your targets.Loyalty programs are even better as they often can kill two birds with one stone. While systems like loyalty points keep customers coming back and occasionally provide the extra nudge when a customer is deciding between your store and another, referral bonuses get your customers to market for you.

Grow Your Lists

A fully developed set of email lists is a must for any business in the modern marketing landscape. You should maintain multiple lists with everything from currently active members to former customers and those who merely expressed interest in the past. Online funnels are a great way to gather emails from prospective customers by offering a simple deal for those who provide an email address.Once you have a set of lists set up you can target your email campaigns to hit the types of customers most likely to be intrigued by the emails you are sending. Email lists are an excellent way to get your offers and deals in front of a large number of consumers who have already shown they are intrigued by what you’re offering.

Find the Right Partners

When two companies have crossover in their client lists without having competition it’s the perfect opportunity to work together so that both companies benefit. An office with a health policy which helps to cover gym fees can partner up with a local gym for special rates, for example. The gym gets increased business from the employees choosing to use the gym for greatly reduced out of pocket spending while the office benefits from being able to offer a great deal in order to attract top talent.

Embrace Innovated Technologies

There’s no better way to set yourself apart from the competition than being innovative and changing the game. When your company has something that makes it truly unique you should take advantage of that unique hook to draw eyes to your brand, like Mark Crumpacker, Zume Culinary’s Chief Marketing Officer, did in his time with the company and its fleet of mobile pizza kitchens. There are few industries which are not crowded with competition, so highlighting what makes your business special helps you to make a name for your brand and stand out from the crowd.

The right marketing campaign can take your company to places it’s never been before. If you’re unsure of the next step for your marketing strategies try some of the above techniques and you’ll likely see new faces walking through the doors before you know it.


Have you ever felt like your income stretches a little less as time goes on, even if the amount on your paycheck has remained the same? Well, the “good” news is that you’re not imagining this phenomenon. But the more challenging news is that you, along with Americans everywhere, are dealing with the rising costs of living—inflation not necessarily reflected in salaries and hourly wages.

So, what’s a consumer to do when the cost of living is outpacing their earnings? Here’s more on what’s happening and some tips for making every cent of your income count.

While Cost of Living Rises, Wages Stay Stagnant

At first glance, the current economy is chugging along: Unemployment’s at a low following the gradual recovery from our last recession, and wages are up. But what’s increasing even more rapidly than income is the cost of living. One survey found the cost of living in America has climbed 14 percent within the last three years. The median cost for a home has jumped 21 percent, while median rent has gone up by 7.6 percent across the same period.

As debt expert and Freedom Debt Relief co-founder Andrew Housser writes, many U.S. consumers are feeling the pinch as a result: household savings rates are down, few people have the emergency funds they’d need to cover an unexpected expense, and household budgets are “more fragile for the lower part of the income distribution.”

The takeaway? In the face of the rising costs of living, it’s more important than ever to make the most of every penny you earn.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Income

Instead of using paychecks as a means to stay afloat, get strategic about how you use each and every one. Here are a few choice tips from the Las Vegas Review-Journal for doing so:

  • Create a budget: Avoid randomly using your paychecks to address expenses by writing them down in order of cost and necessity, then logging how much of your paycheck goes to each one. Prioritize from there. You can use a spreadsheet or a budgeting app to stay current on your budget.
  • Adjust how much you’re withholding: You may be withholding too much from each paycheck in the name of getting a refund at the end of the year; that’s money you could use each month to save, pay down debt, etc.
  • Pay down debt: Interest on outstanding debts will hold you back over time, so it’s wise to pay more than the minimum. Many people find it helpful to pay down debts in descending order based on either balance or interest rate.
  • Set up automatic savings: To avoid the temptation of accidentally overspending, make sure a healthy percentage of each check automatically goes toward saving.
  • Build up your emergency fund: Make sure a portion of each paycheck goes into a separate emergency fund to pad you against future catastrophes large and small.
  • Plan for the future: Even though retirement may seem a long way off, setting aside a percentage of each paycheck will set you up for the future once your income stops.
  • Have some fun, too: Once you’ve prioritized the aforementioned financial goals, you can use some of your paycheck to reward yourself for staying on track. Allowing yourself some wiggle room for discretionary spending is important.

Instead of expecting yourself to avoid discretionary spending altogether, simply build it into your budget as something you can do after you budget for necessities. This will help you wring more value out of each paycheck.

It’s undeniable the costs of living are going up for Americans, which makes it more important than ever to be strategic about how you use your income.


Do you recall your last experience on a boat ride? It must have been epic! Now imagine owning a boat. It will give you a far better experience.

However, acquiring a boat can be hectic. You need to weigh your options and see if it’s worth buying a boat or renting one.

If you settle on buying a boat, here are some factors to consider.

Speedboat with Sign SALE on White Placard

1. Do You Want a New or a Refurbished Boat?

How much are you willing to spend on the boat? A new boat will cost you more, but it’s more advantageous.

You don’t have to worry about wear and tear for the first several years because all the parts are new.

Refurbished boats are cheaper than new ones. However, some have significantly depreciated and have limited functionality.

In case they have any malfunctioning parts, you’ll have to incur repair costs since it has no warranty. To avoid all this, get a trained mechanic to do a thorough inspection of the refurbished boat before you buy it.

2. What’s the Intended Use?

Why do you want to buy a boat? Boats have several uses that are widely categorized into commercial, security, research, sports, transport, and personal use. Look at the size of the boat and how it functions.

For instance, a family boat should be spacious and have compartments to store food and personal items needed for family vacations. It should also be designed to feel warm and homely. A sports boat should have a strong engine that supports sporting activities.

All the same, don’t limit yourself. Get a versatile boat that has multipurpose functions.

3. Size Matters!

The purpose of the boat dictates the size. A family boat requires more space compared to a two-person fishing boat.

An aluminium fishing boat with measurements ranging from 8-24 feet can comfortably hold eight people. At the same time, a multipurpose speedboat ranging from 16-24 feet can also hold the same number of people.

The occupancy, coupled with the purpose of the boat, should guide you when looking into the specifications of the boat you intend to buy.

4. How Many Times Will You Use the Boat?

How frequently will you use the boat? Every day, once in a week, month or two months? If you intend to use it frequently, then ‘it’s wise to purchase a new boat.

If you ‘aren’t a frequent user, consider other options such as buying a used boat or renting.

5. The Type of Boat

There are two common types of boats; sailboats and motor powered boats. Motor powered boats are easier to drive while the sailing boats usually rely on the wind.

The choice depends on personal preference. It also depends on what you intend to use the boat for. If you need a boat for a relaxing and quite fishing time, a sailing boat is better.

If you enjoy activities such as waterskiing, go for a motor powered boat.

6. Storage Is a Key Consideration

Where do you intend to keep your boat? This is one of the most important considerations to make. Some people may keep their boats on a trailer so they can explore various waterways. Others dock their boats at a home port marina.

The bigger the boat you buy, the stronger and larger the truck, trailer or car you will require to pull it while traveling.

If you end up getting a huge boat, keep in mind that you will hire professionals to move it. You might end up needing permits to move it to long distance locations.

During winter, it ‘won’t be possible to use your boat. So you need to factor the storage costs for such long periods.

7. Insurance Costs

Whether you intend to buy a new or refurbished boat, you must factor insurance costs. For that, you will need an agent who specializes in marine boat insurance.

When shopping for a boat, work with an agent because most of them have relationships with specific boat insurance companies, and they can help you get a good bargain on the boat and the insurance rates.

Also, remember that a boat’s insurance premium and coverage is directly affected by its size, cost of purchase, and the age.

Commercial boats are therefore relatively easy to be maintained. This is because money earned in their operations covers the insurance expenses, unlike non-commercial boats.

8. Payment Methods

Consider your financing options while buying a boat. You can pay cash, take a loan or pay in installments. Whichever way suits you, look at the interest rates and the payment period.

If ‘you’re thinking of paying in installments, keep in mind that different dealers have different requirements depending on the type, value and age of the boat you intend to purchase.

In most cases, depending on the cost of the boat, you will require an initial deposit.

If you decide to take a loan, consider the time you want to service it depending on how your income flows.

9. Do a Thorough Inspection of the Boat before Finalizing the Purchase

Buying a new boat? Make sure a trained mechanic conducts a thorough inspection to ensure everything meets all legal requirements.

You also need to be acquainted about maritime laws. Find out more here.

Ensure your boat has such things as lifejackets, a first aid kit, an equipped toolbox, a warranty, and of course ‘it’s insured.

Before buying a used boat, look out for the following:

1. Inspect for any signs of damage. If you come across cracking, moisture in fiberglass, flexing, and mould on the floor, don’t buy the boat. These are signs of an old and rotting boat.

2. Check the electronics work. Seized bilge pumps and burnt-out bulbs have affordable solutions. However, if multiple devices on the fritz don’t function, it could mean faulty wiring. If the engine overheats, that means trouble!

Ensure You Make an Informed Decision When Buying a Boat

Buying a boat is a significant lifetime achievement. You don’t want to make a mistake of purchasing a faulty, dysfunctional boat. Consult widely.

Shop until you find the one that suits your needs. It’s easier and better to get advice from a professional dealer.

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If you have a furry friend at home. then you can attest to the fact that they need to feel loved and cared for. It is important to know how to love your pet and have time for them even in your busy schedule.

Loving your dog or cat does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming event. All you need to know is some simple gestures and acts to make them feel loved.

It is quite easy to know if your pet loves you because they will always want to spend time with you, jump on your lap, want to cuddle up with you on the best, so much more. Dogs are known to be able to read the emotions of their owners and feel sad too. Therefore, you need to be able to reciprocate this love too.

7 Simple Ways to Love Your Pet

Pet lovers often wonder if their pets know that they love them and how they can be able to do it. In as much as your pet may not understand the words “I love you” just by saying them, there are ways in which you can make them feel loved, cared for and appreciated. It is natural for your cat or dog to want to feel loved by you.

One of the best ways to show your pet that you love them is by making sure they are healthy. This means you need to provide good food for them and also take them to the doctors whenever they are sick or just for regular check-ups.

With many products in the market that can show your dog love, how do you know which is the best for them? Check out more ways of showing your dog love.

1. Exercise

Cats and dogs love to exercise and denying them this will make them not feel cared for. Make time in your day to exercise your pet. You can also take advantage of this as your bonding time.

Do not just let your dog run around in the park alone. You can buy a ball or disc and play fetch with it. Walking or running together will your dog will not only exercise your dog but you as well.

Cats can be very fun to play with too. Take a ball and toss it around with your cat and watch them run after it and roll around with it.

