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Jill Biden makes accidental X-rated joke about Joe Biden

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Jill Biden has accidentally cracked a joke about her husband’s manhood on Friday.

Captured on video, this is the moment the Second Lady lost her cool at a New Hampshire campaign event, giggling like a schoolgirl as the crowd roared with delight.

Passionately describing Joe Biden’s work ethic she began: “I’ve seen Joe up close,” making a wide motion with her hands, before blushing as she realised the innuendo she had just made.

“It’s in my remarks, really,” Jill Biden insisted.

Jill Biden has accidentally cracked a joke about her husbands manhood on Friday 350x197 photo

Jill Biden has accidentally cracked a joke about her husband's manhood on Friday

A wave of amused titters swept the audience, Jill Biden allowing herself an embarrassed chuckle, but she quickly recovered and persevered, her husband nodding encouragingly behind her, a self-satisfied grin spread across his face.

It didn’t stop there, however.

Having planted the seed, every sentence seemed laden with sexual reference, so much so that Jill Biden was barely able to continue as spectators fell apart were uncontrollable laughter.

The Second Lady’s description of Joe Biden’s “big, strong heart” was no longer as innocent as intended and by the time she got to revealing how she has “heard the urgency in his voice when he comes and talks to people” she was almost drowned out by delighted whooping from the crowd.

And as she fought the urge to laugh, Jill Biden made a badly-timed pause after the word “comes”, which only added to the hilarity.

Jill Biden’s slip-up came as her husband made his own campaign trail faux pas, addressing around 100 high school athletes at Newport High School.

Getting into character with a football cradled beneath his arm the Vice President discussed students’ favorite sports as they stood before him in their various team kits.

Turning to a group of cheerleaders he proclaimed them to be the best athletes in college, the Daily Caller reported.

“You think, I’m joking,” he quipped.

“They’re almost all gymnasts, the stuff they do on hard wood, it blows my mind.”


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