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Having a baby is one of the most miraculous and life-changing things you will ever do. But what happens if you struggle getting that baby on board? It can be a huge source of worry and frustration, but don’t give up. Even if you haven’t fallen pregnant right away you have plenty of options for boosting your success of adding a baby to your family.

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Boost Your Chances of Conceiving Naturally

Many couples can be worried when they don’t conceive straight away. However, it’s worth noting that 85% of women conceive naturally within one year and 95% within two, so the likelihood is you will probably be able to have a baby naturally. If it’s still early days, there are a few things you can do to help boost your chances of falling pregnant. Both you and your partner being within a healthy BMI, exercising regularly, not smoking or drinking too much alcohol and eating a healthy diet can all improve your general health and boost fertility. Consider adding foods such as bananas, asparagus, almonds and citrus fruit to your diet which have been shown to be useful in fertility. If you work rotating shifts, now is the time to change your hours at work. Research found that women working these patterns had an eighty percent higher rate of fertility problems than those who worked steady day shifts. So isn’t something to take lightly.

Have IVF

If you’ve been trying to conceive without luck, your next step could be to consider having IVF. This is where an egg and sperm are manually fertilized in a laboratory dish to create an embryo, which is then transferred to the uterus. There are a number of steps involved, and the process can be complicated, but for many couples, it gives them the opportunity to have a baby that’s genetically both theirs. You could search IVF doctors in your area to find out the exact process, your likelihood of success and the costs involved.

Consider Donor Egg or Sperm Programs

If one partner is infertile and their eggs or sperm are unusable, you could consider using either a donor egg or donor sperm. While the baby will only be genetically related to one partner, it’s an option for those who aren’t able to have a baby by other means.

Use a Surrogate

A surrogate carries the baby, and generally uses her own egg. If the female partner is infertile but you want a baby that’s genetically the male’s, then this is a good option. Surrogacy can be complicated so be sure to do your research before considering this. Use a reputable agency rather than finding someone yourself as there’s less risk this way.


Finally, if none of the other options are suitable or you decide against them as a couple then you still have the opportunity to adopt. You get to show a child an incredible life and be parents even if the child isn’t genetically yours. Fostering children is another option, and again you open your heart and life to a child who may not have had the best start.


It is now the season of winter, which for many states across the continental USA means a lot of snow, ice, and blizzards. Historically, it is also during this cold season that a lot of personal injuries occur, more than any other season. A person is at risk for injury during the wintertime even while doing very simple activities, thanks to the slippery ice. Injuries to different parts of the body such as your head, back, arms, legs, and neck are not uncommon during this time. As such, it is important to keep in mind helpful tips and advices in order to prevent injuries as much as possible.

Regularly salt driveways, stairs, and walkways around your home. By doing so, you are lessening the possibility of slipping on the ice, although you still need to be careful as you are walking around.

Make sure to have the proper footing when shoveling snow. When doing heavier work like shoveling snow from the driveway, make sure to wear the appropriate shoes and make sure that your footing is secure before attempting to dig into the snow. It is also advisable to stretch before actually shoveling as this can be considered strenuous work.

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Walk carefully. Needless to say, you need to be walking around carefully and not rush into anything, especially on noted slippery spots. It is also advisable to hold on to your young children and keep a close eye on them.

Install winter tires on your vehicles. For those in cities that experience a lot of snowfall, it is important to install winter-grade tires to avoid the chance of losing control while driving, due to the slippery, icy roads. These tires are specifically designed for the wintertime and it is a wise decision to invest on them and install them as soon as the snow arrives.

Always have your mobile phone with you, especially when driving. Accidents can happen due to the snowy conditions and icy roads, so it might require you to call emergency services, a tow truck, or your family members. If there is one time to not forget bringing your mobile phone along, it is during winter.

Never drink and drive. This is a tip not limited to the winter season, as it should be followed all year round. However, driving while under the influence of alcohol in hazardous road conditions such as those presented in a winter evening can be very dangerous, and very much deadly. Due to the holiday season, a lot of people drive drunk which is why the winter is the most dangerous season in terms of deaths and personal injuries due to driving.

Since the winter and holiday seasons present a lot more accidents than normal, a lot more personal injuries and fatalities occur. “Over 116,000 Americans are injured and over 1,300 killed due to the icy road conditions we experience every winter,” according to Curtis Quay, a San Diego personal injury lawyer.

In some instances, it would be wise to seek legal advice when injuries happen to you, especially if it is related to driving. If you were injured due to the negligence of the government in clearing ice from the roads and sidewalks, then you may also be entitled to compensation, for medical expenses among other things.

However, It is best to avoid injuries by following the tips stated above and taking the necessary precautions in order to be safe during the winter season. By doing these and even more, you lessen your chances of getting hurt.


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Recovering from an addiction can be ridiculously difficult, and the road to recovery can be long and full of obstacles. Ultimately, the feeling of success once the habit is kicked can be really rewarding, and maintaining that can be a real source of pride for people. Staying on the straight and narrow can be really tricky, with a constant tug of war occurring in your brain between the right and the wrong decisions. Here are the worst mistakes that a recovering addict can make, and how to avoid them.

  1. Looking for a cure

Addiction isn’t something that can be cured. There is no magic wand or elixir that will make you all of a sudden stop craving that substance. It’s a long process, and it’s important to acknowledge that it’s something you will have to monitor for the rest of your life. The longer you’re in recovery from an addiction, the lower the chance or relapsing, but it’s always possible, and people who don’t acknowledge that are far more likely to fall foul of it.

  1. Going it alone

Recovering from addiction isn’t something you can do alone from the comfort of your own bedroom. It requires the help of people around you, professionals, and support networks. Going it alone increases the sense of isolation, and makes the probability of depression and relapsing far higher. Some people find it easier to check into a rehab facility such as www.Beachway.com, while others find that a local therapist and support group will suffice.

  1. Believing you can just control your intake

Many addicts believe the right path to recovery is by slowly limiting their intake of their substance of choice. In fact, this just serves to continue to feed the addiction, and doesn’t make quitting any more likely. That very first taste of the substance in the morning is what sparks the neurological addiction, meaning that binging throughout the day becomes likely.

  1. Switching substances

Swapping one substance for another might seem like a way to decrease the harmfulness of a particular addiction, but it doesn’t confront the real psychological issues that prop up the addiction, meaning that you’re not closer to recovery.

  1. Going back to old friends

Old habits die hard, and it’s difficult to move on with your life when  you’re stuck with the people from before. Going back to old friends can put a real spanner in the works of recovery. Yes, you need to surround yourself with people, but they have to be people who are promoting the kind of life you want, not the kind of life you had. If they’re bad influences, ditch them. It’s hard, but your life and health have to come first.

Recovering from addiction is never going to be easy, but making these mistakes can make it so much more difficult to be successful. Remember that you’re not perfect, don’t beat yourself up if you slip up, just keep on going, and make sure that end goal stays in sight.


Back pain is a health problem that’s sweeping the nation. It comes in different types, but one thing remains the same; it hurts. So, this article will help provide some solutions for everyone suffering with a bad back, to heal your pain:


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Stretching & Strengthening Exercises

In most cases, back pain is caused by muscular imbalances in the pelvic region. More specifically, excessive sitting has caused tight and shortened hip flexors, which tighten your lower back too. This leads to weak and lengthened abdominal and gluteal muscles. So, to alleviate your pain, you should stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak ones. This brings more balance to the area and helps improve posture. The same is said for upper back pain which is sometimes caused by tight chest muscles that pull the shoulders forward causing your upper back muscles to lengthen and be weak. Again, strengthen what’s weak and stretch what’s tight.


