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William H. Millard , former ComputerLand CEO was one of the world’s most-wanted tax exiles and allegedly totalled astonishing unpaid tax bills of more than $100 million for over 20 years.

William H. Millard, the 79 year-old founder of retail chain ComputerLand, was last seen by tax authorities on the remote Pacific island of Saipan in 1990.

Despite vanishing soon after selling his company, Millard has now been tracked down to the Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean, court papers said.

William H. Millard was one of the world’s most-wanted tax exiles and totalled unpaid tax bills of more than $100 million for over 20 years

William H. Millard was one of the world’s most-wanted tax exiles and totalled unpaid tax bills of more than $100 million for over 20 years

The astonishing news about the man once listed as one of the US richest men was revealed by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday.

The U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which includes Saipan, is now using a law firm and investigators’ help to get the money.

William H. Millard is linked to a vast network of more than 50 shell companies, trusts and bank accounts, according to Wall Street Journal.

“This is one of the most sophisticated and complicated cases of offshore asset structuring that we have ever seen,” Michael Kim, prosecuting, said.

“Last Christmas an investigator spotted their target at dinner with one of his daughters in Florida,” Mariana government officials said.

William H. Millard has not yet commented, but his former attorney Terry Giles said it was “ludicrous and insulting” to suggest he was hiding.

College dropout William H. Millard was a 1970s technology pioneer in California and he turned ComputerLand into a huge PC retail chain.

The retail chain had around 800 stores and his stake in the company was valued at $1 billion at one point, reported the Wall Street Journal.

William H. Millard was known for his lavish spending, private jets and working 18-hour days whilst eating peanut-butter sandwiches.

William H. Millard left ComputerLand, having a fallout with franchisees and management, and soon moved with his family to Saipan.

Former ComputerLand CEO sold his remaining shares in 1987 and the family left Saipan, where William H. Millard had half-built a turreted castle on the coastline, in 1990.

The commonwealth got a tax judgment against William H. Millard and his wife for $36 million in court in 1994, according to Wall Street Journal.

Commonwealth authorities then picked up traces of his movements in Singapore, Ireland, Brussels, Hong Kong and the Caymans.

Then the commonwealth hired New York law firm Kobre & Kim and a private investigator tracked William F. Millard’s daughter’s home to Orlando, Florida, in December.

The private investigator soon spotted William H. Millard talking a walk outside and they tracked him to the Grand Cayman Island, lawyers said.

“I hope he will do the right thing and pay his debts,” Michael Kim told the Wall Street Journal. “But most people do not let go of $100 million easily.”


Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been fired from her position after the ailing internet company lost further ground to main rival Google.

Carol Bartz, 63, who was fired over the phone, has had a rocky tenure lasting nearly three years punctuated by stagnating growth and a bitter row with one of the Yahoo‘s Chinese partners.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz posted her first official blog post today.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz posted her first official blog post today.


Carol Bartz, who was hired despite a lack of internet or advertising experience, told her former employees that she was fired by Yahoo’s chairman of the board, Roy Bostock.

Recently, Yahoo has settled a payment dispute with China’s Alibaba Group, in which the internet company holds a 40% stake.

Carol Bartz, the fired CEO, has also had to watch as Yahoo loses further ground as an internet domain to all-conquering Google, while also facing strong competition from other social networks like Facebook.

Yahoo ex-CEO announced her departure to employees via a two-sentence email from her iPad which read:

“I am very sad to tell you that I’ve just been fired over the phone by Yahoo’s Chairman of the Board.

“It has been my pleasure to work with all of you and I wish you only the best going forward.”

Yahoo has appointed chief financial officer Timothy Morse as CEO on an interim basis, but plans to search for a permanent replacement for Carol Bartz.

In 2000, Yahoo shares achieved its peak , being traded for $125, but on Tuesday they closed at $12.91.

Yahoo lost further ground in the race against Google during Carol Bartz’s tenure, despite actually making more money through layoffs, service closures and other cost-cutting moves.

