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A couple and their four children, who attempted to fly on just three tickets, were kicked off the plane by US Airways flight attendants

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A couple and their four children, who attempted to fly on just three tickets, were kicked off the plane by US Airways flight attendants. The parents had bought a ticket for their 3year-old son but not for their 20-month-old twins or 8-month-old baby. They planned to seat one infant in the same seat as their three-year-old and each hold a child in their lap. Kathy and Jason Fickes and their childr...

Connie Culp was the first person to receive a face transplant in the U.S in 2008, after her top lip, nose, roof of her mouth, one eye and both cheeks were destroyed by then husband Tom Culp, who brutally shot her in the face after flying into a rage

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...done, Connie Culp says she still loves him. “I’ll probably always love him because he’s the father of my kids,” admitted Connie Culp, who has two children with Tom. “But I can’t handle being around him.” She recently returned to the bar for the first time in eight years since that awful night when Tom Culp snapped. “He was jealous because everyone seemed to like me so much,” Con...

Courtney Stodden, the teen bride of Doug Hutchinson, has finally revealed what she loves about being in a May-December marriage with the actor and how she lives like a princess

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...tly pulled a pot/kettle moment of his own by pulling out of a project because he was concerned about the “sexual content”. According to RadarOnline, Doug Hutchinson was set to star in the movie The Genesis of Lincoln, where he was set to play a director who has a “strange and scandalous relationship with the teenage pop star he casts”. “I know it’s gonna surprise a lot of people to hear this...

Burning Man is about community and self-expression.

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...ng Man is about community, self-expression and self-reliance.   Lots of artists will perform at the sound camps of the Burning Man.   Bass Camp, artists performing live: Sunrise, Lucent Dossier Experience, Eoto, Zebbler Encanti Experience,  The Mutator Black Rock Syndicate (on Saturday banging music for banging people): Miss Genesis, Erik Lobe, Jeremy Espinosa, Plaza De Funk, Dancetronau...

Gloria Allred's October Surprise fails to deliver killer blow to Mitt Romney

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...taken credit for its growth to a mega-firm employing nearly 90,000 workers. Tom Stemberg was one of the speakers who praised Mitt Romney last August at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. The transcripts of his evidence run to more than 300 pages of complicated financial questioning and will surely be scrutinized in the next few days. Yet there is apparently nothing to damn the...