Exercise and play times create a fun and interactive time between you and your pet and they will be always looking forward to them, Remember to buy your dog a good and comfortable collar and leash. Buy your pet the right kind of toys for their age.

Exercises just in humans provides pets with good physical, mental, and emotional health.

2. Learn Their Body Language

Pets communicate with their body language and some sounds. It can be easy to understand what your cat or dog wants if you take the time to learn their body language. If you can be able to understand what your cat or dog is trying to tell you using their actions, then they will definitely feel that you love them.

There are devices and techniques available in the market today that can help you understand the language of your furry friends.

You will also be creating a strong bond with your pet if you can understand them. Well, this might not be easy and might also take time but if you love your pets you will enjoy learning to communicate with them better. Your dog understands you, you need to understand it too.

3. Give Them Healthy Meals

It gets a little tricky when it comes to pet food. Companies advertise their products as the best, and this makes it almost impossible to pick one. Cats can be very picky with their food and you cannot keep changing their food regularly as this can lead to anxiety.

Take your time to research and only get the best food from a company that you trust will always be in the market.

You should also make sure that you feed your pet a well-balanced meal and give them clean water for drinking. Buy your cat or dog their own special plate and drinking bowl. Create a specific feeding area for your cat or dog, do not just feed them from anywhere in the house.

This way, they will be going there whenever they are hungry. It is a nice idea to buy your pet some snacks that they can take in between meals. Treat your pet as if it were a human being.

4. Regular Check-Up with the Vet

Many of us dread doctors and dentist appointments. Guess what? So do pets.

Why don’t you try to make it a little fun for them? Carry their favorite toy with you, a few treats for them and make it a fun trip down to the vet’s shop.

It is important to regularly check in with your pet’s vet to make sure that they are in good shape. Do not forget to have their teeth checked too.

This is the only way to make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated. If your dog loves spending time in the dog park, it is even more important because you cannot be sure if they came into contact with any stray dog, as they do carry a lot of diseases.

5. Healthy habits

Human beings normally go the extra mile to ensure that they are in perfect health, both mentally and physically. Such habits include getting medication when needed, using supplements and visiting a masseuse once in a while. You can do the same for your pet.

One of the safe and easy ways of boosting your pet’s health is by giving then CBD. It is a famous topic in the market today and it also works in animals. CBD products contain no THC and are safe for your dog or cat and cannot get them high.

CBD oil for cats and dogs can help to manage pain and also relieve anxiety. It is good for that perfect mental state of your pet. It will also help your dog to have strong and healthy teeth.

There are a number of products that also include treats that your pet will love. What better way to show your pet how much you love them?

6. Wash Your Pet Regularly

In fact, why don’t you go ahead and have a mini spa day with your pet? Most pet owners wash their dogs once in three months, some do it weekly and some almost never. Planning your pet’s shower day ahead will give you time to plan for a fun-filled day.

Well if your pet does not like water you can slowly build them up to it by planning some water games. Washing your pet shows that you care and your pet will feel this care and love from the way you do it. Remember to clean your pets’ bowls and sleeping, living and playing areas as frequent as you can.

A pet owner should always make sure that the animal is clean and lives in a clean environment. When your pet is clean it will not have itchy skin and will be able to play and relax more. Your dog or cat will appreciate a clean environment.

7. Create Your Pet a Personal Space

There are times that even cats and dogs want some little privacy. Creating a comfortable space for them will show them how much you care for them and their well-being. Remember, when your pet is in their personal space, try not to disturb them or play with them or even throw things at them.

Your pet’s personal space is for them to unwind and just relax. Make sure the place is comfortable, warm and soft.

This space will benefit you too because should you ever have to leave your dog at home when you are at work, they will not feel abandoned and develop anxiety. They will know that they have their own safe place that they relax and wait for you to come back.

If You Love Your Pet, Take Care of It

Your pet does not need to know all the cool tricks in the park or be the cutest thing ever for you to show that you love them. You can love your pet in the simple methods listed above.

At times, your pet may make mistakes like destroying or chewing up their toys. All you need to do is look for a way to discipline and still show that you love them. Since you are taking your time to understand their body language, they will also learn to understand you.

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We all go through a phase in our lives where we wish we were 21. It can be because you want to drink alcohol or party at a club but the fun can be ruined because you are not old enough. Fake ID is what you would need in such a situation. Latest technologies have made it easier to acquire a fake ID and increased its business. It’s not legal to acquire a fake ID but it’s worth the risk to enjoy yourself. You don’t want to spend your weekend in your room or at a warehouse party and want to have real fun. Faking an ID can get you through the night. Many of us are scared to get caught by bouncers and to be thrown out. So here are some tips you can follow to get away with using a fake ID.

Act Normal:

It might seem like an obvious tip but it’s a classic failing point. Most of the students get caught because they are unable to act normal with a fake ID on them. You should think about how you would act around if you had a real ID and should do that.  Don’t try to hide into crowds or discuss a game plan in front of the guards. Bouncers get doubtful when they see you doing such things and would definitely check your ID. Avoiding eye contact also means you are giving away your identity as an underage person. Again, when you go to buy alcohol, don’t get nervous and act like you are grocery shopping. Nervous hands and laughter can alert the bouncers. Don’t attract too much attention towards you. Also, don’t whip out your ID as you reach the counter. Wait for them to ask for the ID and hand it over like you would give away cash. Acting normal and casual is the most important step to avoid any detection. Else, you would be revealing yourself voluntarily.

Look Older:

You are obviously younger than you are trying to pretend. It would be best if you would dress up and try to make yourself look older so no one doubts you in the first place. For boys, it’s better to grow facial hairs and dressing less groomed can help. This can easily fool other people as appearances become deceiving. Grownups prefer a casual shirt with jackets rather than a T-shirt for parties so dressing can make a huge difference. Girls can also try to look older by dressing in a more mature way and not behaving childishly. Doormen are suspicious if the students escape eye contact and refuse to argue. So, wear confidence as a dress and not let them undermine you.

Stay Calm:

If you are shaking and sweating profusely, there is no chance in hell that you will make it through the door. Calm down around the corner, go take a walk and come back. Wear a smile on your face to get yourself moving. Students often become anxious and try to hide their photo on the ID cards making the bouncers doubtful. There is no need to be scared as faking an ID for getting into club is not a serious crime and is mostly neglected by the authorities so be calm and smooth with your actions. Students should avoid making these silly mistakes to make it through the night.

Buy an ID From a Reliable Source:

There are many suppliers in the State that make false IDs. Some of them make really good ones while some lack the skills. Ask around and get a good recommendation before you buy a fake ID for yourself. You can ask a friend or acquaintance and rely on their advice on the basis of whether their ID was accepted or thrown away at a bar. You should rely on the recommendation from a trustworthy friend. Fake ID reviews can help you achieve a suitable false ID for yourself.

Once you have decided to get a fake ID, you should keep these things in mind. Get an ID that is suitable for your usage. Some students tend to buy fake IDs without checking. The person on the card should be similar to you. Date of birth, height, weight and physical appearance should match with what you are pretending to be or it can backfire. It is best if someone from your family can lend you their ID so you don’t have to go around looking for one. However, while searching to buy a fraudulent ID, choose the nearby state for your ID. It also reduces the probability of getting caught. There are so many kinds of fake IDs available, make sure you choose the right one. Your fake ID must have the same features as your original one. The concerned authorities will fail to detect it easily. Confidence is a must while using your fake ID and avoid getting nervous.


It’s no secret that, as we age, we rely on our families to help us make some important life decisions. Finding all the information you need can be a challenge, but if you are helping your loved one shift into aged care, here is how you can make it a seamless transition.



Sometimes, you’ll need to make important decisions on behalf of your loved one, although that doesn’t mean they can’t be involved. When choosing the right aged care facility for them, take them along for the journey. A number of great facilities will welcome a visit from your entire family to ensure that everyone is comfortable with your loved one’s new care system. This is the experience many have had when exploring aged care in Newcastle NSW. The staff at these facilities will be able to answer any questions you all may have, give you a tour, and potentially start some very important relationship building. This kind of involvement is a great start to the transition into aged care.

Pop in

One of the most important steps in transitioning your loved one into aged care is making sure you offer support. It can sound quite basic but just visiting regularly can be incredibly powerful. We all take time to establish ourselves in a new home, but seeing a friendly, loving and familiar face can make that transition that much easier. When visiting, make it a point to ask who they have spoken with, what activities they have done, and what they enjoy about their new surrounds. Bringing these fun new experiences to the top of mind can have a big impact on the successful transition in the early stages of life in aged care, and revisiting the past is a common enjoyment for aged loved ones.

Make connections

When you are helping your loved one transition into aged care make an effort yourself, to get to know the staff and support crew at the facility – it can make a huge difference in the long run. Speaking with staff will allow you to build rapport, so feel confident in passing on important personal information to help your loved one transition much faster. Getting to know the team will help them get to know your family and create an environment that feels just like home. It also helps when you are looking for detailed updates about their transition, as staff will make an effort to keep a close eye out.

Keep it familiar

Wherever possible, speak with the facility about what can be brought in with your loved one’s belongings. One of the best ways to ease any transition is familiarity. Taking personal belongings from their home into the new aged care surrounds will make your loved one feel instantly more at home. Start with the primary items like photos, trinkets and even bedding if possible. Remember that familiarity isn’t exclusive to one sense either, smells and even sounds can also be very important. If there is a record or musical item that would help them transition, it will be worth bringing it along.

Helping your loved one transition into aged care can be an exciting next step in life for both of you. Getting the transition right is important for everyone, even the staff at the facility. Take the time to use this simple guide to help your loved one transition into aged care the right way.


If you believe you or a loved one are a victim of medical malpractice, hiring a medical negligence attorney needs to be your next step. There are reasons why:

Did you know that in many parts of the U.S., more than 20 medical malpractice suits occur per 100,000 residents? Take Texas, for instance. In 2015, the state saw over 25 malpractice suits for every 100,000 residents.

That shows how common medical malpractice and negligence is in the country. In fact, 34% of physicians have had a patient file a claim against them.

That said, don’t ignore your suspicions that a doctor committed negligence or malpractice. If you believe you or a loved one is a victim, contact a medical negligence attorney right away.

Why exactly is this such an important step though? Couldn’t you just sue the doctor who you think made a mistake or was negligent?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in this post, so be sure to keep reading!


1. Medical Malpractice Laws Vary from State to State

First, let’s take a closer look at the definition of medical malpractice.

This occurs when a patient suffers an injury caused by a health care professional. This injury arises from a doctor’s or a hospital’s negligent act or omission. Incorrect diagnosis or inappropriate treatment are a few examples of medical malpractice.