In 2010, Yahoo’s revenue edged up by just 2% in the first nine months of the year, while Google’s climbed by 23% in the same period.

In April 2010, Carol Bartz candidly admitted that she “could have done better” in her job, by which time speculation around her position was already growing.

Facebook has also become another serious competitor for Yahoo by attracting the major marketing partners which once went to Yahoo during its boom in 2000.

Yahoo was forced to fire more than 600 staff – around 5% of its workforce – in 2010 due to lacklustre growth.

Yahoo shares jumped 74 cents (5.7%) to $13.65 in after-hours trading, around 12% higher than they were when Carol Bartz was named chief executive.

Roy Bostock has decided to let Carol Bartz go after Yahoo posted more disappointing financial results

Roy Bostock has decided to let Carol Bartz go after Yahoo posted more disappointing financial results

In the last months speculation has mounted over various companies wanting to either take over Yahoo or invest and split into parts.

News Corp, AT&T and Verizon had all been linked with a move to buy the company out, with Yahoo’s cooperation.

Carol Bartz had joined Yahoo as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer after 17 years at design software company Autodesk.

Roy Bostock, chairman of the Yahoo board, had publicly backed Carol Bartz earlier this year, but has since decided to let her go after the company posted more disappointing financial results.

Roy Bostock said:

“The board sees enormous growth opportunities on which Yahoo! can capitalize, and our primary objective is to leverage the Company’s leadership and current business assets and platforms to execute against these opportunities.

“We have talented teams and tremendous resources behind them and intend to return the Company to a path of robust growth and industry-leading innovation.”

Roy Bostock also thanked Carol Bartz for her service to Yahoo during “a critical time of transition in the company’s history, and against a very challenging macro-economic backdrop”.

Timothy Morse, the newly appointed interim CEO said:

“It is an honor to be selected for this role and lead the Company with this world-class team of executives.

“I look forward to working with the Executive Leadership Council and the talented employees of Yahoo!, and to partnering with the Board to invest in the organization and continue to drive its ongoing growth plans.”


Paradise Lost directors commented on West Memphis Three’s release


[googlead tip=”patrat_mediu” aliniat=”stanga”]The West Memphis Three case, that has turn out to be a wide known cause  for a number of celebrities (American actors along with music artists), went to an intense and surprising final result.

On Friday the three men found guilty of murdering three eight-year-old boys  in 1993 were freed from jail. Their release comes after “Alford plea” that permit them to assert innocence while acknowledging that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict them.

West Memphis Three: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin in 1993.

West Memphis Three: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin in 1993.

Damien Echols was sentenced to death while Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr. were serving life sentences.

Interest in the initial trial focused on Damien Echols, back then 18, who had dressed in black garments, had colored his hair black, had read books on vampires, and listened to heavy-metal music. He was frequently inquired by law enforcement regarding satanism.

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The horrible homicides, that were described as satanic by the law forces, stunned West Memphis, Arkansas. However residual uncertainty whether the West Memphis Three had been responsible led to campaigns feed by stars to have the men liberated.

Those uncertainties has increased last month, when a  report on new DNA data was submitted in Craighead County Circuit Court. It could not link the crimes to the West Memphis Three charged in the murders.[googlead tip=”lista_medie” aliniat=”stanga”]

Two HBO documentaries shot within the the nineteen nineties ( “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills” won an award), have increased consciousness concerning the case. Metallica has permitted their songs to be utilized in the film. Another documentary will be launched this fall.

The American stars have supported West Memphis Three cause.

Johnny Depp has been an West Memphis Three's supporter

Johnny Depp West Memphis Three's supporter

Eddie Vedder from  Pearl Jam and Johnny Depp have grown to be highly effective supporters for Echols, specifically.

Previous year, Eddie Vedder, together with  “Arkansas Take Action”, organized  “Voices for Justice” live concert in Little Rock to raise understanding about the West Memphis Three. Depp made an appearance together with  Patti Smith and Natalie Maines.

“Three innocent people are losing years of their life on a wrongful conviction on a crime they didn’t commit. It makes me scared. It could happen to any of us” said Natalie.

