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Track and Britta Palin divorce details

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’s oldest son, , and his wife, , have filed for .

The details have all been worked out and have now been made public.

TMZ reported that Track Palin will get to keep his gun collection. It is worth $1,000. He also gets the Wells Fargo bank account, valued at $30,000, and $500 worth of tools. Britta Palin gets the bank account with $2,500 and her jewelry, which has been valued at $4,000.

Sarah Palins oldest son Track Palin and his wife Britta Palin have filed for divorce 262x350 photo

Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track Palin, and his wife, Britta Palin, have filed for divorce

Track and Britta Palin will share custody of their one daughter. Britta Palin will have physical custody of the toddler. Track Palin will pay $642 a month in child support. The divorcing couple has agreed to share other child-related expenses.

The Palin divorce, which will be heard in an Alaskan court, appears to be amicable. The couple filed jointly, which means, in Alaska, that they had reached these agreements on their own and did not need a judge to make the ruling on property, custody and support.

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