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Jerry Lewis won’t host MDA Labor Day Telethon

What Happened At The MDA Telethon? Tribute To Jerry Lewis.


Jerry Lewis Is Missing From Today Telethon.


Jerry Lewis NOT back to the MDA Labor Day Telethon hosting.


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Jerry Lewis and 2011 MDA telethon. Latest Updates.


Jerry Lewis and 2011 MDA telethon. New Updates.


Jerry Lewis said on May that this year would be his last year doing the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual Labor Day Telethon.





Read the latest updates on what they did to Jerry Lewis.

Now that’s not happening, according to R. Rodney Howell, the chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s board. Mr. Howell also said in a statement that Jerry Lewis had been “released” from his position as national chairman of the association, but did not explain why. Representatives for Jerry Lewis did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

MDA Telethon
MDA Telethon

Muscular Dystrophy Association said,

“Jerry Lewis is a world-class humanitarian and we’re forever grateful to him for his more than half century of generous service to MDA. We will not be replacing him as MDA national chairman, and he will not be appearing on the Telethon.”

MDA did not say who would replace Jerry Lewis as the host of the 24 hour event.

This announcement came a few weeks before the telethon, which Jerry Lewis has hosted since 1966. This May Jerry Lewis said he was retiring from the show, a television staple, but he had planned to appear on it this year. But while Jerry Lewis fans won’t be able to see him on this year’s telethon, the Encore cable channel announced today that on October 22 it would offer the premiere of “an original documentary” about him.

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The Muscular Dystrophy Association’s decision might be partly because of comments Jerry Lewis made last weekend at the TCAs. When asked what his role would be with the telethon, he answered:

“I didn’t mean to sound rude. But you have to assume the question you asked was motivated by something, and it had to be a little emotion. And I have to tell you the truth. September the 5th, the day after that program, I will have an international press conference with press from Reuters and London and China and Taiwan and all over the world, and I will have plenty to say about what I think is important. And that’s the future, not the past. Okay.”

It seems he will show us what really happened the day after the Telethon that no one will be watching.

  • I am commenting because I am concerned about Jerry the last time I seen him he did’nt look very good, my main concern is; is jerrys health failing ? Its understandable he’s been doing the telethon for many years, infact I watched it when I was a young girl, and he always gave me hope for that there would a cure for MDA ! It up sets me that there are people out there so up set because Jerry did not host the thelethon, but they never gave a second thought that maybe Jerry is unable to host because of his health condition , I mean the last telethon on labor day 2010 .I am sorry Jerry, but you looked horriable then,and I felt so bad for you !. You had all you could do to host it. But getting back to today people need to stop and wait to see if Jerrys okay ,before you start disrepecting a strong man with such a big HEART then all of us put together, for doing what he has done for thousands of children and adults with MDA for so manys years, no not years, for decades !!. so start showing some RESPECT for MR JERRY LEWIS. I love you jerry may god bless you !.

  • Jerry I just wanted to make sure that you have my e-mail which is elaine.castillo60@yahoo.com NOW this e-mail goes with my reply abovewith Elaine Castillo

  • cookielee

    The cure to MD was sent to Mr. Lewis and he showed it to the MDA and they fired him. They don’t want the cure to much money to be made by milking the public. The cure is the 90 essential nutrients 60 minerals 16 vitamins Amino Acids and the essential fatty acids.