Depending on the nature of your back pain, surgery could be the best option to relieve pain forever. If you have muscle problems that cause your pain, surgery isn’t going to be the solution for you. However, for disk or spinal issues, surgery is an excellent idea. There are many spine surgery methods that deal with the source of your pain and rectify it – hopefully, for good! This includes surgery where metal rods are inserted to straighten your spine if it’s too curved and causing too much pain. The best course of action would be to consult your doctor and ask about any surgical procedures that might benefit you. If they think surgery is needed to cure your daily back pain, then it’s well worth going through with it. Especially if you’ve tried everything else and you’re still in pain.

Myofascial Release

If your back often feels tight and knotted, then you could do with some myofascial release to heal the pain. This is a massage method that focuses on muscle knots, or ‘trigger points’, and works them until they release and your muscles relax. It’s a great way to get almost instant relief from persistent back pain. You can enjoy this via a professional masseuse and make regular trips to keep your back pain-free. Or, you can buy things like foam rollers or massage balls to do it at home by yourself.

Sit Less

A really simple way to cure your back pain is to sit less. I already mentioned how a lot of pain is caused by too much sitting. If you work an office job, then you’ll sit for hours then sit in your car and sit on the sofa. Stand up and go for a walk around the office or lie down on your back when you get home. Do anything that doesn’t involve you sitting for hours on end, and you’ll see drastic improvements.

Always make sure you consult a medical professional if you have any back pain. Look for second and third opinions too, to be extra sure you know the cause of your problem. This will help you figure out which route is the best to go down for curing pain.


Many folks are blissfully unaware that home loan applications depend on more than just a good credit score. Lenders tend to tout the importance of credit scores and overall financial well-being when it comes to loan applications. However, we now know that many other factors come into play when determining a person’s eligibility for a home loan. These include your housing history, credit decisions and your social media presence among others. True to form, credit scores are often regarded as the #1 reason somebody gets denied or approved for a home loan, but in and of itself it’s not enough. Of course, the importance of a good credit score cannot be underestimated.


Lenders Consider the Following Factors As Part of Their Decision to Grant You a Home Loan

Debt to income ratios otherwise known as payment to income ratios are an important determinant of a person’s eligibility for a home loan. This simply calculates how much debt you have relative to your income. If that ratio is under 40%, you’re generally considered to be in a favorable category when it comes to home loans. However, your payment history is equally important. Clients with a poor payment history and poor credit are automatically flagged. Your recent missed payments are going to be the most important aspects of the decision-making process. Payments that you missed from several years ago are unlikely to feature as prominently with lenders.

Your employment history is another important consideration. This is particularly true with subprime lenders. These companies make a big deal of stable employment. They will often reject applications where the borrower does not have stable employment. Much the same is true of a person’s housing history. If an individual is peripatetic, or is unable to hold down a residence, this is indicative of money-management problems or instability. This also makes it more difficult for the borrower to track down the home loan applicant if he or she defaults on the mortgage repayment. If a borrower does not have a regular source of income, a 401(k) or similar retirement plan may come into the mix. Borrowers will almost always evaluate your tax history, previous bank statements and even your pay stubs as proof of your eligibility for a loan. Nowadays, banks and other financial institutions are carefully analyzing social media profiles as evidence of a person’s eligibility for credit. If your public social media profile displays irresponsible financial behavior, you will likely be denied for a home loan.

Yes – Credit Scores Are Important Too

In case you’re wondering what’s a good credit score, it all depends. Each borrower is different, and there are 3 major credit bureaus in the US. These include Transunion, Experian and Equifax. Experian credit scores range between 360 and 840, Equifax scores range between 280 and 850, and Transunion credit scores range between 300 and 850. Your FICO score will affect your eligibility for all types of loans. FICO is otherwise known as the Fair Isaac Corporation. With the FICO rating scale, excellent credit is regarded as a score between 720 and 850. A good credit score ranges between 690 and 719, fair or average credit ranges between 630 and 689, and poor credit ranges from 300 to 629. Maintaining a healthy credit score is easy. Simply make your payments on time, ensure that the money you owe does not exceed 30% of your income, keep a clean credit history, and don’t apply for too many new lines of credit over a short period.



It pretty much goes without saying that you want your business to succeed, right? Of course. That’s a completely ridiculous question. Every single budding entrepreneur wants their business to succeed. Otherwise, what’s the point? To help ensure that your business is successful, you’ve probably read a great deal about the things that your business needs and how to improve it. And that’s great, that’s one of the best things that you can do. The internet is filled with fantastic advice on how to make sure that you are running the best possible business. But sometimes the kind of advice you read about running a business gets so bogged down in the minutiae that it ends up missing some incredibly important points. A lot of the time this is simply because people assume that these points are so obvious they don’t even need mentioning. But businesses do miss them. A lot of startups fail because they are so focussed on the little details that they forget about the broad strokes. So here are three ways to improve your business that are so blindingly obvious, there’s a good chance you might have missed them entirely.

Always shop around

Your business is going to require equipment; that’s true not matter what it is. And that equipment is going to be an investment. If you’re a small business, you really can’t afford to spend huge amounts of money on equipment. So what do you do? You shop around. Find the best possible deals, haggle with manufacturers and distributors. If you’re running a medical practice then why not look for discounted medical supplies. A lot of the time these things will still be high quality, you’ve just got to be smart with where you look.

Hire the right people

There’s a tendency with small businesses to offer jobs to people that the business owner is close to personally. Now this can be a fantastic thing to do. It gives people a chance they might not otherwise have had and it gives you the opportunity to mold someone into the kind of employee that you want. But you should always make sure that whoever you’re hiring is right for your company. Find out their strengths and weaknesses, what they’re passionate about and what their goals are. For a small company, hiring the wrong employees can be a seriously risky prospect with far-reaching consequences.

Learn to leave work alone

The issue with a startup is that it’s often very hard to separate your personal life from your professional life. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but it can become a serious problem. Without a decent work-life balance, your work ends up eating up most of your free time, and you come to resent your company for the way that it’s taking over. It can have an impact on your personal relationships as well as the quality of the work that you’re doing. One of the most important things that almost every business owner forgets is that, sometimes, it’s important just to put your business down and walk away.

There are several huge auto shows that take place throughout the country. Most of these auto shows take place in large cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles. And while the exact line-up of cars and events vary slightly based on the location, they all follow the same model and have the same basic set up. If you plan on attending any of these auto shows throughout the nation, here are a few of the top things to see or participate in.

The Displayed Cars

Obviously when you attend an auto show, you have come to see the cars. As such, you want to be sure you do not miss the displayed cars. However, the auto shows have taken great car this year to sort the cars into grouping and have designated areas for different types of cars, helping you to hone in on the ones that most interest you quickly. Some of the different groupings include new models of cars, classic cars, luxury cars, exotic cars, all exemplified in defensive driving courses and concept cars. If you are on a limited time schedule, bee line it for the car type that most interests you. If you have plenty of time, be sure to check out the various groupings on display.


The Test Drive Area

Another not to be missed feature to check out at 2017 auto shows is the test drive area. Looking at cars can be fun, but let’s face it; you want to get behind the wheel of the car and give it a spin. Many car shows are giving you the opportunity to do just this in their test drive area. The exact models of cars available to drive will vary from show to show, and you can expect some waiting before you get behind the wheel. However, this gives you an opportunity to test cars that you may not ever have the opportunity to drive again, making it well worth it.