Seems like a pretty straightforward definition, doesn’t it? The thing is, each state has its own laws on what constitutes medical malpractice. They also have their own legal methods of handling these personal injury claims.

The law is confusing enough as it is, but it can be even more so to someone who’s suffering and in pain. This can then give rise to delays or mistakes when filing a claim. Either way, these can affect the success rate of a medical negligence claim.

Prevent this by enlisting an attorney specializing in medical malpractice in your state. A medical malpractice lawyer has the skills, knowledge, and experience to navigate this complex world. They know the ins and outs of the laws in their state of practice, so they can give you ultimate guidance on your claim.

2. Strict Filing Periods of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

One way that U.S. medical malpractice laws vary lies in each state’s statute of limitations. In general, a “statute of limitations” is a time limit on when one can start a case in a state’s civil courts. If you fail to file a claim within this time frame, you may already lose your right to any form of legal remedy.

States like Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee only give victims one year to file a claim. The majority of states, including Texas, have a two-year statute of limitations. But there are also some cases in Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia that have a 10-year time limit.

These statutes also have subcategories that make them even more confusing. Take Tennessee’s laws, for instance, wherein the limit is a year from the time a person sustained an injury. But there are cases when the limit can increase up to (but no more than) three years from the negligent act.

As you can see, this can be confusing for an average person, much more to a victim of malpractice injury. That’s why it’s best you hire one of the experienced medical malpractice lawyers in your state. They have the knowledge and experience to build a case and prove its merits before the time limit ends.

3. Medical Malpractice Lawyers Handle Dealings with Insurance Companies

At the very least, a claim involves facing two insurance companies. Your insurance provider and that doctor’s insurance company.

If you’re in pain or are hurting because someone you love died due to a medical mistake, this is the last thing you need. In fact, you may be in no condition (physical or mental) to deal with insurance companies.

Hire a medical malpractice attorney, and your legal team will perform all these tasks for you. They’ll handle all negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf. This includes providing proof or evidence that your doctor did commit a mistake.

4. A Medical Negligence Attorney Can Determine Your Claim’s Merits

One of the first steps on how to sue a doctor for pain and suffering is to prove the doctor’s responsibility. Or in this case, irresponsibility and negligence that led to you or a loved one now suffering.

If you go with the DIY approach, you would have to gather evidence that points to a medical mistake. You would also need to explain the relevance of the documents you show to the courts. Even the smallest error can cause a drop in your case’s merits.

Leave the evidence gathering, their explanations, and court dealings to a lawyer. They’re much more knowledgeable when it comes to medical and legal terminologies. 

5. In-Depth and Objective Investigation for a Stronger Case

Resentment and anger are common and natural reactions in victims of medical malpractice. However, these emotions can impede your objectivity needed to come up with a strong case. They may hinder your ability to research your case thoroughly.

This can result in you missing minor, yet important details that can help your case.

That’s why you need someone experienced who will look at your case in an objective manner. This is especially important when dealing with insurance companies and the court.

A medical malpractice attorney will review all aspects of your case to prove its merits. They won’t miss any detail that can bolster your case’s success rate. For instance, they’ll investigate the doctor for previous malpractice lawsuits.

6. Increased Chances of a Successful Claim

Everything that a medical malpractice lawyer can — and will — do for you can raise your chances of a settlement. Not only any “settlement” but an amount of legal remedy that you deserve for all your pain and suffering. Meaning, you have higher chances of getting a bigger settlement with a lawyer than if you file a claim on your own.

7. Focus on Your Rehabilitation and Recovery

Your medical malpractice attorney will take care of almost everything for your case. This frees up your time, which you can then use to concentrate on getting better.

Lawyer Up to Raise Your Chances of Receiving a Fair Settlement

As you can see, there are many reasons that you’d want a medical negligence attorney on your side. At the end of the day, your lawyer will relieve much of the burden of a medical malpractice claim. With your attorney’s help, you can focus on getting better or helping a loved one recover.

All that said, consider hiring an experienced medical malpractice lawyer ASAP! This way, you don’t have to worry about your state’s statute of limitations. You have every right to lawyer up, so talk to one if you believe you or a family member is a victim of a medical mistake.

Stay on top of your health by checking out our site’s health’s section for more tips and advice!


When you visit your doctor, you expect the best possible care, right?

While doctors get held to a high standard, mistakes can and do occur often. Doctors are not infallible, so they can’t always be perfect. Despite that, a medical mistake can be fatal.

What are the different types of medical malpractice? What are your legal options after such an incident? Keep reading to get all the details.

What Is Medical Negligence and Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens when a patient gets injured by a doctor’s negligence. Negligence means the doctor failed to act with or provide reasonable care.

Here are the basic elements of medical malpractice:

  • A relationship existed between the patient and the doctor
  • The doctor failed to act with reasonable care
  • This negligence caused an injury to the patient
  • The injury led to damages

It’s challenging to distinguish between medical negligence and a reasonable error. How do courtrooms make a determination? Often, medical experts testify on behalf of the victim.

Malpractice examples usually mean the doctor’s care fell below the standard of care. It means another doctor would have taken a different course of action.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Can you imagine attempting to diagnose a wide range of health conditions daily? This is the reality for thousands of doctors.

Mistakes happen on a regular basis. Here are some of the most common examples of medical malpractice:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Medication errors
  • Unnecessary or wrong-site surgery
  • Improper aftercare
  • Failure to order the proper tests
  • Failure to consider a person’s medical history
  • Failure to warn patients about the risks of treatment

Medical errors are currently the third-leading cause of death in America. Victims who survive continue to suffer from physical pain and financial loss. What are a victim’s options?

Criminal and Civil Remedies

Victims injured by malpractice may have both criminal and civil legal options. You can pursue criminal charges to punish the perpetrator, or seek a civil lawsuit.

Medical malpractice is sometimes considered a crime. Criminal sanctions are usually reserved for incidents that involve one of the following elements:

  • Extreme recklessness
  • A clear intention to hurt the victim
  • “Never” events like wrong-site amputation
  • Intentionally performing unnecessary procedures for financial gain (health care fraud)
  • Death or disability caused by gross negligence

Medical malpractice suits seek financial compensation from the responsible healthcare provider. Compensation in these malpractice suits pays for medical bills and pain and suffering.

Are you considering filing a medical negligence claim? Reaching out to a Vanderbilt medical malpractice lawyer is your best option. An attorney will help you access the medical witnesses, evidence, and legal tools you need.

Recovering From Medical Malpractice

These types of medical malpractice all have serious consequences on a patient’s life. Physical harm may be irreparable, but there are legal remedies available to you.

Have you or a loved one ever suffered from medical malpractice? Were you able to seek out criminal or civil justice? Share your stories with us by leaving a comment in the box below.


Finding a great family lawyer can be hard to come by. Keep reading for 10 important steps to finding the best family lawyer.

The global legal services market is expected to grow to $1011 billion by 2021. The market growth has seen legal service firms strive to improve their productivity. If you’ve got a personal case that requires the best family lawyer, your chances of getting one are high.

The first step towards finding the best family lawyer is to know your needs and those of your family. Whether you have inheritance issues or are threatened with a divorce, get the best family lawyer.

Here are some ten essential steps to finding the best attorney. Read on!


1. Prepare Yourself for the Process

After you decide that you need the best family lawyer, there are a few things you need to do. First, consider the goals for your consultation. Do you want to seek general advice, or do you need some specific task done immediately?

This will determine whether you’ll go to the office or make a phone call. If you need representation, where is the court located? You may want to work with an out-of-town attorney.

For example, it could be that you want tips on how to represent yourself in court. Alternatively, maybe you want the attorney to draft an agreement for you.

Your Budget

After you’ve determined this, the next step is to set a budget. This should be a reasonable amount that can help you achieve your goals. The amount you set apart is a silent indicator of how important it is for you to win the case.

Knowing the amount you’re willing to spend will save you from overspending on your case.

Thirdly, consider your personality style. Would you like to have a lawyer who frequently updates you on what’s happening? Is your preference to “drop off and pick up” issues?

What’s your preferred mode of communication? Each firm has its personality style. Understanding your style will help you get the best out of the interaction.

However, preferences can vary depending on the case at hand. For example, in one case, you may prefer a more gentle approach while in another, aggression may work better.

2. Choosing the Best Family Lawyer

Now you know what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend. It’s time to shop around for a lawyer. You can start by looking for recommendations from friends and family.

Seeking recommendations helps you narrow down your choices and identify the most suitable professional.

From the recommendations you get, choose a law firm that specializes in family law. A lawyer’s level of specialization will increase your chances of achieving success.

As a tip, go for a firm that provides multiple points of contact. It can be quite frustrating when you need some questions answered but can’t get a hold of your lawyer. A firm that offers various contact points is dedicated to having their client’s needs met at all times.

3. Meeting the Lawyer

You could make a phone call before the actual meeting. A short phone call gives you an overview as to whether you can work with the firm. Are they easy to understand, and do you like their style of working?

If you’re satisfied with these factors, arrange for a meeting where you can further discuss your needs.

4. Find out Their Specialty

You mentioned to your contacts that you’re looking for the best family lawyer. However, you still need to hear it from the lawyer. You might have come to a family lawyer but find out that they hardly practice family law.  

It’d also be ideal to find out how regularly he handles family matters. If he hasn’t dealt with a case like yours, a lawyer with enough experience will know how to go about it.

While at this, you should find out how long they’ve specialized. Check their date of admission to see how long they’ve been practicing.

5. Discuss Money Issues

You already determined your budget but want to see if the lawyer you pick is within your range. Find out what their retainers are, both refundable and billable. Ask what this amount covers, the flat free rates if any, and everything they charge you for.

Do the charges come to you like a comprehensive or general bill? Are the costs calculated from a minimum time increment or for actual time spent on your case? All these are small details that matter because they could add up to a lot of money.

6. Listen to How They Approach Your Case

In matters of family law, there are differing views on what is defined as a win. For example, in the case of custody over children, the party that doesn’t get custodial rights may feel aggrieved. It can result in a conflict which will ultimately hurt the children in question.

Be careful about a lawyer who promises you’ll get everything you want. A fierce litigator can’t be a collaborative negotiator in the same case. Some firms like Family Lawyers Verhaeghe Law Office have subspecialists such as experts, litigators, and negotiators, allowing their clients to find the right professional.

Let the lawyer tell you the possible outcomes of your case. While some cases could take a few months to resolve, others may take several years.  Depending on the facts and proof you provide, the firm should be able to hint what you should expect.

7. What is the Major Problem They Foresee in Your Case?

Every case is unique can presents its fair share of challenges. If your attorney says there are no problems in your case, they might not be the best for you. Take note that not all problems are serious, with some being easier to overcome than others.