Through the years, Depp and Vedder have donated for  Echols legal fees. Eddie has composed songs in relation to Damien and visited him. Other celebrities have  given souvenirs for auctions to assist the cause.

Internet sites  were meeting places for allies and additional followers.  They written  to the West Memphis Three and also to political figures.

“From beginning to end, this is probably the first national case to play out on the Internet. The Internet was the way to mobilize the troops all over the world. I don’t see how we would be where we are right now without the Internet,” said Lisa Fancher, an activist for the West Memphis Three Fund, on Friday prior to the hearing.


Zelboraf for metastatic melanoma approved by FDA


Prostate cancer: a new treatment option from Swedish Lund University researchers.


Potential breakthrough in cancer research: a new treatment for leukemia had amazing results.


Telomere progressive shortening characterizes familial breast cancer



Medical scientists have found a new form of mechanism leading to hereditary cancer susceptibility, demonstrating that minor changes in certain anti-cancer genes might work as magnets to draw altering “biochemical tags”.

The tags successfully switch these genes off as well as predispose families to a higher risk associated with the condition. The researchers, from the University of New South Wales (UNSW),  consider that a minor spelling error affecting just one letter in the DNA sequence close to the beginning of the gene is actually what draws in the biochemical marking, named methylation. This methylation switches genes off, thus has specific influences on the DNA.

“Methylation sits on top of our DNA, and provides the instructions to turn the gene off,” pointed out Dr Megan Hitchins.

In one well studied cause of hereditary cancer, alterations in the cancer-prevention gene MLH1 are transferred from mother or father to children. This situation generates up to 80 percent risk of developing bowel cancer, uterine cancer and other malignancies.

On the other hand, a number of family members with hereditary cancer do not have spelling mistakes in MLH1, but alternatively possess methylation placed on the gene.

“When the methylation attaches to the MLH1 gene in these families, it causes it to be completely switched off and as a consequence cancer develops,” affirmed head of the adult cancer program at the Lowy Cancer Research Centre, Professor Robyn Ward. “But until now, we did not understand how these methylation tags were being passed from parent to child.”

Hereditary cancer study

Hereditary cancer study: certain anti-cancer genes act like a magnet for methylation that disappears in semen or ova and reappears in child

In the study the researchers investigated three generations of a large family, who had experienced cancer at young age, but in whom no spelling mistakes characteristic for this kind of inherited cancer syndrome had been identified. Noticeably a number of family members from all generations had methylation tags on their gene.

“In this family, biochemical tags attached to the MLH1 gene were present in all three generations. This was intriguing since these markers are usually removed during the production of eggs and sperm. What we found was that a subtle change near the gene was acting like a magnet to attract methylation. So it was not the methylation itself that was being passed from parent to child, but rather the DNA change, and this acted as a methyl magnet,” Dr Megan Hitchins said.

The methylation had disappeared in the semen and ova and after that regenerated in every brand-new generation, the researchers explained.

Professor Robyn Ward said the study had specified the trigger of cancer in this family and it had provided new options for genetic diagnosis, counselling as well as early treatment in other families vulnerable to hereditary cancer.

The group is additionally studying the utilization of specific medications (Epigenetic Reversal Drugs) to remove the methylation in cancer, thus to switch the anti-cancer genes back on again. Later on these medicines might be administered in order to create a more specific method of cancer therapy and perhaps prevention.

Additional scientists linked to this research have been the Genetic Services of Western Australia and School of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Western Australia.

The study on hereditary cancer was  published in the primary international journal “Cancer Cell”.



NYSE no longer stops falling! Dow Jones, the longest decline in 33 years!


[googlead tip=”vertical_mic”]Asian financial markets continued their decline on Tuesday, after a Monday black day performed by American and European stock markets.


Asian financial markets continued their decline on Tuesday, after a Monday black day performed by American and European stock markets, despite the mobilization of leaders and governors of central banks were trying to calm the markets concerns regarding the specter of a new crisis, according to AFP.