The Interactive Opportunities

If you are tagging along to the auto show with someone else, looking at cars may not be your thing. But don’t worry, there are some unique offerings as well as learning the basic mechanics of a car that you will want to check out. The interactive opportunities section of a car show gives you the opportunity to play video games or virtual reality games to drive a car in a variety of settings. This area provides a lot of fun for both car enthusiasts and those who tag along with them to shows.

The Black Tie or Gala Events

The last thing you may want to check out if you are planning on visiting a 2017 auto show is the black tie or gala events. Most large auto shows have one of these events at least one night during the duration of the show’s schedule. These are upscale events that allow you to get dressed up and check out the auto show while being feed champagne and hors d’oeuvre. These events are typically not very crowded, allowing you to see cars up close and personal and from a unique perspective.

If you are a car enthusiast, you may be planning on attending one or more of the large 2017 auto shows. Regardless of whether this is your first time attending, or you are experienced, you want to make sure that you check out some of the top offerings at these shows. These include the displayed cars area, the test drive section, the interactive opportunity and any black tie or gala events that the show is offering.


Driving can be one of the most fantastic things in a person’s life. It can represent freedom and independence and opens a huge amount of opportunities for getting out into the world and taking control of your life. That being said, it can also be an extremely stressful experience. Plenty of people actually find driving to be seriously unpleasant and will go to any lengths to avoid it. The problem is that these days, there’s not much that you can really do without driving. We drive to work, to pick up our kids and to see our friends. You can find ways to avoid driving if you really try, but for the vast majority of people, if you want to get around, you’ll probably have to get behind the wheel of a car. If driving is something that you really don’t enjoy and is the cause of a lot of stress, then the best thing that you can do is be prepared for some of the most common problems that you might some up against while on the road. That way you’re going to be much more able to deal with these problems when they actually happen. With that in mind, here are just a few of the worst things about driving.

A crash

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Let’s start with the big one, shall we? A crash is probably the number one thing on a lot of people’s lists of fears when it comes to driving. A car accident can be one of the most unpleasant things that will ever happen in your life. Not only does it put you in a position of possibly having to be without your car for an extended period, but that’s just about the best case scenario! There’s also a major risk of some serious injury as well. Plenty of people are injured, or worse every year in accidents and, even if they are physically unharmed, a crash can have some extremely damaging, long-term psychological effects. It can make you never want to get behind the wheel of the car again as well as resulting in possible PTSD. The best thing that you can do to avoid a crash is to adjust the way that you’re driving. If you adopt a style of defensive driving, then you minimize the risks around you. This means that you drive in a way that consciously predicts hazards that might come along. There are plenty of courses that you can go on in order to learn to drive in this way, and it really is a fantastic method of avoiding any unwanted accidents. If you do end up in an accident then you should make sure that you have a company like Peterson Law Office to support you in the event of any claims that you need to make.

Reckless drivers

Most of the time there’s one really common cause of an accident, and that’s other people driving recklessly. Despite the obvious dangers that come with getting behind the wheel of a car, plenty of people seem to drive as if they’re totally invincible. Ignoring speed limits and traffic signals, overtaking on a single lane road and Lord knows how many other dangerous types of behavior. If you’re on the road and you end up close to someone who’s driving in this manner, it can be a terrifying experience. If they do something particularly reckless and cause an accident, it can feel like you’re going to end up smack dab in the middle of it. The ideal thing to do in this situation is to find somewhere to pull up and wait until they’re well out of sight. If the way that they’re driving is causing a serious risk, then it might also be a good idea to try to take a note of their license plate and report them to the police. It might not seem like the sort of thing that the police would be interested in, but it’s far better to report that kind of driving before anything happens than after someone ends up getting hurt.

Distracting passengers

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If you’re a careful driver, then being behind the wheel will probably take up a fair amount of your concentration. That’s what makes it all the more frustrating when you have passengers who are dedicated to distracting you as much as possible. This is particularly bad when you have kids who don’t quite understand how difficult driving a car can be when someone is yelling in your ear. Make sure that you set out some ground rules before anyone gets in your car so that you never find yourself halfway through a journey with someone who won’t stop talking while you’re trying to navigate a busy road


Nobody wants to think about what might happen if they suffer a personal injury. You might have to take a few weeks off work, and that means you could struggle to pay your bills. You might also have to spend time in the hospital recovering from the incident. Unfortunately, we don’t have a free health care system in the US, and so those medical bills can become expensive. With that in mind, we wanted to spend some time highlighting the procedure you need to follow. When all’s said and done, you need the most compensation possible for your accident. So, you’ll have to conduct a lot of research and source the right information.


  • Compile as much evidence as possible

Evidence is the primary factor used to determine the level of compensation you receive. So, it makes sense to gather as much of it as possible. That means you might have to gain access to CCTV recordings or obtain medical reports from your doctor. You should also take photographs of any injuries you sustained. Ask for copies of x-rays, and always keep them safe. At some point, you will have to submit all that evidence to a specialist who will use it to fight your case. Without evidence, the chances of you receiving the level of compensation for which you are entitled are slim.


  • Research similar cases

Taking a look at similar cases is also a sensible move if you want to increase your compensation rate. Judges will have a hard time awarding $5000 for an incident in which other people received more. If you have some case studies to hand, you can always appeal any decisions and get better outcomes. At the end of the day, you need to understand how much cash you stand to make before starting the process. You might discover that pushing ahead with your personal injury claim doesn’t make sense. You might also discover that you’re likely to get a small fortune. All that information will help you to make the right decisions during the early stages.


  • Seek professional help

If you want to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit, there is lots of expert assistance available. You will have to pay for the aid, but it’s worth every dime. People working in that industry understand how claims progress through the court system. So, they are the best ones to ensure you get the money you deserve promptly. They will give advice on anything you can do to speed the process. They should also manage to get things sorted much more quickly than you could alone. Best of all? Some companies won’t expect you to pay their invoices until your claim is complete. That means you don’t need thousands of dollars in the bank to get things underway.

We hope you found that information useful, and that it will help you to get things right. You might get lucky and never have to deal with such an instance. However, statistics show that most people will find themselves entitled to compensation at some point in their lives. So, it’s better to prepare now and ensure you always take the appropriate action.


If you are preparing to give a sermon in church, it is likely that you are quite nervous. Plunging into the proverbial biblical waters is a huge responsibility and one not to be taken lightly. You will have probably watched ministers give sermons in an Orange County church and thought they made it look really is. But it isn’t a walk in the park, although you can practice to become really good at it. Let’s take a look at three key things to help you prepare.

Position and Preframe

You need to know what your congregation looks for in a sermon. You want to make sure that you are talking about something that they will find interesting and that makes them enthusiastic and ready to hear more. There are always people who are in church because someone else told them to go, which means they won’t be happy about being there, but your role is to make sure that you know how to grip the attention of those who do want to be there and, with a bit of luck, make their enthusiasm contagious to those who would have rather spent their Sunday morning in bed or watching a football match.

Be Disciplined

They say that proper preparation prevents poor performance, also known as the 5 P’s, and they are very much true. You may be a natural speaker, but you still have to prepare yourself. Some of history’s greatest speakers, like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Barack Obama, and so on, are all excellent speakers. But they are also prepared. They know what they want to talk about, they have written notes, they have thought about the overall message they want to convey. Key is also to keep things as short as possible, which you can’t do if you don’t know where your sermon is going.

