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Freezeframe Instant Lash claims to double eye-lashes length in seconds

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For those who yearn for long, luscious eye-lashes, without the hassle of applying false ones, new mascara Freezeframe Instant Lash may be about to revolutionize eye make-up forever.

Scientists in Australia have come up with a treatment which claims to double the length of eye-lashes in seconds.

Made up of a combination of tiny synthetic hairs, contained in a thick gel base, users brush on Freezeframe Instant Lash with a mascara wand, depositing the small hairs on to the tips of their eye-lashes.

The more times the treatment is applied, the more hairs are deposited, giving the wearer natural looking lash extensions up to a third of an inch longer.

The gel base holds the tiny hairs in place, but can also help stiffen lashes, so they can be “curled up”, giving the wearer a pretty “open-eyed” look.

Unlike traditional mascara, Freezeframe Instant Lash is applied to just the tips of lashes, not from the base.

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Freezeframe Instant Lash claims to double eye-lashes length in seconds

Users are able to apply their usual colored mascara on top.

It can be used by contact lens’ wearers and is removed like other eye products, with cleanser or soap and water.

Freezeframe Instant Lash has become the number one selling lash product in Australia and there is already a 7,000-strong waiting list for the 10 ml bottles when it goes on sale on the British High Street for the first time next month.

Skin care expert, Sonia Amoroso, who developed formula, said: “It is my personal passion to make the most cutting edge, scientific breakthroughs in easy to use formulations, at accessible prices.

“Freezeframe Instant Lash has been a huge hit with customers who say this lash treatment creates visibly instant, longer, luscious lashes in seconds.”

Instant Lash goes on sale at Boots in store and online on February 6.

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