Look at this example. You could be having an uncontested absolute divorce case, but your partner doesn’t want to get served. In such a case, the course can’t grant you the divorce before the other party is served.

Knowing what the costs would be in such a case is useful for your planning purposes.

8. Find out Who’ll Be Working on Your Case

You could be talking to one lawyer today, but a different one shows up in court. You need to know whether other attorneys in the office will stand in for your lawyer once in a while. Other vital factors are general turn-around time on communication.

On matters communication, whom will you call when the need arises? Does the attorney check his email or has an assistant for that? Knowing about the day-to-day communication will help you understand what to expect in urgent situations.

9. Choose Another Lawyer from the Firm

The first step towards winning is establishing a good relationship with your attorney. After you’ve determined that you’ve found the best family lawyer, ensure you can work together. How the lawyer talks to you or answers your question is an indication of what you can expect.

If you’re not comfortable with the attorney you first meet up with, don’t be afraid to ask for a replacement. Specialist firms will have several solicitors. It’s in their best interest to ensure you find the right one.

10. Presenting Your Case

Your lawyer will ask you several questions concerning your case. You’re required to gather details about the case that may have slipped away from your mind. Your lawyer will expect you to answer them honestly and accurately.

It would help if you can go through the details of your case in advance. Don’t ignore the minor things as they could spell the difference between winning and losing the case.

This is where your documents come in handy. If your lawyer doesn’t tell you which documents to carry for the first meeting, decide on your own. An online search can help make the decision easier.

After making the decision, make copies of all documents. Since you may visit more than one attorney’s office, it’s best that you have more than one copy with you. Remember to leave all the original documents at home to avoid losing them in any case.

Only carry the originals when asked by your attorney or the court. Ensure to have them handed back to you after the session.

Summing Up

Finding the best family lawyer is the first step towards guaranteeing the best outcome in a family case. Your family and their future are important. When legal issues arise, it’s only fair that you get the best solicitor to help resolve them.

It’s crucial that you know why you need a lawyer in the first place. Do you just need advice on your case, or is there something specific you want the lawyer to do for you? Ask for recommendations from your contacts as this will help narrow down your choices.

Upon scheduling an appointment with the lawyer, ask all the relevant questions. Do they specialize in family law? How much are their charges, and what do they think the outcome on your case will be?

Once you decide on the lawyer to work with, put all the details of your case together. Having them ready will help the lawyer build up a strong case for you. Once you know you’ve got the best lawyer, cooperate with them, and let them help you win the case.

If you have any thoughts, be sure to share them in the comments.


Ecommerce is pretty competitive these days. And as with most cutthroat industries, mistakes can be fatal to sales. Examples include lack of branding, clunky checkouts, no visibility into who you are, bad customer service, and lack of community engagement.

We like to refer to these ecommerce mistakes as stinkers and sinkers. Here are a few stinkers and sinkers to avoid in your ecommerce store.

A Lack of Branding

Marketing experts say that it’s not about what you sell, but rather how you sell it. Anybody can sell T-shirts and pants online, which for shoppers means they can shop anywhere for what they want. There’s no reason to choose Store-A over Store-B beyond pricing or convenience. If this is the case, the shopper will be more likely to buy from an ecommerce giant like Amazon than a small business.


Establishing a brand identity, on the other hand, gives consumers a reason to buy from your ecommerce store specifically. Rather than just selling T-shirts and pants, your store sells “apparel for anime enthusiasts” or “athleisure for the sporty fashionista.” Both of these examples describe a style of clothing specific to a certain audience.

To unlock the power of good branding, e-stores need a strong brand name, a tagline, an attractive logo, cohesive messaging, and an alluring design. If you don’t already have a logo – or just want to update it – consider using a logo maker from Hatchful or Shopify; then match that logo style with your website design to keep everything clean and professional.

A Clunky & Cumbersome Checkout Process

One surefire way to sink your ecommerce store is a slow, confusing, or broken checkout process. This is the last step a customer takes, and for e-sellers, it’s the most important because it leads to conversions. However, if your checkout process requires users to create an account or just doesn’t work, a shopper is more likely to abandon their cart at the last second.

To prevent this from happening to you, be sure to use a hearty ecommerce platform. These services work tirelessly to ensure e-stores have the processing power to handle hundreds, or even thousands of orders at once; without slowdowns. Similarly, they standardize checkout processes (more or less) to keep things from getting too clunky and cumbersome.

If you built your checkout pages yourself, doublecheck the processes to make sure everything is easy and painless. Keep the number of pages and entry forms as low as possible; only asking for the data you need to complete the order.

Missing Essential Pages

Another ecommerce stinker is foregoing the essential pages shoppers want to see. Examples include an About Us page, a contact page, FAQ pages, sizing guides; customer review sections, and the like. Shoppers visit these pages to inform their purchases as well as ensure your e-store and its products are legitimate. Therefore, nixing these pages is a bad idea.

Providing greater visibility into your ecommerce website is essential to establishing a good relationship with your shoppers.

Poor or Lethargic Customer Service

Another ecommerce killer is poor or lethargic customer service. The internet provides consumers a quick and easy way to satisfy their needs and desires. Of course, shoppers will have questions from time to time. If your staff doesn’t field those queries quickly and accurately, your e-store could lose out on essential sales.

In that same vein, disgruntled buyers reach out to your customer service team to make things right. If your staff slacks on these interactions or just plain misses them, you risk losing a customer for life.

No Community Engagement

Research shows today’s shoppers prefer to spend their dollars with brands that give back. Consider offering your time or money to causes matching your store’s offerings. As an example, if you sell pet supplies, you can offer five percent of your profits to local animal shelters.

Awareness of these ecommerce mistakes will help you avoid committing these sinkers and stinkers.


The fundamental point to consider is that every dog owner has a legal responsibility to take steps to control their animal and prevent them from attacking another dog or injuring a person.

Given these basic parameters, if your dog is attacked by another dog, the owner will most likely have to reimburse you for medical and other expenses, provided they admit liability or have a case found against them.

If you are looking to have the dog bite laws explained, here are some key points that should cover most typical scenarios when a dog goes rogue and attacks another animal or a person.

Proving that the dog owner was negligent

A lot of dog bite situations will be covered by civil laws and a good starting point would be to explore civil liability laws in this regard.

A dog owner may be found liable in a civil lawsuit if it has bitten another animal or a person based on several typical scenarios that you would have to prove in a civil lawsuit if you are going to be able to claim compensation for injuries and medical costs.

In the first instance, you will have to prove that the dog owner was negligent and failed to keep proper control of their pet.

A typical example where you could prove the owner was negligent would be if the dog was allowed to run free despite a local law that states they should be on a leash. If violating that leash law led to the dog attacking its victim, that should be reasonable cause to consider that they have been negligent.

If a dog bite statute is in existence

Some areas have a dog bite statute in place and if that is the case in your area, that will often automatically apply and means the owner becomes financially responsible and for the damage the dog causes.

When a dog bite statute is in existence it often trumps other arguments and even the dog’s previous good behavior record is unlikely to be enough to get the owner off the hook.

The owner should have known better

If you know that your dog has the potential to attack if it is given the chance to do so, a responsible owner would take the necessary precautions to ensure that the dog was kept under strict control when out in public.

If you suspect that the owner of the dog that bit your pet or attacked you, knew that there was a chance it could happen because it wasn’t the first time it had happened, that would be a situation where you could reasonably argue that the owner should be found liable because they knew that their animal was likely to hurt someone.

There are some cases where the owner could offer a valid defense

Although it is invariably the case that a dog owner is going to be found liable when it has bitten someone there are certain circumstances where a legal defense could be offered.

Here are a couple of examples where the owner might offer a defense.

If they argue that their dog was unfairly provoked to attack by your dog or you.

If the person or dog attacked was trespassing or breaking the law at the time they incurred the injury.

It is argued that you were unreasonably careless and contributed to the injury being caused.

It should be noted that an owner can’t use these arguments in all cases and in some states, the law doesn’t allow certain defenses. These states tend to have strict liability dog-bite laws and that makes the owner liable if they didn’t have any idea that their dog was going to attack.

Dangerous dogs laws

A high percentage of dog bite claims will most likely be settled under civil liability laws but there is also the option of pursuing criminal liability if it is felt that the dog poses an ongoing threat to others.

Under the dangerous dog’s laws that exist, it is possible that a court might order an owner to take added precautions to prevent any further incidents.

In extreme cases, there is also the possibility that a judge might order the guilty dog to be euthanized if it is believed that the animal presents a risk of serious harm to others.

When your pooch is injured by another dog

The course of action you can take and compensation you might be able to claim if your dog is bitten by another will vary from state to state.

As already outlined, some states have strict liability laws that specifically deal with this situation by making the owner responsible for the damage caused by their dog, even if you could argue that they weren’t negligent and had no idea that their pet was going to attack.

In other states where these strict liability laws don’t exist, you might find that law makes an owner automatically responsible for the actions of their dog, only if can be reasonably argued that they should have known that their dog had the the potential to attack and bite.

Some of the laws relating to animal-on-animal injuries are antiquated and date back to a time when the primary concern was a dog killing livestock, however, some of these have recently been updated to cover more relevant claim situations.

You will need help

It should be noted that it has not always been that straightforward to be able to get the level of compensation you feel you deserve when you or your dog have been attacked by another owner’s dog.

Although the laws are changing and the claims procedure can be viewed as a work in progress, there are still improvements needed.

This is a very good reason for getting some professional legal assistance if you find yourself in a situation where you want to claim for an attack that has left you with medical bills and other expenses.


It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is … annoyedly clicking “Still Watching” on his streaming service. That’s probably more in line with the times than the old nursery rhyme.

And why not? It’s great to curl up and relax on a dreary day. These rainy day movies will help keep you entertained until the sun decides to come back out. 

1. A Wrinkle in Time

If you’re looking for something with some of the most powerful female actors ever, watch this. Oprah, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon all-star.

It’s a semi sci-fi-like tale, though that wasn’t a term back when the book was written. It’s suspenseful, thoughtful, and full of vibrant imagery. It’s got flawless CGI and special effects editing and you may just cry once or twice.

But cry in a good way!

Young man and woman in bed watching tv and eating pop corn

2. Clueless

If you want something light, classic, and funny but that you’ll still want to pay attention to – watch the 1995 film Clueless. It stars people we didn’t know would be big stars back then, like Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash.

The comedy details a set of rich Beverly Hills girls and their blessed but drama-filled life. Some say the comedy is a loose take on the 1815 novel Emma, by Jane Austen.

It’s fun, there are great catchy lines in it, and it’ll send you down nostalgia road. Just don’t expect it to be the high-quality filmmaking you’re used to. It was filmed back when most people still didn’t have cell phones.