Show You Are Confident

Just like dogs can smell fear, and cats instinctively go to the person with the allergies, your congregation will be able to tell if you’re nervous. You may think that you will come across as endearing, which may be true to a degree, but it is not the feeling you want to go for. You don’t want to be a cute, helpless person who they are there to encourage. You are supposed to be a leader and mentor, someone who inspires others to do great things. Even if you don’t feel confident, you have to pretend that you are and make it the acting performance of a lifetime as well.

Really good church sermons always look super easy, yet they are hugely inspirational. However, the only reason why they look so easy is because the person who is delivering the sermon knows their stuff. They know what they are talking about, which verses they want to focus on, what the personality of their congregation is, and more. They make people hang on their every word, because they say things in a way that people want to listen to.


The world of music business is nothing like any other kind. Once you start to understand that, for instance by completing a music business degree, a world of possibilities will open up to you, particularly in terms of how you can market your own music. You need to know about the marketing that is involved with this line of work if you are to be successful. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a performing artist, a talent manager, own a record shop, or anything else either, you must learn to understand the business element.


Photo Source: hellostage.com

If You Build it, They Will Not Come

If you think that if you do something good, people will automatically come, you are in for a shock. Even if you had an amazing gig in a pub, it doesn’t mean those people who loved you will come again. You need to remind them about you all the time. This means you also have to work at getting to know your fans, or your customers for that matter.

Sharing Is Caring

One thing everybody loves is getting things for free. And that is something that people will remember you for as well. Plus, you can use it to your advantage. Let’s say you want to open a record label. You could give everybody a single of a new up and coming artist, in return for their email address. As soon as you have their email address, you can keep reminding them of your existence, which means you have an in already. However, even a free gift only lasts for so long. So make sure you give something else away again after a while, perhaps in return for something like a Facebook share.

You may think that these types of things have very little to do with music, but that would mean you are not looking at the bigger picture. Music is about a lot more than standing on a stage and producing sounds. Because of the development of the internet and other new digital technology, people with a great understanding of this are in such high demand. Stars come and go, and anyone who is loved today could be hated tomorrow. But it is the people behind the scenes, the ones who understand the business element, who will always be in high demand.

When  you study music business, you will put yourself miles ahead of those who hope to enter this industry through chance or luck. On top of that, you will actually build on transferable skills. While certain elements of the business of music are completely unique, other elements are applicable to any type of business. Should there be a slump in the industry, therefore, you could simply transfer on to the next one.

As stated earlier, completing a music business degree truly opens up a world of possibilities. These possibilities go above and beyond working with musicians and effectively give you the opportunity to influence the world as a whole.


Obesity is a growing problem in the developing world, and different solutions are being explored to combat this. One of these solutions is found in the different forms of weight loss surgery. Thanks to gastric sleeve surgery, for instance, patients can now lose as much as 75% to 80% of their excess  body weight. That is a significant amount of weight loss, particularly when you consider that around 75% of total weight loss is achieved in the first year following the procedure itself. And it gets better, so long as a patient doesn’t experience any complications, and strictly follows the guidelines of their physician and nutritionist, they may lose up to 90% of their excess weight just five years after having had the surgery.


The Benefits of Rapid Weight Loss

We are often told that rapid weight loss is not good for us. While this is true in regular, healthy individuals, it isn’t for the obese. By quickly lowering their weight so that they fall in a normal range of BMI, they made sure that they reduce their chances of development many other diseases, some of which are fatal. Common diseases associated with obesity include:

  • Sleep apnea.
  • Joint pain.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Acid reflux.

All of these can be fully resolved by losing weight. Additionally, sustained weight loss prevents people from developing dangerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and more. One study looked at 500 individual patients, and it was found that, in 96% of cases, other health conditions were resolved or improved.

Although the gastric sleeve is a procedure that has the potential to save lives, it is not one without risk. Around one in every 300 people who have the procedure will die as a result of surgery. Often, this is due to various complications. This is why the surgery will only be offered to those with a low complications rate, or to those who are so severely obese that they have started to develop dangerous comorbidity disorders like heart problems or type 2 diabetes.

Once you have had surgery, you have to take it easy for a while. You must make sure that the incision site is properly protected. This means, for instance, no heavy lifting for a while, as this could rupture the wound. At the same time, you must remember that you have had surgery, which means there are wounds, and wounds can become infected. Making sure you protect yourself from that is hugely important. Proper hygiene is vital, and some people have even asked people not to enter their homes until they have washed their hands with an alcohol rub. This may seem a bit excessive, but if there is any reason why you may be at increased risk of infection, it may be necessary while your wounds heal.

When reading through potential complications, it often sounds as if the entire procedure is a bad idea (have you ever read the side effects on any medication?). However, if a surgeon agrees that you are a good candidate, it means that the benefits of the surgery by far outweigh the potential risks.


Electronic cigarettes and shishs, or hookahs, are hot topics right now. Apparently, they allow people to smoke… without actually smoking? They are so popular, in fact, that some of the world’s major cigarette manufacturers have started to develop them as well! It is unlikely that you haven’t heard of electronic cigarettes yet, but the big question is exactly what you have heard. Some, for instance, say that that these devices are the best thing since sliced bread, enabling people to smoke without the nasty chemicals, while at the same time reducing and eventually removing their addiction to nicotine. Others, however, say that they are a way to trick people into thinking there is no danger in smoking, even encouraging young people to reach for them. So who is right? Is there any smoke without fire?

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What Is an Electronic Cigarette?

First of all, electronic cigarettes are nothing new. They were originally developed to enable smokers to use a healthier (healthier not healthy!) option and to help them reduce and eventually quit smoking altogether. Basically, they taste like tobacco (or any other flavor you like), contain different levels of nicotine (some even containing no nicotine at all), and they give you a realistic smoking experience.

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have a number of clear benefits:

  1. They can, with willpower, help someone stop smoking.
  2. They are available with zero nicotine, so if ex-smokers feel themselves heading towards relapse, they could use those to avoid it, without becoming addicted again.
  3. They come in lots of different flavors, which means you don’t have to taste tobacco anymore.
  4. They do not contain any of the thousands of harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, which means they are much safer as well.
  5. They emit only water vapor and odor from the flavor, which means there is no danger of second hand smoking either.

So What Is the Issue?

Looking at the five benefits above, and there are actually many more, you would think that these cigarettes truly are the best thing since sliced bread, and the whole debate is over. However, if that were the case, then how come you cannot “vape” (as it is known) in restaurants, bars, public places, airport terminals, at work, and so on? There are two main reasons for this:

  1. E-cigarettes are still relatively new. This means that the long term effects on health, humans, and objects, is simply unknown. While there is little reason to believe that it could be harmful, scientists will not take the chance.
  2. E-cigarettes have exploded, as have their batteries, sometimes in people’s faces, and other times causing fire.

This last issue is a big one. Luckily, however, it is also one that can be avoided in full. All you need to do is make sure that you only purchase your e-cig, liquids, cartridges, and batteries from the best online headshop, and not from some backstreet street vendor or an unknown online source.


Christmas is about rejoicing the festivities of the holiday season with your loved ones. The special ornamentations on this day go way back to the old times as the spirit of this day lies in the dangling bright lights, sparkling snowflake cut outs, decorative winter icons, evergreen trees of pine (or any other of the similar appearance) embellished with baubles, garlands, fairy lights, candy canes and what not!

