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Never Stop: Make The Designs Pleasing and Gain Appreciation


“Designing is intelligence made visible,” a quote by Alina Wheeler. A creative work will gain attention from the general population for it showcases a person’s range of thinking. Designing applies in every field because it has become a tool for progress. Creativity undergoes proper planning for it to apply to the theme.

“Designing is intelligence made visible,” a quote by Alina Wheeler. A creative work will gain attention from the general population for it showcases a person’s range of thinking. Designing applies in every field because it has become a tool for progress. Creativity undergoes proper planning for it to apply to the theme.


Learning the designing process is not easy for it is a type of art that has branches, and from branches, it is then divided into another branch and so on. It is a form of art that continues to grow. That is why designing for a house, party, campaign, business places, etc. usually meets the population’s demand or a client’s interest.


But it all comes back to one question, “How can I catch every person’s attention?”


People’s interests change every year, such as what hairstyles are in, what are the new fashion trends, and the list goes on. With that reason designers around the world continue to learn on, how to make the target population anticipate in every design, how pleasing should it be to the people’s eyes, or how you can ensure that everyone appreciates your design.


All designers or aspiring designers feel delighted whenever appreciation is present. Being an artist itself demands you capture attention for it to be a success.


As a person or company working on their art, there are considerations taken to get the said demand to gain success. There is a good number of companies who can offer you designing that can meet the creativity on catching a person’s interest.


The Call to Action


This “Call to Action” (CTA) way of designing has been around for as long as the word “Design” was born. The demonstration of CTA is also a very effective technique. CTA is an exercise in marketing for it can immediately gain attention to people. This way of design is usually observed on social media. They contain catchy phrases like, “Find out more” or “Check out this new place!” Admittedly it does work on most people because it stimulates their curiosity.


Call to action is usually applied on marketing tools like brochure, flyers, email campaign, catalogs, etc. because they create a sense of urgency which stimulates a person’s attention making them take the bait. There are also applications like Advertising Messages and Web Design. In advertising messages, they give out to ask an immediate reply and while on web designing they present some catchy graphic design, banner or button.


The Color

We did talk about stimulation and for that to happen the color theory comes in. The application of color in any design has always been a part of the art. Have you noticed why most food chain logos are in hues or either red or orange? And whenever you read or see their design you just kind of feel the creeping hunger or craving?  Well, that is because it triggers color stimulation that can make you hungry.


One of the core principles of design is color because it applies the color theory and color psychology. Some colors may be hurtful to the eyes and some can be pleasing. In the color psychology, it says that every color contains meaning. The color principle then has always been a part of making your design appealing to the significant population.


The Contrast

What should be stronger? Mild or powerful? Where should it focus? These are the usual question a person asks when applying contrast deal because this is where it indicates the valuable content. To gain attention is the main reason of designing. That with one look you can comprehend or conclude that it is the topic this design is showcasing.


Contrast definition tells the difference in visual properties that makes an object or its representation distinguishable from other objects and the background. It usually creates a sense of drama, excitement, and interest, which helps in gaining attention.


The Size, Scale, and Proportion

Huge or small, loud or soft, light or dark? Which style do you think a designer should pick? Some designers would pick what they think is best but most of the time, it depends on the theme of the material. Though for banners they usually go for a strong statement to get attention.


For size, it is understood as small or big which is entirely wrong when dealing with design for it pertains all the contents that can fit in the designated sized. If it’s a printed brochure or flyer, they thoroughly inspect which should be the focus.


For Scale, it is where the big or small applies for this one makes sure that all the content would fit. Meaning they are not keeping information if the subject has a high attribute.


For Proportion, now this principle makes out the harmony of the material. Making sure that the content won’t clash on one another but instead support every content like a water flow.


The Multiple Network


When gaining an audience, you’d also consider how you are going to distribute you the material or your creation. As much as possible you would consider accessing all possible website, enter all exhibits, or send out all proposal to companies who you think is willing to take you creativity in action.



The process of designing is not only long but also tricky and precise for as a designer you aim not only gaining the attention but also in pleasing your audience. The design has become an essential tool in every sector. It is an unsaid technique in making things possible, from little art to even business related materials.


With that said, it only proves that if you’re a designer, you have to be meticulous in choosing every aspect of the design, color, size, and surface to make sure that you’re not sacrificing the quality of your work in the eyes of your audience. The process itself is meticulous, it’s not like you’re making cheap business cards. It’s far more than that.


Most importantly, the design is everything. Even a company’s logo speaks for the company itself. The design leaves a great impression on your target market.


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