3. Goodfellas

If you want something a bit darker but still classic, what about the American Crime film Goodfellas? It’s about three men, one who gets involved in the mob, and some who were born into it.

You get to see both sides, how the activity affects the families, and what it’s like to work for “The Family”. There are some murder scenes in this one, so it’s not great for kids.

It’s not gruesome, but it’s intense at times. As far as filmmaking goes, it’s older than Clueless, as it was made in 1990, so don’t expect any CGI or green screen effects.

4. Casablanca

If you’re having a dreary day and want something that will keep the mood mild but also make you cry because of romance, this is the classic for you.

It’s filmed in black and white, which goes perfectly with the tones of a dark rainy day. In the movie, our heroine runs into an old flame while in town wither her new husband.

Her husband is a bit of a troublemaker and she needs her old flame to help them out of trouble. But will the pull of the old flame be too much? Will they escape in time? It’s old Hollywood glam and drama with a side of romance.

You can find it on most streaming sites, like IPTV. What is IPTV? You’ll find out.

Rainy Day Movies

When it comes to rainy day movies, are you more of a feel-good flick person or do you want something equally dark and scary as the storm?

We lean towards the first option, but a good thriller always gives, well, a thrill.

Interested in learning about the top car movies? We’ll give you the top 10 here.


When dreaming of the lottery, even a cash prize of a few million isn’t easy to comprehend. A billion would be even harder. But a trillion? The average person just can’t handle a number that big.

Now try to conceptualize $13.5 trillion. That’s enough to send everyone in the U.S. to their local state college for a four-year degree and still have some left over.

It’s also how much money the 15 largest banks in America hold in assets. Of that cohort, just five manage half of it: Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, US Bancorp, and Wells Fargo. Until recently, their hold over American wallets had gone unrivalled.

But as FinTech companies grow in scope, new challengers step up to disrupt the grip these Big Banks have over the industry — and consumers like you stand to benefit the most out of this change.

What is FinTech?

FinTech is short for Financial Technology and describes any technology that supports financial services. As a result, it’s a pretty broad term. Even the abacuses of yesteryear technically fit the bill, as do the automatic calculations the Big Banks use when completing transactions.

In 2019, FinTech means something more advanced than helpful back-end functions. It describes a subset of financial companies that offer front-facing services to customers.

FinTech represents a varied group of companies

The headlines make certain parts of the FinTech corner stand out more than others. Bitcoin often makes a splash in the news. The latest drama surrounds now dead CEO of Quadriga Gerald Cotton. He kept $145 million in a cold wallet no one can hack, leaving more than 100,000 investors out of luck.

Before this, it was Elon Musk thinking out loud on a podcast, saying crypto is the currency of the future. And before that, most new sites debated whether crypto is a reliable way to invest your money.

If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, it would be easy to equate all FinTech with Bitcoin because of the focus it’s under. While crypto is one of the most theatrical examples of FinTech, not all FinTech is crypto.

Mobile banks make it cheaper to manage your money

Some FinTech companies offer relatively humble services compared to Quadriga. There are mobile banks that take your day-to-day banking experience out of the branch and onto your phone, tablet, or laptop, so you can deposit a check with your camera or transfer funds to a friend.

Because they don’t have the overhead costs of physical locations, most mobile banks eliminate the common banking fees and restrictions the biggest banks place on their services. While you may have to pay as much as $15 in monthly fees to keep a basic checking account with one of the big banks, FinTech scraps these fees altogether.

FinTech also removes barriers to essential services

There are also online lenders that offer installment loans and lines of credit to people with subprime credit. For anyone who’s tried to get a loan while they’re rebuilding their credit, you understand the importance of knowing your credit score before you apply.

Many of the biggest banks have strict regulations and will reject any applicant with a subprime score. However, there are FinTech companies that won’t — they use other financial criteria to determine your creditworthiness, giving people with low credit a chance at getting an online loan.

Whether you’re denied a loan or tired of paying too much to maintain a checking account, greater convenience and low costs can persuade you to ditch traditional financial organizations for FinTech. And you wouldn’t be alone. By 2023, it’s expected there will be more than 362 million FinTech users in the U.S. alone.

With this many potential customers, FinTech is primed to take a bigger piece of the financial pie as it disrupts the monopoly the biggest banks have over the country.


Are you a business owner and want to be prepared for any possible legal issues? Click here to find out what you should look for in a top-tier business attorney.

The average small business in the U. S. with a turnover of $1 million spends $20,000 on litigation every year.

At some point, companies expect to run into some legal trouble that will call for them to hire a business attorney. While a lawyer is necessary, the kind of lawyer you get can either be a money pit or an invaluable asset to your firm.

Read on to find out what factors make a business counsel a worthwhile investment.

Degree of Specialization

When you are considering looking for a business lawyer chances are you already have a particular legal need that you desire to resolve. The nature of your need should dictate the kind of lawyer you end up hiring.

For the regular business formation services, many business counselors can handle that for you. Other common services such as helping you negotiate for better contracts, drafting wills among others also fall under this category.

When you require specialized services you can’t go looking for general counsel. You need a lawyer who has domain experience in the particular area of expertise you require.

For example, if you are involved in a class action lawsuit your best bet would be talking to several class action lawsuit lawyers to find out who can best serve your need.

They are deeply versed in that area of expertise and they understand the nuanced dynamics of such cases that other lawyers may miss.

If you are looking for a general attorney who will work with your firm for the long-term then you should look for a lawyer who has experience in serving as general counsel.

Whenever you need a specialized lawyer they can offer recommendations and work with them.

Your business counsel is like your doctor. If you go to an oncologist when you have a toothache you will not receive much help.

Conversely, you should look for a lawyer who matches the legal needs of your business for you to get the best results.

A Top Business Attorney Brings Other Resources to the Table

Top-tier business lawyers bring much more than just legal services to the table and this an essential aspect you should look for.

For your company to get the best value, you need an attorney who can offer introductions to other clients, potential customers and even strategic partners.

If they have been in the business for a while they have likely developed a network that can help you in other ways. That is one distinguishing mark of a veteran business counsel.

The same point applies even in the legal aspect of things. A top-notch business counsel has ties to their legal fraternity that can be of help when you need to seek expertise in other areas.

Working with a lawyer who can get you quality recommendations is of great use in bringing a diversity of service to you.

Another salient feature of a high-quality business counsel is whether they offer their clients opportunities to network through special events.

Having a lawyer who offers this to your business provides extra value as you get to meet and learn from other entrepreneurs.

An Understanding of the Entrepreneurial Nature

The best business counsel is one who has been an entrepreneur or has a tangible understanding of entrepreneurship. There is simply no substitute for that.

If you are a small business looking for a small business attorney, then you would likely run into problems working with a lawyer who focuses on Fortune 500 firms.

The work of a business counsel is not to tell you what you shouldn’t have done but to help you chart a successful way forward for your business.

If your business counsel has a level of insight into how an entrepreneur thinks and what businesses need, they will serve you in a much better manner.

Their Billing Structure and Fees

Hiring attorneys for your business might not come cheap.

However, a good business lawyer will have a billing structure that works for you. They will know exactly what needs to be done and will charge you more accurately.

Versatility is also important when it comes to billing.

For example, they can give you flat fees when you need simple work done like drawing up contracts and the like. When there is more involving work they can bill by the hour.

When you are handling a lawsuit, the lawyer can work on a contingency basis such that you only pay if and when the result of the suit is favorable to you.

Their Firm Is the Right Size for You

Looking at the size of the lawyer’s firm in relation to your business is necessary for identifying how they can best serve you.

If you run a big corporation then a large law firm (or a more high profile lawyer) with all the resources that come with it will likely give you the most value.

A complex lawsuit, for example, will be better dealt with by a lawyer with many associates who can do the massive grunt work necessary.

If you run a small business then a small business lawyer will offer you better service since you will require more attention and personalized services.

A large law firm or a busy lawyer will likely not make you a high priority since they need bigger clients to meet their revenue targets.

If not that then they may end up giving your case to a relatively new lawyer who may not have as much experience.

The best lawyer for you is one who meets you at your point of need and devotes the necessary attention to you.

Get the Best Representation

Your business will need a lawyer at some point in its existence. The question isn’t whether to get a lawyer or not. It is what kind of business attorney you need to look for so that they can be an asset to your company.

Do you want to protect your business? Check out these legal issues that your business must be on the lookout for.


Businesses today face a wide range of security threats. Brick-and-mortar businesses are significantly more likely than residential properties to become targets for theft, with 8.8 percent of small businesses suffering burglary annually, representing nearly one in ten companies, according to insurance provider Insureon. The risk of digital security threats is even higher, with eight in 10 U.S. businesses anticipating a critical breach in 2019, a Ponemon Institute survey found.

Fortunately, even as thieves strive to find new ways to rob business owners, security technology providers are developing innovations to make their task harder. Here are three types of risks businesses currently face, and some security systems companies can use to protect themselves against these threats.

1. Hardening Physical Security with Barriers and Surveillance

While some security threats require high-tech solutions, when it comes to physical break-ins, your first line of defense is still a good solid door and lock. In half of all commercial burglaries, the thief gains entrance through a door, a Temple University survey found. When a door can’t be opened, picked or broken, burglars will look for another point of weakness, such as a window that can be smashed or opened with a crow bar. You can protect doors by using measures such as solid wood or steel doors with steel frames, deadbolt locks with throws at least an inch thick and supplemental protection such as security storm doors. For windows, use barriers such as roll-down grilles for front windows and iron works for side and rear windows.

High-tech surveillance systems and alarms are also integral to physical security. Burglars don’t like to be seen, so a good surveillance camera system coupled with motion-activated lighting can serve as a strong deterrent, as well as a means to identify thieves should a break-in occur.

For instance, security camera system provider Lorex has developed Nocturnals cameras with 4K Ultra HD resolution and color night vision capability, able to capture critical details such as burglar hair color and license plate numbers even in low-light conditions. This type of camera system can also be set up so that if the motion sensors are triggered, push notifications are sent to your smartphone via an app, allowing you to respond more quickly to an event in progress.

2. Countering Ransomware and Cryptojacking

On the digital front, ransomware was the biggest emerging cyberthreat to businesses a couple years ago. In a ransomware attack, hackers use attachments or links in emails, on websites and in social media messages to trick users into downloading malware. The malware then encrypts the user’s files and demands a ransom payment in order to restore access to the files, threatening to permanently encrypt the files if payment is not made.