But can you ever imagine a Christmas without the cooling sensation of mistletoe or the warm hue of sharp red poinsettia? Or the flamboyant presence of the Christmas Rose and the Christmas Cactus?  The blooming abundance of flowers at this day is more than mere a decoration piece.  Here are five incredible floral ideas to sprout your winter holidays into something spectacular:  A bouquet to mend dissonance

If you’ve gotten into a mismatch with someone close and failed to convey good thoughts, what is more convincing than to be apologetic with a bouquet of flowers that convey a sense of warmth when all the other things fail to communicate. Use this season as an excuse to clear all the hard feelings, and that too has gone easy! Online florists take orders from you while you select the perfectly matched bouquet according to your taste. For instance, you can try Flowers for Everyone delivery in Perth to deliver bouquets from a variety of roses to wildflowers and edible flowers. The colours and the patterns of each have a meaning of their own giving you right in the feels!


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Space consuming wall hangings

You may think you’ve up used everything to fill up the space at your place, yet some corners look dull and empty. Go ahead and grab some mistletoe and holly berry sprigs, cover the window panes and doors with wreaths of fresh roses and gold dusted acorns. A few more foliage will do just well, because there is no such thing as too much flowers.

An easy way from stomach to heart

Flowers have a magical quality to appeal by sight and surprisingly through taste as well. Using edible flowers like Marigold, Angelica and Arugula is not only the in-thing nowadays, people also prefer the delicacy of their petals neatly arranged on their platter, mostly desserts. This not only gives a vibrant colour to the dish, but also looks appetizing. Moreover, it’s not necessary to use real edible flowers; butter icings, royal icings and fondants can be piped and sculptured to give an impression of flowers. Decadent Christmas cupcakes and cookies are used to celebrate this day in its best form.

Table centrepieces

The centrepiece on any Christmas dinner table is a conventional idea, but the way it speaks for itself complementing all the other items set on the table is what leaves the visitors in awe. There are endless ways to enhance floral centrepieces. You can be as creative as building a mini Christmas tree entangling twigs to form a pyramid, then inserting the flowers that commend your table cloth and giving it an extra spotlight with the tall candle sticks or mount a colourful potpourri in the centre and surround it with fresh flowers and mini candles to give it an extra booze of spring-winter amalgamation.

Alongside holiday cards and invitations

This is undoubtedly the best way to make someone’s day. Imagine your loved one waking up to your warm greetings alongside a fragrant mini bouquet. The involuntary smile is guaranteed. In similar ways, season’s greetings and invitations can be forwarded to acquaintances. Small gestures like these have a lot of influence.

Flora in nature’s prestigious abundance, gives hope, spreads joy and conveys sentiments. Therefore, it should be showcased in such a way that is fulfilling to its cause. Wait and watch them come alive these holidays.


Crime Scene – Do Not Cross


You should never underestimate the manifold ways in which crime can affect your business in a big way. It’s not just the immediate equipment losses and financial hits you have to concern yourself with. You also need to consider this from the point of view of your employees and your customers.

Falling victim to a crime can actually result in employees and customers losing faith in you. Employees will wonder if they’re actually safe at this job. Customers may wonder if their money and personal information are safe with you! The sort of crimes your business could be hit with could result in a lot of lost productivity and a mountain of legal issues, especially if there’s undetected fraud going on.

Here are the top three crime areas that every business should be concerning themselves with.


When people talk about the sort of crimes that can happen to your business, this is usually the first thing they’ll think of. This is fairly generic non-employee crime, as some people know it. It’s the primary crime concern of the vast majority of businesses, and rightly so: it’s still the most common crime committed against them.


For businesses that have customers on-site, such as stores and restaurants, the threat is almost constant. It’s vital that you have a strong CCTV system set up. You should also ensure that people know that you have CCTV that is carefully monitored. On-site security guards must also be around to prevent this.

For other businesses that have offices locked from the public, it may seem that there’s not much reason to worry. And, sure, theft is certainly a lot less likely to occur to such a business. But breaking and entering is still very much possible if you don’t have a security system in place. But not all trespassing comes in this form. Many businesses fall victim to someone simply walking into the office, with no-one questioning their presence (assuming that they’re accounted for by another employee). This leaves the business vulnerable to many data risks that can lead to information leaks and even fraud. Again, a mountain of legal problems could affect you if this happens!


Your business probably uses computers that are hooked up to the Internet. And guess what? That means you’re always a potential target for cybercriminals! This isn’t something you should just shrug off. You may not think a small business such as yours would fall victim to cybercrime. But the kind of records and customer data that even a small business keeps will mean that cybercriminals aren’t always looking to target bigger companies.


A lot of cases of fraud occur due to cybercrime. When a cybercriminal hacks into a small business’s network, they may get access to the credit information of all your customers, as well as the personal information of you and your employees. If they so choose, they could also infect your network with viruses.

The possibility of fraud, particularly credit card fraud and identity theft, should worry you. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent this. In the specific case of identity fraud, there are preventative services out there that can help you. If you don’t know which one to sign up with, take a look at these reviews. Of course, you’ll also have to look into the usual methods of online protection: strong WiFi passwords, anti-viruses software, firewalls, a protect backup copies of all your data.


Employee crime

Leaves a pretty bad taste in the mouth, doesn’t it? Employee crime. Is it less desirable than any other crime? Perhaps. For one, it damages your sense of trust in a way that the other forms of crime don’t. It also means that, along with the immediate effect of the crime committed against you, you’ll also probably lose the employee! And employees, after all, are at once your most expensive and valuable asset.

Unfortunately, you do have to have measures in place to prevent employee crime from occurring. While we don’t want to make you paranoid, it’s simply a fact that employees are always in the best position to commit a crime against your business! Businesses have sometimes found themselves being embezzled by their employees for several years before they realize what’s going on.


The ways to prevent employee crime begin at the recruitment stage. You should ensure you’re doing your best to hire trustworthy people. You should consider running criminal background checks on employees. Making sure there’s CCTV in locations where only staff can go is a must. Many business owners make the mistake of only placing such security measures in areas where customers are allowed.


The recent Berlin attack had 12 people killed with dozens injured after a truck plowed through a city Christmas market. According to the German officials, after a report highlighted by EvoNews.com, it is possible that the suspect that is arrested is not responsible. The official report states that the police are uncertain about the real identity of the attacker.

Germany’s capital is in shock and in full high alert since authorities fear that at least one suspect is at large following the truck assault on the Christmas market. Angel Merkel declared that the incident was a presumed “terror attack” and ISIS already took responsibility by saying the attacker was a soldier of God.

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Photo source: VOA News

The Berlin police arrested a suspect. He is an asylum-seeker from Pakistan. Ever since being arrested he did deny the involvement in the attack that led to 52 people injured and 12 dead. The doubts about whether or not the correct person was arrested exist so forensic evidence is now studied as much as possible. This does include blood stain analysis for samples found in truck cabin. The truck was used as a weapon, a tactic similar to what happened in France 5 months ago.

In the country and all around the continent reactions appeared after the attack was seen as also being an attack against the traditions associated with Christmas. In Italy security was already enhanced before the appearance of Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square for Christmas. Also, French officials declared that the markets were fast reinforced.

In Germany now the investigation teams are trying to analyze the obtained “circumstantial evidence”, including video footage and witness descriptions. However, there was no sketch that was released and this means there is much that is not yet known.

