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Willie and Korie Robertson have two adopted children


Duck Dynasty stars Willie and Korie Robertson have five children: John Luke, Will, Rebecca, Sadie and Bella.

Willie and Korie Robertson have three biological children: John Luke, Sadie and Bella.

This is no surprise as they look almost identical, especially John Luke and Sadie.

Willie and Korie Robertson have three biological children and two adopted

Willie and Korie Robertson have three biological children and two adopted

However, their other two adopted children, Rebecca and Will, were less known publicly, even though one has been on their show Duck Dynasty.

The oldest of the kids and also newest member of the Robertson family is Rebecca. She is a foreign exchange student from Taiwan who came to stay with the Robertsons and the family fell in love. Eventually Willie and Korie Robertson became Rebecca’s foster parents. Rebecca hasn’t been shown on the show yet.

John Luke Robertson is the oldest boy in the family and has seen the most air time of the children on the show. He frequently hunts with the guys and gets dating advice from Uncle Si.

Sadie Robertson has also appeared several times with memorable scenes of her learning to drive and picking out dresses for a dance.

Will was the first adopted child to the family and has been with the Robertsons since birth. He has been seen on the show, but haven’t heard too much about him or his background yet.

A month after deciding to adopt Will, Korie Robertson found out she was pregnant with Bella, so it was a very eventful time for the family. Bella has been on a show in a few shots with all of the granddaughters about Phil and Miss Kay Robertson.

This comes as no surprise to people who watch the show and can tell that the Robertson family really has big hearts and great values. Even though, they argue like all brothers do on the show, you can tell that Phil and Miss Kay Robertson have raised great morals and values into their children and family.

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    I just love this show and everyone one it. The main reason is because they are REAL PEOPLE and don’t care what other people think.I also think adoption is a wonderful thing no matter what race, they are children in need of a home,love, mother and father. I wish more people were like them and were not afraid to talk about faith.. Keep it up ya”ll. XOXO