 Hong Kong SE fell by 7.24%

Tokyo Stock Exchange registered a fall of over 4% in mid-session, the stock exchange in Hong Kong fell by 7.24% after session opening, the Sydney Stock Exchange registered a 5% lost and Seoul a 4.2% lost.

Hong Kong SE fell by 7.24% shortly after session opening

Hong Kong SE fell by 7.24% shortly after session opening

[googlead tip=”vertical_mediu” aliniat=”dreapta”] “Asians are acting emotionally instead of looking rationally at the situation. It is a general panic, ” said Chris Weston from IG Markets, based in Melbourne.

Oil quotations continued to drop.

Oil quotations continued to drop during electronic trades conducted on Asian markets, a barrel of oil “light sweet crude” with delivery in September fell below $80 while Brent crude oil barrel tested the threshold of 100 dollars.

Gold price reached a new high record in Hong Kong.

Gold continues to enjoy its status of value of refuge. Tuesday, an ounce of gold reached a new high record on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, 1,726.30-1,727.30 dollars after Monday 1720 dollars threshold.


Financial markets still suffer from the shockwaves of the last Friday historic decision when Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the U.S. “AAA” rating to “AA+”.


 The S & P’s decision came along with a huge list of disappointing U.S. economic indicators and the fears about sovereign debt crisis evolution in Europe.

[googlead tip=”lista_mare” aliniat=”stanga”]Yesterday, the New York Stock Exchange recorded the worst session since December 2008. The Dow Jones fell 5.55% to end below 11,000 for the first time in the last 10 months. Panic has spread to the other side of the Atlantic. Frankfurt Stock Exchange fell by 5.02%, Paris dropped by 4.68% and London ended down 3.39%.

Pressed to come up with a concerted response to the euro area crisis and to the signs of slowing U.S. economy, the world’s richest countries leaders were not spared. Monday morning, shortly before the opening of European markets sessions, the G20 said they were ready to act in a coordinated manner to stabilize financial markets and protect economic growth. A little later, leaders and central bank governors from G7 said they would cooperate to counter excessive exchange rate movements. In its turn, the European Central Bank announced Sunday that it will purchase public bonds from secondary market.

Northeast Ohio multiple fatal shootings Aug  7 2011

Northeast Ohio multiple fatal shootings Aug 7 2011

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A Gunman shot seven persons, including his girlfriend and a 11-year-old, in Copley, northeast Ohio late Sunday.

Late Sunday, a gunman from northeast Ohio ran through Copley, a small town of about 14,000 west of Akron, after a family argument. The gunman shot seven persons, including his girlfriend, her brother and a 11-year-old before he was shot and killed in an exchange of gunfire with police. Two more people were wounded.


Police Chief, Michael Mier, said:

“One person shot five people to death in one location, then two more were killed nearby before police killed the gunman.”

Eyewitnesses told reporters at least one of the victims was a child.

Police didn’t release yet the names or ages of the victims or armed man, but provided a chronology of the shootings that began around 11 a.m. in a middle-class neighborhood of Copley.

“A person running through the neighborhood and firing a gun” prompted calls to police.

Late Sunday, Copley Police Department said in a press release:

“At a home, the gunman shot his girlfriend, ran to a home next door and shot her brother and four others, then chased two people through some yards and shot one of them,”.

Sgt. Eric Goodwin, from Copley Police said:

“The names and ages of the victims and the gunman weren’t being released until police could tell family members, some of whom are out of state.”

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[youtube qe6FgFAGK2c]

Local newspaper, the Akron Beacon Journal, reported:

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“Copley School Superintendent, Brian Poe said a township trustee told him two Copley High School students were killed during the shootings and a third youth, an 11-year-old, was also killed. Poe said the trustee told him the 11-year-old was not a Copley student.”


“A neighbor, Gilbert Elie, said he was getting ready for church when he heard gunshots and cries for help in the wooded neighborhood. He went to a house across the street and said he found a shocking scene: the woman who lived there lying in the driveway, her husband shot near the garage, and their young granddaughter and another woman shot in the front seat of a vehicle, the windows apparently blown out by gunfire.”