Last year, cybercriminals took ransomware a step further by deploying a similar attack method called cryptojacking. Cryptojacking uses the same methods as ransomware to get on a user’s device, but then the malware covertly hijacks the device’s resources in order to “mine” cryptocurrency such as bitcoin online. This increases the device owner’s utility bills while slowing down their processing speed, effectively making them pay the expense of hosting criminal activity. Unlike ransomware, cryptojacking does not cause any obvious damage, so victims may not notice any symptoms other than a slowdown in performance. Cryptojacking now affects 10 times more businesses than ransomware, according to Check Point Research.

Both ransomware and cryptojacking can be countered by taking basic cybersecurity steps such as avoiding clicking on suspicious links and attachments, keeping software and antivirus programs updated to the latest versions and installing ad-blocker and anti-cryptomining extensions in browsers. In addition, you can protect yourself from losing files to ransomware by performing regular automated file backups using a service such as IDrive.

3. Blocking Business Identity Theft

Most people have heard of identity theft against consumers, but you might not realize that businesses can also have their identity stolen. Identity thieves who gain access to sensitive information about your business may use it to open up business lines of credit in your company’s name, open personal lines of credit in the name of your company’s personnel or customers, or apply for phony tax refunds in your company’s name. This can damage your company’s reputation and business credit rating, hurting your ability to get access to credit. Business identity theft is on the rise, increasing 250 percent from 2016 to 2017, according to the IRS.

Sound cybersecurity policies can help protect you from business identity theft. Some basic steps you can take include requiring employees to use strong passwords or password manager software, only using secure networks such as VPNs, keeping software and antivirus programs current with the latest updates and avoiding suspicious email attachments and website link. Thieves may also try to steal your information by intercepting your mail, so it’s also important to physically protect your mail. The US Postal Inspection Service advises taking steps such as picking up mail promptly after delivery, delivering outgoing mail directly to a postal carrier or a letter slot inside a post office rather than an unmonitored postbox and notifying your post office to hold your mail when you’re out of town.

Despite your best efforts, your business identity may be stolen anyway through means beyond your control, such as a hack of one of your service providers. Experian recommends using an identity monitoring service to alert you to suspicious activity so you can take appropriate steps in the event of identity theft, such as notifying financial providers.

Businesses are vulnerable to security risks in both the physical and digital arenas, and a sound security strategy needs to address all these areas. Strong barriers and motion-sensitive surveillance systems can help prevent physical theft. Smart cybersecurity policies can reduce digital risks such as ransomware and cryptojacking. Cybersecurity measures can also help prevent identity theft, in conjunction with physical mail security and identity monitoring. Implementing these tactics can greatly reduce business security risks.


Common Sense Tips to Use When Selling a Car Online

Having a reliable and appealing car is something most people view as a priority. Over time, a person may start to lose interest in their existing vehicle. The best way to find something new is by selling an existing vehicle to fund the purchase of a brand-new vehicle.

If the vehicle you are trying to sell is considered a luxury sports car, finding the right buyer may be more challenging. Generally, these types of vehicles will command a hefty price on the used car market. Neglecting to plan out this selling process in detail may lead to a sports car owner losing money.

Trying to sell a luxury sports car online? Check out these helpful tips for success.

Consider Selling to a Professional Buyer

One of the main goals most people have when selling a car is making this process as quick and painless as possible. The best way to achieve this goal is by selling to a professional online buyer. Companies like We Buy Exotics make selling a luxury sports car easy.

All a seller has to do is enter in the VIN on their vehicle and submit a few pictures to receive an offer in minutes. If the seller agrees to this offer, they get their money and the buyer will schedule a pickup.

Before using a particular professional buyer, be sure to research them to find out what type of reputation they have. Rushing through this process may lead to a person losing money on the sale of their luxury vehicle.

Image source Wikimedia

Getting a Vehicle History Report

Establishing trust with a potential online buyer is the biggest hurdles most luxury car owners will have. This is why providing in-depth information about the car is so important. Getting a car history report to put in the online listing is a good idea.

These reports will detail the accidents a car has been involved in as well as its maintenance history. Most online buyers will demand this documentation before making an offer. By putting the vehicle history report in the listing, it will be much easier to attract the interest of motivated buyers.

Detail the Vehicle Before Putting It On The Market

Over 17 million vehicles are sold in the United States each year. The key to attracting the attention of online buyers is providing them with plenty of pictures of the luxury sports car being sold. Before taking these pictures, you will need to get the vehicle professionally detailed.

The last thing a seller needs to do is put pictures of a dirty vehicle online. Most buyers want to make sure the vehicle in question is in pristine shape. The money paid to a professional auto detailer will be worth it considering the appeal it will add to a vehicle.

  A Well-Written Description is a Must

Once a potential buyer looks at the pictures of a sports car, they will want to read the seller’s description of the vehicle. When crafting this description, be sure that all pertinent information is included. Details like the mileage, make and model are essential. Failing to include this information may lead to a potential buyer losing interest.

Preparation Goes a Long Way

The key to successfully selling a luxury sports car is properly preparing beforehand. Researching the market and proofreading your vehicle description can help you sell your automobile in a hurry.


Have you ever wondered why an alcoholic beverage makes you crave a cigarette?

You’re not the only one. 70% of U.S. drinkers also smoke. And almost three-quarters of alcoholics smoke over a pack of cigarettes every day. 

Duke University Medical Center research revealed alcohol boosts the pleasing effects of nicotine. That’s why people enjoy smoking when drinking an alcoholic beverage. 

Most people understand that tobacco smoking can cause cancer. Cigarette smoking contributes to over 480,000 deaths every year. 

While the effects of tobacco are an obvious health risk, alcohol is confusing. Not every drink is dangerous in the same way each cigarette is.

The moderate use of alcohol can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But, drink more and it increases your chances for cancer.

Keep reading to learn the dangers of combining alcohol and tobacco.

Risks of Alcohol Use

The moderate use of alcohol can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. But, when you drink more it increases your chances for cancer. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) define moderate drinking as 1 drink for women and 2 drinks for men per day.

Alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. It can cause inflammation in the liver and pancreas. Inflammation raises the chance of cancer in those organs.

Alcohol also produces acetaldehyde in the body. This substance prevents cells from repairing DNA damage.

There’s no doubt that excessive drinking is a cancer-causing behavior.

Effects of Tobacco

Every cigarette causes damage to your body. A single cigarette can increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Cigarettes increase blood pressure. Long-term high blood pressure adds to the risk of cancer.

Each cigarette starts a chemical chain reaction that results in carcinogenic compounds. The poisons in cigarette smoke weaken the immune system and damage DNA.

Smoking can both cause cancer, and damage cells so your body can’t fight it.

Lung cancer isn’t the only cancer smoking causes. The bloodstream absorbs the compounds from smoke and spreads them throughout the body.

Short-term Dangers of Combining Alcohol and Tobacco 

Cigarettes and alcohol together create more risks than using either substance alone.

The primary risk is that alcohol is a depressant and tobacco is a stimulant. The nicotine in tobacco offsets the sedative aspects of alcohol.

If you smoke while drinking you may not realize how much alcohol affects your body. Poor assessment of inebriation leads to poor judgment and bad choices.

For example, you may continue to drink because you don’t feel drunk. Or, you might choose to drive your car.

Long-Term Effects of Mixing Alcohol and Tobacco

Mixing smoking and alcohol increases cancer in the mouth, throat, oesophagus, and colon. It’s no surprise that 80% of men and 65% of women with throat and mouth cancer combine smoking and drinking habits

Studies suggest alcohol dissolves cigarette chemicals while they’re in the throat. That could trap carcinogens in the throat’s sensitive tissues.

Plus, smoking and drinking together slow metabolism. The carcinogens from the cigarettes stay in the bloodstream longer. Longer exposure to carcinogens increases the risk of cancer.

If you’re struggling with alcohol and tobacco abuse you can get help here.

Get Treatment for Tobacco and Alcohol Addiction

The fact that alcohol and tobacco are legal and accessible makes them easy to abuse. The effects of tobacco and alcohol mixed together are dangerous.

Abuse results in a shorter life span, respiratory problems, and higher risk for cancer. Rehab programs can help you end your addiction.

Please don’t hesitate to seek treatment.


We exist frivolously in America. All of us.

Even if you don’t make much money or buy expensive things, the truth is, we are the most wasteful country on the planet.

A few decades ago, our waste and consumption of natural resources didn’t seem like a big deal, at least not to the general public. However, people are becoming aware of the inevitable ramifications of the way we live.

If we don’t start making changes fast, such as the majority of the population using eco-friendly products, our children or grandchildren may not live in the world as we know it.

But it’s not just us. The entirety of the civilized world has a hand in what’s happening to our planet.

But what exactly is happening to our planet?

Why Eco-Friendly Products Are Important

Regrettably, the subject of climate change or global warming has become a political topic, which is bad news for our planet.


Because until climate change is looked at for what it is, a scientific fact backed by analytical data, our country cannot unite with the rest of the world to reverse the problem. Right now, it’s a topic for debate, commonly referred to as “fake news” by those who oppose using resources to fix the problem.

Top view of a rubber stamp mark printed on a recycled paper with room for text on the right

But here’s what is happening while we waste time debating over it:

  • Greenhouse gases are trapping heat in our atmosphere, steadily increasing the earth’s temperature every year. 2016 was the hottest year ever recorded.
  • Every second, we destroy an entire football field of the rainforest. Every day, we destroy an area the size of New York.
  • Since 1910, Glacier National Park has gone from 150 glaciers to just 26.
  • Scientists surmise that we lose .01 to 0.1 species a year, which could be anywhere from 200 to 100,000 based on low-end/high-end estimations of total species.
  • Climate change may be irreversible by 2030.
  • As glaciers melt and sea levels rise, we can expect to lose coastal cities and experience an influx of refugees from other countries.

Since we don’t control politics, what can we do?

The simple answer is to do everything you can, starting with this list.

1. Metal Straws

Americans use 500 million plastic drinking straws every day. That’s over 18 billion every year.

In other words, we need to cut it out with the straws.

Fast food restaurants need to switch over to bio-degradable straws. Sit-in diners need to use any of the eco-friendly products out there such as metal and bamboo straws.

For us, we can also use the reusable straws for our drinking containers. It’s such a simple, yet important sacrifice.

2. Eco-Friendly Bottles

If you thought straws were bad, think about this—Americans use 1,500 plastic bottles every second. Now, you may not be very good at math, but you can easily deduce that the amount per day, week, month, and the year is unfathomable.

If we were to switch to eco-friendly products, such as metal, glass, and silicone water bottles to name a few, we could significantly cut down on waste.

Additionally, the amount of plastic found in the ocean is absurd. It’s also killing off marine species of fish and coral.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

As we progress down our list, the numbers only seem to get worse. Worldwide, humans use over 1 trillion plastic bags per year—roughly 2 million per minute.