Although there is a suspect in custody, the Berlin police declared that citizens still need to be cautious. Police chief Klaus Kandt declared that it is possible that a “dangerous offender” is still present in the area. That is why he recommended that people remain vigilant.

What is known at the moment is that the attack was deliberate. The original driver of the truck was a Polish national. He was found dead in the cabin after being shot.

Suspicion started to appear because of the fact the gun used to kill the Polish driver was not found in the truck after it was investigated. The conclusion is that there is a possibility that the attacker is still free, armed and extremely dangerous.

While the Islamic State did declare that the traditional Christmas markets in the world are viable marks for attacks in Europe, there is no concrete proof that the attack was connected with them. Islamist extremists might have been involved due to target and modus operandi. Although ISIS did claim responsibility, it can still be the act of just one individual, not of the terrorist organization. Speaking about the Islamist responsibility claims, there is no credible mention that was found, according to German authorities. Even so, it is really important to remain open to all possible options.


As a business owner, you probably don’t think too much about legal issues. After all, why do you need to? It’s not like you’re planning on breaking the law. But believe it or not, your aim to stay honest and above the board won’t stop your business from being hit by legal problems. They could come all the same. Rather than wishful thinking or hoping for the best, here are the actual ways you can avoid some of the most common business legal nightmares.

Excellent Standards Of Health And Safety

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Do you want to know the most common lawsuit that affects a business? It’s probably an accidental injury lawsuit or a PI claim. These claims hit hundreds of businesses each year and cost thousands in damages. Some company owners should be more worried about this than others. For instance, if you run a construction team you should certainly make sure you have full insurance for any type of accident. However, there are issues that can occur in your typical working office as well. An employee could trip up over loose wires, slip on a wet floor or fall down a block of stairs. To avoid issues like this, you need to keep an eye out for hazards in your business. Make sure they are taken care of as quickly as possible, and you won’t need to worry.

Protect What You Own

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There are two forms of protection here. The first is a legal document. If you are creating an original product or just designing a logo for your business, you need to get it trademarked. This will stop other people using it and selling under your name. You can use a trademark attorney to do this, and they are easy to find online. Experts in their field they can grant you all the protection you need. Don’t assume people will respect you had the idea first. If it’s not trademarked, it’s fair game.

Another completely different form of protection would be business security. If you have insurance, you will get any financial damages back from theft or robbery. But wouldn’t it be great if you could just stop the theft happening in the first place. Well, you can, just make sure you’re investing in the latest security tech and no one will be able to get in without your permission. ID scanners, alarms, motion sensors and lighting are all security features you want to invest in.

Hire Legal Assistance

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Last but not least as a business owner you will undoubtedly be creating different contracts and agreements with various other companies. You’ll need to arrange supplies for your business and ensure that people are willing to make purchases from your business. This is particularly true for a B2B model, but this need will exist within any company. When these deals are created, it is important that both parties understand the terms. Otherwise, businesses can be left out of pocket and out of stock when they need it the most. That’s why you should have a legal advisor on call. They will be able to make sure any agreement is in your favour before you agree to sign.


At the centre of every thriving business is a dynamic and well-greased HR department. And thanks to changes in the modern economy, the HR department is more important than ever. Never before have people been more important or more integral to business success. It’s people, not capital, that is now the driving force behind most modern companies and what makes them valuable.

Managing those people, however, is getting harder. Members of your team have higher expectations than they did in the past and they want companies not only to pay them but provide them with an additional level of service, including things like training. Recruitment is also getting more difficult, thanks to the fact that job roles are becoming increasingly specialised and niche.



Here we’re going to look at some of the biggest HR nightmares you face as a modern employer, and how to fix them.

Low Productivity

Keeping up with your competitors is a top priority for your business. But that’s hard to do if you have to employ twice the labour to get the same job done. It’s the job of the human resources team to make sure that productivity remains high and that the entire business is operating efficiently.

If your productivity is low compared to other companies in your industry, it’s not because you’re unlucky; it’s because you’re doing something wrong. The first thing to do is a Time and Motion study to find out exactly what is going wrong in your processes. Often HR consultancy services can help on this matter since they have experience with where businesses most often make mistakes.

Once the data are gathered, the next stage is to start comparing performance over time. Often you’ll be able to correlate events in your business, like a change in offices, with drops or peaks in performance levels. Knowing when productivity was high and what conditions led to higher output per person helps you to recreate those conditions and get more out of your workforce in the future.

Failing To Adequately Train Employees

As we discussed in the introduction, employee expectations of the workplace are changing fast. In the past, it was perfectly acceptable for companies to offer workers a wage in exchange for their labour. But now companies have to do a lot more to attract the best talent.



Employees don’t just want to be paid today; they want to be trained for the future. Today’s modern workforce has aspirations, and if they feel that your organisation is holding them back, they’ll leave.

The good news is that putting training in place is actually relatively easy in most industries. That’s because there are already other companies in the sector with links to training organisations. Often it’s just a case of finding out who the trainers are and what courses are being offered by your competitors.

In some workplaces, there’s a need to provide employee training for compliance reasons. It’s a good idea, therefore, for companies to keep a record of employee training so that they can track which members of staff have been on which training programme. Maintain records both when training is performed in-house, as well as when it is given by an outside organisation.

Expensive Recruitment

The statistics on the cost of recruitment are shocking. For high-level positions, the cost of finding the right person can actually exceed the cost of hiring them in the first year. As a result, businesses are keen to keep costs as low as possible when it comes to recruiting.

The responsibility for this falls on HR departments, but getting recruitment right is difficult. Often there’s a lot of paperwork involved, as well as a bunch of other issues, like where to advertise. Most businesses use some type of HR recruiting software. This gives them the ability to process dozens of applications and CVs, as well as store candidate’s’ personal details. The good thing about these applications is that they allow you to keep in contact with people who are interested in working for your organisation for years to come. Perhaps there isn’t a position available that matches their skills today, but in the future, once you’ve expanded, there might be a chance for you to review their application and contact them in the future. Again, this helps to keep the cost of recruitment down, since you’ve already got a mailing list of people who are willing to work with your organisation.

Poor Disciplinary Processes

The least popular topic in any HR department is how to deal with employees who haven’t been behaving themselves. Companies with bad disciplinary policies make worker misbehaviour into a personal issue, with managers getting into shouting matches with employees.

It’s the job of the HR department to be as objective as possible and stay on the right side of the law. Doing this is easier said than done, of course, but most employers manage it by having their disciplinary policies written down in their company handbook. HR departments need to follow these procedures to the letter and avoid giving problem employees any material that they could take to an employment tribunal.



When disciplinary actions do get underway, it’s critical to keep a record of all correspondence. This means keeping copies of letters sent to employees, minutes of meetings, communications with trade union officials and other activities related to the case. Having a public record of events helps to keep everybody on the same page as the dispute develops.

Just as with recruiting, there is now software that allows HR departments to store and retrieve all relevant documents relating to a disciplinary case. Having these systems in place helps to reduce the legwork for all people involved and the amount of time disciplinary action takes to resolve.

Out-Of-Control Outsourcing

Finally, HR departments are often responsible for outsourcing within the company. The problem is that many outsourcers don’t often fulfil the internal requirements of the company. It’s important, therefore, that HR departments make sure that they undergo the same training, are members of the right industry bodies, and have gone through any necessary induction training.


