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Katie Couric admits to dating Larry King on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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has admitted to dating talk show legend during Live!.

Katie Couric and Larry King went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Washington, D.C. about 25 years ago and afterwards King drove them back to his apartment where he tried to put the moves on her.

“So we sat there and what can I say, he lunged,” Katie Couric said, as Jimmy Kimmel cracked up and interjected: “Incredible.”

Katie Couric, now 56, said their one and only date took place when she was about 30-years-old and during a time when she decided to be more adventurous in her love life.

“I was going through this period of my life that I was going, <<I’m going to go out with anyone who asks me because you learn something every time>>.”

After Larry King, who has famously been married eight times, met her at a restaurant and later called her to ask her out.

“And I thought well that would be really interesting,” Katie Couric said of her reason for saying yes.

She said Larry King, now 79-years-old, came to her apartment to pick her up driving a Lincoln Town Car and then they went to dinner.

“They put us right next to each other like they do with all the men and their <<nieces>>.”

“He had ordered the veal poached in chicken stock because he had just had quadruple bypass, which was hot,” Katie Couric joked.

The rest of the meal went “nice enough” Katie Couric said, but she was soon thrown for a shock when she realized he wasn’t taking her back to her apartment.

“I go, <<Larry, where are we going>> and he goes, <<My place>>.

“I was like, <<Oh mother of god>>. I was like <<Dear, Cosmo what do i do?>> I was only 30, I could not figure out how to extricate myself from it.”

“So we go to his apartment in Roslyn [Virginia] and we walk in and its covered in proclamations for <<Larry King Day>> and keys to every city in the country. That was sexy!”

Katie Couric has admitted to dating talk show legend Larry King during Jimmy Kimmel Live photo

Katie Couric has admitted to dating talk show legend Larry King during

Soon after they got there, Larry King made his advance towards her, which she quickly rebuffed, she said.

“I started laughing a little because the whole situation was like out of a bad Lifetime movie.

“So I said <<Larry, you’re such an interesting, nice man but I would like to meet someone a little closer to my age>>.

“He said, <<That’s okay cause when I like, I really like>>.”

Larry King, who has been married to Shawn Southwick since 1997, has a totally different recollection of getting shot down.

“We went out to dinner, a nice Italian restaurant, we drove home, thought we were kind of romantic, we get to her door, in the apartment house and she said, <<Oh, I have a roommate>>,” he said in 2009.

“Then I kissed her goodnight and that was that. And we became friends ever since,” Larry King said.

Katie Couric also revealed last night how Michael Jackson once bizarrely asked her on a date after he rejected her request for an interview.

“Can you imagine going home to my daughters who were then about 8 and 4, saying, <<Honey, Girls. I’m going out on a date with Michael Jackson>>,” she said.

“I just thought it would be too weird. The tabloids would go crazy and I didn’t need that.”

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