“Elie said his neighbors Russ and Gerdie Johnson live at the home.”


“A third woman came out of the house next door and tried to talk to Elie, he said, but their brief exchange ended abruptly when a man followed her out of the house and shot her, sending the 75-year-old Elie running for safety behind a truck.”


“He hid until he could see the gunman was gone, then returned home. Police arrived, and Elie said he heard a second round of shots coming from behind the houses and assumed officers had killed the gunman.”


“Elie described the gunman as unfriendly, a rarity on a street where most neighbors offer a wave in passing. He often worked on his car outside his house but never waved at anyone, Elie said.”



A 53 year-old, Jeff Kirby of nearby Norton said he was visiting his mother’s home, a block from the shootings around 10:30 a.m. when he heard gunfire. There were about 15 shots with several pauses between them.

Jeff Kirby,  said the last gunfire he heard occurred about the same time he heard sirens in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood was blocked off by police. More than 200 people assembled at a park around sunset for an impromptu candlelight vigil for the shooting victims in their town and crime victims elsewhere.

The Reverent Jeff Bogue of the Grace Church of Greater Akron prayed with them, saying it’s troubling that “such evil would come to our little township.” Few residents said they set up a memorial fund.

Copley is about 40 miles south of Cleveland.

Mr. Bean era has finished. Rowan Atkinson says goodbye to his character.


Mr. Bean survives McLaren F1 crash – lucky to be alive.


Rowan Atkinson, famed for his Mr. Bean television shows and films, is recovering in hospital after crashing his McLaren F1 supercar near the Cambridgeshire village of Haddon, according to the British media. Police and firefighters both said that a vehicle crashed late Thursday close to Haddon, a village about 135 kilometres north of London.

Rowan Atkinson, 56 comedian, also known for the Blackadder historical comedy shows, was expected to be discharged on Friday after treatment for a shoulder injury, the Daily Mirror reported.


Mr. Bean - Rowan Atkinson

Mr. Bean - Rowan Atkinson


Mr. Bean – Rowan Atkinson is in a stable condition in hospital and was expected to be discharged on Friday afternoon.

Cambridgeshire Ambulance Service confirmed the actor had suffered a “minor shoulder injury” as a result of the accident.

According to reports, Rowan Atkinson was driving a McLaren F1 supercar when it spun around several times, ran into a tree and a lamppost and caught fire.

Rowan Atkinson McLaren F1 supercar crashed

Rowan Atkinson McLaren F1 supercar crashed

Firefighters said the driver was not trapped and he was taken to hospital. Rowan Atkinson walked away from the wreckage and was with a passing motorist until emergency services arrived.

“We were called to the scene of a single vehicle collision on the A605 near Haddon at about 7.30pm yesterday,”

a Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said on Friday.

“The driver of the vehicle, a man, was taken to Peterborough City Hospital.”

East of England ambulance service said :

“We were called to a single vehicle road traffic collision at 7.30 tonight on the A605 at Haddon.”

“A man was taken to hospital in Peterborough with “a minor shoulder injury”, a spokesman added.

A spokeswoman for Cambridgeshire police said:

“We can confirm that there was a single vehicle road traffic collision at around 7.30pm on the A605.”

Firefighters arrived on the scene to put out the blaze.

Police inspected the crashed car

Police inspected the crashed car

The actor Rowan Atkinson was taken to hospital after his car crashed, reports said.

Atkinson’s spokesman could not immediately be reached.

Rowan Atkinson was driving his McLaren F1 supercar – one of the world’s fastest road cars. The McLaren F1 car he was driving is one of the fastest road cars ever made, with a top speed of 230mph. Only 106 were ever made.

Atkinson, known to be a car enthusiast, recently topped the leader’s board on Top Gear’s star in a reasonably priced car segment. The star’s love of fast cars is well documented.

Rowan Atkinson car before accident

Rowan Atkinson car before accident

He told presenter Jeremy Clarkson he was keen on racing and was currently driving a 1964 Ford Falcon.