We all know that midlife can be a time of profound challenges as well as great opportunities. Most people in their 50s have to cope with the rising costs of tuition for their kids and they worry about losing their jobs, just in case they can’t afford retirement. But they also have the luxury of not having to pay other costs associated with children, as well as the fact that they are in their peak earning years.

It’s a good idea when you’re making the most money to put as much of it away as possible and build your own wealth fund. According to a study by Hearts and Wallets, the most successful savers, those who built their nest eggs to ten times their pay, did it by saving around 15 percent of their income for 10 years. Here’s how to go about it the smart way.



Accept Help

You might not think it, but the free advice offered as part of your 401(k) plan might actually be beneficial. It turns out that those who accept advice on their 401(k)s actually end up getting a higher return than those that don’t. A study by Financial Engines and Aon Hewitt found that returns for people getting advice were between 1.9 and 2.9 percent higher.

Become A Landlord



If you’ve got some spare capital sloshing about, could you get a better return by investing in a rental property? The chances are that you could if you put your money into a house located in an up-and-coming area. Right now prices on properties in booming cities like San Francisco and Dallas are sky high, but there are opportunities elsewhere, especially in areas likely to benefit from working and middle-class rejuvenation. Keep track of trends like demographics, wages rates and employment to predict where rental incomes will grow the fastest.

Transfer Your Assets And Defer Tax

At some point in your 50s, you’ll probably want to convert your assets from one category to another. The problem with doing this, however, is that the taxman will want to take a cut, locking you into certain investment classes. There is a solution, however. A 1031 exchange property allows you to defer taxes you pay to the IRS if you want to convert the assets held in your house into some other form. Of course, you’ll eventually have to pay capital gains when you cash in your investments, but you’ll also avoid paying tax in the interim, potentially saving you a lot of money in the process.

Find Out How Much Your Investments Are Costing You



Something like 60 percent of investors never takes the time to calculate how much their advisers are paid, thinking that their advice is free. It’s not, of course, meaning that it pays to shop around, especially over the long term. Even an adviser charge of 1 percent digs into your interest payments substantially and could end up costing you thousands of dollars over the long term. Find out exactly how much money is being taken out of your investments to see whether you could get a better deal.

Over the last few years, infographics have become extremely popular. They are especially useful for helping people stay engaged while reviewing information that otherwise might be very difficult to digest. Recently, representatives from federal agencies are have become increasingly reliant on these kinds of graphics to communicate information about public health. When certain factors are kept in mind during the process of designing an infographic, it is more likely the result will be maximally effective.

Infographics Are Often Shared Through Social Media

Even though infographics undoubtedly make content easier to understand for most people who see them, that’s not the only benefit they offer. Infographics are also excellent for helping information reach large amounts of people quickly. That’s probably why some officials frequently post infographics on respective social media pages and hope viewers will share them.

Image result for Infographics

Some Infographics Are Printed For Future Reference

There may be instances where people are so interested in what an infographic discusses they want to print out the material and refer to it later. That’s especially common if an infographic is used to explain a step-by-step process, such as how to choose a good online learning program. People who are interested in taking courses through the internet can print the infographic and post it in easily viewable places during their course research process.

People Might Look at Infographics With Their Phones or Tablets

We live in an increasingly tech-savvy society, and many people can barely get through an hour without using their smartphones or tablets. It makes sense then that since people commonly use these gadgets to shop, check the weather, and get up to date on news, they’ll eagerly look at infographics through the devices too.

Infographics Demonstrate Authority

People and organizations also depend on infographics when trying to showcase authority on particular topics. Going back to the example about online courses, a person interested in taking earning an online Master of Public Administration diploma from USC might be curious about the kinds of things that are taught in the degree program.

If a USC representative publishes a well-made infographic that details how communication methods have changed and brought people closer than ever to public figures, the potential online learner would not only get the impression that communication principles would be taught, but that USC is an authoritative educational option. This is just one way a university might display competitiveness by creating relevant content.

Infographics Highlight Key Concepts

Some people may want to learn more about very in-depth topics, but have no idea how to get started or even what’s most important for them to know. An infographic works well for condensing information about broad subjects and giving people good jumping-off points for furthering their knowledge. The USC Gould School of Law did that in a helpful way by making an infographic that helped people learn more about white-collar crime.

The above examples should clarify why many representatives are choosing to dispense information to the masses by using infographics. For best results, infographics should be readily accessible and not too large, since people may be viewing them on small screens or printing them out.


You’ve probably heard about water treatment, but what is it all about? You couldn’t survive without it, so it makes sense to find out a little more about how that clear water ends up running from your taps at home. The information below will give you a complete overview of what it’s all about and why it matters.

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is one of those things that we all benefit from without even realising it properly. To put it simply, water treatment is the name of the process of purifying water, making it safe to use. The water is stored, then it is screened to remove any debris and large things that might be in it. Then any smaller particles that might be present in the water are removed via the processes of flocculation and filtering.

Finally, there is the last treatment. This is where a very small amount of chlorine is added to the water to kill off any remaining bacteria that might be lurking in it. You can then be sure that the water is safe, and it starts to flow to homes and businesses all over the country. When it reaches you, it is fully treated and safe to use without worrying. Of course, things can go wrong in the process, but this is rare.

Photo Source

Smaller Examples of Water Treatment

Not all forms of water treatment are about treating water that is for public consumption, though. There are many small examples of water treatment that we take for granted. They might not seem as important, but they do a job. For example, many of us use water filtration systems in our home. And many kettles have filters to prevent limescale from setting in and causing problems further down the line.

In the world of business and manufacturing, water treatment can also be very important. Cooling water treatment, for example, is very common. Cooling towers are used in all kinds of industries, and where there are cooling towers, there needs to be water treatment. It can stop corrosion and scale, and that’s why there are so many industries that rely on this kind of process each day.

Why is is So Important?

So, all in all, why is water treatment so important? As we’ve seen, it keeps industries safe, efficient and productive. In the long-term, this can have a positive impact on the success of a business or a wider economy. And that means there are also jobs that are sustained by it. The impact of water treatment goes further than most people think. And that’s before we even mention the health benefits of water treatment.

Water is a chemical compound, and we all consume it. If the water we consume is not clean and properly treated, it can contain things that have serious ramifications for our health. Water treatment deals with all that, and can stop the spread of very serious diseases and illnesses. This is why delivering clean water to the most deprived parts of the world is one of the most urgent tasks out there.

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If you were to throw a (metaphorical) dart randomly at the internet, the chances are that it would land on an article about investing of some sort. And this is no different, on the surface! Investing is a minefield for so many people that they have no idea where to begin, where to go and what to do. If you have never thought about investing before, and it tends to be that the average Joe doesn’t, it is a worthwhile practice to help get set up for your future, or for your family. It is a bit like taking a gamble, but there are investment ideas that generally have a high rate of return.

Forex Trading

This is one of the best options to ensure a good income. It’s a market where currencies are traded. Put simply, it is buying, selling and exchanging currencies at the current rate. It is the biggest market for investment in the world. As an investment option, it is unique because it has high liquidity characteristics, uses leverage to maximize potential earnings and many other positive aspects.

Collectibles, Coins Or Paintings



Aside from the standard methods of investing, you could indulge your passions or hobbies as an idea for investment to generate a good income. Antiques or paintings or even rare iraq dinar are options for investment. As time goes by, their value will increase, so investing in something you have a good feeling about can be an option, especially as there are so many people that are now keen to invest in antiques themselves, you can sell it off to the highest bidder when the item is extremely profitable.

