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Jackrabbits invade Fargo, North Dakota


Dog-sized jackrabbits have invaded a neighborhood of Fargo, North Dakota.

The rabbits are not harmful and at first neighbors found them charming. But they have multiplied and are now leaving their droppings everywhere and devouring trees and shrubs. They leave messes everywhere.

Residents were advised by animal control to poison the jackrabbits, though folks are loathe to do so.Jackrabbit invasion Fargo, North Dakota

One resident said the city pest control department told her that they couldn’t do anything about the jackrabbits, technically wild hares, because they were wild animals.

There is no city ordinance that deals with depopulating rabbits in the area, Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel told ABC News.

Female jackrabbits can bear two to four litters each year with one to nine offspring in each litter.

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