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Jase and Missy Robertson have three kids

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’s and his wife Missy have three kids: Reed, Cole, and Mia.

, 18, is Jase and Missy’s eldest son. He is a senior in high school, playing football, and hanging out with his girlfriend.

Jase and Missy Robertson and their children

Jase and and their children

is Jase and Missy’s second child. He has been on the show quite a bit. He is 15, now, and looks so much like Willie’s boy, John Luke, that seeing the two cousins together on camera is always fun. You’ll find him playing video games with John Luke on one episode and, in the same episode, getting a lesson from Granddad Phil on how not to be a “yuppie.”

The little one is . Ten-year-old Mia hasn’t been on the show at all, except sitting around Miss Kay’s table for the family blessing that ends each episode.

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