US Treasury

With a high rate of return, the US Treasury bill is a reliable bond with a high return rate. It has the guarantee and assurance of the US Government, which gives you a distinct advantage over other investments. While the global market is prone to inflation, needing a reliable source of revenue is needed, and this is a favored investment approach in many countries in the world, not just in America itself.



image from pixabay

Bonds that mature within the 3-year mark proves to be a safe investment option for many people. They are in much demand due to the growth of the US economy and the high rate of return. Two bonds that are best are municipal bonds and corporate bonds. Just, before you start, make sure you do your research into the potential losses or benefits of such an investment.

Index Funds

This is recommended by finance experts over investing in common stocks. For the past three decades, the returns have been on a large scale. As Index Funds increase in number by gathering “low beta” and “high dividend” paying stocks, this is a good combination of safe investment but with high returns. If you are looking to invest safely, you cannot go far wrong with this type, as the security of your money is ensured. But, the individual stocks is lower in safety, so be careful in your choice of investment.


The overriding factor in any startup environment, aside from the location or the people you need, is the finances. If you evaluate your business plan in enough detail, you will understand how much money is needed in order to get the venture started with enough money to spare. This is a common misconception among smaller businesses, that if you start out strong you can keep the momentum. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. If you run out of resources early on, you can run the business into the ground very quickly. Prior to starting your business officially, there are some things that you can prepare for, and all it involves is making lists.



Business Assets

These are what you will need in the long term. The fundamental items of equipment you will need, in other words, the inventory. From the machinery and tables, right down to the din 2093 spring, make an inventory of what you will need at the outset. These will consist of your starting assets, discounting the money you have in the bank. For each item, you need to make an educated guess of what each item will cost. If you really are not sure, either do some research or overestimate.

Business Expenses

Different from an asset, as everything you purchase is not an asset. You can spend business money on expenses, for example, the cost of setting up your business website, or the cost to fix up your offices, or the salaries you pay your employees. Now you add the starting assets and the starting expenses together to calculate the vast majority of your starting costs.

Figure Out The Amount Of Money You Will Need To Begin

This is the last piece of the jigsaw. Knowing how much money you will need in your accounts for the first few uncertain months of the business will be the deciding factor in keeping the business afloat. Now, there are different ways to do this. A lot of people would say that you need to cover 6 months of expenses, maybe 12 months, but the best way would be to estimate the sales, the expenses and the costs of the sales and expenses over the first year. You may wish to create a sales forecast to help guide you.

What you should now have is a list of 12 months with the costs, expenses and estimated sales for each individual month. The costs and the expenses are then subtracted from the sales for each month, you should then see if you are short of money or not. Using that, you can then start to see how long it will take for you to break even and how much cash you are lacking in. The amount is what you need to have behind you as the total starting cash for the business.



The great thing about this method of calculation, is that if you have not had a business plan put in place, this will be a starting point for you to make a business plan! Get prepared, by understanding your additional costs!


Most businesses are under the impression that pay is the primary motivating factor in the workplace. But, for the vast majority of workers, there’s more to a job than just the amount of cash it allows them to bank at the end of the month. One of the most important, non-pay factors, is of course safety. It’s safety that makes the difference between being able to turn up to work happy to face the challenges of the day, and turning up to work wondering whether you’re going to go home in the evening in one piece.



A positive health and safety culture can actually be an enormous asset to a company. Take Marlin Steel, a big steel producing company where employees have to regularly deal with heavy equipment and molten metal. The company, headed by Drew Greenblatt, decided a few years back that it wanted to foster a culture where workers weren’t worried that they were going to go home at the end of the day missing several of their fingers. The company recently announced that it had managed to go 1,500 days straight without a single incident at its production facility. The reason for this, Greenblatt suggests, is the fact that the business takes the safety seriously from the get go. As soon as employees arrive at the plant, they’re greeted by an enormous green sign that proudly says, “safety begins here.” This has become a part of the company culture, and employees are actually boastful of the safe environs of the factory.



Visits by the authorities to inspect the facilities are no longer seen as some sort of threat to the business. Quite the reverse. Greenblatt sees these inspections as an opportunity to learn more about safety features and fire protection services. Even though it’s a government agency, there’s still stuff that they can teach businesses, apparently.

Greenblatt’s focus on safety began when he was introduced to a glass maker in his area who had an exemplary safety record. The factory, which was full of some of the most dangerous objects in industry, like sheet glass, band saws and welding machines, should have been a health and safety nightmare. But instead, it had been transformed into a safe environment through some rather clever initiatives.



Perhaps the most important of these was the fact that employees were invited to take part in regular health and safety committees. Here, they were able to lay out their concerns in front of management, and management would quickly react and implement new safety protocols. What’s more, when employees hear suggestions coming from their peers, rather than from on high, they’re actually a lot more likely to respect them.

Greenblatt soon replicated these measures in his own plant, following on from what he had learned from the glass factory. Devoting time to people, he found, made a big difference to the safety culture within his business. It’s not always a case of throwing money at the problem, he says. It’s about doing stuff that actually fixes health and safety issues.


It’s surprising that so many companies do not cater enough for their employees that have a disability, whether a physical one or those that may suffer from an affliction such as anxiety. It should be a priority for companies to make sure that everyone is catered for. There are more charities championing the cause for more accessibility for wheelchairs and those that need the help, it is down to the business themselves to implement these changes. While there are big changes that may need to be made, such as installing ramps and lifts, there are smaller changes that you can make to help cater for that person so they can work better and more comfortably. Here is a little cheat sheet to get you started. This is by no means a replacement for proper research when it comes to your own employees’ individual needs, but here are a couple of things to help.

Sight Impairment



The first thing that you need to do when you hire somebody with a sight impairment is to do a work based assessment. You can then see what specific adjustments are needed for that person to perform their role better. If you are employing a blind or a partially sighted member of staff, this will need to be completed prior to them starting. Likewise, if you have an employee who is losing their sight this will need to be done.

The assessment may consist of the following:

  • The environment that they work in – so you could think of ways to make the space more accessible for that person.
  • Equipment – depending on their needs, you will need to provide modified equipment or technology like magnification software or screen reading software to help the employee.
  • Do specialist training – this can be for the person with the sight impairment, or for those members of the team that are working with the individual.
  • Systems modification – using different ways to make the work-related systems more accessible to the person.

To help your business with getting the right equipment and resources to help those employees with a visual impairment, there is specific funding available depending on the size of the business. Making sure that the workspace is safe is a priority, as any workplace accidents can result with a lawsuit on your hands. Or if you wish to help an employee make a claim for injury, you can consult a website such as http://www.sigurdsonlaw.com/.

Hearing Impairment



If you have an employee that is developing a hearing impairment, or you are employing someone with this impairment, you need to establish their needs firstly. Making suitable adjustments for them to help them work better will need to be done, and the best way is to speak to them. How would they like to communicate with people during work meetings, in groups or on a one to one basis? For example, lip reading, or visual demonstrations.

Some ways to make things easier for that person can include:

  • Getting employees to face each other. You could use a circular table for this.
  • Ask them where they would like to sit so they can position their interpreter accordingly.
  • Speak one at a time or raise your hand before speaking so the interpreter doesn’t miss any important information.
  • You can set up training for deaf awareness with your colleagues.
  • Learn basic sign language for easier communication.