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Jocelyn: Amanda Berry’s daughter is a Christmas baby and has spent years being home-schooled

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is the little girl born to , one of three women imprisoned in a Cleveland home for a decade.

The 6-year-old girl is “happy and healthy” despite being brought up in captivity, authorities have revealed.

After kidnap victim Amanda Berry, 27, courageously escaped the home on Monday, she told her grandmother that the child is her daughter Jocelyn, who was born at Christmas six years ago.

Authorities believe that Jocelyn’s father is one of the three brothers arrested in connection with the and they are now carrying out paternity tests to confirm their suspicions.

Jocelyn was home-schooled by her mother, possibly without the knowledge of the suspects, , 52, and his two brothers Onil Castro, 50, and Pedro Castro, 54.

The girl, who escaped the home with Amanda Berry and two other missing women, , 23, and , 32, was pictured grinning in hospital alongside her mother and her aunt Beth.

Jocelyn is the little girl born to Amanda Berry one of three women imprisoned in a Cleveland home for a decade photo

Jocelyn is the little girl born to Amanda Berry, one of three women imprisoned in a Cleveland home for a decade

Jocelyn, who authorities said enjoyed popsicles while being examined by doctors, is photographed lightly touching her mother’s arm and showing off her missing two front teeth.

“She looks great, happy, healthy and ate a popsicle last night,” Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said.

“Seeing her mother smile made her smile.”

Ed Tomba added that it was “a good possibility” that one of the three suspects was her father.

It is feared other babies were born inside the Cleveland house. At least five children may have born at the house, police sources told NewsChannel5.

One victim suffered up to three miscarriages because she was so malnourished, while other sources told WKYC the captors would beat the pregnant women, so that the babies would not survive.

It is unknown what happened to any children who were born at the home.

FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson told ABC TV that the three women had spent time together at Metro Medical Center hospital, where they were taken after being freed.

She described them as being in very good spirits and said it was obvious that they were very close.

“You could see that they had a bond, that they had been through this together,” Vicki Anderson said.

All three women were abducted between 2002 and 2004, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were in their teens at the time of their kidnappings and Michelle Knight was 20 years old.

On Monday evening, Amanda Berry began screaming from behind the locked front door of the home and was helped out by a neighbor. She fled the home and called 911.

Authorities are now investigating how the horrors inside the home went undetected for so long.

Neighbor Israel Lugo said other neighbors had seen naked women crawling on all fours behind Ariel Castro’s house. Three men were in the garden and were controlling the women, he said.

“We thought it was funny at first, and then we thought that was weird so we called the cops,” neighbor Nina Samoylicz told CNN.

“They thought we was playing, joking, they didn’t believe us.”

Neighbors waited for police for two hours but no patrol cars showed up.

Cleveland police said that the department has no records of a call for service to that home.

But the claim is one of a number of stories to have emerged from neighbors who say they reported unusual goings-on at Ariel Castro’s Seymour Avenue, Cleveland home to local police who either didn’t respond or didn’t enter the house when they did show up.

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