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Duck Dynasty: All four Robertson brothers pictured without beard

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Duck Dynasty’s bearded brotherhood is the most popular family in reality TV right now but one member of the family has been left out, until now.

Who could have predicted that excess facial hair would become a phenomenon with nearly 4 million viewers?

“Used to, we would just have the beards during hunting season. That was the tradition where that got started. Then we would shave after hunting season. Now we’re filming, so you just have it year round,” said Jase Robertson.

The Robertsons say beards are good for business. It makes the family more recognizable for all of the Robertson boys, except one.

“Can’t you tell I look like a Robertson? Just imagine, you wonder what they look like underneath the beard. This is it,” said Alan Robertson, the oldest son of Duck Commander Phil.

Alan Robertson is the oldest of the four Robertson children. He likes to call himself the original.

Oldest Robertson brother Alan who isnt featured on the show stands over his younger brothers Willie Jep and Jase photo

Oldest Robertson brother Alan, who isn’t featured on the show, stands over his younger brothers Willie, Jep, and Jase

He spent the past 22 years as a pastor until just recently, when he decided to join the family business, where he helps schedule appearances.

Alan Robertson never really got into this whole beard thing.

“It’s like a sasquatch in reverse, cause you know, instead of the hairy sighting, I’m like the clean sighting,” he said.

The show’s network, A&E, is reportedly leery about adding a brother who doesn’t have a beard, saying it could take away from some of the mystery.

It has been that way for most of the company’s projects in the past.

“We went to Wal-Mart to sell them Duckmen 9 and Alan didn’t have a beard and they said the buyers said, <<Y’all are gonna have to put one on him>>. I was like, <<What?>> So that’s photoshopped,” said Missy Robertson, Alan’s sister-in-law.

“It’s hard ’cause my thing has kinda been the different one, to not have to do that,” said Alan Robetrtson.

“The feeling is that once you go the long hair and the beard there’s no going back from that.”

Do not be surprised if you see a little more skin in the coming seasons with the introduction of the abnormal brother of the Robertson clan.