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Bulgaria’s green cat: Mystery solved


A mysterious green cat was spotted few days ago on the streets of the Bulgarian city of Varna.

Now the mystery of the feline’s emerald coat may finally be explained.

Locals believed that the green cat, who was first spotted in the Bulgarian seaside town of Varna, had been attacked and painted the unusual shade by vandals, even setting up a Facebook group to catch the perpetrators.Bulgaria green cat

It has now emerged that the unnamed cat has been sleeping on the top of an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint in a garage.

Gradually, it is believed that the paint slowly covered the entire cat.

The color also appears to show no sign of wearing off as each nap the cat takes just makes the color stronger.

Although widely reported by local and international media, it remains unclear whether the green cat has an owner or is another stray on the Varna streets.

Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest and a well-known holiday resort on the Black Sea coast.

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