Reusable bags are made of canvas, synthetic fibers, and natural fibers. Not only are these better for the environment, but you can load a ton more groceries and goods in them. Bigger, eco-friendly products like these will save you countless trips back and forth to your car while unloading groceries.

4. Solar Power

It’s a fact. Eventually, we will run out of natural resources such as gas, oil, and coal. When we run out of these fossil fuels, say goodbye to the world as we know it.

It means no more power or vehicles. We will return to a time of darkness.

However, as the world is recognizing the imminent threat of overconsumption, it’s also advancing its eco-friendly products, such as producing some of the best quality solar panels.

5. Bamboo Products

Eco-friendly products made from bamboo are becoming ever more popular.

Nearly everything you can think of can be made out of bamboo. Some of the most popular bamboo products include toothbrushes, kitchen utensils, towels, speakers, toilet paper, floors, skateboards, and sunglasses.

Eco-friendly bamboo products are especially easy on the environment as they are rapidly renewable and harvested by hand, which helps prevent the accidental killing of animals and the use of heavy machinery.

6. Recycled Shoes

Buying recycled shoes helps the planet on multiple fronts.

First, eco-friendly products made from recycled goods prevents waste and over-usage of harmful materials such as plastic, rubber, and leather.

Leather is harmful because most tanning processes, including those in the U.S., use hazardous chemicals such as chromium and formaldehyde.

7. Meat-Replacement Products

The most effective change we could all make to save the planet won’t be a popular one. The answer, unfortunately for most, is to stop eating meat. Period.

It takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. One pound.

Additionally, the vast majority of deforestation occurs to provide land for growing crops. Not crops for starving people across the planet, but for the animals destined for the butcher block.

In fact, 70% of the grain produced in plant agriculture goes towards feeding farm animals. While the West feasts, billions of people around the world are in a food crisis.

Additionally, animal livestock and their byproducts account for 51% of all greenhouse gases. All forms of transportation exhaust in the world combined only accounts for 13%.

8. Rechargeable Batteries

Eco-friendly products such as rechargeable batteries are a no-brainer.

Batteries are made with natural, non-renewable resources. It’s hard to imagine life without batteries (no laptops, cell phones, tv remotes, video game remotes, garage door openers, car batteries, etc.), however, we may be risking it soon.

While rechargeable batteries aren’t perfect, they’re still a much better option. They still use the same non-renewable resources, but they last much longer. Rechargeable batteries aren’t thrown away after a single use, which greatly decreases waste.

9. Ceramic Nonstick Pans

There’s a popular documentary on Netflix right now called “The Devil We Know.”

This documentary explores the lies, deceit, and criminal acts by a company known as Dupont. Dupont is the company behind Teflon coatings. The primary chemical, C-8, is used in nearly everything you can think of that boasts a non-stick or water-repellent surface.

The problem is, the chemical is a deadly, cancer-causing substance.

And while the company has repeatedly changed the name of its chemicals and products and even the name of the company itself, the fact is, they are still knowingly producing hazardous products.

For your health, and the health of the environment, use ceramic alternatives for your pans. Teflon pans emit toxic chemicals and gases when they are heated past a certain temperature, while ceramic pans tend to be free of harmful chemicals.

10. Composting Toilets

Traditional toilets in first-world countries use water for every flush. Now, before modern sewer systems and toilets, cities had astronomical health issues related to improper human waste disposal.

However, for those looking to have less of a water footprint on the environment, consider that toilet-use in the U.S. averages 1.3 to 7 gallons of water per flush, depending on the toilet.

While composting toilets may come off archaic at first, they’re actually quite clean and sanitary. Our solid waste is mixed with a composting agent such as peat moss which rapidly evaporates and breaks down the material.

What’s left is virus and pathogen-free fertilizer, completely safe to handle and discard.

11. Low-Flow Showerheads

The average American shower uses over 17 gallons of water, lasting about 8 minutes. However, on long days or mornings when we’re not in a rush to get off to work, we tend to take our time. After all, showers feel amazing!

Low-flow showerheads can trickle out as little as 0.75 gallons of water a minute, meaning an 8-minute shower would take only 6 gallons of water. Saving roughly 10 gallons of water every day would mean each person is saving 3,650 gallons of water a year.

If every American used only one eco-friendly product, a low-flow showerhead, we would save 1.2 trillion gallons of water a year!

12. Bio-degradable Trash bags

Finally, the average American produces over 2,000 pounds of trash per year. Multiply that by our 327.2 million population and you get a lot of trash. A lot of trash means a lot of trash bags.

Bio-degradable trash bags use synthetic plastics made from corn, vegetable oils, and grains. In other words, they are renewable, compostable resources.

Respecting Our Planet

The whole point of using eco-friendly products is to show a little more respect for our planet. Mother Earth provides everything for us, and we are doing a disservice to her based on how we live.

Many of our normal ways of life in this society are causing irreversible damage to the planet we call home.

If something big doesn’t happen soon, if we don’t make major changes, our children and grandchildren will pay the consequences. We may likely not be around for it, but it is the fate we are leaving to them.

Start going green today. Don’t use laziness or inconvenience as an excuse. Before long, excuses or not, our planet will stop providing for us.

Click here for more articles on the environment and climate change to find out more about positive changes you can make!

Are you in the market for a new computer and trying to decide between Mac or PC? Read on to learn the pros and cons of each!

Mac or PC? That debate has raged for decades, ever since Microsoft and Apple have had the most dominant operating systems.

You might remember the 2006 ad campaign that put the cool Macs against the geeky and fumbling PCs. That sums up the cultural place of Macs and PCs.

There’s much more to the cultural debate when you’re deciding to get a new computer. You want to make sure that you get a computer that suits your unique needs.

Read on to find which side of the PC or Mac debate you should fall on when you’re buying a new computer.

1. What’s Your Budget?

The first thing you need to figure out is how much you can afford to spend on your computer. Macs are going to be up to three times as much as PCs. Of course, that will depend on the model that you want.

There are powerful PCs that can be just as expensive as Macs, too.

You need to know how much you’re willing to spend on a computer. If you’re using it for work, then you’re more likely to see the computer as a potential for a return on investment.

You can also consider getting a credit card to pay for your system, too. Many retailers will offer low to no interest credit cards for the first 6 months, allowing you to pay for your purchase over time.

2. What Do You Want to Do?

What do you need a computer for? Do you need to get a computer for a freelancing business? For designers and creative types, Macs certainly lead the way as far as usability and power.

That’s because some of the top design programs are built with Macs in mind. There’s also the cool creative factors that attract creatives to Mac machines.

For tasks like writing, keeping spreadsheets, email, and web browsing, you’ll want to invest in a PC. These are basic tasks that most affordable PCs can take on very easily.

For gamers, the question is a little more complex. You’ll need something that will be powerful enough to handle the needs of gaming. Gamers tend to gravitate towards PCs because they’re powerful, easily customizable, and they can connect to other devices, as we’ll explore below.

3. Connectable Devices

Each system has its own ecosystem of devices that you can connect to. For example, if you already have an Apple TV device and an iPhone and iPad, having a Mac will fit well with your other devices. It’ll be easier to send files between devices and mirror your screen to the TV.

On the PC side, gamers will love the ecosystem between the Xbox and PCs.

4. Security & Privacy

When was the last time you heard about a virus that targeted Mac devices?

It doesn’t happen nearly as often as PCs. PCs tend to be the dominant tool in businesses, making it a major target for hackers. They know that there is sensitive data to mine and money to be made in these machines.

Apple has also positioned itself as the defender of security and privacy of its users. It doesn’t make money from your data the way that other big the companies do. 

5. Upgrades & Customizations

Are you a technical type that likes to customize computers and upgrade them yourself? It’s much easier to do on most PCs than Macs.

The parts tend to be less expensive and you can find instructions on performing upgrades everywhere on the internet.

This is a big deal for many computer users because new software always demands more computer resources. Your computer can be rendered obsolete in a matter of months unless you upgrade.

6. Portability

Do you need an all-in-one computer or desktop machine or do you need the portability of a laptop computer?

Both Macs and PCs have a great selection of laptops for all purposes. Macs tend to be designed for power in a smaller, sleeker package. PC laptops tend to be heavier and slightly bulkier, but you still have a lot of power packed in. Plus, you can easily customize the devices.

Gamers are likely to love having the power and portability of gaming laptops, which they can upgrade and customize themselves.

7. Technical Support

Are you a do it yourselfer when it comes to diagnosing computer issues?

PCs are known for having little to no technical support for devices outside of the warranty, which means you better learn how to solve your own computer problems.

Macs usually have better coverage and you can always take your device to an Apple store to get some help solving your issues.

8. Usability

No matter what you decide, if you switch from a Mac to PC or vice versa, you’re going to be in for a learning curve.

It will take a bit of time to adjust to using a Mac after using a PC, especially if that’s all you’ve known. You have to give yourself the time to adjust. If you’re buying a new system in a pinch because your old one broke down, then you might be more inclined to stick with what you already know.

Otherwise, you’re going to want to use your old computer and your new computer to maintain productivity and adjust to a new operating system.

Mac or PC: It’s Up to You

There’s no right or wrong answer to the Mac or PC debate. Fortunately, both systems offer users a lot in terms of computing power and stability.

At the end of the day, there’s only what’s right for you. You have to decide what your needs are, what your budget is, and whether or not you have the time and patience to adjust to a new operating system.

Would you like to learn more tech tips? Find out how you can record your computer screen for future use.


If you would like to take your business to a whole new level, you have come to the right place. You can use marketing automation to take your results to where you have always wanted them. Doing so is much easier than you might think, and many marketing automation companies are willing to help. Marketing automation gives you a range of unbeatable benefits to which you would otherwise not have access:

· Boost Your Profit

· Save Your Time

· Expand Your Reach

In simple terms, marketing automation consists of software and systems that do the hardest parts of your marketing for you.

Boost Profit

Since your profitability is one of the most vital aspects of your business, let’s cover it first. Most businesses that fail do so because they don’t get their marketing right. They focus on the wrong things and overlook the most critical needs of their target customers.

Even when they get it right, marketing takes a lot of time and energy to implement. You can boost your profit more than you once thought possible when you use the right marketing automation plan. You can learn about your prospects and give them what they want without much additional effort, and the outcome will impress you.

Save Time

All business owners and marketing experts know that time is a limited and valuable resource. Anything that steals time away from running your business also hurts your bottom line. Some tasks that take time are essential to your bottom line, and marketing is one of them.

The good news is that the right marketing automation plan reduces the amount of time you spend on marketing. You can then use that time to work on the other areas of your business, and the rewards are exponential.