Rowan Atkinson had only just finished filming the latest edition of the spy spoof movies Johnny English and was due to attend the last day of editing in preparation for the film’s release in September.


Mr. Bean Funny Pictures


Avatar - Mr. Bean

Avatar - Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean Bin Laden

Mr. Bean Bin Laden

Mr. Bean's daughther

Mr. Bean's daughther

Mr. Bean Lady Gaga

Mr. Bean Lady Gaga

Mr Bean - Harry Potter

Mr Bean - Harry Potter

Mr. Bean - Legally Blonde

Mr. Bean - Legally Blonde

Mr. Bean - Mr. President

Mr. Bean - Mr. President

Mr. Bean Orphan

Mr. Bean Orphan

Mr Bean Pirate

Mr Bean Pirate

Mr Bean Tomb Raider

Mr Bean Tomb Raider

Mr Bean Baby

Mr Bean Baby



Mr. Bean car crash – video


 [googlead tip=”patrat_mare”] Virginia Tech, the place of the worst campus shooting in U.S. history, is on lockdown today with reports of an armed man on the campus. Latest on today lock down at Virginia Tech.

“This campus experienced something terrible 4 years ago,”

Campus spokesman, Larry Hincker said at a press conference.

“Strictly as an abundance of caution we are going to keep the campus under alert status and ask people to stay indoors.”

9:09 a.m – Three students attending the “Higher Achievement” camp at the Blacksburg, VA, campus reported seeing a man holding what seems to be a handgun, according to Virgnia Tech Police Chief ,Wendell Flinchum.

Virginia Tech is on lockdown today with reports of an armed man on the campus

Virginia Tech is on lockdown today with reports of an armed man on the campus

 “The juveniles were interviewed…officers confirming that there information is credible and at that point we decided to issue the alert,” Flinchum said.

“We have not had any further reported sightings. We have not had any reports of anyone suspicious or anyone that fits this description.”

The man was described by police as 6” tall, light brown hair and was wearing a blue and white striped shirt, gray shorts and brown sandals. He did not have facial hair or glasses. In addition, police said that the campers told them the man was shielding the gun with a cloth. Flinchum also said that the man was not pointing or shooting the weapon.

Virginia Tech on Lockdown Press Conference Video

Students received text messages and emails that an armed man is on the campus:

 [googlead tip=”vertical_mare” aliniat=”dreapta”]”Person with a gun reported near Dietrick. Stay inside. Secure doors. Emergency personnel responding. Call 911 for help.”.

9:37 a.m.: A message was posted on the university’s web site alerting students that there was a gunman near Dietrick Hall. Dietrick Hall is a three floors building, more than 92,000 square foot dining facility on the campus. Students have been adviced to stay indoors.

“Even the construction zone has come to a halt. The whole construction crew is gone. There is no traffic, no movement, no anything,” Virginia Tech communications officer Lynn Davis told CNN soon after the alert was issued.

Some of the professors who were conducting classes at the time of alert have kept their students in their classrooms.

Virginia Tech police are working with several surrounding police units including the Virginia State Police, the Blacksburg Police Department and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for campus surveillance.

Summer classes are in session at the campus during this period. Campus spokesman Hincker estimated that a few thousand students are currently on the site. Students begin fall semester check-in on August 17 with fall classes starting August 22.

 [googlead tip=”lista_mica” aliniat=”stanga”] April 2007: student Seung-Hui Cho, 23 year-old, shot and killed 32 students.

He wounded 25 others in the shooting rampage and that was the worst school shooting in U.S. history.

Cho had alarmed professors with his writings and was ordered to see a university psychologist.

Prior to the rampage, Cho had sent a multimedia letters, pictures and video to NBC News detailing his violent intention and delusional thinking.

His rampage spanned hours and involved two separate attacks. The shooting sparked a debate about the university’s system to alert students. At the beginning of this year, Virginia Tech was fined $55,000 for violating a federal law by waiting too long to notify students that an armed man was on the campus during the 2007 shooting.