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How Chinese Drivers Rat Proof Their Cars


Residents of Chinese city of Nanning, in the Guangxi autonomous region, are covering their cars with things like bamboo mats in order to prevent rats from entering their cars.

They came up with the unusual solution after rodents were found to be clambering inside the vehicles and gnawing through the wiring. Parked cars have been spotted around Nanning sporting the makeshift, wraparound shields – dubbed “car maxi skirts” in the Chinese media – some fashioned from fabric and chicken wire, others using bamboo.Nanning rat proof car

“There are many rats in this area,” a local man tells Nanning TV, adding that it’s a particular problem during cold spells when rats like to snuggle down in warm places, like car bonnets.

“Putting these around the cars is a good thing, and it can also prevent small children from scratching them,” he says.

Many social media users are amused by the curious sight.

Regional differences are also evident in many comments. Guangxi has a reputation for using both cats and dogs for meat, and is home to the infamous Yulin dog-eating festival, widely frowned upon elsewhere in China.

“Guangxi people have eaten all the dogs and cats, that’s why there’s a rodent disaster,” reads one comment.