Email Funnel

An email funnel is the perfect example of marketing automation. While it can include chatbots and social media autoresponders, we are going to focus on the email funnel. In a classic funnel, you send people to an opt-in page and collect their email addresses. You then send out emails to your prospects to build relationships with them over time.

You then pitch your offer and go for the sale. You lose people at each step of your funnel, but it acts as a filter. The people who remain at the end are your most valuable customers, and they will stay with you over the long run if you treat them right.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first step in your marketing automation plan. To automate your lead generation process, put tracking pixels on your website and social media pages.

Also, you can use web code that reads cookies on your prospect’s browser and show them benefits unique to their needs and desires. For example, imagine you sell weight loss videos and diet plans. Your lead generation page should give valuable advice and offer a free video. Require your prospects to enter their email address to access the video.

Email Automation

Most marketing automation companies that know what they are doing use email automation. Once people join your list, your marketing automation software automatically sends them emails over several days or weeks.

It can then send the sales email after building enough trust with your prospects, and you don’t need to put in any additional effort once your system is in place. You might, however, want to change a few elements to see what gives you the best results possible.

Conversion Tracking

The old way of email marketing involved sending the same content to everyone on an email list. This approach causes you to lose more sales than you can imagine. You defeat that problem with conversion tracking software, which is included with most reputable email responders.

This software tracks which of your customers buy something in your email offer and when they do it, but it also tracks the ones who don’t. Based on the system you set up, the software places your customers into different groups based on their spending habits. Knowing the different behaviours and spending habits of your prospects is a powerful way to improve your sales rate.


Upselling is an effective tool that skyrockets your profit when you use it the right way. You upsell the people who buy your first offer right away. These are the ones who enjoy your products and have enough money to buy them. Going with the weight loss example, your first product could be a video course selling for $47.

Your upsell could be private coaching sessions with experienced fitness experts, or you could offer membership programs. As long as you offer solid advice that gets results, a lot of your past customers will pay several hundred dollars or more for your advanced products.


If you have ever added an item to your online cart but did not buy it right away, you have seen a downsell in action. Downselling works because it helps you get sales from those who would otherwise not buy from you.

Some of these people don’t have the budget for your products, but others are not comfortable paying the asking price. To use downsells, separate the people who don’t buy your first offer into a group. You then send that group discount codes or offer them a cheaper version of your product. If you are selling digital products, you lose nothing by offering discount codes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, marketing automation is an effective way to increase your sales and boost your bottom line. Investing the extra profit you earn back into your business lets you expand to new areas if that’s your goal. You can also use the time you save to come up with even more product or service ideas. You now have the information required to implement your own marketing automation plan.

As with most things in business and life, you go through a trial-and-error process while discovering what approach is the best fit for your business. You can skip the roadblocks by hiring a marketing automation company to do it for you, and you then enjoy the rewards much sooner. No matter the path you choose, marketing automation can do wonders for your bottom line.


Most adults dream of owning a home. In most cases, renting an apartment is something a person will do out of necessity. When the time to buy a home arrives, finding the right residence to invest in will not be easy.

Roughly 5 million homes are purchased in the United States on a yearly basis. Once you have found and purchased the home of your dreams, the real work will begin. As a homeowner, you will have to focus on things like budgeting your money and performing routine maintenance.

Wasting money is something first-time homeowners are bound to do. The following are just some of the common things a new homeowner will waste money on.

High Energy Costs Can Be Reduced

While having electricity is a necessity, you will need to avoid paying more than you have to for it. Some first-time homeowners make the mistake of settling for an energy provider before doing their homework.

Luckily, there are helpful websites like Texas Electricity Plans on the market. This website is designed to provide consumers with information about the rates certain energy companies in the state of Texas charge. You can learn more about Texas Electricity Plans and the services they provide by visiting their website.

Updating the Outside of a Home Can Be Expensive

Modern homeowners are notoriously impatient. While fixing up the exterior portion of a home is a good idea, it needs to be further down on your list of priorities. Adding things like a pond or intricate landscaping elements will take time and money.

Rather than wasting money on these updates immediately, take the time to knock out a few outdoor projects over the course of a few years. This will not only help you save money; it can also minimize the amount of stress in your life. Often times, hiring professionals to help with this process is a good idea. They will have the tools and experience needed to get this work done quickly and correctly.

Shopping Around For Homeowners Insurance Is Crucial

Newcomers to the world of home ownership fail to realize how many different insurance policy options they have. Instead of rushing through the selection of a homeowner’s insurance policy, take your time to ensure the best decision is made.

When meeting with an insurance agent, be sure to make a list of questions you want to ask. Finding out things like what your deductible is and what type of damage the policy in question covers is a good idea. Once you have this information, you can begin the process of narrowing down the list of insurance policies on the market.

Replacing Appliances That Are Functional

Over time, you will probably start to notice things about your residence you want to change. Taking on various home improvement projects will not only make your property look better, but it can also add value. One of the most common home improvement projects is a kitchen remodel.

Generally, this project will include replacing cabinets and countertops. One of the biggest mistakes you can make during this process is replacing appliances that are functional. New appliances are extremely expensive, which is why you need to keep your existing appliances in operation for as long as possible.

Staying on Budget is Hard Work

Avoiding stress and worry as a homeowner is only possible with a detailed budget. While it will be difficult to stay on this budget at times, it is well worth the aggravation you face. Working with a financial adviser is a great way to figure out how to properly structure a budget.


Have you just decided to start using e-cigs? You are about to join the wonderful world of vaping. If you want to take up vaping in order to stop smoking, you are on the right track. First, you have to know the different products that you will require.

Electronic Cigarettes

The most important vaping product is an e-cig. It works by vaporizing flavored e-liquids into the vapor that you inhale to get a hit. Nowadays, an e-cig does not just play the role of a vaporizer. It also comes with several built-in features that make the vaping experience much more enjoyable.

When shopping for your first e-cig, you are bound to come across one that falls within your price range. Advanced e-cigarettes contain high-end tanks, rechargeable batteries, as well as some sophisticated controls. If you have no idea where to begin, consider starting with something simple and working your way up.

Image source: Flickr-Sarah Johnson

Vape Mods

This refers to a vaporizer that is highly customized. It is usually more powerful than a typical e-cig and comes with more features. A vape mod is a product that will cater to your specific vaping needs. If you would like more flavor and thicker smoke, you can choose a vape mod that meets these criteria.

On the other hand, if you prefer an e-cig that is easy to carry and use, you can have one just like that. Would you like to be able to perform tricks? You can get a mod just for this purpose. For beginners, it would be prudent to switch to another mod only when ready.

Make sure that you do plenty of research about different mods to figure out the right one for your needs. By doing this, you will know what you want before you start shopping.

Vape Tank

You can find a vape tank in vape mods. It holds vape juice and contains coils that turn e-liquids into vapor. When you inhale, some tanks automatically produce vapor but you have to trigger others manually. You will come across four types of tanks in the market: RBAs, standard, RDAs, and sub-ohm tanks.

This classification has much to do with the tank’s suitability for different vape mods. When it comes to buying vape products, choosing the right tank is probably the hardest part. As a beginner, you need to consider choosing a tank that will match your mod.


This liquid fuels your e-cig. If you want to stop smoking, you should opt for a vape juice with nicotine as it will allow you to reduce your nicotine consumption over time. When you inhale, an e-liquid turns into vapor thus mimicking traditional cigarette smoke. If you do not want to have nicotine in your e-juice, you should opt for nicotine-free varieties.

An e-juice contains a few base ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a mixture of both. VG and PG are usually combined with natural and artificial flavors such as chocolate, watermelon, and vanilla to create a satisfying and distinct recipe. VG is a thick and sweet liquid that is based on veggies.

On the other hand, PG carries flavor in food products. Combining it with VG creates a better product than using 100 percent PG. If you have no idea how to choose the right combination, you should consider experimenting with different ratios. When you try different PG/VG ratios, you will be able to find your favorite one.


As you can see, the world of vaping is not straightforward. You will have to try different things to find the best vaping products for your needs. Consider asking for advice from long term vapers.


Alternative medicine is nothing new; in fact, archaeologists have found traces of medicinal plants dating back as far as 60,000 years ago! If you are an entrepreneur and would like to help people use private label supplements to improve their health and wellness, be informed about your new venture.

Decide on the Target Audience

What kind of vitamin shop would you like to open? Keep your target audience in mind. Think about who you are selling for and stock products accordingly. You might also look into private label dropship for a more convenient way of ordering stock.

  • If athletes are your key demographic, some logical products would be things like protein powders, calcium, zinc and antioxidants. You might also stock more than vitamins and carry products like ACE bandages, slings and ointment.
  • Elderly people’s bones are more brittle as they age, so proper nutrition and the right supplements are important in their daily lives. Some of these might include vitamin B12 for proper digestion; calcium for bone and joint strength; and vitamin D for energy.
  • What about a medicinal marijuana or CBD store for patients of chronic illness or pain? Since marijuana is still federally illegal in the United States, know the laws in your area before considering this kind of store.
Photo Source: en.wikipedia.org

Product and Inventory

Remember this rule of thumb when beginning any retail business: do not sell anything that you, yourself, would not use. That being said, do not buy a stock of product simply because it’s cheap. Understand what you are buying, how it is manufactured, and if it is FDA and GMP-certified. If you would not be comfortable putting one of your own products into your body, it’s bad business to try and sell it to customers. Contact several vendors and have a list of questions ready to go beforehand. Some questions to ask might be:

  • What are your safety standards for your supplements? How do you process and manufacture them? What certifications can you show me and are you able to produce a liability insurance certificate?
  • What is the price? My payment terms? Are you firm on your price or is there wiggle room?
  • How long have you been in business? How long have you been producing this product? May I have references?

Insurance and Liability

You don’t want to be held responsible for someone who misuses your products and tries to sue you. Cover yourself and your company by knowing the laws and legalities and by investing in insurance.

  • Find an insurance company that specializes in business law. Ask questions, understand the process inside and out, and purchase a plan that works best for you and your situation.
  • Speak to an attorney if you have questions about your legal rights, as well as what customers can and cannot use against you in a potential lawsuit.

Financing and Taxes

Starting any business requires money, so have a plan as to where that money will come from. Remember that you will be filing business taxes from here on out, so consult your accountant or financial advisor for the best tips on how to do that.

  • Contact banks for taking out a business loan. This process can be a bit complex, so again, speak to your financial consultant before doing so.
  • Open a business bank account. This will keep your personal money separate from your business funds and will make tax season much easier.
  • Save and document ALL spending. This can be simplified by using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, or for a free version you can also use Google Sheets.

As more studies are done and scientific research validates the good in daily vitamins and supplements, natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Know what you are selling, be educated on the products and be cautious when advising consumers.